that she couldn't be a mother

  • someone: it's inevitable snape turned out to be a horrible person, when you consider his childhood...
  • sirius: *abused and raised by blood supremacists, is disowned, is framed for murder*
  • sirius: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • neville: *grew up with a controlling grandmother who always told him he wasn't good enough, lived with the knowledge that his parents were tortured to insanity, bullied and looked down on by just about everyone*
  • neville: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • ginny: *is literally possessed by voldemort for the better part of a year*
  • ginny: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • remus: *had no friends until he was 11, lives in constant fear of being outed as a werewolf, forced to become a monster every month*
  • remus: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • luna: *watched her mother die, picked on by everyone except ginny, treated as a freak, has only one friend until she's 14*
  • luna: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • hagrid: *expelled at age 13 for something he didn't do, accused of murder twice, outcasted for being half-giant*
  • hagrid: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • cho: *has her first love be murdered by a genocidal dictator and about half the world refuses to believe it, must struggle with her feelings towards harry and her guilt about them*
  • cho: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • mcgonagall: *fell in love with a muggle but had to break off their engagement, for fear of turning out like her own mother, later married a wizard who she loved but he died 3 years later*
  • mcgonagall: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • harry: *is degraded and abused his entire childhood, forced to sleep in a cupboard for 11 years, constantly treated as being an unwelcome outsider, told he should be grateful for his abusers taking him in, lied to constantly for the first 11 years of his life about who he is and who his parents were, consistently blamed for things that he couldn't control, picked on at school and continuously beaten up by his cousin's gang, sees multiple people die*
  • harry: *still manages to not be a horrible person*

Canon Arya Stark Appreciation Week - Day Two: Favourite familial relationship

She yearned to see her mother again, and Robb and Bran and Rickon… but it was Jon Snow she thought of most. She wished somehow they could come to the Wall before Winterfell, so Jon might muss up her hair and call her “little sister.” She’d tell him, “I missed you,” and he’d say it too at the very same moment, the way they always used to say things together. She would have liked that. She would have liked that better than anything.


“Oh, poor Stiles, you didn’t know? You’re an emissary, just like your mother. She was the greatest and strongest emissary in generations and her powers are what killed her. And they’re what’s going to kill you too.”

Beacon Hills is in great danger when a large number of all kind of supernatural creatures are being drawn by the Nemeton, an ancient sacred magic tree extremely powerful used by Druids for various rituals and capable of intensifying the powers of those who offer a sacrifice. When they find out about the threat, Stiles and his friends comes up with a plan to defeat the bad guys. Meanwhile, he discovers he has the potential to become an emissary. He is willing to do anything to keep everyone save, even try to drain the Nemeton’s power himself. He just didn’t know that his alpha was Derek Hale and that by doing that, his powers would merge with the Nemeton’s power and put him in a great risk. He was going to die because of it.

“I’m just trying to find a way to help my friends, how can I do that? How can I become an Emissary?”

“First you need to learn about magic and practice. Then, you need to join your forces with an alpha to channel your powers. It’s about balance.”


“The bond between a werewolf and his pack is strong. But the connection between an alpha and his emissary is stronger, it’s inexplicable… Unbreakable.”

“It’s like an anchor?”

“Yeah. You could call it that. Trust him and believe in him and in yourself. All you have to do is believe.”

“What can we do to save Stiles?”

“Right now? Pray for that power to not consume him just like it consumed his mother.”


favourite hero moment


Sansa Stark + Taking Control of People and Situations

It was clever. The tourney, the prizes, the winged knights, it had all been her own notion. Lord Robert’s mother had filled him full of fears, but he always took courage from the tales she read him of Ser Artys Arryn, the Winged Knight of legend. And no sooner did she tell Petyr her idea than he went out and made it happen.

Ten years.

You guys, I am so, so convinced Declan Lynch is not Aurora’s biological son.

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Hi sunshine 💕 I adore your writings , I've always wondered if you could write me one where Y/N is graduating medical school after a lot of work hard and she is sad because no one will attend her graduation ceremony since her mother died when she was 12 and her dad died in Iraq , and after going to London to finish her studies , her sister got married and she couldn't make it , she thinks harry is touring but he surprises her ( btw that is what happened to me and I dream of being a surgeon)

You should be looking forward to dress shopping, right? Not really.
Graduating from your dream school meant so much to you, after all you kicked your own butt to achieve that.
But you wanted someone to pat you on the back that day; tell you they were made proud of you and take candids of you for reminiscing.

