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what’s in your bag: james potter

James: *never leaves his house without something that would scream “Gryffindor”*

James: Oh look, a biscuit! *takes a bite*

James …or not?

James: A note I wrote for Lily but well…she didn’t even look at it so-

James: One day me and Pads went swimming in the Great Lake and found some of these - still waiting for our babies to come into this world ♥

James: Pete gave me this for birthday, how cool is that?

James: Oooh Sirius Black’s most prized possession - eyeliner, that guy can’t step out of the dorm without this thing. Maybe I should give it back to him? I don’t think so.

James: Chocolate. Probably Moony’s?

James: I don’t remember, but it’s all good, we’re like brothers - “everything mine is yours, and yours mine”, right?

James: …once I fell on my face and Lily gave me this. It’s a muggle bandaid, she said.

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teddy lupin

 it should have been impossible. no one should have been able to dream any of these things, much less all of them. but adam had seen what ronan could do. he’d read the dreamt will and ridden in the dreamt camaro and been terrified by the dreamt night terror.

– blue lily, lily blue (the raven cycle)

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viktuuri totinos ad: viktor is the totinos guy and yuuri is kristen stewart

“Hey Victor, where are the Totinos?” Christophe asks from the couch.

There’s a man in the kitchen. Victor doesn’t know he got there, but he doesn’t question it. He stares, silent – there’s a box of Totinos on the counter to his left. With one hand, he reaches for it, and then pauses, second-guessing himself.

“Hello,” the man says, and his hair is as black as a raven’s wings, his eyes as brown as the depths of the earth. Then, the stranger glances at the box, steps closer to Victor and picks it up. He’s wearing a black outfit with silver crystals scattered up one side. “Totinos?”

“For… For my hungry guys,” Victor explains, quiet, sparing a glance at the couch where Christophe, Yurio, Georgi, Leo, Guang Hong, Michele, Seung-gil, Phichit, and more are sitting, watching Skate Canada.

“What are you hungry for?” the man asks, and his voice is sultry, enticing.

In an instant, he’s pressed against the kitchen counter. The stranger takes the box in hand again, removes a Totino and traces it down Victor’s cheek, a smooth line. Victor watches, entranced, and then meets the other man’s lips, hand slipping up his shirt.

“What’s going on? Are you making out with somebody back there?” Christophe calls, and laughter comes from the other side of the room.

The scene fades to black. Totinos.

today on emotional about harry potter dot tumblr dot com

i was thinking about the motif of touch in hp, specifically as it relates to harry’s character

harry really dislikes being touched by other people, generally. while part of this may just be his natural disposition, his abusive home background and a lack of any sort of positive physical contact for most of his childhood (he’s almost fifteen when he experiences any sort of paternal physical affection) definitely have play an important role in this matter as well. 

it’s interesting then, that lily’s sacrifice makes it so harry can literally not be physically touched by voldemort or anyone who he possessing– exploiting this is how harry defeats quirrell at the end of the first book. being touched by voldemort causes harry pain, but it causes voldemort’s skin to break out in harsh burns and painful boils. prolonged contact results in death. it’s a pretty key part of harry’s protection. dumbledore says this power lives within harry’s skin, but later we find it goes even deeper and is present within harry’s very blood. this makes sense, since harry’s blood connection to petunia through lily is emphasized repeatedly as being what enables harry’s protection at privet drive. 

realizing the significance of this, voldemort then goes to great lengths to obtain harry’s blood for the potion he needs to restore his body in gof, so that he will have the same blood, and thereby the same protection, flowing in his veins as harry does, rendering this power useless. one of the first things he does during the graveyard scene is to show this off by touching harry in an intimate and creepy way (stroking his scar) in front of all of his followers. the pain harry experiences after being touched this way is so blinding and intense he almost blacks out. voldemort’s ability to touch or not touch harry ends up being a defining element of his and harry’s relationship– it’s reflective of which one of them has the power at that point. 

