that shit stays in the fandom and only in the fandom

@ fellow supercorp fans, please be respectful of people in the fandom rightfully complaining about problems in kara’s canon romantic storylines - when someone’s acknowledging that it was racist of them to break up her and james only to pair her up with mon-el’s white ass a couple episodes later, it’s not your place to come and say shit like “she should just dump both of them and date lena!”. just because james is a man it doesn’t mean you can ever put him on the same level as mon-el and dismiss him like that. the fandom is racist as hell towards him already and the creators have fucked him over and your femslash pairing is not a valid reason to contribute to that. just be respectful and know when to stay in your lane please

A special message to my followers or those who know me.

There is an Anon going around the ATLA fandom sending hate asks, shitting on ships like Maiko, Zutara, Kataang, and on special occasions your OTP or random ship from another fandom. Please, I ask that you don’t fall for it. Don’t buy into their baiting. Just quickly block them. They are impersonating some users on occasion like @attackfish, saying they’re them to try and start a fight. If you can, send a message to the @staff.

I may be the next person they use to impersonate. Those who follow me know I don’t go around sending Anon hate or shit on people’s ships. I am respectful and keep to myself. I only speak when necessary. The only way we can beat this person is to keep control and stay ahead of the game. 

I implore you to share this post so that we can warn everyone. This nonsense needs to stop. 

listen,,, i know it may be,, difficult to understand but,,, you *GASP* can’t control what random strangers on the internet do in a fandom,,, crazy right,,,, so i mean while its okay and valid for you to call out people on shit they have literally to obligation to do what you say. I’m not on anybody’s side in the Yurio Shipping Discourse™ but both sides need to chill out and stop flinging around gross words and insults because it’s really fucking annoying and triggering to me and also i dont need a repeat of the damn attack on titan fandom where 50% of the fandom is constantly screaming at the other 50%. as i stated, the only side im on is the “everybody needs to chill” side so please don’t reply to this with a “pedophile apologist” comment or i will literally have a panic attack and cry myself to sleep goDDAMN JUST EVERYBODY NEEDS TO STAY IN THEIR OWN LANE AND LEAVE ME OUT OF THE DAMN ARGUMENT OKAY JUST STAY IN UR DMS AND LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS DAMN DISCOURSE BECAUSE I DONT WANT IT AND ITS ALL OVER MY DASH AND IM ABOUT TO CRY

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I can't stand those "it's been x months and people are still upset about the ending" posts, especially since they almost ALWAYS go on to say "I'm an IchiHime/RenRuki shipper" or otherwise reveal this on their blog. Bitch no shit you're okay with the ending, you got what you wanted, don't you dare try to make us accept it when we were stabbed in the gut so blatantly.

hi anon, i’m so sorry this response is so late!!

but i completely agree, it’s entirely unnecessary. they only say it because they’re immature, unsympathetic, jealous and (most of all) they just want the ichiruki fandom to die. all of us vehemently continuing to ship ichiruki makes them angry - which brings me back to the immaturity because adults ship and let ship and stay in our own lane. it’s not that hard.

they must be pretty bored with that canon of theirs since they’re so wrapped up in what we say and do. i almost feel bad for them.

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"The last group are the most high level in their conspiracy theories. These people deadass believe that this was all orchestrated by management and one fringe group even thinks that Camila and Lauren another Fifth Harmony member are passionately in love and being torn apart. Their one true pair name is Camren" - Lena Dunham talking about 5H fandom. I don't like her but she did a good research and she made a point that 5H fandom is batshit crazy. What do you think?

Tbh, as much as I love 5h and Camren, I really don’t concern myself too much about the inside scoop and shit. I usually just stay on the sidelines and observe all the theories and opinions being thrown from both sides, without really believing anything. I occasionally throw in my opinion, but it’s only that - opinions.

I’m really just here for Lauren and their future music. As long as they all continue being active, I’m fine with it.

Because we really don’t know anything. No matter how convincing the theories are, or if there are evidences… We can only speculate.

