that ship name will never not be a failure!

road's end

title: road’s end
summary: the path of life eventually fades away.
pairing: kakarin
note: even though i ship them, ive never written this pairing before. another one i cried while writing.


This is not the way he’d thought he’d die.

Hatake Kakashi is a man of many triumphs and many sins. And to his mind, the weight of his sins is far greater than any of the good he’s done.

When his village named him Rokudaime, he looked at it not as an honor, but as another weight to bear, another step in his neverending atonement. He is Sisyphus, endlessly pushing the boulder of his failure up a hill that never plateaus.

That he lies here dying of old age is an affront to justice in the universe. He deserves to be cut down in the heat of battle, just as he cut her down. He deserves an ignominious death at the hands of a coward with one-tenth of his skill.

But perhaps this is his punishment. The crushing guilt of a quiet death, surrounded by those he loves.

He turns his head slightly to meet the enigmatic onyx eyes of his former student. Another one of his sins. A list of should haves when it comes to Sasuke runs through his mind, and he burns with shame that his other two students had to pull him back, where Kakashi himself had failed to stop him to begin with.

No matter how relieved he is that they are once again whole, that failure is another that will always weigh on his heart.

His “grandbabies,” the children of his students, stand around his bed, solemn and silent. They are a blessing that he never looked for, and he can only hope that they take to heart the lessons that he imparted and avoid the mistakes their parents made.

The room swims in and out of view, his vision hazy and unfocused. If he concentrates, he swears he can see Rin sitting on the edge of his bed.

She’s smiling at him, she’s always smiling at him. She says nothing as she reaches out to fluff his grey hair, her hand sliding down to cup his weathered cheek. She scoots closer until her lips are pressed against his forehead, then his cheek.

She takes his hand between hers, squeezing his fingers. It’s the hand that he ran through her heart, and even though the blood has long since washed away, he can still see it. He watches in agony as she places his hand over her heart, though her chest is whole now.

Her smile beams brighter. “Time to come home, Kakashi.”

Kakashi is unsurprised to find tears leaking from his eyes. Rin pulls on his arm, tugging him after her. He follows, he would never deny her again.

Glancing back, he sees his body slack on the bed. Whatever he is now bears the resemblance of his younger self. The same age as Rin when she…

Tentatively, he threads his fingers through hers as she leads him onward. He doesn’t know where they’re going, but it will never matter as long as she’s there.

She’s long-since forgiven him when he could never forgive himself, and now he has the rest of eternity to make it up to her.


February 26, 2015

    Today, for the last time ever, Boeing technicians integrated the wings, fuselage, nose and tail of the final C-17 Globemaster III ever to be produced. I’ll recognize this bittersweet end of production by commemorating the prototype aircraft that started it all.

    Just outside the West Gate of Edwards Air Force Base, California, rests an interesting aircraft, the McDonnell Douglas YC-15. This ship, #72-1875 was the first of only two YC-15 aircraft made for the Air Force’s Advanced Medium Short Takeoff and Landing Transport program (AMST).

    On August 26, 1975, this YC-15 made its first flight from the McDonnell Douglas plant at Long Beach Airport, landing at Edwards Air Force Base (where she is displayed today). She would undergo flight test at Edwards, including a competitive fly-off against the Boeing YC-14. The YC-15 was later upgraded to become the McDonnell Douglas C-17 Globemaster III and the Boeing YC-14 would never go into production. Ironically, after a merger in 1997, the C-17 would be produced under the Boeing name.

    After flight test, YC-15 #72-1875 was stored by the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. She was transferred to the nearby Pima Air Museum in 1981 then went back into flying service in 1997 to fly test operations for C-17 program.

    In 1998, the aircraft suffered a catastrophic engine failure and was forced to land at Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, California. She never flew again and was transferred up the road to her final home with the Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards. Her sister ship, YC-15 #72-1876 was destroyed at Davis-Monthan in 2012, making this the only existing YC-15.