 But fate had other plans. Losing your parents in your first year in medical school broke you but you gripped on the belief that they were proud, always reminding yourself of the pep talk they had always gave you.
All the “We’re so proud of you”’s and the “You’re doing the best you can”’s were like a midnight prayer to you.

Having a supportive boyfriend to all that was another blessing. Harry might not have studied law as he wanted but he knew how to help you study. Always staying up with you to help you recite, arranging your flashcards by the less and more important and cooking you meals that would help.

“I read that almonds help with the memory so I put some in here.” He’d say, taking off his Snow White dwarfs apron off.

And the encouraging kisses whenever he watched you get ready for school, a sleepy smile on his face.

The new pet name he came up with as you said a medical fact in a friend’s gathering or just telling him something interesting about health; “My smartie.”

So when he told you that he couldn’t attend your graduation, of course you got upset.

“But Harry, it’s- it’s my big day. I’ll never relive  this.” You frowned as you sat up in bed, removing yourself from his grasp.

He sighed, sitting up and holding your hands in his. “I’m so sorry, babe. The show is for charity and I can’t back out. You know I’d do anything to be the-”

You shook your head, taking your hands out of his. “Forget it. Duty calls, yeah?” You chuckled half heartedly.

Harry’s heart sank, a deep frown on his face. “At least you won’t be alone. Your sister’s coming, right?”

“Nope. Called today to tell me she can’t. The doctor told her it’s too dangerous for the baby.” You said, recalling your conversation with your sister who was too pregnant to fly out, practically sobbing on the phone to you as she apologized.

Harry opened his mouth to speak when you held your hand up, shaking your head. “I’d rather not talk about this. I’m going to sleep.” You got under the covers, making him face your back as you looked at the wall with tearful eyes. 

Harry sighed, looking at you for a moment before turning off the lamp. “I’m so sorry.” He said, wishing he could find a solution, wishing you’d cuddle again and not have you sleep sad. You didn’t reply. Harry sighed again before closing his eyes.


Your two best friends were searching through the dresses racks, grins on their faces and chattering excitedly about the tiring years coming to an end.

“Michael is flying here from Australia.” Rachel said, letting out a tiny squeal as she mentioned her boyfriend.

You gave her a fake smile, avoiding eye contact as you looked at the dresses.
“No way! That’s so cute!” Your other friend, Lana said. “My entire family is coming.”

They both glanced at each other before looking at you, “What about you, Y/N? Are Harry and your sister and her family coming?” Rachel asked softly.

You shook your head, continuing to avoid their sympathetic looks. “Harry has an important show and Y/S/N can’t fly now because of the baby.” You sighed, taking out a dress to try on.

“We’re so sorry, Y/N.” Rachel frowned, giving you a side hug.

You smiled, shaking your head. “Don’t worry.”

“You know you’re family to the both of us. You won’t be alone.” Lana smiled.

Going home in the afternoon with your dress neatly in a bag and your mood slightly better after the motivational speech you gave yourself on the way home, your mood was slightly better. Just slightly.

“Got the dress?” Harry smiled when he saw you walk inside from his spot on the couch. You nodded, keeping it minimal by not giving him a greeting kiss and instead, walking upstairs towards your room.

Harry frowned to himself before he got up to follow you. He sat on the bed, watching you wash your face and brush your teeth, fiddling with his rings.

You continued to ignore him as you took out a pair of pyjama shorts and a long sleeved shirt, changing into them. “Are you giving me the silent treatment?” He asked, watching you put on your lotion on your legs.

“What’s there to talk about?” You asked quietly.

Harry shrugged, “What did you do today? How was it? Anything really. Like we always do.”

“It was nice.” You answered him as you moisturised your face, looking at yourself through the vanity mirror.

“I know you’re upset with me. I understand how it feels bu-”

You cut him off, finally turning to look at him in fury. “No, you don’t understand what it feels like. You don’t understand what it feels like to not have your parents in one of the most important days of your life. You don’t understand how it feels to not have any family, clapping for you as you get something you have always dreamed about. You don’t understand how it feels to not have your boyfriend being there in a day like this because I’m always there for you. I have been to all your important shows, handing late assignments and pulling all nighters just to stand there and show you that I’m actually proud of you, happy for you. You don’t understand how it feels to listen to everyone going off about how excited they are for that day and you’re just praying to God that it can just hurry the fuck up and get it over with. Don’t tell me you understand how it feels because you don’t.” You cried. You broke, hurt and sad as you let it all out.

With a heavy heart and an open mouth, Harry stared at you, wide eyed. He approached you as you cried, wrapping his arms around you and hushing. “I got you. I got you, baby. Easy now.” He cooed.

