that shit was an unfair lie!

Conflicting Love

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Genre: romance/Fluff/Angst/Semi smut (maybe ?)
Pairing: Jungkook& Unknown 
Length:  754 words
Summary: Your friend Jimin is a new intern at your workplace and your boyfriend Jungkook ,who happens to be a superior, isn’t pleased at the sight of you and Jimin together.

You stared at him and he stared back at you. You knew something was wrong with the way his piercing eyes were glued onto you. He had this way of staring you up and down as if it was something natural. Jungkook never had any shame to express how he felt and this time his blood was boiling with anger at the sight of you and the new intern Park Jimin. Watching you from afar was only adding fuel to the fire.

“Are you sure this is alright?” Jimin stuttered as he watched jungkook’s orbs darkening at the sight of jimin whispering onto your ears

“Are you scared of my boyfriend, jimin?” you chuckled in response “He doesn’t bite! I promise”

“No, he doesn’t bite but he probably has a plan to murder me” Jimin bit on his bottom lip

“Relax” you rub your friend’s arm in reassurance

“No, how can I relax when Jeon Jungkook is staring at me”

“What?” you raised a suspicious brow “Do you like him or something?”

“E-Excuse you!!!! I do NOT LIKE HIM! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?!”

“Oh lord” you sighed before tapping his arm “You’re the third one”


“The third friend who falls for him” you rolled your eyes

“Pardon?” jimin stepped back

“Get in line buddy, Jungkook is quite popular” you comment “I, myself can’t even believe he’s my man”

“I don’t like him!” jimin protests “I’m about to shit my pants because he keeps on staring at me with knives in his eyes!”

“Jungkook does kill people though” you nod


“He’s amazing at seduction that’s what I meant “you add before whispering in his ear “One smirk and he gets what he wants”

“Just exactly…” Jimin runs his tongue across his bottom lip in frustration” why are you so cool about this?! He could be a player! Why are you dating him?”

“I got used to it” you cross your arms on your chest “Jungkook is not a player if that’s what you want to know. He may get what he wants, but once he’s stuck onto something, he never leaves it.”

“Are you sure this is a healthy relationship?” Jimin rubs his temples in frustration

“Oh no jimin, you don’t understand” you shook your head “there’s nothing healthier than a relationship with jungkook”


“This kid forces me to eat vegetables everyday” you growl “Can I just squish his face” you express discontentment

“Am I allowed to puke now?” Jimin cringed

“You do like Jungkook” you nod

“I do not!”

“Oh look! Jungkook is coming over here!” you comment

“F*ck” Jimin pulls your arm and hides behind you

“Why are you hiding? Does he makes you nervous?” you smirk

“Stop speculating shit like that! And why did you lie! I almost shat my pants you son of a @#$E@#$@$”

“I’m a female” you stare at him

“And I’m a mochi! So what?! You’re still being unfair to me!”

“Jimin…” you turn around to face him “It’s okay to fanboy over my boyfriend”

“I am NOT FANBOYING” jimin scowled

“Who’s not fanboying?” Jungkook’s voice made every nerve in jimin’s body freeze

“I-I-I… Good morning sir” jimin bows

“Is he the new intern we hired ?” Jungkook stared at you

“Yes” you smiled “He’s very cute isn’t he?” you poked jimin

“You better shut the front door before I—“jimin glared at you “I mean… yes sir…” Jimin bowed to jungkook

Jungkook stopped on his tracks to analyze each and every feature of the new worker. From his clothing style, to his hair to the way his eyes crinkled every time he made that dumb smile. One thing that caught jungkook’s attention was…

“Very small…” Jungkook smirked

“S-Small?” Jimin stuttered

“Jungkook” you furrowed your brows “Don’t be so rude”

“Not rude. I was just stating facts” he responded staring at jimin “ I believe you might want to make your presence as small as you are if you want to keep on being an intern here , Park Jimin-ssi”

“Jungkook” you pinch his arm “I-I’m sorry jimin-ah, he can be a bit cranky in the mornings”

“No… It’s all good” Jimin stuttered “I’ll just go do my work” he stammered before leaving both of you in a staring contest

Jungkook wasn’t being his usual self and the way his dark orbs locked onto yours, gave off a completely different feeling than the normal Guy you were used to. What was wrong with him?

To be continued…


I wrote this on impulse lol and I wanted it to be more dramatic than that but I ended up writing fluff/crack.Request for a part 2 if you want more :) <3 This is just a drabble I wrote for fun, so I hope you had fun reading it as well <333