    Today is a sad day at the Long Beach plant that built this YC-15. C-17 production will soon stop, but the aircraft will continue to serve for decades, proudly flying in the California skies above our YC-15 prototype, and all over the world.

Flarrowverse or How Arrow Is a First-Born Child

Parents make mistakes with their first-born.

So, too, do showrunners.

This is not to say that Seasons One and Two of Arrow were bad. I”m not saying that at all. Simply that, when Flash came along, the EPs (specifically Andrew Kriesberg) took what they learned  from Arrow, good and bad, and used it when they developed the show.

In essence, Flash beneifts from Arrow being the fist-born child of the Flarrowverse.

I could talk about anything here, but the main difference is how they treat their leading ladies. Well, intended leading ladies.

Let me make this clear. This is not a post to bash Katie Cassidy. I admit to enjoying her more as a villain on The Flash than on Arrow, but I fully own that not only do I ship Olicity, but as a comics fan, I found it offensive that she read no source material until she was about to suit up. Stephen Amell wasn’t the comic book Green Arrow at first, either, and he did his homework.

Not only that, she was cast because of her work as a villain on other shows, so we clearly know what she does best.

But honestly?

That isn’t the biggest problem.

No, that was how they chose to write Laurel. To wit, they choices they should have made… but didn’t.

Again, I admit, Katie would have felt more inclined to read the comics had she been in the suit to begin with. It would have been intriguing to watch Oliver deal with  a pre-existing vigilante when he got back.

But, the show is called Arrow. Maybe they thought having another mask so early would undercut his story? It’s entirely possible that’s the case, but they still took far too long to make her BC, and by the time they did, I wasn’t excited for it, anymore.

For someone who is, indeed, a BC fan, it wasn’t the payoff I expected.

Still, however, not the biggest problem.

See, for me, comic canon is not reason enough for me to ship Oliver with Laurel. I’d decided in the pilot the show wasn’t doing comic canon with the advent of Oliver’s sister, Thea.

I know, I know, Thea’s supposed to be an analog for Mia. But you’re going to have a different relationship with a sibling than you would with a child, so, still not canon.

Not only is canon not enough, nor is a pair of pretty faces. Chemistry is an action word. There was no chemistry test done with Stephen and Katie, and that was a mistake. It just never worked, romantically. And as time went on, this became more and more obvious.

And then… there was Felicity.

Had they done Laurel more justice, I don’t think Felicity would have taken off the way she did.

Not as to say that Emily wouldn’t have been well-loved, but I doubt she would have been more than a ‘Girl Wednesday’ if Laurel had worked better as a love interest.

Felicity is actually pretty unique. In spite of what people will tell you, she does have comic book roots. But because it was as Ronnie Raymond’s (half of Firestorm’s) stepmother, and because she was such a peripheral character, there was a lot of ‘space’ to fill in when it comes to character development.

Despite certain plot elements that could have been executed better last season, she’s gotten more three-dimensional since she debuted, becoming more ‘real’, as it were There are those who argue that she’s gotten worse or that she’s a Mary Sue, but the onus is on them to make a good case for it.

Now, what did The Flash do differently?

First of all, Iris wasn’t mad at Barry when the series premiered. LOL The two romantic leads actually getting along went a long way to making the show more pleasant to watch. :) They did a much better job with the backstory for Barry and Iris.

And no, it’s on incestuous. Not only are they not blood-related, but Joe has never consciously raised them as brother and sister. He knew Barry was in love with Iris, so raising him to treat her like his sister would have been cruel. Iris was the one who initially made that association.

Grant and Candice did have a chemistry test, and it shows. This how an intended OTP looks. The show has done a good job of keeping these two a nice thru-line for the series. Even when they were with other people, they still clicked.

This next part will get me a lot of hate. If what I just said hasn’t already.

I just don’t get SnowBarry.

Don’t get me wrong. A more adorable ship name was never had. It simply never clicked for me the way Olicity did after the failure of Lauriver.

