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Hey Peter! Does Craig have any bad habits as far as being a roommate? Like leaving his underwear in weird places or piling glasses up on his nightstand, anything like that?

PETER: Nah, he’s pretty cool.
PETER: He does leave shirts kind of everywhere, but it’s on his side of the bedroom, so no fault.
PETER: If anything I’m messier than he is!
PETER: I leave like, wrappers and dishes all over.
PETER: I haven’t seen Craig really… eat much of anything, in front of me? So if he ever even does, he’s really clean about it.
PETER: The only time he’s ever really here to do anything is when he comes home at night?
PETER: Man, there was this one time! He was so out of it, he passed out on my bed. It was hilarious.
PETER: He told me I was his best friend. It was so sweet, I was like guy, I’ll just sleep on the couch.
PETER: So no, he’s a good roomie.

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Four word prompt "you're always number one"

Nobody ever tells you about the bumps in the roads, the disagreements, the arguments, the mean comments in the heat of the moment, the irritated moods, or the nights spent at opposite ends of the bed. Instead, it is always expressed that the makeup sex definitely makes up for the disputes and that the always wearing minimal clothing is fun. They forget to emphasise the fact that the morning sex and breakfast in bed, along with cooking pancakes in nothing but his oversized shirt, does not always happen. There are times where you want to strangle each other, where you don’t even want to eat the breakfast prepared purely because the two of you disagree on whether or not the bloody curtains needs to be changed to match the new furniture you both agreed on getting. People forget to express the fact that relationships are not always full of sloppy kisses and cuddles.

You have been glued to your laptop day, to be quite frank you were glued to it into the wee hours of the morning before Harry woke up at five in the morning to find you still on the damned thing. At that point, he forced you to turn it off and get some sleep. 

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Looking at Zack Snyder wearing a photoshopped shirt "does not like to read source material" is just ridiculous. What about marvel's The Mandarin from iron man 3? I've heard that he's completely different from the comic book version. I hope they have another photoshopped picture of Shane Black then.

Considering how many deviations They’ve had, you’d need a lot of t-shirts. They should have out one on Kevin Feige that says ‘’Material may get whitewashed’’. It should be noted that there are plenty of directors out there who do these films and aren’t fans. Nolan wasn’t a Batman fan growing up. Tim Burton was very open about his distaste for comic books. Bryan Singer wouldn’t even fucking allow X-Men comics to be on set of the first film. And, watching the films, it’s clear he knows his shit even if he goes with stories people aren’t as big on.

The whole ‘’Zack Snyder doesn’t know/read/understand/care about/hates comics/superheroes’’ narrative is just a way to give more power to a narrative that can’t stand on it’s own two feet. It’s a way of taking Their petty complaints and trying to dress Them up and give Them more validity than They deserve. Because simply not liking his work doesn’t have anywhere near as much power nor does it put the blame for it on him.

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs


-pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his pointer finger.
-looks down when he smiles.
-never finishes books. Piles of dog-eared, half-read books all over his flat.
-picks lint off of other peoples’ clothing without their permission.
-wears as little clothing as possible at all times.
-smells kind of like spices. And apples.
-cannot even do basic math.
-he really likes kisses. Like a lot. Someone please stop him.
-reads with his glasses poised on the tip of his nose.
-not a fan of tucking. Neither sheets nor shirts, but he does tuck Draco into bed on occasion.
-rough sex. All the time. His favorite.
-laughs loudly and often.
-sometimes forgets that everything is okay. Draco reminds him daily.
-long, hot showers.
-warm hands.
-cold feet.
-very much in love with Draco Malfoy. He’s doing alright.


If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)

I don’t watch girl meets world or whatever it’s called but I literally ship the shit out of that one blonde girl with the banging eyebrows and the texas guy that always looks dead inside when the cute brown haired girl is around


Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

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