But I also think that those in the fandom who like to delve deeper and write theories about what happened and stuff are free to do so, as long as they’re not harassing anybody. They can continue shipping Camren or theorizing about the group’s plight under their label, or Camila’s real reason behind her leaving… So what if they sound crazy or delusional, or on the flip side, maybe even logical at times? It doesn’t matter, as long as they don’t shove their opinions down other people’s throats.

My opinion? Sometimes, it is what is. No elaborate plot, no evil vs good stand-off, no nothing. Just things naturally falling apart, and people wanting to branch out, and love or friendships unfortunately fading away.

But life is so much more exciting when there’s more drama and illusions, right? And that’s okay. It’s a human thing. It’s escapism, it’s the thrill of the mysteries in life.

At the end of the day, only the girls know what really happened, and unless we are in their inner circle, we would never know.

As long as we don’t forget that all we do is speculate, and not take it to heart, and not let all this 5h drama affect our lives and daily functions, then I see no problem with people indulging themselves with some good ol’ “detective” stuff. We can all have fun the best way we can and cope.

The only good thing about Karam*l posts in the Supercat tag is that it lets me know who to pre-emptively block. I can’t be the only former SQ shipper having H00k flashbacks, right?

Because this is driving me crazy and I keep seeing it!

I wanted to stay out of this in-fandom war, but I had to say this. A majority of the trans Sherlock headcanon movement have the right ideas and intentions in mind. Then you get those that only sexualize it and say it because they want bottom Sherlock and I don’t think that’s right at all. It’s sexualizing a gender identity. Someone argued trans Sherlock and their basis was that John is a top and that pissed me off so much. That’s some of the fakest shit I’ve ever read. If you’re going to be an activist for a cause or group of people, do it for the right reasons and not because of how you prefer to see a character get fucked, asshat. Get some life experience and grow the fuck up.

@captainsaku replied to your post: @kremissius replied to your post: …

God you two weren’t here for the Onceler fandom debacle? It was… kinda scary. There was a time when 90% of your dash would INEVITABLY be Onceler. And in the absence of another male character to ship him with, fandom did what fandom does… and shipped him with himself. A sort of good/evil dichotomy, it was… uh. A thing. One I’d rather stayed buried in the depths of Tumblr never to resurface again. Thus, selfcest was born. I don’t really want to remember it, b/c ick.

honestly????????? i was never so glad that i only followed art blogs in my early tumblr years than after hearing that

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Oh as far as I could tell Carylers were excited about the hugs I didn't know anyone assumed it'd be going canon. Honestly I ship Caryl but i don't know if it'll ever go canon because they've taken so long. I get so confused when Richonne and Carylers fight. I ship both I don't get how the two are correlated, what am I missing? I try and stay away from fandom drama but I have to admit I'm confused as to where the beef is between the two fandoms since they aren't competing ships.

The only real reason why some carylers start shit is because they thought that Caryl should have happened before Richonne. I mean, people have seen the same ones start shit, decide to hate on Rick ( tbh I think they hate Michonne as well but they’re not dumb enough to actually type it outside of their little groups. My theory anyway) and just generally say “ Richonne came out of no where” even though it’s developed since, i personally think, 3x12 Clear.

The two ships have nothing to do with each other and many shippers ship both and know this. There’s just the group of entitled brats who wanted to rag on Richonne because they are jealous that Richonne went canon. From making list of all the bad things Rick has done ( because Daryl has totally been an angel to Carol) to flat out saying that it was not fair and that it came out of no where.

So as a whole, there’s a lot of carylers who are like you and who don’t see why there’s a beef but some bratty carylers actually started that beef just by being drama queens. A loud little group but at this point, they’re just going to always bitch and frankly, it’s just a laugh now. Especially since I can recall Richonne fans defended Caryl from shitty ageism comments a lot. But some of those carylers seem to forget that. But once the 6x10 spoiler happened, some carylers really went off the deep end with their bullshit.

