that shirt looks so cute on him *cries*

highlights from rtx sydney 2017/things I will never forget:

- miles and kerry being absolute shit at the google trends game

- trend master lawrence

- elyse being elyse (bc tbh she’s a highlight no matter what she does)

- barbara being suuuupppperrrr excited when she saw I was wearing one of her shirts (”it looks cute on you” bless I love that beautiful canadian)

- achievement hunters walking past us in the funhaus line; caiti seeing me and as she passed she said “by the way you look beautiful” (I ALMOST CRIED)

- lawrence drinking a fosters out of adam’s thong (flip flop for you non aussies)

- millie s ramsey complimenting my shoes/being a light in my life

- waiting in line for jeremy; him pulling out his phone and recording the massive line saying “this video is going straight to my mother” 

- lil j is so little! but great at hugs 10/10

- michael and gavin standing too close whilst battling with the switch 

- the inevitable blow job/hand job innuendos that came with playing the switch

- the wet bread (rip gavin)