but the idea of someone not being able to touch harry is not limited to his antagonism with voldemort. it also shows up in possibly the two most iconic scenes of the series– harry finding the mirror of erised, and harry using the resurrection stone. both times harry encounters phantom echoes of his parents that he cannot physically touch, only watch– and specific attention is given in each scene to the fact that lily is unable to touch harry. in both scenes, harry’s dislike of physical contact is understandably disregarded in favor of actually having the chance to touch is mother, but it ends up being impossible. lily is the one who directly sacrificed her life for harry’s even though she was given the opportunity to survive. her choice to die for her son ends up being what saves him and what prevents voldemort from being able to touch him… but it also meant that she herself could never touch her son again. 

i’m not sure i have a greater point here, except that it’s both fascinating and heartbreaking to me that this inability to be touch manifests itself in such opposite relationships.

Bertie Bott’s Beans (Soulmate AU)


yay i love soulmate au’s okay

Imagine craving something that you don’t even like to eat. Suddenly you’re dying for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, even though you’re allergic to peanut butter. Or that you’ve never had chicken teriyaki but you want to eat it immediately. This is what it likes to have a soulmate-well not exactly. Everyone in the world is assigned a soulmate and the only way your connected to them is in the most cheesiest and dreadful way: you crave what they are currently eating. No matter what it is or how gross or delightful, you need to have it. 

It’s very hard to pinpoint who your soulmate may be. Besides the fact that it could literally be anyone, sitting at the Gryffindor table at Hogwarts where hundreds of students are eating the exact same thing, doesn’t make it any easier to pick out people. 

“Ugh James don’t hog the potatoes, they look so good!” You exclaimed as you reached over the table where James practically took captive the mashed potatoes. You gladly scooped some on your plate and ate it, keeping up conversations with you best friends.

“Hey (Y/N), what day should we go for our HoneyDukes Tradition?” Marlene said.

“What’s that?” Sirius practically yelled over the table with his mouth full of food. You gave him a disgusted look and than chuckled.

“I feel like you guys ask us this every year. Ever since our first year, the day before all of us leave for the summer, we go to Honeydukes and stash up on candy and just reminisce on the school year.” You explained while cutting up your steak. 

“Can we join?” James asked hopefully as the three other boys looked at you hopefully.

“Yeah ha-ha, in your dreams Potter.” Lily responded while she rolled her eyes with a smirk on her face. 

“Yeah sure, why not.” You responded. You heard a shrill like “What?” coming from the redhead next to you. “Oh come on! They’re our best friends, we should include them.”

You leaned closer over to her and whispered only so she could hear, “Plus, maybe they’ll pay for our candy.” Lily straightened herself out and looked at the boys.

“Yeah sure, you guys can tag along.” The four 5th year boys cheered and continued on with their dinner. 

(two days later)

“You know, I never realize how much I hate packing until the end of the year when I just want to throw everything into my suitcase and be done.” Alice exclaimed, sending a light kick to her suitcase. 

“The quicker you get it done, the earlier we can go to HoneyDukes before we run into the whole school there and fight for Fizzing Whizzbees or who should get the last Chocolate Wand.” You said. You had finished packing about twenty minutes ago and was looking through photos that were taken throughout the school year. 

“You know what, I don’t even care- I’ll worry about this tomorrow.” Alice said, throwing her last few shirts and pants onto her bed and turned to her friends. 

“I’m telling you Remus, you shouldn’t eat that!” Lily exclaimed.

“Yeah yeah.” Remus waved her off and ate two Peppermint Toads. “I’ve never even heard of these anyway- what are they supposed to do?” 

“Hop around in your stomach.” James snickered as he pulled apart his Licorice Wand. Remus’ face dropped.

“You’re kidding.” He stated. “Oh my god I feel it. Is this what it’s like the feel a baby kicking?” 

“How would we know? We’re fifteen.” Marlene commented. Remus began to rub his stomach to put a stop to the ruckus. 

“Let’s do this!” Peter said as he pulled a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and placed them in the center of the circle. Noises of disgust or excitement erupted from the group. “One of us asks a question to someone else and if they get it wrong, they have to eat a bean.” 