( I honestly just think the drama queens miss arguing with bethylers so they needed someone else to argue with. Well that and they’re white feminists, and white feminist acting bitchbabies. )

man, if you literally don’t get that basic white couslands (and basic white amells too, but the basic white couslands are the only ones who can become queen) and basic white boy alistair and basic white hawkes and basic white boy anders and basic white boy cullen are so popular because they’re basic white people that key into the privileged white majority of english-speaking fandom and then don’t get that people lash out at them specifically because they’re tired of white people’s shit leaking into fandom, then you need to rethink your life choices, okay.

because not only fandom, but bioware canon, seems to think the only hispanic-reading character (zevran) is unimportant and negligible, that poc wardens and hawkes are not canon, and alistair and anders and cullen are taken more seriously and considered above criticism because they are white.  like, alistair gets to be “the perfect” romance over the lower class hispanic-reading character who stays by your side no matter what, while alistair will always dump an elf, a mage, or a dwarf or make them his mistress if given any power.  like, everything anders says is to be believed and earns him never-ending sympathy, despite that a plethora of largely female characters disagree with him, but what a white man says is always true, doncha know.  like, cullen is everyone’s true love because he got “upgraded” to pure basic white boy in da:i, no matter his sketchy and brutal past in previous games.  then you’re gonna act like you’re under attack for playing the majority, supported by canon in every way, in an origin that reads like it fell out of a dime-store fantasy novel rack by a d&d starter kit?

y’all can get the fuck out

tbh I think the secret to staying in the homestuck fandom so long is realizing that most of the fandom is absolute shit but not letting that impact your enjoyment of the comic itself

like, I would have left like two years ago if I was only around for the fandom and not the actual story. homestuck is really important to me and I’m not about to let a group of fans prevent me from liking it as much as I do

Lately I see a lot of people saying that our fandom is turning into shit, and tbh it’s starting to scare me..

Yes, I truly believe that SEVENTEEN deserves more recognition, but comparing them to other groups and being disrespectful is not going to help. If we want to help SEVENTEEN, the only things we can do is:

1- Support them (Instead of criticizing everything they do, we should send them nice encouraging words)

2- Buy their albums and official merchandise (Don’t feel guilty if you can’t!)

3- Chill, just enjoy what you like. Stop comparing them to other groups and leave the other fandoms alone, not everyone has the same opinion.

The first thing I noticed when I got into SEVENTEEN is how nice the fandom was, and I want it to stay that way. So please, let’s all work together and keep supporting our boys in a respectful way like we used to!

i’d like to stay out of the whole ship wars because honestly i love how this fandom pretends to be “ah, best fandom ever, we are so welcoming, we all buddies!” etc. but LMAO don’t even get me started, no wonder why i only interact with like three people in the fandom.

first of all, the fact that anyone feels the urge to send hateful tweets to actors who do their job just because of a fictional couple, makes me want to rip my organs out and leave this planet ASAP. and the people who say shit like “i’m so sick of seeing cosima with someone else, shay needs to die, i legit cry because of this i’m so upset the OB writers can go to hell, etc.” let’s not even comment on that.

with that being said i’m also cophine trash definitive but i’d much rather have an interesting relationship with so many layers and struggles and heartbreak and yeah even with them possibly not getting back together. because that’s real. it’s how it is in real life as well. i could kill for fluffy moments but at the same time I’m the biggest angst whore and I think my need for angst comes from the fact that i’m perfectly aware if they gave us nothing but happy fluffy super adorable shit i’d soon be like… ok?? where are the problems??? this isn’t realistic at all??