au where a few students go on a 2 weeks trip and the teacher makes even, isak, jonas and mikael share a room, and its a mess bc isak and even both develop crushes on each other like, immediately, but isak thinks mikael is evens boyfriend and even thinks jonas is isaks boyfriend but they always make eyecontact that lasts at least 5 seconds before they look away feeling guilty and one day isak walks in the room when even is struggling with his tie bc of this thing they have to attend and even sighs frustrated like “can u please help” and isak is a little hesitant but ends up in front of even anyway,tying his tie with shaky hands and breath and evens like “good thing your boyfriend can count on you when it comes to tying ties” and isak looks at him, which he kind of regrets bc even is so close and his lips look too inviting and pink, “my boyfriend?” and even frowns “yeah? jonas?” and isak snorts,his hands still on evens tie even though he finished, and it takes a few seconds to realise even was being serious,he really did think he was dating jonas and then he’s like “jesus christ no he’s not my boyfriend” and even laughs confused yet relieved but they leave the room with isak still thinking mikael and even are a thing so the next day at breakfast when isak pulls away when even reaches for the butter and touches isaks hand on the way ,even thinks isak doesn’t feel the same. then one night,dark in the room there’s some bed squeaking and jonas is like “dude,im still awake,stop shagging even” and mikael laughs like “nobody’s shagging anyone, why would i be shagging even” and isak moves his head so he can hear them better and jonas goes “he’s your boyfriend?” (bc isak might have whined about how unfair the universe is for putting even in the same room as him but with his boyfriend (”are you sure mikael is his bf” “yes or else i wouldve gone for it” which actually is a lie but.)) and evens like “holy shit ,im not” and isaks heart starts beating against his chest so hard and loud he’s afraid they could hear and for like 10 minutes they talk about how they thought the other two were dating (even might have whined to mikael about “isak and his cool boyfriend jonas” too). and from the next morning, even is sure isaks gaze lingers on him 2 seconds longer than usual and the butter is always on his side, even having to reach for it, arms touching each time but isaks not pulling back anymore ,not even when its 2 days later and even is leaning in to kiss isak for the first time under a lamppost at night 

You Don’t Love Me Do You

The early morning sun broke through a crack in the bedroom curtains casting a thin shaft of bright light across the room gently illuminating the face of a deeply slumbering Derek. Stiles had been awake for a while, laid on his side watching Derek as he slept, following the steady rise and fall of his chest with each breath. His right hand had been resting on Derek’s chest when he woke up and he hadn’t felt any need to move it. The wolf’s heart beat slow and rhythmical yet strong against the palm of his hand. Everything about Derek was calm except for his face, even in deep sleep his face retained a certain stern and serious quality to it that made Stiles smile.

Stiles traced his middle finger softly over Derek’s chest weaving through the dark hairs twisting them around  his finger while trying his best not to wake him. He stopped twiddling Derek’s chest hair and rolled over to his own side of the bed sighing audibly as he did. Knotting his fingers behind his head his lay there trying to stop himself from thinking about what he knew would ultimately worm its way in to his mind. But trying not to think about something only makes you think about it more and it wasn’t long before it was infecting his mind again. He grabbed handfuls of hair and squeezed tightly, screwing his eyes shut, trying to force the though away from him. I shouldn’t be thinking this, he’d been telling himself for weeks he had no reason to worry about it. And yet, here he was again on a perfect California summer morning letting his doubts poison his mind.

“What’s wrong?” Derek sleepy voice sounded cracked and dry as he spoke. Stiles jumped a little thinking Derek had been sound asleep.

“Nothing.” Stiles tried to sound casual, failed miserably.

“Stiles.” Derek could convey a thousand different thoughts and emotions simply by the way he said his name. And right now he was saying he knew something was wrong. Just don’t turn and look at me Stiles thought to himself, I can try and lie and stay calm just as long you’re not looking at me. Stiles opened his eyes and glanced across straight into Derek’s examining eyes. Oh shit! He thought to himself.

“I’m fine honestly.” Stiles half smiled to try to put Derek at ease.

“I know you’re not fine.”

“How can you kn-” Stiles didn’t finish his sentence. “You know the whole werewolf chemosignals thing is unfair. I’m sick of everyone I know knowing how I feel better than I do.” Stiles didn’t mean it to come out quite as harshly as it did, or maybe he did, he wasn’t really sure. He did know that he wasn’t angry at Derek though and immediately regretted how he’d sounded. Derek watched him in silence for a moment.

“I didn’t need to read you to know something’s off. Something’s been bothering you for a while and it been getting worse. I had hoped you’d tell me what it is. Aren’t you happy?” Derek asked, his eyes searched Stiles face for any reaction. Stiles looked at him not really knowing how to put his feelings into words.

“It’s not that I’m not happy. I just… I don’t know…” Stiles voice faltered as the left his thought half finished. Derek didn’t push him to continue, he could see Stiles was struggling with something and didn’t want to put words in to his mouth,. But it wasn’t just that, he was terrified of what Stiles might say next. He’d felt something wasn’t right between them, it started a couple of weeks ago. He’d brushed it off as him over reacting to something Stiles had said but over the past few days the feeling had intensified to the point that he couldn’t let it go any longer. What ever it was was tearing at Stiles and Derek didn’t need his heightened wolf senses to know something was wrong. And he knew what it was, he’d been trying to convince himself that everything would be okay but right there in that moment he knew it was over. Stiles just wasn’t in love with him the way he was in love with Stiles. He didn’t want to face this moment, had been avoiding it as much as he could. Asking the question a minute ago had felt more like a involuntary action than a need to truly know the answer. So here they were, there was no point dragging it out any longer than it needed to be. That’s how people ended up getting really hurt. Derek’s heart physically ached and his stomach felt hollow at the thought of what he was about to say.

“You don’t love me do you.” The words sounded flat and harsh, each one felt like a wound. Derek felt like he was drowning, a crushing pressure constricting his breathing, it was all he could do to just not completely break down right there and then.

“What?!” Stiles snapped up straight in bed. “Is that what you think?” He was in shock, what had he done? As he turned to look at Derek he saw a tear running down the Sourwolfs face.