That night, with Harry’s quiet “I love you” reminders and cuddles, you slept, leaving Harry to send important last minute emails.


Today was the day.

“You look so beautiful, love. I’m sure you’re going to be the best dressed and the most gorgeous one there.” Harry smiled at you as he watched you in your pastel blue dress, your hair down in waves and your feet clad in white heels with your gown around your arm and your cap in your hand.

You smiled, looking down at your dress before back at him. “Yeah?”

“Absolutely.” He grinned, wrapping his arms around you before pressing his lips to yours.

“I’m sorry I’m not dropping you off at the airport.” You said quietly, your arms around his waist.

Harry rolled his eyes with a small chuckle. “You’re apologising? Really, baby?”

You only smiled, pecking his lips quickly. “I have to go or else I’m going to be late.”

Harry nodded, following you to the door and outside to your car, putting your small backpack that had your emergency necessities on your passenger seat as he opened the door for you. You got inside, resting your cap and gown beside you before buckling your seat belt. Harry closed the door for you, bending down as you pushed down the window open with a smile.

“Break a leg. Send me lots of pictures.” He smiled, squinting from the sun.

You nodded, “Will do.”

“I love you.” He said, leaning to press his lips against yours.

“I love you too.” You smiled.


With your cap and gown on, sitting beside your schoolmates with grins on your faces as the headmaster called out for names, you were growing nervous.

You cheered as Rachel’s name was called, smiling as she got up and took her diploma, smiling for the picture of her shaking the headmaster’s hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” Was called, grinning and giggling at the cheers as you got up, walking cautiously towards the 3 stairs and up.

“That’s my girlfriend!” You heard a shout, making your eyes widen as you looked towards the people sitting, a shocked laugh leaving your throat as you saw Harry standing, clapping with his hands above his head and a proud grin on his face. You snapped back to reality, taking your diploma and shaking hands before smiling for the picture.

You squealed as you got down the stairs, running towards Harry’s open arms instead of your seat, wrapping your arms tightly around him as he lifted you up in his arms, twirling you. “You came!” You whisper yelled, happy tears leaving your eyes once he set you down.

“Of course I did! You’re my smartie, I have to see all of your exhaustion and stress paying off.” He grinned before leaning down, giving you an excited kiss. “I have so many surprises for you today. This being one,” He grinned, moving to the side and letting you see two behind him; Anne and Gemma.

You gasped, “No way!”

You were hugged by both as they congratulated you with proud smiles, both of them taking a picture with you and taking a picture of you and Harry together to quiet Harry’s constant request.

After taking pictures with your friends with Harry’s camera that he insisted he took, you approached him, wrapping your arms around his waist. “Thank you.” You said, releasing a happy sigh.

He wrapped an arm around your shoulder while his other hand was on your back. “No, thank you. For always being beside me and making me the proudest happiest man on earth. I love you and I promise to always show you that.” And he sealed the promise with and kiss.

Going to celebrate in and restaurant with Harry and his (and your) family, Harry kept excitedly showing you all the candids he took of you, telling you which photo he will post
on his instagram, which one he will set as his wallpaper and which one will he frame.

By the end of the night, you had your diploma and you had a family that loved you like you were one of them.

●● I hope you become a surgeon, love and good luck with it! I didn’t want to write much about the death because I didn’t want to trigger you or any other person. Have a great day! x


Padmé Amidala wanted kids, or the tragedy of the deleted scenes

I’ve seen some excellent meta about Padmé lately, and I’m so glad there’s been attention brought towards the facts she’s a complex female character, a woman that can kick ass and still be a romantic and marry a guy just because she’s in love. But I feel like so much of that complexity is lost, because they decided to cut so many of the Padmé-centric scenes. This scene, from attack of the clones, is called ‘extended arrival on Naboo’ and has Padmé and Anakin talking about how she became a senator. Not only does this scene tells us her people wanted to stay longer than she was allowed to, which makes her a damn good queen, but is also shows us conflict in Padmé’s life: she wants to do good, fight for democracy, but her position as a senator is also making it harder for her to have a family. This, work vs. family, is a conflict many women face and I’d have loved to have seen it. 

Not only would this have made Padmé a more interesting character, it would also have added to the tragedy of her life: she was so close to what she wanted, a loving husband and babies coming, the clone wars almost over, and then Anakin turned to the dark side and the dream ended. She stayed alive long enough to save her children, but she was never alive to see them grow up. her dream of being a mother, having a family was within grasp, only to have it taken away from her. 