BUT this is the moment i really can’t keep this inside anymore and honestly i don’t even know why I’m writing this because i know exactly 99.9% of people won’t care but whatever #cantbetamed

let’s not forget who’s the real victim of this story. let’s assume i’m biased because in a clone show my favorite character is still this bomb as fuck french snowflake. let’s assume i’m wrong and not include my personal opinion. let’s look at the cold facts.

delphine cormier: (and these are FACTS)

  • spied on cosima: in the beginning presumably for her own growth, we all know she’s an ambitious character and she was willing to do shady stuff for her career. who hasn’t done something shady for their own good, not even once, in their lives? not justified but i think if you really look into yourself you’ll find that there is a place and situation where you’d do something equally shady for your own good. many people gave her shit.
  • spied on cosima and learned information (per example kira) she could’ve shared with DYAD but she didn’t: nevertheless not only in canon was she judged SEVERAL times for that, even the fandom gave her shit. it’s something they constantly bring up when it comes to delphine hate (which is surprisingly common, hence this fucking essay)

  • shared cosima’s information without cosima’s consent TO POSSIBLY PROGRESS WITH HER TREATMENT AND SAVE HER LIFE BECAUSE COSIMA WAS REALLY WILLING TO RATHER DIE THAN TO GIVE IT A THOUGHT: you’re right, she should’ve not shared anything. she should’ve denied the person she loves the chance to find a cure IN A HIGHLY EQUIPPED SCIENCE INSTITUTE WITH HER ALSO INVOLVED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CURE. you’re right, cosima should’ve probably been left alone to her own devices because clearly she was about to solve the respiratory illness problem in felix’s loft with zero scientific resources whatsoever. delphine didn’t have the right to do that but honestly cosima’s argument - to me, in this situation - is immature. like, her isssue is literally the fact that she’s being treated as someone’s property and she doesn’t have a choice. well bo-ho girlfriend, sorry for trying to keep you alive so you can, you know… LIVE and maybe make your own decisions LATER ON when you’re not being a stupid brat and you know, not drowning in your own blood. but delphine? the fandom gave her shit. her GIRLFRIEND gave her shit. everyone she was trying to build a healthy relationship for cosima’s sake gave her shit.

  • hid information (kira’s teeth) from cosima that could’ve possibly made cosima want to end the treatment IN THE MIDDLE OF IT and take them back to square one AKA dying: pretty self explanatory. but guess what about delphine? everyone gave her shit.

  • tried her BEST to honor cosima’s request (you have to love all of us) but got caught in rachel’s chess game and was used to help rachel succeed with her plan, then LEFT FEELING GUILTY (like girl, she was SOBBING on cosima’s hospital bed, clearly she was hating what she’s done) and yeah, everyone gave her shit.


  • took over DYAD with the thought of using her power for nothing but to HELP THE LEDA CLONES and SACRIFICED the only thing that truly made her happy at that point for EVERYONE ELSE’S WELL BEING: girlfriend finds a rebound (I REGRET HAVING EVER MET HER) sarah tells her to fuck off THEN reluctantly cooperates but even a that point felix dismisses her as if THEY were doing HER a favor. it’s not like, you know, THEY blinded rachel and THEY put themselves at risk and SHE was trying to cover for them risking HER safety (again) as well.

if you think ANY of these points were for a SELFISH reason and not because of her love for cosima and through that her clones as well… well then i’m sorry but we’re probably not watching the same show

and aside that i’m 325735% sure that if you think about her interactions with the clones and felix she got nothing but mean comments and looks and nobody was willing to trust her not even when she was proving herself 3274235%

and she took it all. she never once complained, she never once called anyone out up until 03x01 which wasn’t even calling anyone out she was just finally more determined to have things her way because guess what SHE’S A SOLID POINT WHILE SHE’S IN CHARGE AND SHE WASN’T GOING TO WASTE A SINGLE SECOND WHEN SHE FINALLY HAS THE UPPER HAND.

from the MOMENT she fell for cosima, there was no questioning of her loyalties. maybe she did it with shady methods but never once was it legit to doubt her motives. never. and you know, ob is the show where some fucked up shit happens and you can never know for sure but i’m willing to bet my life on it that NONE of these things were a lie, i’m 23725387235% certain she won’t ever prove my points wrong.

tl;dr: delphine cormier has sacrificed so much out of nothing but her love for cosima and she’s constantly getting kicked for ANYTHING she does even when she’s already on the ground so if you don’t like her that’s cool, you do you but don’t fucking come near me because i will literally KILL for delphine cormier.