“Oh God, no Derek. How? What? Jesus Christ yes, of course I love you. What? Why?” Stiles words fell out of him in a rush without him having any real control and without making much sense but from all of that all Derek heard was ‘of course I love you’ The crushing weight all of a sudden had been lifted from his chest and a sense a joy and relief flooded through him. He could breathe again. Stiles pushed himself across the bed and straddled Derek’s waist. He grabbed his face in both hands, using a thumb to gently wipe away the tear. It proved a waste of time as it was quickly replace by another happier one.

“Derek, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for you to think… why would you think I don’t love you?”

“Something’s been wrong for a while, you wouldn’t talk about it. I don’t know. I’m not used to having good things in my life. I guess part of me has been waiting for it to end. Like I’m not supposed to be this happy, so it won’t last.” Derek wiped his eyes with the heels of his hands. “I feel stupid now.” Stiles stifled a laugh.

“You mean you really are happy?” Stiles asked him.

“I don’t think I’d ever been happy before I met you. I’ve been living in a dream world these last few weeks with you. It’s been perfect.” Stiles leaned forward and kissed Derek, the bitter taste of tears barely ever registered with him. Derek’s arms wrapped around Stiles and dragged him tightly to him, rolling him over as they kissed. Derek ran a hand through Stiles scruffy bedhair as they stared into each others eyes.

“What is it that’s been bothering you?” Derek asked him. Stiles didn’t want to answer, the whole thing was irrelevant now anyway. But Derek had opened himself up so Stiles felt he needed to as well, after all that had been the root cause of it all.

“I didn’t think you were happy with me. I felt more and more like I was holding you back or something. You can do so much better than me. I mean, you’re hot as fuck, you have this whole broody alpha male thing working for you and on top of that you’re a freaking werewolf, you have your own pack and you do all this cool supernatural stuff and I’m… natural. I’m just this skinny kid, there’s nothing particularly special about me, I just didn’t see why you would want me. I guess I just thought it was too good to last too.” Derek looked a little hurt hearing Stiles talk about himself.

“There’s a lot about you that’s special. I should’ve told you before now. I’m not great at this whole communication thing. Everytime I’ve wanted to tell you how I feel about you it’s sounds stupid in my head so I don’t say it. I always thought you just knew anyway, that I didn’t need to tell you. Stiles, I’ve never known anyone who’s meant as much to me as you do, who makes me feel like you do. Just being around you makes me happy. I feel like everyday I find something new about you that makes me love you more.”


“Yes really.”

“It doesn’t matter that I’m just a normal human?”

“Stiles, you are a long long way from normal.” Derek laughed. Stiles tried to look indignant but eventually he broke out in to a smile.

“I love you because you have a wonderful heart.” Derek paused almost like he was weighing something up in his mind. “And you have a great dick. Actually it’s mostly that. I’d say I love you ninety eight percent because of that and the rest because of your wonderful heart.”

“This dick?” Stiles asked with a cheeky smirk as Derek felt something stiffen against his thigh.

“Oh yeah, that’s the one right there.” Derek said reaching a hand below the covers and kissing Stiles deeply as all the emotions of the morning completely took them over.

Princess Trager - Tig Drabble

@mayyoustay-foreveryoung   requested #5, 17, 25, 44, 46 and 50 (I think I used most if not all)


“I’m gonna go out and look for her,” Your old man, Tig, was pacing the floor furiously, “What if something happened to her?”

“I’m sure she’s fine, Tig.”

“Then why the hell is she late?” Your sixteen year old daughter was supposed to have been home an hour ago. You knew she’d probably either lost track of time with her friends or gone further afield than she was necessary supposed to, but that she’d most likely be home any minute all in one piece. Tig, predictably, assumed the worst. He’d always been overprotective of his little girl. He wouldn’t listen when you reminded him she wasn’t exactly so ‘little’ anymore. She was his Princess, always would be.

Before Tig could rant anymore, you both heard the lock click and the front door open. You and Tig both waited as she tried to creep past the living room door to the stairs, but her father caught her with her foot in the air, about to start the climb.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He growled angrily. You both saw her cringe, lower her foot back to the floor, and turn into the room where you were both waiting.

“Well,” She said, folding her arms, ready for a fight, “This is where I live.”

“Hey! Enough of your attitude already,” You warned. You were the more laid-back parent, but that didn’t mean you didn’t discipline your daughter.

“What the hell kinda time do you call this?” Tig demanded.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” She put on her best little-girl voice, knowing how it had a tendency to melt her father’s heart, “I was just hanging out with Kristen and Emma and I just lost track of time…”

“That’s not good enough,” Tig told her, “We were worried! I thought you were dead!”

“But it wasn’t like I was really out anywhere, I was just at Emma’s house…”

“As far as we know!”

“Daddy, I never lie to you! Why do you always gotta be like this? You treat me like a criminal when I’ve done nothing wrong! My friends are all allowed to stay out later than I am!”

“I don’t give a shit about your friends-”

“Mom, come on, tell him he’s being unfair!”

“Your Dad is right. You should’ve at least called if you were going to be late,” You reprimanded.

“Are you really taking his side against me?” She stared at you, aghast, “Mom, when you were my age you were sneaking out with guys, getting drunk and high, and you had an older boyfriend-”

“Now I know where she gets this from,” Tig said, with an annoyed look at you.

“Tig, the things you were doing at sixteen were way worse than the shit I was getting up to…” You began to argue.

“Don’t use me as an example,” He frowned, “I wasn’t a good kid.”

“Well neither was I!” As you two began to bicker, out of the corner of his eye Tig spotted your daughter trying to sneak away and off outside, having succeeded in managing to distract you from her telling-off.