In short: this short scene could have added so much, and to cut it out, along with so many others centered around her, was a mistake. Padmé’s life was a tragedy as much as Anakin’s or Obi-Wan’s was. 

  • BOBBY: Family don't end with blood, boy. (3x16)
  • -
  • DEAN: You know what I think Mom would say? She'd say just 'cause you're blood doesn't make you family. You got to earn that. (6x16)
  • -
  • DEAN: A wise man once told me, "family don't end in blood," but it doesn't start there, either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family's there through the good, bad... all of it. They got your back... even when it hurts. That's family. (10x17)
  • -
  • CAS: Thank you. Thank you. Knowing you, it... it's been the best part of my life. And the things that... the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you. [...] You need to keep fighting.
  • SAM: We are fighting. We’re fighting for you, Cas.
  • DEAN: And like you said, you’re family. And we don’t leave family behind. (12x12)
  • -
  • JACK: I don't-I... I have to find my father. He'll protect me.
  • SAM: Jack, you gotta listen to me. That's not really what Lucifer does.
  • JACK: Lucifer? No, that's not his name. My father is Castiel.
  • SAM: What?
  • JACK: My Mother, she said Castiel -- he would keep me safe. She said the world was a dangerous place, that's-that's why I couldn't be a baby or a child. I-that's why I had to grow up fast, that's why I chose him to be my father. (13x01)

midnightweaver  asked:

Did Mazel ever find something she couldn't growl/stare/intimidate into submission?

My mother.

Really, 98%of the reason we were able to keep mazel successfully was that my parents, but mostly mom, put a shitton of effort into bonding with her and putting Thier feet down over unacceptable behavior. Some of that was understanding that mazel, as a hybrid, had special needs that required running the house differently, like putting child locks on all the cabinets and building a play stucture for her to survey the nieghborhood from.

Most of it though, was being really, really firm and consistent on boundaries. No growling at guests to intimidate them out of food. No eating carcasses. Mom is allowed to take things out of your mouth without sass. She was never yelled at or hit (both of those would have caused her to dig in and be Even more of an ass). But instead she was removed from whatever she was causing trouble with, even if mom had to physically haul her out to the yard or pull her mouth open.

Which is pretty impressive when you consider that mom is 4'11" and barely weighed more than she did. Actually sticking her hand in was probably a bad idea, but she never got bit.

In the end, I think that what really worked is that mom and Mazel were friends that communicated really well.

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I know we're over the whole big discussion of 애기야(baby), but so many people said being korean to justify some things and I didn't know what to believe anymore lol So, anyway, I talked yesterday with an actual korean girl thanks to my brother and, well, I couldn't contain myself and ended asking about that word! So hear this, you'll probably like it! She told me the word means "baby", the baby of mother can hold or the "baby" of couple. So, okay, yes, the word can actually take two meanings.

Then I asked if the word was used a lot by guys to be playful or whatever and she just frowned a bit and said “Please don’t tell me a korean boy is hitting on you and calling you like that because that’s really urespectful if you haven’t agreed to be called like that” and I was like “omg no, don’t worry. But I saw a korean boy saying that, so I got curious”. She told me then that the boy was probably talking to her girlfriend. And, well, here I changed the subject asking if respect for older- 
people, even with a gap of 2-3 years, was a big thing in Korea. About the “hyung, unnie” thing. And she said “Well, yes, it’s usually a big thing. However, it’s, in fact, common that young korean people ignore it a bit, specifically if the age gap is not that big. But still, once you’re an adult, it doesn’t look nice if you let young people to call you only by your name or treat you as an equal. They have to respect you. It may sound  a little weird, but, for example, I have my guy friend which-
I have known for a long time, and even if I trust him with my life and play a lot with him, I prefer that he calls me Noona. Even if I’m just a year older than him. It’s just a deep thing Korea has, I think… it’s okay if you don’t really get it”. Lol she was actually too cute while explaining haha. Anyway, after saying that I understood what she meant, I told her that I actually saw a man calling “aegiya” to other man, that they weren’t the same age, they had this gap of two years and that-
the younger one was the one who called the other like that. And she gave this look of “._____.” lol She asked if the guys were playing or something and I told her “No, he just said as if that was the most normal thing in the world and the other one followed him without complaining or anything”. Legit, at this point, she was puzzled. She even said “That’s not normal, you shouldn’t call aegiya to people older than you if you’re just friends, especially if that person is the same sex as you.

