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juliaroleplays → instagram template 2 & 3 

Instagram updated again and has decided to piggyback on Snapchat’s success, and with the new update came a different look, so I modified my first Instagram template to accommodate for the changes. 

Template 2 is the updated feed and includes five (ish) friend/story icons, usernames and space for one posted photo with no caption. It is 540px by 924px. 

It features: 

  • One main image that is 540px by 543px
  • Five friends/following story icons that are 84px by 84px
  • One profile image that is 46px by 46px
  • A tag indicator and two tags

You will need: 

  • Arial Regular, which should come pre installed
  • Seven images 
  • Knowledge of clipping masks
  • In addition, some friend/following usernames may need to be self shortened with ellipses (…) in order to fit 

Template 3 is the (for lack of a better phrase) Insta story and is also 540px by 924px.

It features: 

  • One main image
  • One user icon
  • Username 
  • How long ago the image was posted 
  • Adjustable image timer 
  • Optional caption   

You will need: 

  • Arial Regular, which should come pre installed
  • Arial Bold, which should come pre installed (not an exact match for the caption)
  • An image large enough for the entire template 
  • A profile image 
  • Knowledge of clipping masks (profile image only) 

These templates are straightforward and hopefully very easy to use, but if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. No credit is necessary if you use, but please like or reblog this post if you found this template useful and please don’t redistribute as your own.

[ download template 2 ] [ download template 3 ]

Sea Witch’s Scapegoat


What is a scapegoat?

A scapegoat is an object or perhaps even a sigil or whatever really that takes the curses or negative energy that’s meant for you. Whether it reflects it back to the sender or takes it into itself is something you can choose. However, the one I’m posting about is the former. Scapegoats are WONDERFUL additions to any home. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What do I need?

  • Two clam shells. They do need to comfortably fit together, so they should relatively be the same size.
  • Thread to tie the two together. Color depends on you, but since this is for the scapegoat spell, you’ll probably want white for extra protection.
  • Small bells, marbles etc to put inside the shell.
  • Something personal to you. To make it easy it could be a nail clipping or some hair, it just needs to be something you identify as being you.
  • A piece of something reflective. Can be from a mirror, glass, sunglasses, maybe even dimes.

I have everything ready. What do I do?

Cleanse the two shells with ocean water. Hold the two shells together where they would connect, but keep it slightly open. Visualize just enough of your energy filling the inside of the shells. Put in a piece of yourself to help and something to make noise for when you shake it later. And if possible, a small piece of something reflective. Tie the two shells together with the thread. Speak: “Please take all curses and negative energy meant for me and reflect it back to them.” Keep it facing your window of the area you’re in most often.

Shake the shell to become accustomed to the sounds it makes. Sometimes it will make those noises when it is taking the brunt of the negative energy for you so you know when it’s happening. To keep its energies up, simply splash some ocean water on it however often you feel it needs. Once a month seems plenty.

requested: by @minikray, ‘I would like to request a cute kinda loving dovey video of Simon and I. The only videos I have are on my YouTube so u can get clips from my videos. My channel name is itskraykrystal. No I’m promoting my channel I just want a cute video with my fave please and thank you 😊 ❤️‘

hey! so i thought of this idea and the story behind this is that you and simon go on a road trip for 3 days and 3 nights (technically should be 4 days but oh well) also i get that it should’ve been day 1, night 1 etc but because of one of the parts in the song, it fit better like that.

anyways, i hope you like it :)

send me requests! add details and a song if possible

    Emma glanced towards her reflection as she clipped past a store front. A last check to make sure she looked as she wanted for the evening. Hair falling in waves, dress fitting as it should. She didn’t bother to stop and give it another once over. The truth was she normally did not focus so much on looks but tonight she was hunting. The target was known for being a womanizer so she needed to stand out from the rest to get close to him. Better yet get him alone so she could take care of this little assignment without too many bystanders getting an eye full.

    The sounds of the nearby clubs adding a pulse to the air as warring and over used bass systems were kept at full blast. How anyone could stand being inside those places was beyond her but at least it made this job one without much talking. She could do body language anytime, thank you very much. As she crossed another alley she glanced down it out of reflex, making sure it was clear. Something about it caused just a slight hesitation in her steps, a fault in her rhythm. Though once she focused she minded herself it was nothing, just the wind as her eyes missed the one in shadow and the body at the other end.

    With a quick toss of her hair she continued on, convincing herself she was getting jumpy over nothing. Her eyes trained ahead until she reached the outside of one of the quieter clubs. She was not presumptuous enough to march to the front of the line, though one of the bouncers did her the honor, catching eye contact and a mere jerk of his head later she was ushered inside. With purpose she avoided looking around the room, not wanting to seem as if she was seeking anything more than a drink as she went straight for the nearest bartender.

Shading Tutorial

A few friends of mine asked me for a shading tutorial so HERE IT IS

First off, I’m using Photoshop CC 2016, but the tools I’m using should be available in older and Elements versions, too.

This is also a very descriptive tutorial for those who aren’t familiar with Photoshop. 

