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Headcannon where MC refuse to answer any phonecalls or talk to RFA+V+Saeran because she has toothache and don't want to tell them because she had been warned not to eat too much sweets by them. But the gang misunderstood, thinking that MC ignoring them or mad at them??


I didn’t do Jaehee because I think she’d be really calm and understanding, and wait patiently until you eventually tell her—although she’d still be slightly nervous for the entire time until you revealed the truth. 

Same with V (especially V, he would probably just quietly blame himself until your toothache gets better so you can tell him…)

But here you go~!


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My headcannon is that alex still mentions maggie a lot to eliza, so 1) eliza knows all this little things about her and one day eliza talks about it like it's nothing "maggie, here's your tea, just a bit of sugar, the way you like it right?" 2) eliza will call alex to check up on her and then "I'm glad you are ok, darling. Now put maggie on the phone, I want to see how she's doing too. Hi maggie, how's your wrist? Alex told me you hurt it last night... did you ice it?"

We all know I have feelings about Eliza, but I am so fucking into this.


To be honest, I thought you and Gil Dong looked sweet together. It would have been nice if you two were to get married and live happily together.

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Do you think Carol noticed Daryl's vest was gone? I think she must have.

She probably did considering Daryl wears that thing pretty much all the time. I’m also willing to bet she noticed that he hesitated quite a bit before answering her question as well. He’s not comfortable with lying and is not very good at it, considering he could barely look her in the eyes when he was saying.  Carol knows Daryl well enough to know something was off there.

I’m willing to bet that part of her knew he was lying but wanted to believe it really badly at the time as well. 

I mean I was thinking what if by some coincedence Carol sees Dwight with that vest. She would know he wouldn’t give that up willingly. That he had more than just passing contact with the Savours.  

We know that Carol would be devastated by the deaths caused by these people but we also know that knowing what they did to Daryl would kill her too. She’d want to burn the place down.  It makes me think of Katniss in The Hunger Games, who wanted to help take down the Capitol for all the death and carnage they caused but it was their capture and torture of Peeta that was the final straw. That what they did killed that goodness in him, something she loved and depended on. 

The loss of that vest is symbolic to me in a lot of ways because it was so symblic of who Daryl really was. Angel wings. A man you wouldn’t think was capable of mercy or forgiveness but was. One that gave her a rose and went looking for a child that he had no connection. The type of person who in spite of his tough exterior wore his heart out. He cared, even though he tried to hide. When they took that vest away they took away a lot of him at the same time. He’s colder and harder than he used to be, and it would kill her to know they did that to him.

She just had to have noticed it. Because it’s just another part of who he is.  But the thing is, Daryl is still that guy with her, he’s still something good she’s trying to hang on to. 

And i man i want that vest back on Daryl. It pisses me off that Dwight still has it. I’m with Norman on that one :)

there really isn’t a way to accurately describe how grateful i am for my gf. i haven’t felt this happy and loved and safe for god knows how long. because of her i finally overcame a lot of internalized homophobia that came from years of Bad Stuff. i actually kinda trust someone now and it’s a scary but wonderful feeling

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Help! Yes there is zero chemistry b/n Tony and Cait except one candid one at sbafta. But he is at every event with her, even when her publicist is there too. Seems he is her SO and she wants to go to events with him but avoids pics or looks tense when pics are taken with him b/c she knows T is private and doesn't want his pic all over SM ( on which he has zero presence). Nor does she. The fact that he is consistently with her since IFH -- aren't odds higher that he's her SO than friend?

I wouldn’t bet money on your odds. A couple of points here first…1- that one candid shot was later proven to be photoshopped, so you’re back to nothing but zero chemistry, and 2- why do you think she wants to go to events with him? I’m sure some of these things are exciting and mind blowing for her but they are work events. The wow factor for these things for her is nothing like it would be for you or me. It all comes back then to how we define her relationship with Tony. That varies . I think he’s an old and trusted friend with some knowledge of the business who acts as a safe escort sometimes and a PA at others. You think he’s her SO, but one she has zero chemistry with, that they avoid pictures and look tense when they’re taken, and that neither of them want his pic all over sm If you had a work event coming up that was going to be covered by entertainment news media and you were a featured player and wanted to pull it off looking cool and professional and you not only knew, but hoped there’d be flattering pictures caught of you and spread all over sm, which Tony would you take?

Courting A Fairy (Loki X Fairy!Reader)

Character: Loki X Fairy!Reader, Avengers X Fairy!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Getting injured, a bit of blood.


Request: Could you write one where the reader is a fairy and was lost on Asgard? Thor and Loki (because I want good guy Loki) bring her to earth because she never saw humans before. The avengers thought she was too adorable and didn’t want her to leave so she agrees to stay. Wanda takes an extra liking to her and ‘steals’ her constantly. Reader and Loki end up falling for each other

Originally posted by maryxglz

Asgard had a lot things in it. A rainbow road, literal gods, Mythical weapons, fairies… wait, fairies?