“Hey! Get back here right now!” He called. She winced again and came back in. This time though she went one better- she deployed the puppy-dog eyes too.

“I’m really sorry Daddy. I know how you worry. All I wanted to do was spend a little more time with my friends… it’s nearly the end of summer break and then I’ll be so busy at school buckling down and trying to make sure I get good grades… all I wanna do is make you proud…” You rolled your eyes. This spiel always worked. You could see Tig melting right on the spot as he gazed at his little girl.

“I know, baby. And you do make me proud, everyday. Look… just call first next time, okay? I’d hate if anything bad happened to you.”

“I know. I promise I will, Daddy,” She said, letting him hug her and kiss her on the head.

“It’s past midnight now. Get to bed,” He told her, trying and failing to sound stern. She smiled.

“Okay. I love you Daddy. Night Mom.” You waved her off, rolling your eyes. Tig turned around, looking pleased with himself. You rolled your eyes.

“Well she won’t be doing that again,” He declared proudly, “I told her.”

“Tig, you never tell her. You let her off for everything.”

“Do not!” He protested.

“Do too. She has you wrapped around her little finger!” Tig stared at you as if he wanted to argue some more but then he sighed, stepping over and wrapping his arms around you.

“Yeah,” He agreed softly, “I guess she does.”

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I witnessed something & now I'm not sure if I want to go back to my tattoo shop. A woman came in asking about some kind of discount promotion the shop had put on social media and then the guys apparently didn't want to do it and start arguing over who will have to do it. She says she wants something on her thigh to cover some stretch marks and then the guys in the back (including my artist) start talking about how she prob smells, the lady seems uncomfortable and leaves. It was gross. =[

YOOOO, i don’t like that at ALL. like, and i’m reaching here, I understand that client relations can be difficult, but actually like, idk, that’s fucked. 
At my salon, i work with a woman who told me that her old salon used to offer deals on groupon, and she said that her ‘groupon’ clients were always cheap/weren’t repeat clients/hurt her commission, so she told her boss that she didn’t like the groupon deals and didn’t want to take groupon clients. He basically said something like, ‘well some money is better than no money’, and she actually quit and came to my current salon. She said she knows her worth, and her services should be full price. Like, that’s very understandable, and i completely get that.
HOWEVER, she never took those feelings out on the people who came in with groupon deals, she brought that shit up with management, and when he didn’t want to change the policy she quit. Making a client feel A-FUCKING-SHAMED about something they thought was just a nice little incentive a shop was offering is so unfair. Like, if your tattoo artist feels like they’ve outgrown that shop, and feels like they’re too talented to waste their time doing discount tattoos, that’s one thing, but making A CLIENT feel uncomfortable to the point where they leave is actually gross. 
Like idk, like at least lie, or let an apprentice take the tattoo, or take DOWN THE SOCIAL MEDIA POST, what the fuck.

i can’t write, i say as i write 8 pages on Word

I discussed this simple little idea i had with @adelmortescryche from 2AM to 5AM and now it’s not a little idea. A lot of ideas thrown mostly randomly together on the same fic idea i will never write cause i write baaaad.

I call it : EdRi!!! On Para-Ice

- When Yuuri arrives at Wayne State to major in buisness and become a pro skater, he meets the four people with who he’s going to share lodging.

- Ling is his age, he’s a Xingian diplomat son that want to keep it low-key, and he’s majoring in political science. He’s a funny, eccentric kind of guy, and he makes Lan Fan mad.

- Lan Fan is « totally not » his body guard, and she’s majoring in chemistry. She’s a strange blend of calm and hot-temper. He likes her.

- There’s also Phichit, ; he’s younger, but so nice and enthusiastic ; he wants to do photography. (he’s Thai and doesn’t speaks much english, but everyone helps him and stick colored notes cards to everything and he learns quickly).

- And there’s Edward Curtis, who is half cyborg, hot tempered, foul mouthed and full of shit and loyalty. He’s younger than him, but more advanced than him in his studies. (« He’s a genius », explains Lan Fan.) They got on like a house on fire.

- Strangely, even if they’re so different from each other, they share the apartment fine. Lan Fan and Ed go run in the mornings, Ling cooks, Yuuri and Phichit go to the ice ring… They fit.

- Ed is a bit hyperactive, and when Lan Fan is too occupied to spar with him, he gotta finds something to do. (« No Ed, you can’t punch people in the face. ») He visits Yuuri and Phichit at the ice ring, and he tries a bit of skating ; it’s challenging, he likes it.

- Yuuri starts to teach him simple figures : a single-toe-loop, a sit-spin… Ed spend his time falling on his face because the automails are destabilizing him, but he’s tired and happy when he masters a new move. From there, you can’t stop him. Skating becomes the escape to his problems, and the guilt he feels.

- He comes to every of Yuuri’s event to cheer him on ; he manage the panic attacks like it’s nobody’s buisness, and Yuuri starts to feel more confident. It’s great time, they have fun.

- But one day, there’s an accident ; the huge score board fall on Yuuri that just finished his routine. They have to amputate his arm.

- Ed has lived this before, and acts quick. He’s there through everything, the hospital ride, the hospital stay, the therapy. With the others, he persuades Yuuri to get an automail (« Hey, we match now. ») He never let him wallow in his depression, and he puts him back on his skates with his therapist acceptance.