“Who’s up first?” Sirius announced. Nothing but the relaxing sound of waves coming from the lake behind them was all they heard. “Fine I will. Lily, what’s Remus’ middle name?”

“Easy. Jack.” Lily answered with confidence.

“Lily!” Remus exclaimed with his eyebrows furrowed. “It’s John.” Lily’s mouth dropped widely. Peter giggled and threw a jelly bean her way. 

“I can’t believe I have to eat this.” Lily muttered with a repulsed look on her face.

“I can’t believe you don’t know my middle name.” Remus said with a light chuckle. Lily popped the bean in her mouth and everyone awaited her reaction.

 “Cherry.” Lily announced with a small smile on her face while everyone groaned. “Okay next. James, what did McGonagall say to Peter on our first day of school in our first year?” 

Everyone erupted in laughter besides James. “What the bloody-hell? How am I supposed to know?” 

Peter threw him a jelly bean as James groaned and popped it in his mouth.

“Ugh, when is dinner? I could really go for some roast beef.” You said. James jaw dropped slightly. 

“What flavor is it James?” Sirius asked, practically jumping out of his seat because of his reaction. 

“Roast beef.” James answered, looking right at you. You suddenly felt your heart flutter in your chest and your cheeks felt hot.

“Holy shit.” Marlene and Lily muttered in unison. 

“So does that mean-?” Peter asked.

“Yeah… they’re soulmates.” Remus answered, flabbergasted. 

“Maybe this would be a good time to get back to the castle…?” Alice inquired. Everyone nodded and got up. You, although, felt a hand pull you back slightly and were met with non other than James Potter.

“Can I have a minute?” He asked hopefully. You nodded with a small smile and walked behind him towards the shore of the lake. “So I guess- well like- ugh how do I put this?”

To put a stop to his nonsense talk you kissed him and brought your hands up to his face, cupping his cheeks lightly. “That’s much better than what I was going to say.” He said, his cheeks turning red. 

You chuckled and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. “It’s too bad that we found out about this today and we leave tomorrow. But we can definitely make sure we meet up this summer before school starts up again.” 

“Yeah, I’d like that a lot.” He responded, smiling. You both began walking towards the castle, seeing your friends a far distance up ahead. As you two walked, your hands brushed against each other every now and than until he intertwined your hands. Finally the searching was done. 

this wasn’t exactly how i imagined i would write this but I’m kinda proud of it and i hope it wasn’t too much nonsense before i go to the point but i hope you like it!! xxxxxxx

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A day in the Barnes Family

Summary: Totally Fluffy it’s just a domestic! Bucky Dad Fic.

Paring:Bucky x Reader

Words 1761

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You are feeling so comfortable and warm right now, that the hand caressing your back only makes you more comfortable and sleepy. “Come on baby we have to get up.“ you don’t say anything but roll over to stare at him for a few seconds “Good morning , Husband.”  He gives you a small kiss on the lips “Good morning, wife.“ You stay in bed for a few more minutes but you knew that you had to get up soon.

You get up and go to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone this was one of your favorites moments of the day, just the three of you “Good morning mommy.” You turn around “Good morning sweetheart. “You say kissing her forehead. Bucky sits on the table with your daughter on his lap and you put a plate of pancakes in front of them. “Daddy when Uncle Steve is going to visit us?“. Bucky laughs at his daughter question “Soon baby i will make sure to invite him for dinner.”

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with great Mediocre moodboard power comes great responsibility

and no one should ever give me responsibilty ever what was the internet thinking 

The people said no but Lily and the Giant Squid said Yes <3 @hprarepairnet

Brown Eyed Girl

This is my first Cinderella fanfic, so I’m just getting a feel for it!
Rated: K
WC: 893

The warm, spring sun shone down on Ella and Kit as they strolled through the palace gardens, laughing and chatting without a care in the world.

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List of Pokemon SM Shipnames (Main Characters)

Shipnames with * after them mean I thought of them and the meaning and problems to the names are listed down below.