1. Get your flat colors down, like so:

And put all your flat color layers into a group folder: 

This way, you can clip your shading layers onto all those layers at once without having to merge them all. This helps a lot if you need to go back and mess with the flats after shading.

2. Add a new layer above the group and clip it to the group. You can do this by right-clicking on the new layer and hitting “create clipping mask”. This is so the shading will only effect the color group and nothing else in the picture. The clipped layer should be indented a little and have a downward arrow pointing to the group or layer it is clipped to  below:

3. Set your “Shades” layer to “Multiply” in the dropdown box above that usually reads “Normal”:

“Multiply” makes it so the the layer with the effect is always darker than the one’s below it. Great for shading! But, there are several other layer modes that may work better for your art. See what fits for you!

As for Opacity, I usually toggle between 50% and 30% depending on how dramatic I want my lights to be. It doesn’t always have to be 33%.

4. Pick the angle you’re light is coming from. The picture I’m doing is a simple portrait, so I’m making the lighting pretty neutral for the most part. But, if you’re lighting a scene, look up references! TONS of lighting references exist and they really help!

With “Multiply” on, I can use any color for shading I want. For this picture, I’m using this color:

With the shades laid out, the layer outliner should look like this:

5. Light usually doesn’t stay in hard lines, it bounces and reflects. Without that, the image still looks pretty 2D. So, what I do to create that effect with the shading, I duplicate the shading layer and use “Gaussian Blur”. That effect it under “Filter” at the top, under the sub-header “Blur”.    

Now it looks a bit more 3D. 

6. For the lights, I make another clipped layer. Depending on the colors you’re using, the layer style can vary. I usually use “Linear Dodge/Add”, “Screen”, or “Overlay”. For this picture, I’m using “Overlay”.  

I’m also using a much lighter blue to offset the blue I used for my shades. Then I used “Gaussian Blur” again on the lights. I usually put the lights layer underneath the shades. 

7. Finally, I add the finishing highlights. For the eyes, I use white over the shades. Then I duplicate the highlights layer and use “Gaussian Blur” to make it glow a bit. 

Because the dragon I’m drawing is shiny, I also added some highlights to her horns and scales. For this I set my brush so the pen pressure toggles the opacity depending on how hard I press. It gives it a nice passing light curve look to it. 

The button I use for this is at the top menu: 

And that’s it! 

There are many more methods to use, but this is how I do it, personally. Throw around methods that might work for your art better! Everybody does it differently!

I hope this helps :3

Rehearsal bloopers and other stuff

I’ve picked up on some stuff that happened at the rehearsal but not at the actual concert:

  • They were not hanging from the ceiling in the beginning. Instead they came up the same way Bjarte did, through the hole in the stage, standing back to back (… or wings to wings..?)
  • During Magnus’s solo, someone in the crowd threw a Massachusetts-burger at him (did it hit him in the face? Can’t remember). He looked really sad, and the person who threw it did the heart-sign towards him afterward. Still.. Idiot.
  • When Bård was beginning to sing Someone Like Me, he had to put on the leather jacket while singing. He couldn’t get his arm through the sleeve, no matter how much he tried, until he said “AH FUCK IT” and threw it away. Maybe that jacket wasn’t expensive enough. (But the whole thing was sooo cute!)
  • Vegard was hacking up the chair with an axe (during “Shabby Chic”) with much more force than on Friday, and a big piece flew right at us, and would’ve hit Hanna in the face if she hadn’t reacted with her arms. Vegard saw this and had a brief moment of panic. He definitely toned it down a bit during the real concert.
  • Bård messed up the lyrics to the Fox, AGAIN. I’ve been starting to wonder if they do it on purpose as a gimmick, but he got it right on Friday. At the rehearsal he mixed up “Frog goes croak” and “Cow goes moo”, which made him laugh and said “Aw fucking hell” or something mid-song. 
  • They did not have cheerleaders during Massachusetts.
  • As far as I can remember they did not have so much autotune during The Fox. It sounded great at the rehearsal, so I don’t really understand that decision. Maybe they were making fun of people who use autotune by overdoing it. This is Ylvis after all.

And this one surprised me the most:

  • At the rehearsal they didn’t have all the extra singers for “Sammen Finner Vi Frem”. So Bård, Vegard and Calle had to mimic them, running back and forth between the choir and the mics, Bård making a little show of being totally stressed out, not being able to choose which microphone he should use, Vegard pretending to be that really young girl, and Bård doing most of the other female voices. I was fucking priceless, and this was the performance that definitely made me laugh the most. I just watched the clip from the real concert, and I have to say the rehearsal version was far better, in my opinion. It was so much more comedic, it fit better into the show. 

The rehearsal also had a lot of pyro, but far less then the concert, especially during Jan Egeland. There were some technical issues with the microphones not being switched on in time, and a little glitching with the big screens and lyrics. Other than that it was pretty much the same (“same” being fucking E-PIC). And even though it was just a rehearsal, it was still the best live act I’ve ever seen in my entire life.