- They fight, with all the others, through Yuuri’s terror of the ice, and slowly, slowly, he finds back his love for the ice ; he starts to skate again, to being confident. Ed does it all with him, he’s his crutch. (« I miss two limbs. If i can do it, you can do it better. » And Yuuri does.)

(beware of the cut)

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this has nothing to do with anything but in case anyone was wondering one of the worst experiences of my life was playing a drinking game with this girl who was Obsessed with taylor swift so made us all go round and name her songs and the first person who couldn’t think of one had to down their drink

and i was like ??? this is unfair who even likes taylor swift not me that’s who

but when my turn came round i said ‘i’d lie’ because it was one i knew that no one had said yet and as it turns out that’s like. an unreleased track from like 2007 or some shit so she was Convinced that i was secretly really Really into taylor swift because how fucking obscure is that

and like. it was on an e/R playlist one time. that was how i knew it. because someone heard this obscure tswift track and was like ‘shit that’s about this fictional dead 19th century french boy’s unrequited love’ and like. how do i possibly explain that to people i barely know. so i had to just laugh awkwardly and deal with the label of secret taylor swift groupie

2x18 Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen

Very decent episode overall. It was nice to see Clary being part of the solution instead of cause for the problems. 

It’s good that Jonathan’s identity was revealed and it got all a little more complicated with the revelation of the last Mortal Instrument. I wonder where we will go from here.

While the Simon x Maia ship sailed away without me, I think I could tolerate their friendship. Especially if we get to learn more about Maia. Alisha was stellar. 

It also seems like Luke finally took his head out of his ass. And I wonder how his partner - I should really learn her name, will play into all this. And good for Luke to realizing that the Seelie queen is not the best ally.

I’m glad Max is OK and those familial scenes were really heartwarming. They all did a really good job. 

And now to the highlight of the episode. Alec and Magnus. Harry and Matt just keep on upping their game. 

Magnus’ conflict was so very well portrayed. It wasn’t just about the lie. It was about responsibility and his inability to believe that he, that they, could have it all. That there is a way for them. Although I have to say I find it a bit unfair that everyone expect miracles form Alec. I mean the situation was shit for centuries and he should now mend it in a week with the power of his love? Give him a break. 

I loved the flashbacks. The second one was just brilliant. I wonder if they always planned it in some fashion or if they adjusted after the displeasure fans voiced with how they handled Malec’s first time. And they delivered. It was sweet and hot and had all these little details that made it more genuine - like them taking of their shoes, and more adorable and more just them. And the bit with Magnus’s cat eyes …

The morning after set up was a bit awkward but I will forgive them because the scene itself was amazing and beautiful. 

And then the last scene came and my heart broke. For both of them. 

Temptations (M)

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“Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All that we have, is what’s between hello and goodbye.”

Summary: Sometimes when you have everything you asked for…. it’s never enough. You have a fiance you are about to get married with soon and life is good, until that one guy changes it all… He’s that something that you need to have a bit excitement in your life… He was full of surprises and brought you feelings you haven’t felt in a long time… But was he just a temptation or someone worth the trouble to get involved with?

Previous Parts:

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Part 14 is here~

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You continued to look at the sunset in front of you and you slowly looked up at Jinyoung.

You were always adventurous and always went out your way to explore Seoul… You brought Jinyoung to an abandoned old building that you used to go to, climb up to the roof top and just sit there and look at the beautiful view right in front of you.

You would go to that specific spot whenever you wanted to avoid conflict at him. No one knew about that spot besides you.. Now Jinyoung.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Hmm” he hummed and you sighed and looked at the city in front of you.

“Have you ever wish that you could go back in time and change certain things in the past?”

You could feel Jinyoung’s staring look directly at you and you looked at him.

“Well have you?” You asked again and instead of answering Jinyoung looked forward again and you sighed.

Too personal?

You probably just ruined the moment.

“I have…”

As you heard words slip out you were so quick to look back at Jinyoung, but he didn’t look at you.

“oh.. do you mind.. maybe telling me what… you regret?” You couldn’t help but to ask and Jinyoung slowly turned his face to your direction.

“Losing you to Youngjae.”


The next thing you know you felt your heart beat out of your chest and butterflies appearing in your stomach. Why do you feel this all the time when you’re around Jinyoung..

What is wrong with you.

He gently placed his hand on your chin and as much as you knew what you were doing was so wrong… You really wanted to kiss him…

“Tell me to stop if you don’t want me to kiss you,” Jinyoung whispers as he slowly brings your face closer to his but instead of rejecting the offer you brought your face closer than you should have and your lips touched his.

What can you say… Jinyoung was tempting…

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People don't see that Betty is insane, for reasons...
Anonymous said: People don't see that Betty is insane, for reasons I'm not sure of. Betty literally almost drowned a guy in boiling water after drugging him and why? Revenge for her sister? Archie...

Anonymous asked:

People don’t see that Betty is insane, for reasons I’m not sure of. Betty literally almost drowned a guy in boiling water after drugging him and why? Revenge for her sister? Archie gets so much hate for no reason! His dad was shot! It’s so unfair!

Woowww…..”insane” is both outdated and perjorative….plus the show is going to address her mental health issues….but “insane”? No, did she snap because she’s lived a lie her entire life and feels so utterly out of control, to say nothing of desperately lonely and miserable at that point? Because everyone (except Jughead and that was then just starting) is basically shit to her? Absolutely.