Sun(Elio)/Moon(Selene) : Luminaryshipping*

Sun(Elio)/Hau: Kalashipping, Alolarivalshipping, Haulshipping

Sun(Elio)/Lillie: Sunflowershipping*, Morningsunshipping, Shiningsunshipping

Sun(Elio)/Gladion: Apolloshipping*

Moon(Selene)/Hau: Mahinashipping*

Moon(Selene)/Lillie: Nightbloomshipping*, Oceanflowershipping, Moonlightshipping, Moonlilyshipping

Moon(Selene)/Gladion: Mahinashipping, Artemisshipping*

Lillie/Hau: Snowlilyshipping*

Hau/Gladion: Protectorshipping*

Meaning of my shipnames:

Luminaryshipping- Luminary means an (celestial) object which gives (off) light, examples which are used frequently are the Sun and the Moon. I wanted to use eclipseshipping but a certain fandom beat me to it by 12 years

Sunflowershipping- Sun is the Sun, Lillie’s name is representative of a flower, therefore sunflowershipping

Apolloshipping- Gladion is the enforcer of Team Skull so I thought I would mix that up with Sun. I ended up using Apollo because he was the God of the Sun as well as defender/protector of herds and flock.

Mahinashipping: Since the popular shipname for Sun x Hau was Kalashipping (Kala means sunshine in Hawaiian) I thought it would be good to make the shipname for Moon x Hau Mahinashipping (Mahina meaning moonlight in hawaiian).

Nightbloomshipping: Night-blooming cereus is a common name used to refer to flowering ceroid cacti that bloom at night. Other names used for them are princess of the night and Honolulu queen.

Artemisshipping: Following the same concept of Apolloshipping. Artemis is the Goddess of the Moon and protector of females.

Snowlilyshipping: Hau means snow and Lillie is obviously lily, henceforth snowlilyshipping.

Protectorshipping: As stated previously before, Gladion’s the enforcer of Team Skull and I feel as if Hau would support and protect the main character.


Problems with my shipnames:

Luminaryshipping- Is apparently the ship name for Bonnie x Satsuki, however I have seen no media if it so this should be fine.

Sunflowershipping- Is apparently the shipname for Lucas x Leaf, I’ve only seen 2 Lucas x Leaf artworks tagged under sunflowershipping so again it should be alright. Name is also pretty simple.

Apolloshipping- Supposedly belongs to the Golden Sun Series but only 3 users have actually used the apolloshipping tag to file their ship.

Mahinashipping- I’ve seen one person call Ash x Lillie (despite the more popular shipname being alolashipping on tumblr) mahinashipping, another person saying Ash x Moon is mahinashipping and a third saying Moon x Gladion should have the shipname.

Nightbloomshipping: Apparently belongs to Sidney x Erika but I haven’t seen any artwork or fanfiction about it nor have I seen anything tagged under nightbloomshipping

Artemisshipping: Supposedly the shipname for Dawn x Marnie, haven’t seen any artwork or fanfiction for it though

Snowlilyshipping: The name’s a bit stale and simple??

Protectorshipping: Meaning could be a bit farfetched and someone from the yugioh fandom says its a shipname there but I’ve seen only one post about it


A soul this decayed shouldn’t have been - well, it shouldn’t have been anything. It should have been a remnant of a ghost, a mindless, repetitive haunting. A hundred-year-old scent in a hallway. A shiver standing next to a certain window. But somehow, she was looking at a shambles of a soul, and in it, there was still a dead kid. “I don’t want to go.” 

And here’s Lys Noire, Page Two! Faster than I thought it would be.

Lys Noire is an AU fancomic I am making, based on the incredible Daughter of the Lilies comic by @bludragongal. You can follow along with the tag #lysnoire


Titlebox: LYS NOIRE An Alternate Universe Fancomic for Daughter of the Lilies

Orrig: Ve have a client

Lyra: Finally. One more day without a job and I’d be bored enough to yank my own teeth out.

Orrig: Vere is Brent?

Lyra: Don’t know, don’t care.