Yep. And you’re one of them. You had wings that turned F/C when they hit the light. You were clearly shorter than the gods, and your wings made it evident of your race. However your race were known for being shy and the Gods themselves were sure you died out. At least until Thor and Loki found you.

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Okay hear me out: modern genderbent Newsies, so instead of fighting for paper prices, they’re fighting for women’s rights.

Jackie Kelly is a full-blooded Native American who takes no shit. She wears overalls and baseball caps and has insanely long hair and just wants the best for her girls. She will do anything and everything to get her way.

Crutchie is a black girl with glasses and the full natural hair and everything. She is Too Precious For This World and everyone just wants to protect her.

Dee and Leslie Jacobs are white girls who just want to help. Dee and Jackie are So Gay for each other. Dee acts as Jackie’s rational thinking.

Basically just badass teenage women who want a better world for themselves.

Stop Hating on Brallie

Firstly Brandon and Callie had an immediate connection, and had a feeling that they could trust each other immediately. Not everyone believes in love at first sight, and this is a different way to explain it. An instant connection. It was completely obvious the more they started talking to each other, and trusting each other they, the more you could see that they like each other romantically.

Yes they were foster siblings, and they knew it was wrong, but who gets to choose who you fall in love with? You don’t get to choose, and it’s never easy when it’s real love.

They both tried pretty hard to conceal their feelings for each other, but gave in before it was too late. Moms asked Callie if she wanted to get adopted, but she has feelings for Brandon. She wanted to know how far her relationship with Brandon could’ve gone, so she kissed him afterwards. They trust each other completely. (A major component in a healthy relationship) Brandon taught Callie how to trust other people, after she trust him.

They snuck around and continued dating until she realized she needs a family. She didn’t break up with Brandon because she didn’t love him, she just couldn’t live on her own. It hurt Callie and Brandon pretty badly when they broke up. They truly love each other, and they couldn’t be together, not because they didn’t want to, but because it’s not what she needed at the time.

Then he moved in with his dad, to try to move on from Callie, to benefit the family, but it didn’t work, they are still in love with each other, and when Robert didn’t want to resign the papers, she thought she was not getting adopted, and thought she was giving up Brandon for no reason. It’s not that she loves the family more than him, it’s that she’s afraid she’ll lose the family if she gives in to her feelings for Brandon, but she did, and she kissed him, again. Brandon respectfully walked away so Callie didn’t give up on getting adopted. He knew that she might regret it later (which she didn’t), so he stopped it so she can get adopted, even though he loves her. He thought that she only comes to him when things are going wrong with her, and that’s true to an extent.

Yes, she goes to Brandon when she’s vulnerable. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. It also means that he’s her support for anything. He didn’t want to get heartbroken again so he told her it was over (which it wasn’t). She was heartbroken, she would’ve chose Brandon if he told her that he wanted to.

So the whole time between 2x12 to 3x09 Callie thought that Brandon didn’t want to be with her, so she continued fighting for the adoption. Brandon just needed to tell her he loves her, and she would’ve choose him, but he is selfless, and decided to continue helping her get a family.

They continued seeing other people, and fight for the adoption until they thought it was all over. They thought Carmen was going to reveal their whole relationship, and if she didn’t they were sure that Rita would, so they gave into all of their feelings and slept together. They put a lot of love and passion into it. It showed how much they truly mean to each other.

They came home from Idyllwild as a couple and planned to tell moms the whole truth, but to be shut down by finding out she can be adopted.

Daphne told Callie to go for what she wants, then Callie goes into Brandon’s room confessing her love for him, and almost choose him. “What if I call Robert? Maybe-” The a door slammed to interrupt them. They were so close to choosing each other, but then they saw how happy the family was, and they both couldn’t ruin that.

(Brandon and Callie are the two most selfless characters in the show.)

She decided to get adopted, and they tried to shut down their feelings.

It failed. They still love each other after the adoption. I mean they were forced to shut off their feelings to keep their family happy, of course it wouldn’t work. They were forced to try to move on, but like Brandon said “What we feel only happens once in a lifetime”, they won’t love anyone like they love each other.

Brandon and callie are soulmates, forced to be siblings.

Incest is illegal mainly because if a child is conceived it can have deformities, this obviously doesn’t apply to adoptive siblings.

Morally they wouldn’t be wrong, they are ex lovers. Soulmates, forced apart by parents and their selflessness. Also it’s not illegal for them to date in California.

You can say it’s gross, but it’s not. They will never see each other as true siblings, unlike Callie-Jesus Callie-Mariana Jude-Callie Jude-Mariana Jude-Jesus Jude-Brandon Jesus-Mariana Jesus-Brandon Mariana-Brandon. Would you be able to see an ex that you’re in love with as a brother or sister, no, so why do you expect Callie and Brandon to?

You can say “DNA doesn’t make family, love does.” And this is true, but nowhere says what a family should look like. Anyone you love could be your family, a friend, a lover or siblings could be classified as family. This show proves there are no structure for a family. The stereotypical family is a mom, dad and few kids.This show features Two Moms, a mixed of Biological and Adoptive children, but why can’t a family included lovers, soulmates. It includes Stef and Lena, but Brandon and Callie could be included as lovers, and everyone could still see each other as family.

