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Writing Dialogue: Teenagers

Dialogue is one of the trickiest parts for a lot of writers to get down, and teenagers especially. Surprisingly, this applies to teenagers almost as well as it applies to adults—and I think we’ve all read a YA novel written by someone totally out of touch with teenagers.

Personally, I don’t have trouble with dialogue, but after analyzing my own (acclaimed? Not by anyone important) dialogue versus the stilted speech I’ve read, I’ve come up with a list of tips for the YA writer.

Contractions. This is a tip that extends beyond teenagers, because most people contract almost anything they can. However, a lot of writers still refuse to do it, and I think it’s even more pronounced in high-intensity situations and teenagers.

A lack of contractions is generally reserved for formal situations, emphasis, or seething anger.

Don’t use slang. What?! I can hear you protesting. But teenagers are the inventors of most slang! Maybe, but I can’t actually remember a time as a teenager when I used slang and any adult other than someone particularly clueless didn’t not understand.

Commonly accepted “slang” like “okay,” “yeah,” “cool,” and others should be used liberally.

Note that this does not apply to jargon terms. I would classify words like “shipping” as jargon because it makes no sense outside of a fandom community. Not necessarily a “teenage” community. Use jargon like normal.

Awkwardness. Puberty is awkward. If your character says something awkward, this is fantastic!

But everyone feels awkward. If your character says something foolish, they will know. If they say something hammy, even for comedic effect, they will probably be uncertain while they do it. Not even the “popular” kids are all-confident.

Misunderstandings. This is another tip that should be used for all dialogue, but is especially useful for teenagers. And not all misunderstandings need go unspoken. Have your questions say something nonsensical and have their conversational partner go, “that didn’t make any sense.”

This get cut as “unnecessary” a lot, but I don’t think it should. It emphasizes character’s emotional states. And if a character misunderstood something, they might bring up it up later in the conversation and have it re-explained (this can also be good for exposition).

Bottled Chaos. This one is mostly for conversations with more than two people. Teenagers, especially on their free time, will not stick to one topic, even in the same sentence. The topic should jump around and cover a lot of things, and not everyone in the group will be focused on the same conversational gambits.

But this has to be contained somewhat in writing, or it gets too confusing. All the topics have to spring from somewhere that the reader knows, and die when the conversation gets serious or focuses in on what the conversation is there to advance, plot- or character-wise.

But at the end of the day, you just have to listen to people talk. Listen to teenagers talk. What are they talking about? What do they care about? They aren’t a foreign species, even if you think yourself strange and different (or too adult).


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Chapter 3

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: fluff, smut, angst 

 ╳ Summary: Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

As soon as I stepped into the house, I knew I would regret it. The music was so loud, I could feel the bass pounding through my chest. The living room was crammed full with people, and the thought of actually having to walk into that was giving me anxiety. But just remembering that this was Yoongi’s house was making my stomach do summersaults.

“Y/n, lighten up will you? It’s a party, you’re supposed to be having fun.” Lisa said, snaking her arm over my shoulder.

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I…..I was supposed to make sample sprites for the game but i got…. distracted with stabdads…… i’m sorry @ m @;;

HB can’t leave Tavros all the time but he’s also the Crew cook so he gotta multi-task and be careful while cooking. Tav likes to taste his soups and stuff too.

DD likes Aradia playing with his hair but the earful from SS is a pain in the ass. Also the book he’s reading is called “the Spider and the Fly” for those who can’t see it properly.


Ok so these photos are not in any particular order but they made me so upset.

I recently got into kpop a little over a year ago and living in America and not be able to fully understand Korean has made it hard. However I still appreciate all the work these idols put in. No language barrier can hinder me from seeing that. So seeing this post is wicked offense to not just BTS but kpop in general.

If I’m correct (and please correct me if I’m wrong) but Jungkook is a fan of Charlie (somewhat) this cover was amazing and in my opinion better than the original. Just because you do not know of an artist, band, or even an entire genre of music does not make it below you or the music you listen too. If Charlie the man that wrote and performs this song can give Jungkook credit on a great cover than everyone should. Another thing, this girl also tweeted serval things about how they are not universally famous because they don’t play on the American radio stations and are from Korea. Like how does that make a difference. Last week in New York they played Blood Sweat and Tears sooooo idk She then goes in to say how you shouldn’t be proud of awards BTS have won because the award shows they go to are not as popular as the Grammys for example. Charlie Puth has won 8 awards from numerous awards shows in his career. Meanwhile bts has won over 53, and both artists have been around for the same amount of time. I’m not knocking Charlie or anything I’m just saying if you gonna try to come at a group and say they are not as talented or unimportant because the awards the win “don’t count” check yourself. Because in the end you look like the idiot and BTS stay winning

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Rumor Has It

“So rumor has it that you and Y/N have been dating for quite some time now. What can you tell me about that?” The reporter asked Jensen, taking him off guard. You’d been keeping your relationship a closely guarded secret. Only those closest to you knew. Neither of you wanted the attention it would bring, especially you. You were deathly afraid you would get a lot of negative feedback on the internet from his fans. 

