that shouldn't be

But also whenever someone says Shiro’s favoritism of Keith is blatant and unfair like:

He only picked Keith as 2IC after he demonstrated an ability to actually pilot the fucking Black Lion.

That’s not favoritism.  That’s being realistic.  Keith can do it.  For whatever fan theories we have about that moment, Keith did the thing.  After that is when Shiro says that Keith should take over, because he literally just demonstrated his ability to do so.

Then he took a private moment on a mission that Keith needed to be taking anyway due to his lion’s capabilities to have a talk with him about it since they hadn’t discussed it since, and get an update on the situation.

Like, literally none of that is Favoritism.

So, like???  Where is this ‘unfair and blatant’ treatment to everyone else?  

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By that logic, polysexual, pansexual and nonbinary people who don't identify as trans aren't LGBT either.

i’m not using any logic, i’m just using lgbt as an acronym, because that’s what it is. whether or not you want to add on other letters is a different story, but lgbt is not and never has been a noun, it’s an acronym composed of letters that have specific meanings. this is not up for debate.

So I am in a writing class that is run by a book editor and I am sharing my TT/SGH rewrite with the class. People are very torn about the girl character (because she is mean and I don’t know her as well as I should, etc etc), but they love Harrison (duh, who doesn’t? Please note: he’s not the same Harrison you know, but he’s similar and quite possibly even more adorable). ANYWAY, he told me that he bought my story (we’re on ch 2 now) both as a reader and as an editor. I refuse to read any of the other comments because that should lift me up sufficiently to get through writing a screenplay in…6 days.

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Hey there! Loving your stuff so far. Somewhat based on some chatter here from a couple of days ago, how about some hcs about (SDC) Joseph being hit by Alessi's stand power and being reverted to his part 2 self and how their s/o (Who met him only a bit before sdc let's say) would react? What shenanigans would ensue? Would they even recognize each other? They/them pronouns please!

I’m glad somebody requested this bc it was such a missed opportunity. I hope these turned out okay!

  • Joseph would be amazed, at first. Sure, he may not be able to use Hermit Purple while he’s back to his prime, but again- he’s been returned to his prime. And he knows it.
  • While he does want to fight Alessi, he knows he can’t get close to the man without his own Stand, so he puts the trademark Joestar Technique to use once more and books it. He intends to find Jotaro or Avdol and warn them about what Alessi’s Stand can do, but he ends up running into his s/o first.
  • Being back in his youth, his emotions are heightened, so he’s going to leap at his s/o without much thinking. He’d stop himself when they stumble back, though, and then he’d realize- they don’t recognize him!
  • “Aw, c’mon babe. You telling me you don’t remember a face like this?”
  • He’d pout when they don’t quite believe him, making a show of tugging at his shirt and waving his hat around to prove that it is indeed his clothing- although he does end up realizing it could seem like he’d stolen in, too. Good grief, he can never catch a break.
  • “Oh, come on. You can believe a monkey and a dog having Stands- hell, you believe in Stands themselves- but you don’t think I’m me?”
  • To drive home the point that he is who he says he is, he’d make a very loud point of using Hamon; his s/o had never seen it besides from his rare uses, so they’d be much more likely to believe him if he showed off.
  • Once they believe him, he definitely goes in for that hug he didn’t get earlier. But while he’s got them in his grip, he catches a flash in his peripheral vision; he scoops his s/o in his arms and leaps away before Alessi’s Stand can reach them. That’s definitely a rude reminder that he needs to keep going!
  • Having reverted to his much more hot-blooded point in life, Joseph isn’t exactly thinking straight anymore; he ends up getting himself and his s/o trapped in a corner, because he forgot the layout of the city and doesn’t have Hermit Purple to make a map. He’d apologize sheepishly before turning to face the direction they’d come from.
  • When Alessi’s shadow begins creeping around the corner, slowly opening its eyes to scan the area for the Joestar and his partner, Joseph would recognize this as the perfect chance to strike. Alessi’s Stand is bound to him, and he’s as close as he’ll get before he’s in view-
  • With a needlessly-loud shout of “OVERDRIVE,” Joseph would blatantly be showing off for his s/o again as he takes down an entire wall, trapping Alessi under it and knocking him out. Joseph would crack his knuckles and grin.
  • “You picked the worst person of our group to target with your powers! I was a beast!”
  • He’d be very disappointed when the effects of Alessi’s Stand wore off and he returned to his proper age; he wanted to keep showing off for his s/o.

My Jehovah’s Witness mother in law gets irrationally pissed off when Mormons come knocking at her door because she thinks what they’re doing is rude. Also, trick or treaters on Halloween and Girl Scouts selling cookies and people trying to flog magazine subscriptions. But mainly the Mormons. She thinks it’s rude that they come to her house to sell her their religion.

Hi, kettle. I’m pot. YOU’RE BLACK.

“Jemma Anne Simmons” is dead but then we pan back and we see two figures walking towards her grave….surprise, surprise it’s Bobbi and Hunter. They’ve been keeping tabs with everything and figured out this whole insane Framework thing (maybe Koenig brothers informed/helped them or idk). Now also in the Framework, they’re here to dig Jemma out and help her out.

Idk, basically I just want Bobbi and Hunter to somehow make an appearance ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i just finished a storyboard for another sheith animatic and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in looking it over for me? maybe offer critiques or suggestions

if you want to, message me here ♡