that she hasn't taken any time to fix what's wrong with herself first

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Hi! You're the first emeto blog I ever found (like 2 years ago) and I love your work! If you're up for it (but no pressure, by any means) i would love to see a Fic where Quinn has been feeling kind of off all day, and Toby hasn't realized, but then Quinn whips around and pukes in the sink while they're making dinner and Toby kind of freaks out and comforts him. If you don't want to write this, I won't hold it against you at all.

2N for the Holiday Prompts for Toby/Quinn pls??

What better time than Thanksgiving to introduce y’all to Toby’s familia! Feverish + While cooking Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years dinner.

“And that’s the story of how we met.”

The end of Quinn’s tale was met with varying degrees of amusement, but none seemed quite as happy to hear it as Toby. He was positively beaming, as though his boyfriend’s retelling had him living in the moment again.

“But now you kiss and stuff, right? Like, all the time?”

It was Toby’s youngest sister, Beatrice, who spoke up from her spot on the floor. She had a strong likeness to Toby, aside from being only seven and having long, braided hair. Of everyone in the room, she looked the least impressed.

Quinn smiled. Since arriving at the de Jesus home last night, he’d quickly learned that Bea questioned everything. She was very much like her brother in that sense too.

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