that shirt's too tight

Please don’t take this too seriously this is just me fucking around with @jeongcoups1996

So we all know Joshua is an LA kid and we all make fun of him for that. But what a lot of people don’t know is that LA has like 40 different areas within itself and each area is different. Like if you’re from east LA like me, you’re like the the type of person who doesn’t question why every family has got five different cars (in which four look like were stolen from some car pound) and you are calling everyone your cousins when you aren’t related at all, and you have not changed your King Taco/Guisados order since it opened. But since someone kindly informed me that Joshua is from downtown, this changes the whole game guys.

Downtown people are those who are making way too much money so they waste it on expensive flats/apartments, wearing skinny jeans that are way too tight for them with a baggy shirt overhead that looks faded and old because #hipster and #vintage goals you know? So this is Joshua, walking into high school. Tight faded jeans, rolled around the ankles, red and baggy ass t-shirt with a guitar attached to his back and he’s probably the guy that’s like “and here’s wonderwall” in the middle of grand park by the fountain. But because he’s from downtown he knows better than to be playing in grand park past five, cause downtown people have street smarts but downtown la is different from every other downtown. Cause they have street smarts but won’t know what do with it. Someone can be coming at them with a bat and they’ll try to kindly move across the street. They just know what places to avoid but won’t ever pop someone.

And then you got the fact that Joshua is a church boy, living in la, which is an oxymoron in itself.  Church boy equals gentleman, Oh no not in LA. Church boy’s here are cocky annoying motherfuckers who play the sweet gentleman card to the advantage. But oh my sweet Jisoo would never do that. But get this guys. Joshua is a capricorn. And capricorn guys are determined and practical. They play the safe card to reap the best reward and for them that’s fame and prestige. The game is about perseverance so they choose the personality that is going to get the most rewards. So Joshua locks down this cocky persona down and picks up the gentleman card to get to his goals, but his brain is always working over time (also a trait of all la people, we all tend to be a little two-faced) so he will appear a little quiet in public but once comfortable he’s so annoying and cocky. That’s where you get those way too easy cocky smirks from the Boom Boom performances and that “clueless” look he likes to give. Why else do you think he was voted most annoying guys!

If Joshua was this gentleman guy do you think he would be bff’s with Jeonghan. Hell no, Jeonghan knew what type of boy Joshua was the minute he walked into Pledis.

I just realized, watching some clips of Civil War and thinking about what I saw when I went to the theatre, that Steve was wearing dress shoes whenever he wasn’t in costume.

I’m not kidding. Look! 

Look at these light brown suede shoes with a heel, which are questionably boots. So dress boots? But like, his outfit doe.

When is it cool to wear brown suede shoes/possibly boots with a too-tight grey shirt and indigo jeans? And that brown leather bomber jacket of his? I guess with the jacket it makes sense to wear brown suede, but JESUS STEVE, YOU’RE SO FUCKIN’ OLD FASHIONED THAT YOU STILL WEAR DRESS SHOES EVERYWHERE. God dammit, Steve. At least Bucky can actually wear proper shoes, which by the way are hiking-brand shoes. 

AND LOOK AT T’CHALLA’S SWEET SHOES! They make me think of hightops, or air Jordans.

Sorry, I just notice these things. 

Love is a sickness

Note: Inspired by @ask-bts-stuff‘s lovely artwork (I’m like four years late but pls love me)
Pairing: Namjin
Words: 4.9k
Ao3: blt_prf
SummaryJin is the school nurse and Namjoon happens to get hurt a lot.

