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The Kiss (Part 4 of The Concert)
Blowing a big puff of air you close your eyes, the last beams of orange light from the sun setting stains the inside of your eyes and slowly turns to black.

“Here.” Jensen voice is right there, next to you. Inhaling deeply you get a tiny hint of him, with the blowing breeze. Leather, dry sweat mixed with cologne and warmth. “I hope Johnnie’s fine”

Turning to him your eyes still closed, finally opening them only when you are face to face. His gorgeous green eyes look a honey brown with the dim light of the rooftop. Worrying your lip between your teeth you smile, shyly at him.

“What?” Jensen smirks, you take another deep breath.

Your movements are sudden and agile, but it still feels like slow motion. Stepping closer to him your stand on the tips of your toes, stretching your neck to him, face up. Closing your eyes when  your lips crash to his plump ones.

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Unofficial Ownership

|Part 1 of 2|

WARNINGS: Smut, Language, Violence, Drug & Alcohol Usage, Mentions of Prostitution, Angst, Character Death

(IF ANY OF THE THINGS MENTIONED IN THE WARNINGS SECTION ARE TRIGGERING FOR YOU DO. NOT. READ. THIS. Seriously, don’t. If you decide to regardless of the warnings, you’re on your own.)


*Though this was a daddy!au request, I don’t think it turned out that way. I did try, but it turned into whatever this mess is. And it’s lengthy.*

“I don’t hear you.” He growled in your ear as he thrust into you harder, causing your makeup to streak against the grungy restroom mirror. You grunted in response as he pressed himself impossibly close, his grip on your arms tightening almost painfully. The edge of the dingy sink was digging into your pelvis and you could pinpoint, down to the exact second, when the strain in the backs of your thighs became unbearable. You couldn’t give him what he wanted, not with the way every thrust was like a punch to the chest, knocking the air from your lungs. Your chest burned from the lack of air and tears rolled down your cheeks freely. “I. Don’t. Hear. You.” Each word punctuated with a sharp thrust of his hips, launching you forward. You squeaked, eyes burning as your mascara began to run. Your mouth was open, but no words would come to you. A scream stuck to the back of your throat like a spoonful of peanut butter. Thick and heavy, pushing you dangerously close to choking. Tiny, breathy squeaks replaced the scream, accompanying the grunts of the man slamming into your body from behind. 

There was a sudden stop, and your body, in its state of shock, broke down. Knees buckling, you slumped forward, heart racing as you caught your breath. It was quiet, almost too quiet. You were afraid to look at him, knowing he was pissed off at you. The mood was ruined because of your inability to follow his order. You were in trouble and there was no telling what kind of mess you’d find once you got home. Keeping your eyes closed, you supported as much of your weight on the the sink as you could to relieve the pressure in the backs of your thighs. The silence was broken as the bathroom filled with the sound of him finishing himself, hand working furiously against his erection. You kept your legs open in fear of upsetting him further. Granted, the shift in mood was technically his fault, but it wasn’t like it would matter. What he said, went. No matter if it was correct or not, because you belonged to him. If what he said did not go the way he wanted it to, there were consequences, none of them good. You shook as you pictured the possibilities. He grunted as he came, and then  you listened to him fixing his clothes. Nudging you aside, he washed his hands and shook the excess water from them. “I expect you to be on time tonight.” He said with a warning in his voice. A shiver crawled up your back and you gripped the sink harder. “What do you say?” He demanded. You looked up; at him in the makeup streaked mirror, “Yes, sir.” He smiled, flashing his dimples at you. “See you later, love.” You couldn’t bring yourself to smile back as he kissed the side of your head, placing a solid, open-palmed slap to your rear and squeezing firmly. 

You waited until you could no longer hear the clacking of his designer dress shoes in the hallway before you relaxed. Your chest hurt and your muscles ached, but none of that mattered when you had exactly six minutes before your first and only client, Mr. Park, arrived for the night. This wouldn’t be your first rush job, but it was beginning to become a chore. It was irritating to have to see Namjoon before your appointments simply because he liked to drag out his little “visits” to the very last minute, which meant you would smell like him when you met clients, which resulted in less money. Less money meant punishment from Namjoon, and no one wanted that, ever. 