Also “A piece of paper doesn’t make family”. For the whole time Callie wasn’t adopted she still saw Jesus and Mariana as siblings, and Moms as her moms, and Brandon as the guys she’s in love with, and the adoption didn’t change any of those feelings. They could find ways in the future where Callie and Brandon are together, and Callie is still part of the Adams Foster family.

Callie and AJ are unhealthy. He doesn’t respect her decisions to help people, and yes it may get overboard, but he doesn’t take interest in it. Also she barely knew his interests such as carpentry and basketball. They don’t truly know each other as well as Brandon and Callie know each other. AJ and Callie are mostly physical than emotional, and I do believe she does love AJ, just not the way she loves Brandon.

The writer won’t just make Brandon and Callie soulmates (which they basically confirmed in many interviews), and not put them together.

Brallie is endgame. They’re not gross or incest and they completely support The Fosters theme.

The theme is family, love, acceptance and equality.

All love is equal, no matter what age you are, if you found a true love, and you know it, don’t let other people tell you otherwise. Teenage Love is no different from finding love as an adult, you just found it earlier. Just because Brandon and Callie fell for each other when they weren’t supposed to, doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. Stef’s dad didn’t approve of Stef and Lena being together, and she fought and all the fans are proud of her, and when Brandon and Callie fight for their relationship, they get hate. And the theme is all love is equal, and if you don’t believe Callie and Brandon truly love each other, but believe the themes of the show, then you’re hypocritical.

This show is also about acceptance. And I believe one day everyone in the family will accept Brallie, and it will continue supporting the theme of the show.

Brandon and Callie are currently forbidden, so they have to show their feelings through eye contact, body gestures, facial expressions and etc. Most people don’t pay attention, and don’t understand the love signals they give each other emotionally, not verbally.

People should actually give Brallie a chance, and I bet everyone will stop hating on them less when they are accepted by moms, and allowed to be together, and seen as a couple. Not as “siblings” as they are forced to be seen.

They are only human, do you expect humans to be able to put off true emotions for so long? No. They aren’t sociopaths, so at least try to pay attention.

They’re not incest or gross, they support The Fosters theme and they truly love each other, and if you don’t ship them, then sorry. It’s painful to ship them, and you have to be really patient, but if you do ship, when they become canon then the payoff will be so fulfilling. And if you don’t ship them, then sorry that you’ll miss out on the fulfillment, but I do believe Brallie is endgame.

You don’t have to ship it, just don’t call them “incest” or “gross’’. No need for hate, you can just say you don’t prefer them and be respectful about it.

The end.

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Nsfw, 2p france and like 15 y/o reader? Noncon? Maybe?


He groaned quietly while thrusting himself inside and out of her. He was so fucking tight. It felt like heaven. He squuezed her breath roughly and connected their lips in a forceful kiss.

She just kept in crying, while blood ran down her thighs and onto the sheet. Atleast it worked as perfect lube. He could care less about this being wrong. He wanted her and soon enough she would want him too. He would make it happen no matter what.

He moaned loudly as he released his load inside of her. Making her scream. She laid there a bloody, cum covered mess. She looked strangley attractive.

He threw a rag on her and pointed towards the shower.

“Go wash yourself up, slut.”

With that said he left the room, with a grin on his face.

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What do you think the touken talk will be about? I think touka just wants to say that she wants to fight with him and for him not to push her away or something like that.

Mmmh… I feel like they will talk about that first, that will be the main topic of the conversation, like how he’s leaving her behind (because that’s what Touka was thinking about after she told him she wanted to talk to him) and maybe the punch too, but the talk will lead them to argue about other stuff as well. You know when you argue with someone about one specific topic but there are so many unsaid things between you that both suddenly end up bringing out old topics and the conversation deflects elsewhere, and both start to reproach things to each other. I feel like it will be that kind of talk. I’m not sure if Touka’s intention is to apologize for beating him up? If it’s not, then it can be a good opportunity for Kaneki to mention it (he thought of it while saying “… again?”), that way the conversation can take a different path and it can happen what I said above. I’m not really worried for Touka, because she always speaks her mind and she’s very honest, I’m worried about Kaneki because he always keeps everything inside and their relationship can’t move forward if he just shuts his mouth. Since this arc started, many people gave Kaneki motivational words that he accepted (Ayato, Irimi, who else?), I’m wondering if Touka will try to do the same, considering that Touka always turns Kaneki’s world around with her words/actions. This talk can turn out in so many different ways, I really don’t know what to expect. 

You know what strikes me most about this scene is the fact that alex is in the most relaxed position of the three. She’s just leaning on the balcony so calm and I think it really shows how happy and content alex is with herself now. In this moment she has both her sister and her girlfriend standing proudly with her and she couldn’t ask for anything more.


“Minako-sensei is a ballet instructor. When I was younger, I used to spend more time at her ballet class than at home. I even started skating because Minako-sensei urged me to. She’s always cheered me on, but she likes to meddle, too.”


she had the world // panic! at the disco