You were a newcomer to the scene. Yes, you were his costar, but you weren’t always. And you weren’t always famous. You still didn’t consider yourself “famous.” A year ago you were just a fan who won a walk on role in a contest. The show ended up loving you and expanded your character’s role and kept you on. You and Jensen fell in love on set and the rest was history. 

“What?” Jensen chuckled, laughing at the question. “No…we’re really good friends but nothing more than that. No.” 

“My mistake.” The interviewer blushed, shuffling her papers. “It’s just…you’ve been spotted out together an awful lot. There are a lot of photos of the two of you holding hands and hugging. We just thought -” 

“It’s fine.” Jensen laughed it off, reassuring her everything was fine. “It’s an easy mistake to make. She really has become my best friend.” 

“And he’s my very best friend.” You said, walking up behind him and wrapping your arms loosely around his neck, resting your chin on his shoulder. “I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and mentor for this whirlwind of a year.” 

“Well, looks like our time here is up since they sent Y/N/N to come get you.” The interviewer chuckled. “It was nice meeting you both. I look forward to seeing your upcoming scenes.” 

As soon as she was gone Jensen turned to you and pulled you into his lap, kissing you passionately. “That was close.” 

You hummed in response, resting your forehead against his. “It was. But I think she bought your cover story.” 

“I think we should tell everyone.” Jensen blurted out. You started to protest and he immediately shushed you. “I know you’re scared but even if people do say shit, who cares? Everyone who matters loves you. I love you.” 

“Jensen I -” You started to say something and stuttered, unable to find the words. Jensen’s hands were rubbing up and down your arms to calm your nerves and you took a deep breath, nodding your head. “Ok. Let’s do it.” 

Jensen’s face lit up and he pulled his phone out, extending his arm out to take the selfie he intended to post. He leaned in to kiss you again and you heard the camera noise go off, giggling into the kiss. 

@jensenackles: Between scene kisses w/ the girlfriend @realy/n. (Rumors were true. Sorry EW Mag!) 

As soon as he hit post he shoved his phone back in his pocket and stopped you from pulling yours out to read the comments. “No.” He grabbed your hands when you went for it. “It doesn’t matter.”

“How did I get so lucky?” You questioned, leaning your forehead back against his. 

“You have low standards.” He smirked and you burst into laughter, grabbing his face in both hands and pulling him back for another heated kiss. 

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You don't own any makeup?? So if you randomly get a big pimple or you breakout or something you don't cover it at all?

No why would I need to cover my face because of a pimple or breakout? Why should anyone need to cover their face and skin. I love my natural skin, my face and my body and a pimple doesn’t need to be covered. I think everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin!!

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Honestly though, Touka is anything but stupid. I'm also thinking that if she does not get into an argument with Kaneki because of the Yoriko stuff, she's going to send someone. Perhaps Yomo because he's clever like that one time he went to rescue Rize... (we need a Yomo cover!!!) What do you think Touken mama?

she should send Nishiki, everyone always beats the shit out of that idiot and he never dies, he’s kinda immortal at this point so it’d be safer to send him instead 😂 but yeah, i just think it would very reckless of Touka to fight by herself after everything she did to keep the baby alive, it’s a very delicate situation, and i feel like someone inside the ccg should help Yoriko instead of Touka or Kaneki, it can put goat into a huge trouble, i really feel like Takeomi will do something about it, he won’t stay there to see how they kill his wife.. but at the same time i am expecting Kaneki to do something too, the fact that Touka didn’t find him in his room makes me wonder if he went to save her or something, and i’m scared bc i really don’t want anything bad happening to Kaneki, that’s what Mutsuk is waiting, for him to do something for Yoriko so he can have his chance *shivers* i’m so scared.. 

BTS Reaction when their S/O wears lingerie for a magazine cover

| Heyyyy can I please request a BTS reaction when his S/O appears on a magazine cover in lingerie?♡ | guys help me out im so fuckiing mad. I wrote this and then tumblr glitches and got rid of all my work so that’s why its shorter then normal ugh ~Admin Hedgehog

Jin/Seokjin: shocked! I see Jin as being a more traditional, conservative person, so to see you practically naked on the cover of a magazine that millions of people will see, doesn’t sit right with him. He tries to be happy about you landing a good job with it, but eventually confronts you and asks that you consider not doing something like that again.

Suga/Yoongi: he’s proud of you for landing such a good gig, and doing such a good job, but he’s low key jealous that other people are able to see you in lingerie, but then he’s fine once he realizes that he’s the only one who gets to tap that ass ;)

J-Hope/Hoseok: hella cocky bc go S/O that’s my S/O! he’s happy if you’re happy, he’s happy! He is slightly unsettled at the thought that everyone else knows what you’ve got going on under those clothes, but he’s still your sunshine about it! He does suggest that next time maybe you wear a brand he reps for? Maybe Puma or something! :)

Rap Monster/Namjoon: daddy af comes out lmao you’re his and his alone, and he gets very upset when he sees you wearing lingerie that should be for him on the cover of a magazine, for everyone and their mother to see. He’s proud of you for doing such a good job and being so professional about it, but expect him to give you some serious punishment that weekend, and you’ll think twice before doing something like that again.