You rushed down the carpeted hallway on bare feet, carrying your strapped sandals in your hand as you ran. You sent silent prayers to the heavens, hoping Mr. Park kept to his Tuesday schedule. He rarely strayed from his schedule unless he was in a rush due to a business and needed to get his fill of you before leaving. Tuesdays meant that he would be an hour and a half late. You checked your cellphone again, the timer ticking down the time as you rounded the corner. Thirty seconds. “Shit.” You panted and picked up speed. You ran as fast as the skin tight dress you wore allowed. Nearing his room, you slowed to a walk, gasping for air. The timer signaled the end of your time as you let yourself into Mr. Park’s suite. “Mr. Park?” You called out to him. There was no response and you exhaled heavily. He was indeed following schedule. “Oh thank God!” You breathed, doubling over and catching your breath. That was more work than you were willing to put in aside from the work you did for your clients. Once you could breathe easily, you threw your sandals to the side and ventured into the familiar room, heading straight for the bathroom to wash away every bit of Namjoon that you could before Mr. Park arrived. Mr. Park was your favorite client out of the five that you regularly saw. He paid above the required amount, always giving the extra money to you to put aside for something you wanted. If time permitted, he would spend the night with you, doting on you and telling you stories of his travels. He often hinted at running away with you. Although it was a foolish thing to believe in, the sentiment was enough to make you smile anyway. You wouldn’t mind escaping the hellish life you currently lived, but how long would the happiness last before Namjoon came looking for you? Shedding your clothes, you stared at yourself in the mirror in the wall-to-wall mirror over the sink. There were bags big enough to double as flotation devices under your eyes, making it seem as if you’d had an allergic reaction to something. You could see the beginnings of several bruises on the tops of your arms and up the left side of your neck. Hopefully, Mr. Park wouldn’t mind doing things with the lights off. It was rare that you would be allowed to make a request with your clients, but he was an understanding man. 

Utilizing the the time it took to wait for Mr. Park, you did a complete scrub down of your body, putting the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash he so nicely left behind to use.

“You’re late.” Namjoon’s voice rang out to you, echoing off of the walls. The mansion itself was almost pitch black. The only light coming in was the tiny bit of moonshine that illuminated in front of the massive front doors. You froze, hand still on the door knob. He emerged from the shadows with his hands in his pants pockets, coming from the direction of his office. You swallowed hard, body tensing as you braced yourself for the backlash. He was right, you were a half hour past “curfew”. He was stone-faced, very visibly angry with you for coming in past the time he’d ordered you to be in by. A lump formed in your throat, but you refused to show any sort of weakness. Not anymore. You’d been with him too long, and you’d come to know all of his little mind games well enough to be able to put up a front regardless of how scared you might be. He jerked his head towards his office, his very much sound proof office, which could only mean that whatever was about to go down, he didn’t want the other ladies of the house to hear. You followed after him quietly, your fight or flight instincts kicking in. You were ready to run if need be, but that didn’t mean that you wouldn’t put up a fight.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a conversation between the two of you had come to blows, so you were prepared for it. You took full advantage of the fact that you were the face of Namjoon’s operation, his cash cow. He let you get away with far more than the other girls, simply because he knew that if anything happened to you, the money would stop coming in. You slammed the door, throwing your shoes, coat, and purse into the nearest chair, “What do you want?” You demanded with more attitude than you had intended. He sat on the edge of his desk with his arms crossed tightly over his chest, muscles straining against the tight material of his stark white t-shirt. “Come here.” He said in a low, menacing tone. You stood where you were.

Partly out of fear, and partly because you were in the mood to be defiant. “Come. Here!” He bellowed. You moved forward until you were standing directly in front of him, close enough to smell his toothpaste. He gripped your chin, hard, forcing you to look right at him. He was seething and it would have been hot any other time, but this time seemed to have real danger laying there. “Suck a dick.” You spat, nostrils flaring in anger. How dare he touch your face?! He laughed out loud, a condescending undertone to it, “Now, now, doll. That’s what I pay you for.” He pushed your face away, a look of disgust painted on his otherwise perfect features. You hated that about him. He was an asshole. An asshole of epic proportions, but he was beautiful. Damn him. You narrowed your eyes at him, staring him down, “What do you want?” You repeated angrily.