I could talk about chemistry (I obviously see them as friends), but honestly, that’s not the only reason.

I’ve heard rumors that people started shipping Barry and Caitlin when the cast photos came out. Again, chemistry is an action word, so this makes no sense. That caused me to completely disregard the ship, actually, because I felt it was that far-fetched.

It didn’t help when we found out Caitlin was still grieving in the pilot for her ‘dead’ fiance. I’m not a big fan of the 'Romancing the Widow’ trope, and while I realize they hadn’t tied the knot at that point, it was close enough. She was obviously still hurting, so small details like that don’t count for much.

Yes, I know she’d been mourning for nine months up to that point. If she’s obviously not over Ronnie, however, she still needs time to heal. So no, I wasn’t shipping them. At all.

I’ve seen no real evidence that these two could be a couple recently, either, and given that neither she nor Cisco showed up in the Speed Force, it seems pretty obvious which ship they are aiming for at this point. Even with Barry saving his mother, we still have to deal with the fact that Caitlin was set to marry Ronnie when the particle accelerator exploded, so there’s that.

And no, I don’t think that’ll change. They’ve made it clear that Iris is the love of Barry’s life, and they aren’t going to make Iris The Flash’s Lana, in particular because Lana was Clark’s high school crush in the comics, whereas Iris has always been inextricably linked with Barry through the Speed Force via the Reverse Flash.

Think timey-wimey logic. Doctor Who.

Iris benefited from mistakes made with Laurel. They did more showing than telling with her relationship with Barry than they did with Oliver and Laurel. It was easier to get behind the canon relationship because of that, poor Eddie notwithstanding. They also let her find out earlier than Laurel did, actually allowing the leading lady to show intelligence.

Oh, and they connected her to the main protagonist more than once per season (that’s what it felt like with Laurel, just saying).

At some point, I’d love for us to realize that just because Lauriver didn’t work out doesn’t mean that all canon relationships in the Flarrowverse are doomed.

WestAllen succeeds where Lauriver didn’t.

Because Flash learned from mistakes made with Arrow.

Because Arrow is the first-born child.

January 31, 1916 - The Great Zeppelin Raid

Pictured - Smoke and fire in Hull as bombs rain from the sky.

Nine German Navy airships left their bases Friedrichshaven and Lowenthal on January 31, 1916.  It was an unusually large number of Zeppelins, and their target was unusually far.  This time, they would not creep across the North Sea in small numbers to harry Britain at home.  Their objective was to cross all of England in brazen openness, and their target was Liverpool, considered far outside their range.  “The unprecedented scale and audacity of this raid would show the British a thing or two. It would make them realise that nowhere was safe from aerial attack. No longer could anyone say they were out of reach. Even distant Liverpool had become, to use a phrase which would become commonplace in later wars, a legitimate target,” wrote researcher Tom Morgan.

The airships passed over the coast at Norfolk near 6 P.M. From there they slowly plotted their course across England, navigating by calculation and observation of the lights far below.  However, poor weather and the darkness scattered the air flotilla all over the Midlands, and Kapitänleutnant Max Dietrich, the fleet’s commander, failed to reach Liverpool, being instead 75 miles south east.  He did not realize this, however, and gave the order to open the bomb-bay doors, raining down bombs on Tipton, Bradley, and Wednesbury.