She has anxiety issues, for whatever reason she was pushed to a breaking point/panic attack and snapped, momentarily. I certainly disagree with both her nearly offing Chuck as “bad ass/awesome” OR that she has DID….(because she actually did remember, she was just horrified), but that doesn’t = “insane” or evil. It means she was triggered.

And the lack of sympathy from this asswipe is disgusting.

Douchie is suffering from PTSD, which IS perfectly understandable, no one faults him for that, however, it also isn’t going to make me LIKE him any better, because he’s still the same dickbag I couldn’t stand from season 1. Additionally, KokeJ does such a shitty job playing this that I can’t stop laughing.

And it has absolutely nothing to to do with Betty’s mental illness. Or are we not allowed to feel compassion for Betty unless we feel compassion for Douchie?

I agree with all of this.

Betty is LR, and remember, LR can do no wrong. It’s not possible.

I think the one who does the conflating is yourself….I just finished detailing why I do think Betty was wrong for nearly offing Chuck…..if you’re trying to go back to “OMG!!! She blackmailed poor angel Cheryl!!!”. Nope.

And, again, yet another way to hate on both of them….since they’ll both continue to be largely happy and getting Juggie’s/Cole’s D, I can’t wait to watch you be miserable, you fucking bitch

Two Prompt Tuesday #12

Prompt: Most days I miss who I used to be.
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1420
Warnings: Language. 

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I don’t know who you are: a yuunoa shipper, a mikayuu shipper, a mikanoa shipper, yuumitsu or whatever.
I don’t care.
You’re free to ship whatever you want to ship and really it’s not my problem.

However, I will not tolerate using my ask box to take advantage of my trust and spread false information to the fandom.
You are not allowed to use me to create a goddamn fuss and make my fandom look worse.

When you send me a message, I’m giving you a space to vent or to say whatever it is you want to share with me. By lying or telling me an incomplete story you’re taking advantage of me. It could have been a misunderstanding, but, no offense, you didn’t leave any space to doubts.

I believed you, I sympathized with you and you used my blog to spread a lie :/ that is unfair and it makes me feel pretty disappointed.

I know some mikayuu fans are crazy, I know they’ve done shit many times. I’ve dealt with their shit myself, but that doesn’t allow you to come and tell me something that isn’t true about this fandom.

Why is the mikayuu fandom like this? I don’t know, maybe it’s because it’s the biggest, therefore the chances of more assholes increase, and the frustration of having a gay ship with so much potential but being told constantly that there’s nothing there is fucking frustrating.
I have no clue.

However, you have to accept that all fandoms have their shitty side! I’ve dealt with assholes from every single ship in the ons fandom. None of your fandoms are saints. 

I acknowledge the flaws in the mikayuu fandom because I am a mikayuu shipper myself. 

I can’t talk about yuunoa, yuumitsu or whatever. It’s really not my duty. I’m not supposed to take responsibility over that.

Just because we acknowledge what’s wrong from the mikayuu fandom doesn’t mean we’re the worst. At least we recognize what the assholes in our fandom do.

kyrodranae  asked:

I was wondering if you could update the matchmaker tag? And thanks so much for all the work you guys do on here XD

ADHDecaf by pleaseletmetouchyourbutt (1/1 | 2,765 | PG13)

Stiles is 25 and runs his own coffee shop. Derek doesn’t know this. Derek, a mechanic, thinks that Stiles is 17 and jail-bait.

Misunderstandings ensue.

Sometimes love is an obligation to your grandmother by relenafanel (1/1 | 6,982 | R)

Dearest Derek,

Welcome to your 21st year! As per the wonderful tradition of the house of Hale, you will be attending some of the best places to be single that Beacon Hills has to offer today. First, it’s to the Coffee Shop on Main where you will get two lemon zest chocolate chip muffins. Listen to me very carefully, I’m going to ease you into the way this works. Buy two muffins, but you’re only going to eat one. Find someone cute to give the second one to…

The letter went on, but Derek was staring at it in horror, unable to process how terrible that sounded in just the first paragraph. Today was going to suck.


Or: Derek’s grandmother relishes setting her single grandchildren up on Valentine’s Day. Only, less ‘setting up’ and more 'forcing them to run a singles-only scavenger hunt where the prize is love or at least sex’.

Derek never wins. Derek never WANTS TO win.

Just the Same by ericaismeg (7/7 | 68,066 | G)

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

Not If You Were the Last Fake Boyfriend on Earth by mirrorkill (1/1 | 8,313 | R)

One of Derek’s ex-boyfriends is headed to town and Derek’s not feeling inferior at all.
…yeah that’s a total lie. He needs something to make his life look less pathetic and he thinks maybe a boyfriend would do the trick.
Derek’s willing to let the pack help out… but he draws the line at Stiles becoming his fake boyfriend. No way. Not even if Stiles was the last fake boyfriend on Earth.

Coaches Cupcake Coffee House by ChildOfTheRevolution (1/1 | 4,821 | PG13)

Danny looked at him as if he were crazy, ‘It means he wants to ride the dick Stiles.’ He said slowly, as if talking to the mentally insane.

‘Ride the dick, my dick?’ Stiles asked weakly.

‘Figuratively speaking of course, Derek looks more like a topper to me. And you, my friend, are a twink of the most twinkiest standards, but I’m not one to judge.’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Stiles admitted, finding himself in a weird crouch-like stance that he apparently now adopts when he’s overwhelmed about finding out Derek Hotcakes wants to bone him three ways to Sunday.