He raised an eyebrow at you, “It’s your birthday, lovey. I called you in here to give you a gift.” You figured he was lying because he was still pissed at you about earlier, and let’s not forget the fact that you missed curfew, again. You held out your hand expectantly, wishing he would get this meeting over with. You were exhausted, and all you wanted, was to shower and throw yourself into bed. “Come sit.” He instructed, moving off of his desk and giving the sturdy oak a solid slap. You were very familiar with what came after he told you to sit on his desk. Very familiar. You sat anyway, knowing full well what was about to transpire. Hiking your dress up above your thighs, you sat, opening your legs to him without being told to. While Namjoon busied himself with removing his belt, you rolled your eyes up to the ceiling. Him having sex with you twice in one day was apparently his idea of a gift for the day of your birth. You waited for the sound of his pants dropping to his ankles, but you were met with silence. You slowly lowered your head to find him looking at you. Leaning in, he placed his hands on either side of your body, pressing forward until he was mere inches away from your face, “Did you really think I was going to reward you for disobeying me?” You felt a sudden chill crawl up your back at the tone of his voice. So you’d guessed right. He was still angry. When you didn’t respond, his hand flashed up and gripped your neck, yanking you forward. You began to panic, “I’m sorry! I-I wasn’t late on purpose I swear!” You cried, trying to pull his hand away from your throat. His hold on you only tightened, causing you to panic further, “If I tell you to be home at a certain time, what do you think that means, ___________?” You couldn’t think with the lack of air to your brain. It was becoming increasingly hard to breath around the iron grip on your wind pipe. You had to do something or you’d black out. 

Without another moment’s hesitation, You locked your legs around his waist, making sure to dig your knees into his sides. “Let me go, asshole!” You choked out, squeezing as hard as you could. He yelped, letting go of your neck to tend to his hurt sides. Pushing him away, you kicked out at him, connecting with his midsection. “Don’t ever…touch me again. Bastard.” You spat, grabbing your things from the chair and leaving him in his office. You heard him gasp out a threatening, “I’ll deal with you in the morning” as you made your way down the hallway to the main part of the house. You practically to the room you shared with three other girls, hoping he wasn’t following you. You knew that tomorrow would be hell for not just you, but the other women. And that was something you blamed yourself for. You should have known better than to anger the man that demanded you call him daddy. 

Little did Namjoon know, you were done taking his shit. You were done bending over whenever he told you to, contract be damned. Things were about to change, and you were the sole reason for it all.

[To Be Continued…]

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Late Night SugaKookies

Just some SugaKookie fluff for ya!

(3rd person)

His head hit the pillow with force, transferring the days stress into the soft material. A much needed deep breath filled and left his lungs as the rapper’s body began to sink further and further into the heavenly mattress. Yoongi and the rest of the boys had just gotten back from a harrowing day at the dance studio, and the atmosphere let out an abundance of fatigue and distress. It was a welcomed feeling; in fact the boys experienced this quite a lot. The middle stretch of a comeback was always the worst, and most definitely the most stressful. Everyone seemed a bit off, but that was expected. Comforting pats on the back and reassuring smiles were exchanged, but even that couldn’t help the soon arising situation.

The fluffy, blonde head of their beloved eldest poked through the door.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” Jin announced. Yoongi just nodded his head as the glow from his phone screen lit up his sleep deprived features. About five minutes went by since his treasured roommate left to take a shower when there was a hesitant knock on the door.

“Yeah?” Yoongi asked as he rolled his head over to the direction of the door. The metal doorknob turned with a satisfying clicking sound as someone slowly made their entrance into the room. Jungkook stepped into the dorm: black hoodie shadowing his features, baggy pajama pants dragging on the floor, balled up tissue in hand, and puffy, red, and glistening eyes. The youngest sniffled and look up at Yoongi before pleading, “Hyung…”

Yoongi shot up from his relaxed position on his bed before hurriedly trotting over to his dongsaeng. He grabbed Jungkook’s clenched fists and held them in his warm hands, as he softly rubbed his thumb in loving circles.

“Why are you crying? What’s wrong?” Yoongi said with a soft voice while peering up into Jungkook’s eyes with worry.

“It’s just that I don’t feel good and I’m stressed.” Kookie answered. The younger averted Yoongi’s gaze as more sniffles left his nose.  

“Ah, you don’t feel good? What hurts?” Yoongi questioned, still holding the maknae’s hands. Jungkook sighed before answering in a scratchy voice, “My head’s been throbbing all day, and my throat hurts, and every time I move I get all dizzy and feel like I’m about to pass out.” As Jungkook explained his symptoms his tone got more and more ragged and distressed, as well as a tear escaping from his eye and rolling down his cheek.

The rapper felt anxiety rise in him as he saw how upset Kookie was. Jungkook was a very introverted and soft-spoken person when it came to his emotions, especially when talking about them to other people. He had only opened up to Yoongi two or three times like this in the three plus years they’d been together, so Kookie must really be hurting for him to be this open.

“Here let’s sit on my bed.” Yoongi stated as he dragged Jungkook over to his bed and plopped him down on the white sheets. The two’s intertwined hands rested in Yoongi’s lap as Jungkook laid his head on his hyung’s shoulder, continuing to sniffle in dismay. The older moved his arm from in between the two bodies and started to rub Kookie’s back. The two were never good at expressing their feelings, it’s a dangerous game, having to completely open up your insides to another person, no sir.