Shout out to Betas

who take their time out of their schedule to read over our things, helping us word things that we don’t know how to 

who are brutally honest with mistakes because they want our writing to improve and grow and whose criticism is only there for our benefit

who are gentle in their reprimands bc they know that we’re still learning

who stay up nights talking us out of a writer’s block and bouncing ideas with us to keep those creative juices flowing

who sometimes spend hours looking over our material (even when it’s not their duty) and give us good advice all because we asked them too 

who can sometimes write page upon page of helpful advice only to have us ignore it in the end

who can give us an unbiased opinion on our writing and prevent us from publishing badfic, fic with plot holes, fics with bad grammar, fics with problematic shit, ooc fic, and every combination thereof

Shout out to betas who do nothing but offer us their advice and aren’t as recognized in the fandom even though the stories we put out there would be so many times worse without them


I don’t really hate people for bashing Sakura because I know they do it outta some complex. She’s still perceived as a “threat” to either their ships or favorite characters spotlight by insecure people in this fandom. It shows every time they bash her with exaggerated crap, like body-shaming, disregarding her canonical strength and victim-shaming her. Also, somehow she’s a “slut” when she only liked one guy.

Stay salty Sakura-haters. I know what’s really up.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I actually gigglesnort whenever I see them go off about her. Its so obvious her existence makes their insecure booties sting.

They bash and contradict their own selves investing so much time on SAKURA.


I’ve been trying to help everyone but I’ve only gotten like 6-7 hours of sleep in the past 5 days, and now I’m just running on coffee, so this is getting pretty annoying.

  • pls stay off omegle, we’re catfishing each other, they can see everything we do, please anons aren’tstupid guys.
  • Seriously, we didn’t know anything for 5 days, do you really think they’d let their guard down now? 
  • There are more “spies” than 4channers on omegle guys stop going on omegle!!
  • !!Some of you are just throwing around urls and people are warning the users and this may cause anxiety and stress!!
  • come on people this isn’t so hard to understand
  • turn off anon and change your passwords
  • talk to someone if you need it
  • stop warning people, just send them lots of love
  • stop making lists of the people being targeted, this only makes it easier to send hate
  • get off tumblr/talk to someone if you’re feeling triggered
  • don’t panic, don’t stress 
  • stop posting omegle chats (seriously just get off omegle, you’re running after your own tail)
Dear Supernatural-Family,

for the ones who might not know me, my name is Castiel. I am an angel. And I have a tumblr-page since a few weeks. (Because Sam talked me into getting one.)

Although I am sending you my messages only on tuesday for now, I am quite much aware, what happens in this fandom the rest of the week.

I-… wait, Gabe, what are you? Gimme the laptop ba-dffghjiuztfdftzughjk

Hey, Gabriel speaking.
I hijacked the computer, so listen here.
So, what my little baby-brother is trying to say, is, that there is some serious shit going on right now in this fandom.

You may all know, I am not a friend of fights, hell, I couldn’t stand my brother’s, my family, to fight with each other back then. And what Castiel has told me lately some things that were going on, because he is concerned about the supernatural-FAMILY.

What Castiel is trying to say, is, that he is concerned about you.

I have seen wars. I know how they feel. And from what Cas told me, there is a war between you, like between my brothers back in the day.

So, listen up, everyone of you!

Fighting, discriminating, harassing, hating, have NEVER brought something good to nobody. These things hurt. I know, that there are many who don’t want people to fight. I know, that there are only a few, that hate (regardless on which site). But there is a civil-war going on in your family. And everyone can see it.

It is painful to watch you tear each other apart, like Lucifer and Michael did. There is another way. There has to be. These senseless fights are not good, neither for you, nor for the things you love.

To cite a wonderful man called Richard Speight Jr.: “As humans, we must be nice to each other. We must support each other. It’s not okay to hate people. It’s not okay to be unsupportive. It’s not okay to say mean things!”

Please remember these things. Please remember that family don’t end with blood. Remember, that YOU ARE family.

Please don’t become like us angels.
Don’t start tearing each other apart.
Please, stay human.

Gabriel and Castiel.