“The way you manage to always get hurt is beyond me.”
“Maybe they’re just excuses to see you,” Namjoon blurts out before he can stop himself. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do bulletpoints for credence with a s/o that wear like really oversized stuff like sweaters that go down to their knees because they're insecure about their body?

i sure can, baby

  • he doesn’t ask why you wear the big clothes, just accepts that you wear them
  • he notices why when you go to try on a shirt that’s too tight for your liking and your eyes look hurt when they linger on your frame
  • he knows that look
  • he doesn’t say anything at first
  • when you get home and put on your usual giant clothes, he wants to be playful about talking about it
  • so that you know he loves you and that he isn’t being mean about it
  • so he runs up and ducks under your sweatshirt bc he can fit too
  • so you’re standing there laughing because he is Too Tall so he has to bend his knees to keep from taking the sweatshirt above your head as it rests on his shoulders
  • he just looks ridiculous and his knees are knocking into yours and it’s just so silly
  • you can’t stop laughing because of how silly it all is and how playful he’s being
  • he watches you laugh for a while before he kisses your neck and ducks into the shirt to kiss down your stomach and then come back up
  • you aren’t laughing anymore
  • he kisses your cheek and says “i hope you know you are beautiful. the most beautiful person i know. inside and out.”
  • he knows that’s what he had wanted to hear, so that’s what he tells you
  • your heart feels really warm and you’re still not super confident, but you know that he means what he says and that’s enough
  • so you just kiss him briefly and say thank you
  • he hugs you inside the sweatshirt for a while though and keeps muttering that you’re beautiful
  • he tries to get out from your clothes but it’s a Process™
  • you are in a fit of giggles again and he laughs too when you just look at him and say
  • “but i’m not changing my wardrobe so that we can share from now on”

A few years ago wearing a shirt that was too tight or I’ll fitting felt like constant torture. However, today this fit, along with going out in public is one of my most favorite and intensely arousing parts of the whole gaining experience.

A Turn Around (Hotch x Reader)

Originally posted by profiler-in-training

Title: A Turn Around

Request:  Oh boy I need some Hotch fluff in my life, if you’re up for it. I would be so happy if you were able to somehow work in that the reader is chubby and short, and Hotch thinks she’s so gorgeous. Anyway, if you have time/desire to write! Thanks!

Pairing:  Hotch x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: Explicit Language, Fluff, Reader Feeling Sad

Words: 941

A/N: Don’t we all need some Hotch fluff!? Love this request darling! I’ll always always make time for you! Thanks for requesting! Xoxo Keep em’ coming!



You heavily sighed as you pulled your blue blouse over your torso, staring viciously at your body. You pressed your lips together in a tight frown, noticing that your shirt was too tight for your stomach. Rolling your eyes, you yanked it off and threw it on the floor, grabbing a loose t-shirt from your closet and fitting it to your waist.

You headed into your bathroom and began brushing all the knots from your bed head, standing on your tippy toes to see the mirror. Your hair rested neatly on your shoulders after clawing through it with the hairbrush and you were finally satisfied with your appearance.

Grabbing your keys, you started for the front door, but paused, taking one last look at the cute blouse you had angrily tossed on the floor. Biting your lip, you spun on your heel and walked out the door, feeling more self-conscious by the minute.


You felt like hell. The whole office was bustling with people, running back and forth. The tacking of the keyboards on the computers was piercing your brain. Not being able to take it anymore, you sprung up from your chair and raced out of the bullpen. Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid looked up from their reports only to see you running away and exchanged confused expressions.

You eventually found yourself opening the door to Penelope Garcia’s room of technical wonders. The perky blonde sat at her desk, happily typing away, obviously in a good mood.

She swiveled around in her hair, meeting your eyes and forming a wide grin on her cherry red lips.

“Hey sugar,” she spoke cheerily. “What’s up? Come sit!” She waved you over and pulled an extra chair over for you to sit next to her.

Plopping down, your rubbed your eyes in exhaustion and groaned.

“Boss man Hotchner getting up your rear?” Penelope questioned, wiggling her eyebrows. You tossed your eyes to the ceiling.

Leave it to Garcia to tease you about your crush on your boss, Aaron Hotchner, when you were already feeling down in the dumps.

“Already feeling ugly enough,” you mumbled. “Don’t need to remind me about Hotch and my lack of a chance with him.”

Penelope pretended to fall out of her chair in shock. “Honeybear, UGLY!? REALLY? You’re so gorgeous; when you came in here it was like the sun shone inside this one room.” She said waving her arms around dramatically.