“Have you eaten yet?” Yoongi questioned as he looked over at the young boy.

“I did earlier this morning, but not since dance practice started.”

Yoongi sighed in annoyance at the situation. He’d always had a soft spot for the boy with an eclectic personality and a warm and golden soul. Jungkook was his most beloved dongsaeng, and seeing the amount of stress their schedule was putting on him twisted Yoongi’s heart into knots.

“Come on; let’s get you something to eat.” Yoongi stated as he subtly lifted Jungkook up with the arm that was still wrapped around his back. Once they were standing Jungkook took a step before swaying in place. He gasped and put a hand to his head, as is he was steadying the shift in his gravity with that simple gesture.

“Woah, I got you.” Yoongi calmly reassured as his grip around the maknae tightened. Jungkook began to steady himself, but not without the help of Yoongi’s strong and protective grip around him.

“Thanks, hyung. Sorry.” Jungkook said in a quiet voice.

“No worries, Kookie.” The older replied in a soft and caring voice.

The two shuffled through the apartment towards the kitchen as they tried not to wake anyone up. It was fairly late at night, and as soon as the other boy’s heads hit their pillows they were out like a light. Muffled snores could be heard from behind doors as well as the shuffling of sheets. The duo made it into the kitchen successfully, and upon entry Yoongi gently leaned Jungkook against the counter as he went to inspect the fridge.

Yoongi’s pale hands revealed the contents of their fridge, which wasn’t much. A wave of annoyance flashed in his eyes as he stuck his hand into the cold atmosphere and shuffled around trying to find something for Kookie to eat. His hand froze with the rest of the food once Jungkook whined in a pained and panicked voice as he said, “Hyung… I might throw up.”

Yoongi quickly turned around, leaving the fridge agape and vulnerable to the world’s torments, and hurried over to Jungkook.

“Should I get you a bin?” He questioned as he ran the back of his hand down Jungkook’s warmed cheek in a hasty attempt to comfort him.

He merely nodded in response as Yoongi turned around to grab the small trash bin that had always rested in the corner. Once he snatched it off the ground he swung back around to the now very pale, and swaying, Jungkook. Before a word could be uttered from the rapper’s mouth he watched in horror as Jungkook’s eyes rolled back into his head. His body hit the ground so fast it was almost as if an invisible force was trying to yank him through the earth.

“Shit… oh my god… fuck.” Yoongi muttered as he and his shaking hands lowered onto the ground. He gently moved Jungkook’s head onto his lap and began stroking his soft brown hair. His eyes flicked over to the clock on the kitchen wall so he could monitor how long Jungkook was out. Seconds felt like hours as pale hands continued to shake on Kookie’s head in a feeble attempt to protect him further. Suddenly Jungkook’s face scrunched up in discomfort as the pain of his fall rushed into his head. He groaned and cracked open his eyes, only to soon regret it as the light flooded into his brain, adding to the pain.

“Jungkook, can you hear me?” Yoongi asked in such a calm voice that he was actually surprised by it himself. Jungkook groaned and nodded lightly, causing Yoongi to sigh in relief.

“Jesus Christ, kid. You scared the shit out of me.” Yoongi breathily said.

“Sorry, hyung.” Kookie answered with a sheepish smile. Yoongi only quietly laughed in return as the stress and ridiculousness of the situation got to him.

“Welp, we’re just gonna sleep right here, cause like Hell I’m letting you walk to your room. Tomorrow, and maybe even the day after that, you’re staying here and resting until you’re 100% better. I won’t take no for an answer. And whoever’s staying with you will have you eat three meals a day, got it?” Yoongi questioned the younger.

Kookie simply nodded, accompanied by a yawn, before grabbing onto Yoongi’s sleeve and saying, “Can you be the one who stays with me?”

Yoongi nearly passed out himself at Jungkook’s sudden, and unintentional, aegyo. He felt himself become flustered and he turned his flushed head away from Kookie. Honestly, Yoongi was really touched by the maknae’s question. It made him feel loved and trusted, and his heart swelled with warm love for his dongsaeng.

“Yeah.” He answered simply.

“I’m gonna get us some pillows and a blankets, so I’ll be right back.” Yoongi said before standing up, his knees creaking in the process, and heading to his room to grab his bedding.