Thunder: *Thunders*

Brent: GRUMBLE GRUMBLE –Last time I ever take a lost pet job GRUMBLE

Thistle: Oh! You’re soaked! Here, I’ve got a towel, you should go dry off.

Titlebox: (Thistle also got Orrig a towel)

Orrig: Dav.

Titlebox: (It was less sparkly)

Some Notes:
1) I… uh… Yes, there was a point where I said to myself, ‘backgrounds are stupid, the last panel is going to be shoujo sparkles instead’. Sorry not sorry. And then I cackled as I finished the page and my family stared at me.

2) The way I see it, Brent takes all of the missing animal cases. Every once in a blue moon that might be something interesting like an exotic pet, but mostly that’s little old ladies or kids who scraped together a few coins to ask a detective to go find Fluffy. Brent grumbles and complains the entire time but he’s not fooling anyone because he also volunteers every time (and in case you are worried, Mr Scruffypants has just been delivered safely home)

3) OK, I actually get kind of anxious about misrepresenting other people’s characters on the weirdest things– other people are like “this is my headcanon” and I’m like “THIS IS PROBABLY OOC DON’T HATE ME”. Figuring out what’s on everybody’s desks was like that for me, but here is my current theory as to what each member of the main cast would keep on a PI desk:

Orrig: Pretty basic, current paperwork and some family photos

Brent: Is always a huge mess, he can never find the paper he’s looking for

Lyra: Depends on her mood. If she’s angry, the desk might be dominated with gun maintenance supplies. Happy, paper and stationary and letters. Bored, and she actually cleans the darn thing. Rest of the time, probably lots of bottles.

Thistle: This one I feel pretty confident about. Books, plants, a cup of tea. I kind of see Thistle as being the best at typing so the typewriter sort of ended up on her desk.

4) Last page I thought drawing water was hard. Turns out that drawing wet clothes is much harder– and when I tried finding reference photos and tutorials on the internet, what I found was rather more… NSFW than I was hoping for. Other hard things to draw on this page: People walking, towels (how is this hard???), typewriters, that coatrack that ended up getting covered by speech bubbles anyway, the whole thing because drawing is hard and artists are basically wizards

Thank you for reading! And for indulging me in a little silliness on this page. Next page, plot happens!

Harry Potter and the Summer of the Stepfather: Birthdays Pt. X

Tonks lurched in, tripped over the doorframe, and went sprawling into the center of the floor, knocking over the bottle of hornberry wine as she went. Everyone scattered. Harry, irritated, caught Ron’s eye. Ron made a face at him. Harry shook his head.

Tonks picked herself up. “Wotcher Harry!” she said cheerfully. “Happy birthday!”

“Yeah,” Harry said unenthusiastically. His neck prickled; Hermione was staring meaningfully at him. He cleared his throat. “Uh.” He faked a cough. “Sorry. Thanks.”

“Been a good birthday, then?” Tonks asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s been cool,” Harry lied. “Spent it with my mum and Professor Snape. Saw a movie, that Coen brothers movie.” He thought about adding how hilarious it had been, when Severus had slipped into the Minnesota accent.

Tonks frowned. Her hair darkened from pink to purple. Harry briefly caught a glimpse of another world where he thought she was one of the coolest people ever, like Bill; unfortunately now he just thought she was a bit naive. “I thought you went to the Puddlemore United game with James?”

“I chose to stick to my commitments,” Harry stated blandly. Hermione carefully, discretely poked him. He smiled. “It meant a lot to Mum.” It meant a lot to him.

Fred broke in, “Wow, can’t believe you spent it with OI’ Snapey of all people. What’s he been like?”

George added, “Threatening to take off points for the wrong deosil stir of the morning oatmeal? Trashing Gryffindor with every breath? Did he shower at all?”