You chuckled, “Yes ugly. I could barely fit in my fucking shirt today!” You felt grateful that no one but her was around to hear you swear.

Garcia scoffed,” Oh who gives a damn!? I mean no one is as beautifully fabulous as me of course, but hey! That’s not the point!”

Her attempts to make you laugh were working. Penelope could always make you feel better. Her office room was quiet, but her personality sure was loud and you loved every bit of it.

A knocking then startled the two of you, causing Garcia to leap to her feet and scurry towards the door.

As she opened it, you saw Hotch standing there, his eyebrows curved and his lips in a straight line.

“Garcia, JJ would like to see you now please,” he spoke firmly.

She nodded furiously and escaped the room, leaving you and Hotch.

He watched Penelope leave and then turned his attention to you, stepping inside and closing the door. His facial expression almost instantly changed when he laid eyes on you; his eyes softening and his lips releasing themselves from their constant pushing.

The silence seemed to last for an eternity. You didn’t know what to say and couldn’t find any words. He finally broke the stillness.

“Y/N, why would you say those things about yourself,” he said quietly, tracing his finger over Penelope’s desk, and stepping closer to you.

You gulped, did he hear the WHOLE conversation between you two? Even the part where you said you didn’t have a future with him?

“I- I don’t know. I just felt really terrible and I……don’t know,” you blurted.

You stood up from the chair, displaying your body, showing him your faults. Hotch only shook his head and stepped towards you again.

“Garcia’s right. You are gorgeous. And you are wrong,” he stated.

You cocked your head nervously, “Wrong about what?”

Hotch took another step and his face was now inches away from yours. “Wrong about not having a chance with me. I like you Y/N, I really do,” he said softly.

Before you answer, his lips collided with yours and he pulled you into his strong arms. The small sweet kiss became more passionate as you melted into him, letting him take control of you. His hand traveled from your waist down to your butt. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he squeezed your ass, causing you to smirk. His tongue swirled around inside your mouth and you could feel yourself becoming more and more turned on.

He then pulled away and stared into your eyes. “Scratch that,” he smiled. “I’m in love with you.”

Dominate - Jaehyun (M)

Requested: Hi! Can you do a Jaehyun smut where he’s really rough and dominant?

A/N: I hope it is good > < He sort of ended up being two-faced af, sorry


Word Count: 1,402

You fanned yourself as you sat on the kitchen counter. The air conditioner had decided to stop working and you were dying slowly from the heat. The cool granite counter temporarily soothed your hot skin. Your boyfriend, Jaehyun, said he would come over and look at it thankfully.

Just then there was a knock at the door and you hopped off the counter and rushed to the door. When you swung it open you were greeted with the smile of your handsome boyfriend.

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Shady conversations with friends be like....

 Me: yo yo yo YO 

Friend: what!? 


Friend: He’s behind me isn’t he ? 

Me: guuuuuurrrrlll, he is wearing that tight black shirt too. 

Friend: OOOHH 

Me: He can do what ever he wants with me ….with his fine ass

Friend: OOOHHH girl, with your nasty ass

gifs are mine 


I swear im going to burst one of these days…
Anyone wanna help make that happen~?

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Hellooo my friend :))) I'd love some drarry with "Is that my shirt?" <3

Draco stepped out of the bathroom, rubbing a towel on his wet hair. “Harry, I’m done if you want to use… ” he started saying, but stopped dead in his tracks. Because Harry was standing in front of the mirror, only wearing a pair of boxers and a shirt. A silk green shirt. Draco’s silk green shirt. It was too tight on him – Draco had too admit, Harry was more muscular –, but oh Merlin, did he look good. Draco cleared his throat, which had suddenly gone dry, and choked out: “Is that my shirt?” Harry turned around, a little smirk curving his lips. “Yes, do you mind?” he purred. Draco swallowed, searching his mind for an answer. “Sorry, what did you ask me again?” Harry laughed, throwing his head back, and if Draco’s blood hadn’t already gone south, it definitely would’ve then. “I said: do you mind?” Harry repeated, still chuckling. “N-no… ” Draco shook his head, trying to regain some lucidity. “I… uhm… what… why exactly are you wearing my shirt?” Harry shrugged. “Just curious. I wanted to see what it would’ve been like had I ended up in Slytherin.” Draco blinked at him, dumbfounded. “You? Slytherin?!”
“Well, the hat did want to put me there… ”
“Imagine… ” said Harry, walking towards Draco. “You and I in the same house… ” He grabbed Draco’s wrists. “Sharing a dorm… ” he whispered in his ear. “What would’ve happened?”
“Oh, I can do better than imagine,” breathed out Draco, pushing Harry on the bed. “I can show you.”

