that ship kray


KRAY/FANXING has to be my most favorite ship, they just look soo ment to be. To me Kray is true love ^.^ !!! omgosh…how do I begin to describe my luv for this ship >.<!!</b>

Let’s start with the fact that kray has been around since predebut days. Kris immediately felt a connection with Lay because he was the first Chinese member he met. Kris said in an interview that ”Lay became very special to me”. Wu Yifan even went as far as to say the most memorable moment in his life was when he met Lay (GAH!) and Lay approved on Kris’s birthday.

It’s in the way they look at each other

It’s in the way they act in front of the camera

It’s the way they act when they think the camera’s are off

Their secret dates!

The way Kris needs lay always near him.

The way they lean on each other for support.

And the feeling they give off that they are a freaking couple!!

It’s also in the way Lay cried when they talked about Kris on Happy camp after he left.

And even when they were filming their msg about it, he cried :( 

Obviously their relationship be it friendship or romantic is very strong and special to both of them. I truly think they are still in contact and it may be my kray heart speaking but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of kray!

I could go on but I feel this post is long enough ^^’ So I’ll leave you with gifs of Lay breaking up Toaris and Krisyeol. Enjoy! lol

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how do you feel about sexing and kray?

sexing and kray? um…. okay excuse me sweetie while I drown myself in a pool of fangirl tears.
omg omg omg omg omg  I LOVE THESE SHIPS TO FRICKIN OBLIVION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /hyperventilates/ 
I don’t know why but unlike Luhan (or any other exo member for that matter) I frickin ship lay with everyone. even myself //shot
Sexing? frickin yes
Here is why:

Kray? Hell yeah!

Kaixing? why the hell not? I ship it :3

Sulay? Don’t mind if I do ^^

Chenlay? GIMME!

Baeklay? Do you have to ask?

Chanlay? dat height difference ;3;

Xiulay? uhuhu yes omg

Taolay? asdfgnhjkl

Laysoo? omg too precious /melts

Layhan? forever the gheiest ship ;3;

In conclusion, this thing:

Is shipable with EVERYONE idc!!


Lyrics/Music: LAY

Chinese lyrics by ear
English translation by me.

P/s: Please forgive my broken english.

没有人在意我 我在一个人的角落
等待中受折磨 不会有人在关心我

Nobody cares about me. I’m here all alone in this corner,
Suffering from waiting I’m left all alone 

灯光照射着我 影子显得孤单冷漠
一个人的生活 留下痕迹只剩寂寞

Dim light casted my lonely and cold shadow
Loneliness is only what’s left of living alone

眼中的泪 在枕边滑落 电话里的你 在无情诉说
连上的琴弦连不上的感情线 纷飞的黑白琴键

Your cold voice from phone waters my pillow with tears
Connected notes, disconnected love-line
Melodies flows from black and white keys

黑暗想拥抱我 闷不吭声咽下寂寞
像没有帆的船 没起点也靠不了岸

Darkness embraced me as I silently swallowed up in emptiness
Just like a boat without sail without a starting point and no shore to land

眼中的泪不让他掉落 你说的承诺 开始沉默
连上的琴弦连不上的感情线 回忆流失在指尖

Recollecting your empty promises, I hold back my tears
Connected notes, disconnect love
I’ll play these memories away from my fingertips

我想得到一个人的爱 我想得到他的关怀
只是我不能一直这样等你 在爱我与不爱之间徘徊

I need his/your love, his/your caring.
But I can’t keep waiting for your indecision love.

我需要一人来把我爱 而不是每天孤单的等待
抓住你的手描绘童话色彩 可你已经离开

I need somebody to love. Instead of waiting lonely everyday.
I wanted to take your hand and write a fairytale (with you) but you had left


I don’t know about you but I can’t help relating this to Yifan… _(:зゝ∠)_
He said he composed this song when he was lying bed alone in the dark…
You missed him do you :’(

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who do you think is the most shippable member? :p is that even a word? :'(

KRIS! there is not one kris pairing i don’t like, only some i like more. he just works with everyone

here is my point of view of how the kris pairings could be (fictional)


this pairing is perfect for ‘angsty’ stories of unrequited love


this pairing is sexy sexysexysexy sexy!!


in which sehun is the younger guy crushing on the older kris,and it’s sort of a forbidden love. and kris should know better, but he cares too much about sehun to stay away (I ENJOY THE THOUGHT OF THIS OK?!)


i’m my head kris will always be the one to take tao’s virginity


kris would be so protectiv over his precious little boyfreind, and he would be the big cheesball who would never stop talking about xiumin. and his friends would have to hear (for the 700th time) how incredibly cute his boyfriend is


this pairing is made for angst!


happy virus meets ‘cold guy’ kris, and the only thing they have in comment it their height. but chanyeol is the only one who can bring kris out of his shell


give kris a ring and he would ask suho to marry him faster then luhan comes in his pants when xiumin shakes his booty.


chen would be a handful for kris, but he will always stay by his side no matter what.


kris would be so protective over soo. and somewhat jealous ,but only because he cares too much.


this ship can be so fluffy! imagen kray been married for years but still crazy for eachother