The lights to his room were turned off, so he assumed Jin had gone to bed. He tip-toed into the dorm room, trying his best not to disturb the buildings skeleton, and grabbed his two pillows along with his white comforter and fluffy blanket. Jin was peacefully snuggled up into his sheets as his calm breathing was the only audible sound. Yoongi retraced his quiet steps into the kitchen with his arms full of fluffy bed sheets, and kneeled down next to Jungkook, who happened to be shivering on the cold kitchen tile.


“Ah Kookie, are you cold?” Yoongi quietly asked.

“Mmhmm.” The maknae mumbled as he wrapped his arms around himself. Yoongi dropped his contents onto the floor as he lowered himself to Kookie’s level. He gently lifted the younger’s head and slid his soft pillow underneath, then he placed his other pillow next to Kookie’s head. He laid next to Jungkook and situated the comforter over the two before laying the fluffy blanket over that.

“Goodnight, hyung. Saranghaeyo.” Jungkook sleepily said.

And once again Yoongi got that undeniably warm feeling spreading through his chest before he easily replied, “Saranghae, Kookie.”

The intrusive morning light awoke the warm and sleepy boys as the next day had unavoidably started. Namjoon’s eyes fluttered open as his pupils focused on the empty bed next to him. He got up with a groan as he began his search for his slightly troublesome, but cherished, roommate, Jungkook. As he stepped out from his room he bumped into a tired Jin, who was wobbling with the weight of early morning drowsiness.

“Have you seen Yoongi?” Jin asked as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Namjoon merely squinted his eyes in annoyance and shook his head. He was not a morning person.

“Have you seen Kookie?” Namjoon asked in his gruff and deep morning voice.

“No.” Jin answered in a questioning tone.

Deciding to solve the issue later Namjoon made his way into the kitchen for some cereal, only to step on someone’s hand. He jumped in surprise and looked down at the rare yet adorable sight in front on him. Jungkook had his head buried into the warmth of Yoongi’s chest as Yoongi had his arms wrapped protectively around Kookie’s body and his chin resting on top of the younger’s head.

“Jin! I found our missing love birds!”

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You and The Blue Sky
Saeran Choi/ Unknown X Reader Smut Drabble
Warnings: Stalking, Home Invading, Masterbation


He used his left hand to remove the condensation from his screen. His right hand was too busy pumping his cock up and down.

You were perfect.

When the Savior asked him to find the perfect Trojan horse for the RFA, you were the first that came to his mind.
He’s been following you for 5 months now. The first lie he told the Savior. The one secret he kept from the Savior.

He can remember it clearly, the first day he saw you. The first day he felt something…different.

On his way back from spying on the RFA members, he spotted you at a cafe. You were completely engrossed in a book. You didn’t notice him when he sat behind you. From the reflection on the window he could see your expressive face. When you got to a certain part of your book, you had a smile on your face, and when it seemed something bad was happening you had a slight frown.

So easy to read.
So easy to learn.
So easy to know everything about you.

‘Saeran. My child. What have you learned about the RFA today?‘The Savior asked in that sweet hypnotic voice of hers

‘My savior..’

He remembered that as he was rattling off the tedious ongoings of the RFA members, he was thinking of you.

How your stride was quick and confident when you left the cafe

The sound of your voice when you greeted your neighbor.

The beeps of your apartment door alarm.

So easy to remember.

‘Saeran? Is that all? You seem preoccupied’ the Savior said with a slight worrisome tone

‘No, my savior.’

‘I see. Good. I’ll need to accelerate them into action. Send V in here when you leave.’

He lied.
To the Savior.
To Her.
For you.

He wanted you for himself.He want- no he needed to see you again.

In the first hours of his observations. He gathered your name, your job, your friends.

In the first weeks he memorized your normal routes, and stops between your home, work and your frequent hang out places

In the first few months he collected hundreds of pictures of you. They were all over his desktop.

His most prized picture was on his phone. You were smiling with a clear blue sky behind you. He remembered a sky that blue once.

Month 5 he was hitting his peak. He wanted to touch you. He wanted to kiss you. He wanted to make love to you. He wanted to mark you as his.

But he was unworthy. Dirty. Too unclean for something as pure and good as you.

So he did the next best thing.

Closing your front door behind him, he took a deep breath. He knew you would be out of the house on a business trip. He had intercepted your emails, and found your travel plans.
He lightly grazed his hands on the walls as he walked further into the apartment.

Until he stopped in front of the bedroom.

You hadn’t made your bed.

He placed his hand on the tangled sheets. It was still warm from you. Or was he imagining it?

He went to his knees as if in prayer. He pulled out his phone with his favorite picture, you and the blue sky.

He saw you walk through the door, a smile on your face. You cradled his face in your hands.

‘Saeran. I love you.’

'I love you too.’ he said out loud

'Show me how much you love me Saeran.’