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Not pictured: Snake only going for a morning jog to get groceries for him and Otacon. The last thing Hal expected was a bloody forearm wrapped in cling wrap to hand him him milk and eggs after three hours.

edit: you guys can open the images in a new tab to read the captions !! |D

PROMPT: Person A is harassed by a random stranger in a club and people B is watching. After a while Person B steps in and pretends to be Person A’s partner even though they never have seen each other before. Person A just goes with it, but the random stranger is so persistent and doesn’t believe they are a couple that Person A grabs Person B’s neck and kisses them. Somehow both of them don’t back out of the kiss, because, fuck can we never stop pretending? (Link to prompt: here)

- Clubs aren’t really Remus’ thing, but he promised he’d go with Alice, Lily, Dorcas and Marls for a night out.

- He didn’t really mind, but he would rather be back at his and Lily’s flat in a comfy sweater, binder off, reading a good book and curled up in the arm chair with a cup of tea.

- Instead, here he was at Club Cruzo wearing too tight black skinny jeans with some shiny purple shirt Lily thinks looks hot on him with his binder that has seen better days, drinking what ever cocktail Marls ordered for him that tasted like cotton candy.

- The girls decided they wanted to dance, but Remus needed at least three more of these cocktails in him before he would even attempt to join them.

- So he waits at the bar whilst the girls go to dance.

- Everything’s going fine until he feels some guy nudge up against his side.

- Turning, he sees this plastic-like man wearing tan khakis with a pale blue Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with blonde hair and too white teeth creepily smiling to him.

- ‘Great. Rich white kid.’ he thinks.

- Remus takes a step away, but the guy follows him until Remus is literally in the corner of the bar, trapped next to the wall.

- “Hi there! I’m Gilderoy. But I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” He preened. 

- Remus physically winced. 

- “No, sorry.” He downed the rest of his drink, looking out towards the dance floor to see if any of the girls have noticed his discomfort.

- Unfortunately, none of them had.

- “Well, I’m actually pretty famous. I’m an actor, I’ve been on Casually, The Bill, Coronation Street …” 

- “Not seen any of them.” Remus tried to be as short as he could with this guy but he clearly was not taking the hint.

- “Well, that’s okay. I have all of them on tape. You can watch them later tonight after we’ve finished devouring each other.” he winked whilst leaning in to nuzzle at Remus’ neck.

- Remus blanched and attempted to move away but was trapped by the bar and the wall.

- “I’m not interested.” he tried to push Gilderoy away. 

- “Oh, come on, of course you are.” he reached to grab at his waist to trap him further against the wall, but Remus pushed his hand away. 

- “Look at you. You’re not going to get anyone better than me. You should be thankful I want you in the first pla-”

- “THERE YOU ARE BABE!” Someone shouted, pulling Gilderoy away from Remus harshly and stood next to Remus with a large smile, taking a hold of one of his hands.

- Remus took one look at this new person and w o w.

- They were wearing a leather black skirt with fish net tights and large biker boots, a Bowie shirt and a leather jacket. 

- Their hair was waved and tussled just right. 

- Their eyes were a mix of silver-grey and ocean blue and was shaped perfectly with winged eyeliner.

- And they were talking to Remus.

- “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, darling!” they smiled and stared intensely at Remus. 

- Remus was confused, why where they calling him babe and darling?

