that shouldn't be

like, okay, I see your “Donut likes Locus and flusters him regularly” and raise you…

A Donut who sees Locus’s crush on/obsession with Wash a mile away, and sees that it makes Wash uncomfortable, and immediately makes it his mission in life to make sure that Locus never gets Wash alone. 

Locus will just be creeping on Wash while Wash works out and then BAM. Donut drops from the ceiling. 

Cryptic convos? Instant Donut physically slamming himself between the two of them talking to Wash in a loud voice about how Sarge needs him now.  

“Wash, okay, here’s the doll. now I want you to point to where the creepy merc touched you.”

“… what, like when we were fighting?”

“Okay I think we’re safe, put down the shotgun Sarge”

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so, according to your reasoning, we as fans, are not allowed to critique or call out issues we see in content? ever heard of freedom of speech?

The fact that you got “NO FREE SPEECH!!” from me saying don’t be a jackass who ruins fandom environments and harasses content creators is very telling. 

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Does it bother you that so many people are saying they're borderline? Like.... I'm diagnosed but it just bugs the hell outta me like STOP NO UR NOT

i haven’t seen this movement of people faking bpd so, no, i’m not bothered. a lot of people, self-dx or otherwise, have bpd and who am i to go around saying that someone doesn’t have an illness that they say have? i don’t know their life or experiences. being diagnosed doesn’t give you the right to accuse people of faking their illness just because you feel special for yours or something. 

ATWQ Character Aesthetics

6/8: Cleo Knight

But Cleo Knight didn’t even flinch, a word for the usual reaction people have to a loud noise or an unfortunate event. I don’t know what I expected to find when I found this brilliant chemist. I suppose I had thought she might be quiet and shy, from all the time she spent in her bedroom working on a formula for invisible ink. But instead she kept walking toward the quivering man in the corner, and pointed a finger at him as furious as the bruise on her wrist. 

I saw one of those “art of the main four throughout a period of time where they’re all removed until Matt is left and I immediately had to drown my phone in holy water.