To Be A Good Person by WhoNatural (1/1 | 4,725 | PG13)

Wherein Derek and Beacon Hills’ newest deputy have a history.

“I wanna set Derek up with someone,” Stiles announces, and Scott’s character gets blown up by a rocket launcher. He pauses the game and turns to look at Stiles like he’s truly crazy - like out of everything that’s happened over the last six months, this is the weirdest thing he’s ever said. Isaac looks up from Melissa’s magazine and frowns. “What?”

The Cards All Fall by ChaoticReactions (7/7 | 51,702 | R)

Peter needs his revenge. But for that, he can’t be under constant surveillance. And so he comes up with a plan to distract Derek and Stiles with each other. Things go as expected, and then they don’t.

AKA That one where Peter makes everyone’s lives a little better completely by accident.

Pretty fucking hard to believe that ESPN and its shitty reporters just got this “evidence” about Hope Solo’s arrest now. And the fact that they release it the day before her first game at the World Cup is absolutely awful. What shit human beings!

You can’t persuade me they didn’t do this shit on purpose. It’s unfair to the rest of the players on her team, to the tournament as a whole. And don’t even use that “US Soccer made it’s bed and now they have to lie in it” bullshit. If US Soccer even acknowledges this, they’re stupid. Absolutely stupid.

Her half-sister is apparently still pissed about the dismissal of the case and now she comes out looking all sweet and normal talking about how much she took care of Hope as a child. Bullshit. Nobody took care of Hope when she was a child. Her mom wasn’t a good mom. Her dad kidnapped her and her brother. Her brother beat on her and nobody did anything about it. 

This is serious bullshit.

Shame on ESPN Outside the Lines for this shady timing. 

Bronycon Response Breakdown

So I’m going to highlight the fine examples of why vendors are upset and nervous to complain about anything, and I didn’t make any of it up because you guys can see it clear as day out in the open the very same attitude we’ve been getting the past few years.

The best part is, they removed the original post.

But I have it reblogged so it’s stuck there, sorry pal, you’re not going to hide your asinine attitude that easily.

So let’s take a look at this trainwreck of a post and the unprofessional and often degrading tone it uses in response to vendors with legitimate complaints:

  •  Unfortunately, the “deafening silence” that you mentioned was simply that the changes that we are working on behind the scenes haven’t been finished yet.

I’m bolding those little condescending terms and words they shouldn’t have used. Sarcastic quotations and using the word ‘simply’ is an attempt to minimize the issue and make it seem like we’re the ones making a big deal over this and that it’s ‘not that bad’.

  • A lot of the problems reported to us for 2015, both anonymously and otherwise, relate to things that are either completely unrelated to us or completely out of our control.

Nice job throwing away your responsibilities and blaming the brunt of it on others.

  •  Yes, the lighting in the Artist Alley was dimmer than the rest of the hall, but there was little that we could have done about that.

More like: you were too fucking lazy to bother to find a solution to that, like investing in, oh, I dunno, some cheap lamps or strings of lights or something. A quick walmart run, 3-4 floor lamps? That’s not that hard or expensive. And it would have already made a world of difference. Also you should have checked the lighting ahead of time, you should have made your artists aware that that area would be dim, then they could have maybe had a chance to prepare some alternative lighting in their booths or something. 

  • We could have removed several booths to add in spotlights, (an actual suggestion made to me), but that would have been at tremendous financial cost to us and at the loss of having to kick out a few vendors.

“See this is the ooonly solution we had but you guys don’t want that, dooo yoooou? You guys WANT to have more booths right? So let’s just threaten you with the one thing you don’t want and pretend it’s the only solution so you get off our backs about it! Because clearly we’re just thinking about you guys.

Out of all the solutions we could have suggested, our solution is to kick you out. Why are you so afraid of communicating with us? Dhuur I dunno.”

  • We charged $290, knowing that those booths bringing in more (islands, corners, endcaps) would cover the difference.

Let’s just make bullshit assumptions and raise a price based on nothing more than placement and assume it’ll make up for the costs of one small factor in the overall cost of what a vendor has to spend to sell at the convention. Let’s just totally disregard that they have to make up the difference not just for table cost, but hotel, food, supplies, and whatever high priced added fees they might have had to spend on top of that.

  • I’ve had several people ask why we didn’t use the PA system and instead used bullhorns. That is also simple: the BCC does not have a PA system.



Amplifying microphones aren’t that costly. Get your shit together. Bullhorns are blunt, loud, sudden, and can cause a lot of stress because of this. It’s a very forceful, loud method and it only makes it feel like we’re being herded around or rushed out. There are PLENTY of ways to amplify your volume that don’t include bullhorns. Hell, whistles would have been less degrading than that.

  • I want to address a common misconception. Our department does not put vendors first. It can’t. We put the attendees first. Without them, there is no BronyCon. Then comes our vendors.

VENDORS ARE ATTENDEES. HIGH PAYING ATTENDEES, IN FACT. I’m so glad you see us as LESS than normal attendees even though typically, Vendors are supposed to be almost as important as staff because they are technically staffing a HUGE part of your convention.
Who’s more important, the guy who spent 60 dollars to attend or the one who spent 600 to not only attend but sell, advertise, and bring in more attendees looking for things to buy? What the hell is your damage that you would flat out say your attendees and vendors are completely separate things?! We attend, we spent a hell of a lot to attend, and we are VERY important to your regular attendees. 