V/Taehyung: confused? why would you wanna wear your underwear on a magazine? underwear goes under your clothes silly!! He thinks you look hella good, and he asks you a couple times if you’re allowed to take home some pieces from the set ;^D

Jimin: shy bean comes outtttt he’s so blushy and shy whenever anyone asks him about it!! he’s happy that you’re so popular that you’re on a magazine cover, but did it have to be in your underwear??? He’s such a cinnamon roll about it but inner Jimin is fucking thrilled bc all these guys are looking at your cover and wishing they could date you but he’s the only one who gets to see whats under that lacy fabric.

Jungkook: !!!SO!!! EMBARASSED!! he’s so flustered!! He loves the way you look and loves how you’ve grown in your modeling but all the hyungs keep teasing him!! He can’t get away from it even on variety shows they ask him about it and show your picture and he can feel his face heating up when someone just says your name help him


by the way everyone should listen to this latino metal rock opera cover of a cruel angels thesis i found its the most dramatic thing ive ever heard in my life and i promise you wont be disappointed 


and then decide midway through that you no longer want your commission, YOU STILL NEED TO PAY THEM.

I’m sorry, but this is bugging me.  As an artist myself, I understand that people put TIME and EFFORT into these commissions.  If you decide you no longer want your commission and the artist has started working on it, YOU STILL NEED TO PAY THEM ACCORDINGLY.

Some artists have terms to cover cancelled commissions.  Everyone probably SHOULD, but not everyone does.  If you cancel a commission midway through, it is NOT okay to go “lol no I’m not paying you for something I don’t want anymore.”

They worked their BUTT off for you.  Respect that.  Don’t be a jerk.

Pass it on please, people need to get this through their heads >.<

im fuckin tired like both masculinity and femininity have good behavioral traits its just all the good traits should be balanced within EVERYONE instead of us being taught to break off the other half of ourselves so someone can (attempt to) fulfill what we should have covered ourselves!! its good for everyone to be compassionate, communicative, and loving. its good for everyone to have drive and courage and intelligence!!

the problem is that these good character traits are so heavily gendered, and having the “wrong” ones is punishable in our societies. and also that the bad character traits get rewarded if they correspond to a person’s sex role. we can never be full human beings, neither the oppressed or the oppressor by nature of subjugation itself. you cannot be an object and be a full human, and you cannot be an oppressor without shattering your sense of self into a pile of evil horcruxes. you cannot be a full human being when you have been made into only 1 half of one.

the patriarchy is balanced, making it very stable, but we as individuals are not in balance from within at all, on the whole. this is why i want to see all children raised the same, so that no one has to endure the trauma of breaking off half of their humanity, so that men dont learn to hate their nurturing and connectivity until it dies and women stop having to long for and beg for the rightful recognition of our brilliance.

Mating Season [Prologue]

Title: Mating Season [Prologue]
Character(s) Featured: Bruce Banner, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Clint Barton, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Thor Odinson, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark
Words: 1,285
Pairing: The Avengers x Reader
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Smut
Rating: M (Mature 18+) contains mature sexual themes, and profanity
Author’s Notes: Hey everybody! Okay, I’m thinking of making this a prologue to a 'choose your own character’ kinda thing. I will be making different one-shots involving different Avengers and what happens between the reader and them. No, this is my first SMUT story so bare with me 'cause I’m not sure if the scenes will be written well enough. I guess we’ll have to see to find out. If you have read this far then I am taking a vote of who will be the first the reader catches. Inbox me, like, and/reblog with the character you wanna see first. Also, requests are open so drop me a line, people! This is the prologue so please enjoy…
Summary: You are a mutant whose powers consist of morphing into many different animals. There’s one catch though. Like any warm blooded mammal, as does that burden fallen onto you. You are, unfortunately, horribly, and embarrassingly, in heat. You go through it every year, and every year, you have managed to suppress your natural lustful instinct. But this year, you are an agent and are surrounded by many skillful and attractive potential mates. You must find someone to quench the fire burning within you. And your prey happens to be an Avenger.

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the things that we find
Liam/Louis, 18000 words

The guy is watching him with a funny expression that disappears so quickly Louis must have imagined it. It’s late; he’s projecting. “Have a good night,” the guy offers, smiling at Louis. “Thanks again for the tip with the timetable.”

“My pleasure,” says Louis, because I’m probably going to wank to your smile isn’t really appropriate. “Thanks for the concert.”

“It was a one-time only deal,” the guy shouts after him, waving and grinning, and as Louis finds a seat on the bus and falls into it, he can’t stop himself from thinking fuck, I hope not.

for theboycanthelpit, who is lovely, and based on the following prompt from this post of awkward first meeting AUs:

Your headphones aren’t plugged in all the way so I know you’re listening to educational children’s cartoon theme songs