He could almost feel your breath on his ear. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Standing up; he slowly disrobed himself, imagining it was your soft hands pulling his shirt off, and rubbing his abs and chest. Your fingers running through his hair.

Taking off his pants, he could see a shadow of you, on your knees, looking up at him with a naughty smile.

Falling back on your bed, he began to pump himself, while staring at your photo.

He was feeling your soft lips around his hard cock. Seeing your hooded eyes look up at him. Hearing you slurp and suck and moan.

Turning his head on towards your pillow he was overwhelmed with your scent. He grabbed it and held it tightly against himself.

Pumping himself harder, he could almost feel himself fucking you. Bitting on the pillow he imagined himself marking you with bites and hickeys, letting the world know you were his.

His grunts and whispers of your name filled the room. He was building a heat all on his own, the room getting hot and fogging his phone screen.

He was close, he needed to see your eyes.Throwing the pillow to the side, he grabbed his phone to see you and the blue sky once more.


He came all over his stomach and chest. He slowly pumped his member as he came down.

This really was the next best thing.

'Saeran. I need you to find someone we could use to infiltrate the RFA. Someone we could easily monitor.’

But what would the best thing be like?

Don’t worry. I’ll come for you……soon.

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Prompt Tim came out to Batdad and then Batfamily.or any order.

bet you thought I’d never get around to this did you? 


Tim wiped his sweating palms on his uniform pants again. Standing in the shadows of the cave he did his best to control his breathing and not panic. When he took the job of being Robin he hadn’t planned on coming out. Robin had been a job, Bruce wasn’t his dad, Tim had thought he could keep his personal life, personal, date a nice boy at school and never talk about what he did in the real world. It’s funny what 3 years can do, he’d grown a foot since he was 13 when he first put on Dick’s uniform, he’d been shot, stabbed and blow up, Bruce very much was his dad now and being Robin was his life. Tim was sure he’d have told Bruce sooner or latter but now that he was dating superheroes he had to before Bruce heard from some one else. Bart couldn’t keep his mouth shut about anything, the whole Flash family probably already knew. How was he suppose to hide his relationship with Kon from Superman when he could look through walls and hear a cat sneeze from 1,000 miles away? So Tim was just gonna have to come out and tell Bruce before he heard it at the next League meeting. 

stepping into the light around the computer and stared at Bruce’s back for a moment before clearing his throat “Um Bruce?”

“Yes Tim” Bruce didn’t look away from the screen “there’s uh something I think, that I need to tell you” Bruce didn’t react so he pushed on “um so I want you to know I wasn’t trying to keep this from you and I know you won’t think any differently of me, but… shit this is harder than I thought, okay okay… I’m gay, um yeah”

“I know”

“I mean I’m sure you’re a little bit…. wait you knew? since when?”

“about a week after we met”

“WHAT?! how?”

“you had a habit of looking at Nightwing’s… backside for a little longer than a straight boy would” Bruce turned and looked at him then a smile playing on his lips “took you a year to shake that crush didn’t it?” 

“arg! you knew about that? oh no does Dick?” 

“you’re not as subtle as you think you are Tim” 

“well I’m gonna go die of embarressment, oh I wanted to tell you because I’m dating Superboy and Impulse, yes at the same time, yes they know, we’re all dating each other, but you knew that already didn’t you”

“I did”

“k, cool, I’m gonna go upstairs, maybe fait or throw up yeah bye” Tim walked in a daze up the steps into the manor. As he came through the clock doorway he saw Damian in the hall, he’d never be sure why he did what he did next. “Hey murder midget!” Damian turned and walked into the room glaring “what Drake?” 

“guess what” 

Damian glared even harder “what!” 

“I’m gay” Damian looked confused “what?”

“I am gay, I like guys, I like boys, I like kissing boys making out with boys, doing stuff with boys” Damian looked horrifed his mouth open “You know Bart” Tim was giddy now Damian gulped before answering “the speedy idiot?” 

Tim’s smile was wicked “Yep, we are dating, and he’s a great kisser, and you know what they say about big feet” he lured at Damian who make a gagging sound “oh gross Drake, disgusting, why would you tell me about your personal life this way” 

“gets better demon brat! I have two boyfriends! I’m dating Superboy too”

Damian’s eyes bugged out and he gasped “WHAT?! The alien? The clone? no, no Tim, that’s no, I’m telling father! No! I’m telling Alfred!!” with that Damian run from the room Tim’s laugher chasing him down the hall 


Summary: What could you do when all you had was a deck of cards and some clothes to get rid of? 