i’m always up to talk about the “let’s go baby” so no worries, hahaa. i love it a ton. to be honest. but yeah, the people claiming it was “just a joke” or “just friendly” didn’t actually know what they were talking about. they were antis that took one “talk to me in korean” lesson and know 5 korean words that decided they knew enough to comment on it. jikook shippers legit went to like 38 websites and asked korean speakers and they all said the same thing as the girl you asked!!! haha, her reaction is actually kinda hilarious. like, she seems genuinely confused, which is adorable. but yeah, from what i know, it’s definitely not normal for a younger person to call an older person by “baby” especially if they’re the same sex and not joking. which just means….. kookmin…… what you doing?? and the way jimin reacted so casually?? like, that was some eyebrow raising shit that went down, and people who think otherwise are ignoring the blatant truth. but that’s really awesome you got to ask a korean speaker and confirm it!!!!

All my ships have been fairly canon lately, so I'm super happy. I literally feel like one after another just keeps getting canon/semi-canon???
  • Merthur: "they're a love story between two men" "there you have it, the debate is over, Julian confirmed it", got almost-kiss, sed ily to each other
  • Destiel: "he's in love......with humanity" *cas literally chooses Dean > humanity every time so we all know that quote meant Dean*
  • Hannigram: *got almost kiss*, then confirmed gay
  • Makoharu: sed ily to each other, confirmed to have been written as a married couple, official art released had them both in groom/wedding clothing
  • Sourin: "sousuke only has eyes for Rin", official art has them in really romantic positions
  • Vaason: "Jason is attracted to vaas"
  • Denzo: matt saying "you couldn't get Damon so you went for his mother and she doesn't even want you" and enzo doesn't deny it
  • Spirk: *kisses vulcan style through glass*
  • I could go on. THEY'RE JUST ALL GAY
Just a friendly reminder for Goro haters :)

Gentle thought: Joyce and Eleven having a “girl’s day” together. Joyce takes her to the department store in town to pick out new clothes, and El shyly puts on a fashion show with all the colorful tops and flowy dresses and blue jeans she picked out, slowly growing in confidence and smiles as Joyce tells her sweetly how pretty she looks. Then, back at the Byers’ home, Joyce retrieves an old shoebox with a myriad of nail polishes, as El’s eyes widen curiously at all the colors. Settling on a powder pink, reminiscent of her favorite dress (now worn out and retired), El can’t help but giggle softly as Joyce’s careful hands tickle her fingers with the nail file and the brush. After El washes her curly hair, Joyce sits her in front of the bathroom mirror and blow dries it, grinning comfortingly at the two of them in the mirror and telling her nostalgic stories about all the ways she styled and color her hair when she was El’s age. Eleven eventually relaxes into the warm air against her neck and Joyce’s meticulous touch brushing out her fluffy hair. As Joyce puts the final butterfly clips and small scrunchies into her hair, El studies this moment in the mirror and smiles, feeling the warmth and happiness rise up in her chest. This is her mother, and she loves her more than all the world’s Eggos

Pilot (1.1)
  • CJ: Why don't we all sit down?
  • Bartlet: No. Let's not, CJ. These people won't be staying that long. May I have some coffee, Mr. Lewis? Al, how many times have I asked you to denounce the practices of a fringe group that calls itself The Lambs of God?
  • Al Caldwell: Sir, it's not up to me to -
  • Bartlet: Crap. It is up to you, Al. You know, my wife, Abbey, she never wants me to do anything while I'm upset. 28 years ago, I come home from a very bad day at the State House. I tell Abbey I'm going out for a drive. I get in the station wagon, and put it in reverse, and pull out of the garage full speed. Except I forgot to open the garage door. Abbey told me to not drive while I was upset and she was right. She was right yesterday when she told me not to get on that damn bicycle while I was upset, but I did it anyway, and I guess I was just about as angry as I've ever been in my life. It seems my granddaughter Annie had given an interview in one of the teen magazines, and somewhere between movie stars and makeup tips, she talked about her feelings on a woman's right to choose. Now Annie, all of 12, has always been precocious, but she's got a good head on her shoulders and I like it when she uses it, so I couldn't understand it when her mother called me in tears yesterday. I said, "Elizabeth, what's wrong?" She said, "It's Annie." Now I love my family and I've read my bible from cover to cover so I want you to tell me, from what part of the Holy Scripture do you suppose the Lambs of God drew their divine inspiration when they sent my 12-year-old granddaughter a Raggedy Ann doll with a knife stuck through its throat? You'll denounce these people, Al. You'll do it publicly. And until you do, you can all get your fat asses out of my White House.