“He gave me his grandfather’s watch, actually. It was a bit awkward in the beginning and honestly it’s still weird, but he’s been…” He trailed off. How could he describe the summer? Constantly wrongfooted, but never tiptoeing around: he’d learned more than he had ever wanted to know about his parents, but Snape had been relatively chill, though he still wasn’t very good at taking a joke at his own expense, not even from Lily. “Snape’s been pretty cool, actually. I mean, he’s touchy, but take him away from Neville’s exploding cauldrons and he’s actually pretty funny. And he makes my mum really happy.”

Hermione sighed. “Poor Neville. I can’t believe his grandmother is making him retake his Potions OWL on his birthday. It’s not he needs it for Herbology, not really.”

“It does look bad, though,” Cedric said mildly. “Think about it: a potions supplier who can’t synthesize anything more complicated than a boil cure?”

Grateful for the distraction, Harry sat back and let the conversation wash over him. He liked his friends. He liked them a great deal. Luna and Ginny were at a careful distance from each other, out of all the Weasleys only Ron and Percy knew, and Ginny was making up for the discomfort by being particularly belligerent to Fred and Tonks especially, who had been her first major crush. Ron played dumb and sarcastic, only reacting to what was said, and Cedric stayed mostly silent. He and Tonks had barely overlapped in Hogwarts, and he had never liked the twins. Cedric didn’t have much of a sense of humor. It made him a little difficult to talk to sometimes.

Eventually, they were called down, flushed and overheated and laughing, to the backyard, alit with candles and fairies in jars, where Mrs. Weasley had set up an enormous Golden Snitch cake. The entire Order, sans Severus and Professor Dumbledore, was there, beaming in the feylight. Lily looked a little teary. She was standing on the other side of the cake, away from his father. He walked to her. She half-hugged him. They sang happy birthday and then Harry had to endure everyone’s well wishes, various hugs from people he barely knew, hand-shakings, and intense questions on what he wanted to do with his future.

He didn’t know what he wanted. Voldemort was only just dead, but some of the Death Eaters were still at large, setting up Corban Yaxley as the new Dark Lord, and he knew he wanted a break from constantly being in danger. Eventually, he thought he might like to teach.For now, he wanted to survive his NEWTs.

“Ah, you’ll be an auror,” Professor McGonagall said. “Just like your dad was.”

James grinned and messed up his own hair. Lily conspicuously rolled her eyes.

Finally, Sirius came up to him, Peter as his heels as always. Harry stiffened. He’d always been a little intimidated by Sirius when he was younger, he’d been such a quiet kid and generally bullied for being weird at muggle school, and Sirius had always teased him for being silent and not wanting to answer questions. Of course, that had changed with Ron and Hermione, he’d come out of his shell, even thought he mostly stuck by them, but he never really knew what to say to him that he wouldn’t rather say to his own father. He glanced at his mother. She was outright scowling: the prank. Yeah.

“Hey, sport,” Sirius said, ruffling Harry’s hair. Harry tried not to scowl; nevermind the uncomfortable questions, this had always driven him insane. He patted his hair down, but it stayed as wild as always. “Been a good birthday with your dad?”

Suddenly, an absolutely evil idea crossed Harry’s mind. He grinned, looking at Peter’s pensive face, his father’s uncomfortable expression, his faintly murderous mother. He could make this worse. He could make this so much worse.

“Oh yeah. It’s been great. Didn’t you hear? Mum’s engaged!” Harry exclaimed happily. “She and Severus are getting married!”

James rounded on Lily. “You’re marrying Snivellus?”

“Don’t call him that! And no, Harry’s being a shit–”

“He’s a Death Eater, Lily!” James paused. “Don’t call my son a shit!”

“But I’m being a shit,” Harry said. “I’m starting shit. You’re a shit.”

“He’s got to have you imperiused,” Sirius said. He raised his wand. “Come on, we need to check for dark magic–”

“Put that fucking stick down before I punch your face in, Sirius, Harry’s being an ass.”

James grabbed her arm. “Lily, please, we need to talk about this–you can and should be doing so much better than that greasy weirdo–”

“He’s not that greasy,” Harry chimed in.

“You are such a little shit,” Lily said, “you have been spending far too much time with Severus–”

“Sirius, just cast the finite,” Peter urged.

