that ship so hard

Can we please talk about the fact that when Wardrobe dressed up the three guys (I’m guessing Tom, Dick and Stanley from the Gaston song), Stanley was the only one who smiled and was happy and then Wardrobe told him to be free, then later we see him dancing with Lefou. I can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier HE LITERALLY CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET IN THAT SCENE!



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That picture u drew of Avdol would make Polnareff cum in two seconds. Holy fucking shit, he looks stunning! 😍

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kefkzjfggjz LMAOOOOOOOOOO it’s ok anon jrgjjzgr

thank you so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭 !!!!!!!!! i’ll make sure to bring some tissues for polnareff !!!!!!!

@cluttereddaydreams yeah the scene that was requested was actually the cafe scene a little later in the book and it’s basically that conversation continued, so they go a little more in depth…but yeah reading about his feelings from his POV was so heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time I’m 😭😭

Honestly I do appreciate so much that these books are not primarily romance/sexy times but this ship is my life tbh I don’t think I’ve EVER shipped anything so hard it’s kind of ridiculous lmao

I’m writing a story about fae lesbians and I’m honestly so happy about it

I didn’t plan it at all but I introduced a character and was immediately like oh fuck my main character is in love with this girl shit

I love them, I ship it so hard omg

I think my main girl is actually bi but still the other girl is for sure the gayest person alive 

The best part is I’m gonna have to write young women flirting with each other and I’m SO READY FOR THIS

When you gotta help your cowbae sew up his tattered serape & he be braiding your hair with pretty flowers as thanks.

(or rather he simply has nothing to do & can’t resist them silky black hair) <3

Just me self-indulging in the smol kind o daily things in the Mchanzo’s life. This is how I imagine the ship is like most of the time. heh