“[The bombs] landed in the King Street area, near to a large factory. A woman, Mrs. Smith, of 14, King Street,  left her house to see what the noise was.  A little way down the street she saw fires and presumed an explosion at the factory.  She walked towards the fires but bombs began to fall behind her.  She turned and hurried home, to find her house demolished and all her family killed - her husband Joseph, daughter Nellie aged 13, son Thomas, 11. Three bodies were quickly located.  The youngest girl Ina, just a seven, was lying dead on the roof of the factory.  Her body would not be found until the morning.  The first Wednesbury deaths had occurred.  Above, L21 hovered, barely moving for the moment.“

The airships bombed several towns, killing 61 civilians.  Later, German propaganda posters would gleefully depict bombs raining down on fat, top-hatted Liverpudlians, but not a single ship found the correct target.  Nor did the British find the raiders, despite despatching 22 planes into the sky to search for them.  For World War One biplanes, combat night-flying was a near impossible skill, and 2 aviators were killed trying to land.  However, one of the German ships, L-19, was downed over the North Sea by a combination of mechanical failure and Dutch ground fire.  “A fitting end for a pirate,” crowed the French magazine Le Petit Journal

Nationally, however, the raid was an embarrassment for England.  Nine German Zeppelins had flown over the entire nation with impunity.  Some photographs were published, but the censors struck out any mention of the names of the bombed towns.  The victims’ families and friends, however, would never forget.

Some thoughts I would like to share
Note: If you are immature/can’t stand having your opinion questioned, don’t read because I’m not in the mood for immature comments on notes.

To the people criticizing Katie’s latest interview where she talk about some love triangle between Laurel/Oliver/Felicity, claiming she’s crazy because this is not happening, yeah, maybe is not happening …………. yet.

Most of you guys tend to forget that while Katie was promoting 3x13 she’s already filming 3x18 and probably had the script for 3x20 on her hands (Stephen said a few weeks ago they always get 2 script ahead for some reason). So she’s a least 6 episodes ahead of you, which means 6 weeks, and since Arrow happens in real time, six weeks is more than one month in the storyline so who knows what can happen, well, Katie knows!

I’m not saying i’m in for this shit, those who know me, know that I love Laurel Lance but I don’t ship Lauriver since season 2. I may have slipped a little with 3x6 but after Oliver used Laurel’s addiction against her on Canaries, I’m so not felling this relationship ever again! But c'mon … I understand the success of Olicity and I believe everybody has the freedom of shipping what they like but you guys really think Lauriver is “done” for good? Really????.

“Well, Stephen Amell said ….”

Stephen Amell (aka actor who dies for likes) said this 7 months ago, but well, Stephen was the one saying Laurel was THE ONE for Oliver a year ago so if you guys think he’s not gonna change his speech when writers revisited Lauriver (now or during season 4, 6, 10) then you guys are really, really naive.

I’m pretty sure Olicity will happen at some point but the question is, will last? Because just like Lauriver, the feedback from audience members who don’t ship anything (and ARE the majority) is not positive, like usual, the fault falls on the girl, people are saying Felicity is becoming boring, annoying, crying baby and all that shit …. when for the first time they are developing her as a character, not as the Arrow’s groupie? Without mentioning the comments doubting Emily Bett Rickards acting skills …

I love when people use the “chemistry card” to justify Lauriver’s failure, well, I follow Katie’s career for a very long time and I never see this chemistry problem before Amell, she always had great chemistry with her scene partners, names that come to mind are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural, Chace Crawford on Gossip Girl, Cory Monteith on Monte Carlo, Garret Dillahunt on The Scribbler, Thomas Dekker on A Nightmare on Elm Street, Christopher Gorham on Harper’s Island, Michael Rady/Shaun Sipos on Melrose Place and Tracy Spiridakos on Kill For me, really, the problem is not her, since she had great “chemistry” with Colin Donnell and J.R. Ramirez, the same way Emily is great with Brandon Routh and Grant Gustin but has been criticized for her performance with Amell.

Anyway, I don’t understand why you guys are so hard, criticizing someone claiming “she don’t know what she’s talking about” when, just by nature, she knows more than all of us combined.

Maybe there is a Laurel/Oliver/Felicity love triangle coming up, afterall, Marc himself said they’ve cut Laurel’s line about Olicity on 3x12 or 3x11, so who knows. Honestly, both Felicity and Laurel deserved so much more, Oliver is becoming intolerable. Team Ray, Team Ted or Team Laulicity all the way.