Other conventions treat vendors much like sponsors because that’s exactly what we are. We’re another type of sponsor who proves you guys with an important aspect of any convention: Sales.

  • This does not mean that you should be treated like second-hand citizens. If you are treated poorly or even harassed, it’s vitally important that you report that. We cannot fix what we don’t know is broken.

More like you don’t fucking bother to so we’ve given up telling you. When you talk to us like this, we don’t feel like we’re being treated like people at all. We don’t feel like we even remotely matter to your venue. 

  •  I think the biggest point to address here though is the fear that has seemingly come from nowhere over the past few years. I can think of no rational reason why it has cropped up.

No, you don’t say that. You just don’t. you’re basically saying the problem is invisible. If it’s been over the past few years, it’s NOT ‘seemingly out of nowhere’ as you so shitily put it.

And then you continue on by listing a bunch of unrelated reasons that have nothing to do with complaints. Including this little gem:

  • It shouldn’t be due to us being on power trips, as we obviously gain nothing but heartache and pain from this position (the death threats are a bit much, but luckily have been few and far between). Hmm, that was a bit melodramatic, wasn’t it? We are honestly baffled that this fear exists.



You should feel SORRY for us bronycon staff because we just go through so much for you guys ;n; booohoooooo

it’s not like we sit here trying to make ourselves seem like the ones having problems and that you guys are at fault for it

Gee, why would that make you afraid to talk to us? I dunnoooo!”

  • When it comes down to it, we here at BronyCon can only do our best with the limited time and resources that we have at our disposal.

You’re not doing your best at all. Otherwise you wouldn’t be making shitty responses like this.

  •  If you are lying to make yourselves seem better, it hurts everyone involved.

what the fuck


So now you’re accusing vendors of lying about feedback to ‘make themselves feel better’? Even though it’s been pointed out that we feel the need to lie about feedback because you react like this every time? Where we get walls of blame shifting, self victimizing, and then we get told we’re just hurting everyone else by it? You just go on and on about how we’re being unreasonable and unfair and that’s about all you’ve ever done and THAT in itself makes us afraid to bring anything else up to you. 

  •  If you aren’t setting yourself up to make more than you are spending, we CANNOT be held to blame.

Uh yeah you can, if YOU set up the hall like shit and made it hard for vendors to set up, then that’s money THEY lose because of YOUR mistakes.

  •  If you pay for the cheaper booth package that doesn’t come with as much and isn’t in a premium location, you shouldn’t be surprised that it doesn’t come with as much and isn’t in a premium location.

Way to talk to us like we’re a bunch of morons.

  • That’s like ordering a hamburger a la carte and being upset when it doesn’t come with fries, a second patty, cheese, bacon, and a milkshake. Just because the meal really should have the stuff included with it (because let’s be real, it’s way better that way!), that doesn’t mean that the restaurant should just eat the costs and give you the extras. (Pun unintended.)

Yeah cuz that’s real professional, let’s just make this a joke even though it’s supposed to be a serious issue.

Because clearly 600 dollars is the same as a cheeseburger.

I’m so glad that this whole thing is just a big joke to you. I’m so happy having my business compared to cheap fast food. /sarcasm

  • Most of the major problems that we have been facing have been due to the fact that we have been employing a small-con solution to a big-con problem

Oh you mean that thing we’ve been complaining about for years?

  •  Please have patience and please have faith. And for the love of Celestia, please make sure that you actually read your emails. You can’t complain about lack of communication when you refuse to communicate with us.

Yeah because emails is how we’re supposed to communicate at con when we have no fucking clue where to go when we’re trying to set up. 

Or like, maybe we think we have everything we need from your emails but by the time we get there, there are a ton of things you failed to mention or didn’t account for, such as where the hell we were supposed to load our items in. Or that the bullhorns were distressing. Or that the lighting was too dim. 

Clearly, this is all our faults for not reading everything you sent in your array of haphazard, poorly worded emails that never give all the info in one go. 

I have never had a convention send nearly as many spread out emails to vendors as Bronycon does. Most other conventions are short and sweet. I get maybe 3 emails max and they provide everything I need to know and do. 

Many of us vend at other conventions just fine. We read our emails just fine too. We have no problems with other conventions. 

But no, it’s clearly us. Not you. We’re just lazy and don’t read all your emails so it’s only on our heads that we missed something.

  •  I apologize for venting, but that is one of my absolutely biggest pet peeves. We do our best to get to the hundreds of emails we receive each week (sometimes each day), but inevitably some will slip through the cracks.

Yeah way to make it personal. You don’t do that when you’re trying to be professional and consistent. You don’t tell your vendors that they are essentially annoying you with your little ‘pet peeves’. This is supposed to be a business arrangement, keep your personal shit out of it.

  •  tl;dr I am tired of “tl;dr”s. If you can’t be bothered to read it all, then how can you say that you care about the contents?

Was this necessary at all? Or was this just trying to throw in a funny quirky sassy quip to what was supposed to be a professional response?

  • With that, I am finally allowing myself to pass out. It’s well past 4 in the morning and I have class at 11 with a meeting before it… ZzZzZzZzZ

Oh yeah you poor thing, staying up all night for us, you shouldn’t have, we just waste SO much of your precious time.

And there you have it. A nice big summary of why Bronycon’s treatment of vendors is absolute garbage and why a good deal of us were stressed beyond reason working with them. Because they don’t want to work with us. 

They just want us to work for them.

We who are to them, considered less than a common con attendee.