Characters: Jungkook x Reader (you)

Genre: hot, steamy, hardcore s-m-u-t (you love me yet?)

A/N: eheheh so i haven’t written a smut in 5ever and this is the continuation/development of this kinky little thing i wrote for @taehxyung once to rid her of her writer’s block. i hope its good lmao

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[warning: sexual goodness]

You have official developed a passionate hatred for high school reunions.

For starters, you had wasted a whole night sitting stiffly in the cheap plastic chairs of the cramped bar in which the event was held. The whole five hours you spent there only consisted of awkward smiles, sweaty handshakes, and pretending to actually to be able to match names with faces. Your cheeks had began to hurt an hour into the gathering, having kept your smile plastered on your face since the beginning.

Your boyfriend Jungkook had insisted on coming with you himself, yet the moment he entered the sketch looking location he immediately regretted even opening his mouth.

So when you stumbled into your shared apartment upon returning, the two of you made a beeline for the leather surface of the couch, collapsing on top of each other like a house of cards.

“Let’s not do that again.” you groaned.

“Oh yeah, for sure.” Jungkook slinged an arm over his eyes to shield them from the living room lights, the few shots he had downed for courtesy making his head groggy.

“Huh?” you raised an eyebrow as you reached into your purse for your cell phone, and your fingers came in contact with a sharp edge instead. “What the hell?”

A deck of playing cards materialized within your hands when you slipped them out of your bag, probably accidentally placed by one of your tipsy classmates. Jungkook, captivated by the sweet aroma of your perfume next to him, turned his head to place a soft kiss on your exposed jawline, sending a shiver down your spine. An idea, fueled by the alcohol and a random, sudden desire for the touch of his skin, sparked in your head.


“Hmm?” he mumbled, his lips now making their way to the corner of your lips.

“Wanna play a game?”


You removed yourself from his warmth, causing an objecting whine to escape his mouth, and dropped to your knees before the glass coffee table in front of the couch he was now sitting upright on. Unpacking the deck of cards from their casing, you slid them across the smooth surface, fanning them out in a perfect semicircle.

“Okay,” you said, inclining your body towards him, “pick a card. If it’s a spade, I’ll take off one piece of clothing, and if it’s a diamond, then you do the same.”

Jungkook peered at you through hooded eyes, attempting to disguise the lusty glint in his orbs but clearly failing. He was slightly ticked off that you had denied him of yourself just couple moments before, and he intended to make you pay, to make you regret your decisions.

“Deal.” he smirked.

You mirrored the sly expressions on his face. “Great. Now, draw a card.”

Reaching forward to obey your orders, Jungkook’s eyes twinkled hungrily as he glanced at the pattern stamped on the white card. The cocky demeanor continued, a smug grin crawling up to his lips as he flipped the card to display to you.

“Spade.” he slurred expectantly.

The corners of your mouth curled seductively. “Well…”

Jungkook’s gaze traced your fingers as you reached up, beginning to slip the black leather jacket you had chosen to sport off the curve of your shoulders, leaving the milky white skin exposed for his viewing pleasure.

“Beginner’s luck.” you scoffed playfully, “Do it again.”

He stayed unmoving until you had fully removed the thick material from your body, then his fingers flicked another card towards himself. You were delighted by the way he pursed his lips tightly together in frustration, predicting the outcome of the draw.

“Goddamn it!” Jungkook groaned as the face of the card showed you a prominent red diamond, and began unzipping the gray hoodie he had pulled on, then taking it off swiftly. You felt your heartbeat pick up pace at the sight of the thin white shirt clinging to his toned bone, flattering his firm abdomen, and swallowed slowly.

“Okay, again.”

Jungkook’s hand was already on top of the pile, and almost laughed out loud at the results.

“Fuck. Diamond.”

You watched in greedy satisfaction as he peeled the thin fabric away from his body also, letting your eyes explore every dip and curve of his muscles. A light sheen of perspiration glowed on his bare skin, making him look almost holy. “I like how this is going.”

Jungkook impatiently swiped another out of the now disarrayed rainbow of cards, and leaned back to discreetly view the graphic printed. Strangely, he cocked his head to the side, and shot you a questioning look. Flipping the card over to show you, you felt the butterflies in your stomach rage in a whirlwind as the red ink clearly showed a joker.

“What does this mean?”

You remained silent, refusing to answer his question. He watched as you stood wordlessly, flashing him a decent amount of your chest from the low dip of your dress, and slithered over to the couch he was sitting on, your lower lip caught between your teeth sensually.