- Then they winked at him and leaned in close to kiss him on the cheek.

- “My name’s Sirius. Play along.” They whispered in his ear.

- Oh.


- Remus smiled widely. Thank god someone’s going to save him from this creep.

- “I was waiting for you at the bar, Sirius, but I couldn’t find you. Then this guy wouldn’t leave me alone.” 

- “Oh really?” Sirius rounded on Gilderoy who stood there smirking at the exchange.

- “And why would you not leave my boyfriend alone? It’s obvious to everyone in this club he isn’t interested in you.”

- Gilderoy scoffed.

- “Oh please. You two are not a couple. That’s so pathetic. What’s his name then, huh?”

- “It’s … it’s …” Sirius quickly looked up at Remus and noticed a small tattoo behind his ear.

- “Moony! It’s Moony.” 

- “Moony? Yeah. I’m sure. Do you mind pissing off whilst me and ‘Moony’ continue to speak? It’s obvious you two aren’t together. No-one like you would be interested in someone like him.”

- “And what is that meant to mean?” Sirius’ eyes turned dark as he stepped closer to Gilderoy.

- “Well, look at you. A guy dressed as a girl-”

- “Hey!” Remus shouted. “Don’t you dare insult them like that.”

- “-going for this scarred-face nerd? I don’t think so.” He finished completely ignoring Remus.

- Remus swears he heard Sirius growling.

- “You better walk away before my fist makes contact with your face. Leave. My boyfriend. Alone.”

- “If you’re a couple then prove it! Otherwise, piss off cause me and ‘Moony’ were planning on going back to mine before you rudely interrupted.”

- “No. We really weren’t, you prick. And we don’t need to prove anything to you, so leave.” 

- “It’s okay, Moony. If that’s what it takes to make this heathen leave you alone then we can prove it.”

- “Wha-”

- But Sirius had already turned on the spot and placed both hands around Remus’ neck and leant it close.

- “Can I kiss you, please?” They asked sweetie.

- Their face was so sincere that Remus almost forgot about why they were doing this.

- He nodded softly, eyes never leaving Sirius’.

- The gap closed between them.

- It started sweet and soft.

- Then Sirius ran their tongue against the bottom of Remus’ lip and he was g o n e.

- His arms wound around Sirius’ waist and pulled them up slightly so they were on their tip toes.

- Their tongues were sliding against one another.

- Sirius pushed Remus up further against the wall as their kiss became more heated.

- They could have stayed there all night, forgetting they were even in a club, let alone they were only kissing to get rid of some creep.

- That was until a loud cough brought them back to reality and they separated.

- Looking over Sirius’ shoulder, he saw Lily, Alice, Dorcas and Marls all staring and giggling at them. 

- Gilderoy was long gone. 

- “Well, it looks as if you had a fun night, Remus.” Lily smirked. 

- Remus rolled his eyes at them.

- They giggled and walked away to the bar to order another round of drinks.

- Remus reluctantly let go on Sirius and rubbed the back on his neck.

- “I .. erm … th-thanks. For helping me out.” He stammered.

- Sirius beamed at him.

- “Thank you for letting me, Moony. Or should I say Remus.” 

- Remus let out a breathy laugh and smiled at Sirius.

- God, he could kiss them again. 

- “Can I buy you a drink? As a thank you? I…I mean, you don’t … you don’t have to if you’ve got someone to go back to …” 

- Sirius put their hand on his shoulder, and traced it down the length of his arm and took a hold of his hand. 

- “I would love that, Moony.”

klance where lance wears keith’s shirt and it’s a bit too tight on his shoulders and a bit too short for his torso so it’s always showing a little bit of his hips and abs and when he stretches it exposes half his dang midsection and it’s driving keith up the fuckn wall and keith wears lance’s shirt and the three-fourth sleeves are so much longer on him they’re only a few inches up from his wrists and it fits him big in the shoulders so it’s all droopy on his frame and it’s so??? long??? so when he wears shorts all you can see is his legs and then lance’s shirt and lance swears he’s doing this on purpose and is secretly trying to kill him