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Been howling for a good Halloween shirt? Hungry for something to keep you warm on those long cold nights? Well hunt no further! Inspired by the brilliant film ‘What we do in the Shadows’, this Werewolves not Swearwolves design is available in two color combinations (Black with Metallic Silver ink OR Brown with Metallic Gold ink) as well as available on either a t-shirt or a hoodie, so you can hang with your wolf pack in style! Better yet, if you opt for the classic Black and Silver option, bloodstains will be a worry of the past!

We’ve also got an extra Halloween Treat for you goblins and ghouls~ Everyone who pre-orders a Swearwolves t-shirt will get a free WWDITS button (randomly selected from 6 different designs). Those who are Monstrous enough to pre-order a Swearwolves Hoodie will be getting a free WWDITS Swearwolves totebag with their purchase! Happy Halloween everyone!

Black/Silver T-Shirt [Classic S-6X] [Fitted S-3X] - $18

Black/Silver Hoodie [Unisex XSmall-4X] - $38

Brown/Gold T-Shirt [Classic S-6X] [Fitted S-3X] - $18

Brown/Gold Hoodie [Unisex Small-4X] - $38


Selling lots of small masculine clothing. I don’t fit in them anymore. All proceeds go to my top surgery fund! :) buyer pays shipping. Prices are negotiable.

Vests and jacket:
Black suit jacket custom fitted to me. Closest to a 34S. $20
Black H&M vest 34R $5
Gray vest from kohl’s S $15
Dark gray vest espress S $20

Pants and shorts
Kids 18 tan cargo shorts $5
Black and pink Russell kids xl $3
Black and1 kids xl $3
Black Kenneth Cole 30/30 dress pants $8
Black express dress pants 29/30 $15
Gray express dress pants 29/30 $15
Red express chinos 30/30 $15

Dress shirts:
19 express 1MX shirts all fitted xs (13 -13 ½) in many colors and patterns. $12 each. Buy more than 2 and they’re $10 each
1 xs H&M gray shirt. $5
2 zoo York plaid shirts S $5 each

Old Navy Small gray, red, orange, white $5 each
Old Navy Xsmall berry, orange, maroon, 2 black $5 each

Old Navy Small black, cream, purple argyle - $5 each
Express black and gray heavy quarter zip $12 each

Black family guy sweatshirt S $5

Old Navy Small dark blue Henley $3
All character tees are Smalls $4 each
I also have a bunch of Hanes undershirt ts that I haven’t really worn for $1 each

Let me know if anything peaks your interest! My tumblr is becoming– my ask is open. Or