“Lily, I thought you told me marriage was a bourgeois concept–is he forcing you into this–”

“Oh, you’re one to fucking talk, James. Will you just listen to me–”

“Finite incantatum!” Sirius shouted.

Nothing happened.

Lily looked at him flatly. “Are you done?”


She picked up the cake platter and tossed it into Sirius’ face. Peter yelped, “Expel-expelliarmus!” Lily’s eyes widened, but she couldn’t cancel the curse quickly enough. The cake, resting on plates across the backyard and nestled in Sirius’ hair, blew up.

Between the Marauders, Lily, and Harry, they managed to pin the blame on Fred and George, who actually were contemplating blowing up the cake. When the misunderstanding was cleared, Harry feeling defensively smug, Lily just irritated, Jame and Sirius agreed that it was a most excellent prank. Peter just grinned awkwardly.

“Yeah,” Harry said. “Exactly how pranks should go: harm to none, maximize slapstick.”

When Lily attempted complaining to Severus, when they finally got back, Severus laughed so hard he snorted. All in all, Harry thought: worst birthday ever. But the cake disaster was pretty fun.

End of “Birthdays”, a 10-part series from the Stepfather AU. Click the #birthdays tag below to read the entire series, and the #stepfather au to read more from this universe. For more of my Harry Potter fanfic, just click the #fanfic or #snily tag.

Will be updated so you can just click a link to the Stepfather AU page and the previous part eventually.

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Uhh I know pretty much nothing about Tekken but I randomly came across your art and now I'm lowkey invested in asulilli so...

that’s okay you don’t really need to know anything but I WILL TELL YOU ANYWAY so please sit. So you don’t need to play the game (you really don’t need to, trust me), here’s a summary:

Asuka is the type of person to start beating people up in the street because she’ll think it’ll help everyone get along better. Happy-go-lucky though overconfident in her abilities. Despite being the first cousin of Jin Kazama, a once-villain main character who basically fucked the world up, she still gets pissed when people bring up their relation. Like, really pissed

Lili lives in a tax haven, has a butler and wears a lot of frills like we’re in the Elizabethan era again, speaks French and wants her dad to love her even though he is opposed to her main interest: STREET FIGHTING!! An interest that was discovered when she was kidnapped at age 16 and smashed a guy through a limousine door before jumping out of it just in time for this shot

Every Tekken game revolves around a tournament that all characters enter for various reasons. Asuka beats Lili in Tekken 6 and Lili now obsesses over it/her and pursues Asuka as her self-proclaimed rival [the words ”rival” and “love interest” are obviously interchangeable as demonstrated several times in various Japanese games]. Lili is really extra in basically every aspect of her life so she’ll usually make up excuses to run into Asuka, like transferring to her school, or making people in the street have a punch up to get Asuka to show up there, so LILI CAN BEAT THOSE GUYS UP IN THE STREET FIRST what the fuck??? what the fuck

In Tekken Tag 2 (the “““non-canon””” game that came after T6) her butler straight up said to Lili’s face that he knows what she’s trying to do for Asuka and that she should tone it down a bit.

Tekken 7 is releasing in June and there has been a 9 year gap since the previous canon game so if you can smell my desperation, that’s why.

“You’ll be fine without him,” my friend tells me.

“I know. I’ll even be happy.”

“So what’s the problem?” she asks.

I stare out the window. It’s raining outside.

“It would’ve been easier,” I say at last, “to have been happy with him here.”

10 Characters I want to “kiss”

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1.  Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice)

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2. Petyr Baelish (Game of Thrones)

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3. Doc Holliday (Wynonna Earp)

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4. Lily (Penny Dreadful)

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5. Bellamy Blake (The 100)

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6. Draco Malfoy

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7. Goosefat Bill (King Arthur: Legand of the Sword)

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8. Morgana (Merlin) 

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9. Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

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10. 12th Doctor (Doctor Who)

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Ok hope you all enjoyed that! 10 people seems like alot but here you go. (feel free to do this even if i didnt tag you of course :D )

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