You gave a light shove to his chest, and he immediately succumbed to your request, leaning back onto the couch, lips agape in a daze. He watched your towering figure shadow over him, and felt his pants become a bit more restricting in the crotch area as you lifted a leg to either side of his hips, straddling him.

You crawled up to his face, eyes dripping sexual tension, and you blew a small puff of air on a sensitive spot behind his ears. Jungkook groaned at the sensation, his mouth forming a perfect “o”. Seeing this opportunity, you locked your own lips onto the pink flesh, opened for your entrance.

He tasted exactly the way you anticipated, of hard liquor and his musky cologne that you loved so much. He dove in to explore your mouth, your tongues dancing together in a rhythmic pattern. Then you began to move against him.

The friction created by the fabrics of your clothing sent a strangled moan out of both your lips as you rocked against the rising bulge in his pants, and Jungkook’s hands flew up to your hips unconsciously, pushing you closer, harder onto himself. His hair fanned out beneath head as he leaned back into the leather of the couch.

The sight in front of you made wetness pool in between your legs, and you gnawed on your lips to keep quiet. The man that always showed so much dominance, both in your relationship and in the bedroom, was now a whimpering, vulnerable mess before you, and you felt on top of the world. You slid your fingers down his bare chest, past his defined abdomen, all the way down to the rim of his pants. Then you stopped, and Jungkook, who had been enjoying your feathery touch, growled in frustration.

“Be patient, baby.” you cooed, leaning over his face to stare into his dark orbs, which were cloudy with lust.

You slowly lowered yourself so that you were now facing his collarbones, and placed a butterfly kiss on the prominent bone. Jungkook writhed your touch, as it was there yet not quite satisfying, and clawed into your shoulder to beg for more contact. But you persisted with your torment, leading a whole trial of nearly nonexistent kisses and suckles down his torso, and once again pausing at where fabric met his bare skin. This time, you only stopped temporarily to slide off his pants and boxers, allowing his erection to spring out, standing in attention.

The tip glistened with precum, and you stuck your tongue to flick the glossy beads into your mouth. A throaty moan erupted from Jungkook’s mouth, and his fingers laced into your hair, forcing you closer. You continued your trail of kisses, from the base of his shaft back up to the top, causing Jungkook to arch his back to your lips.


“You like that?” you inquired teasingly, although his growls and moans had already answered you a long time ago.

“Just keep on doing that, please.”

His eyes shut in pleasure as you wrapped your mouth around him, the warmth and slickness having him pull against the roots of your hair. You sank lower, sucking and licking in all the right spots, until you felt the tip hit the back of your throat. Continuing to glide your lips up and down his length slowly, his moans echoed off the walls, guttural and almost animalistic. His hands put pressure against your skull, forcing you speed up, and you felt his member pulsate within your mouth, warning you that he was close. But you weren’t done with him yet.

You lifted your mouth away from his needy erection, a string of saliva connecting between your lips and the wet tip. Jungkook wanted to scream at the sudden lack of sensation, a deep growl bubbling from the base of his throat.

“You okay, baby?” You asked in feigned innocence, licking your lips arousingly, then flickering your eyes down to his member to rub small circles against the liquid coated tip.

He didn’t need to answer, as you were already moving on to your next objective to create some fun out of this night. You hitched the skirt of your dress up to your hips, but not taking it off to  give him a complete view of your body, and slipped out of your soaked panties. Jungkook’s gaze darkened as you placed your palms upon his chest and shifted your burning core to shadow over his member.

But he should’ve know that there was no way in hell you would let him receive the utter pleasure he wants. You lowered yourself onto him, but only slightly so that your folds came in contact with his member and nothing more. You rubbed your clit on his tip, the friction sending shocks throughout your body, and your leaking juices made the sensation nearly unbearable. But if there was one thing your were proud of, it was your self-control, and the knowledge of his lack thereof. You allowed your core to slid back and forth on his erection, never entering once, with hungry moans erupting from your mouth as you gripped his shoulders from the motion, and he thrusted his hips up in search for more of you.

You felt his urgency, and smiled subtly to yourself before lifting your heat away from him.

Jungkook glared at you through lust coated eyes, and you laughed as the words formed on his lips.

Fuck you.

“Why don’t you?”

That had done it. Jungkook has had enough of your taunting actions, and before you could react, he was sitting up from his sprawled position.

“That has to come off.” he mumbled to himself. You felt the cold air crawl up your skin, sending shivers down your spine, as he ripped the slinky dress off your body, leaving you exposed. To him.

In one motion, he had swept your naked self off the couch, and strode towards the bedroom at lightning speed, his steps powered by need and adrenaline. You clung tightly to his neck, especially when he kicked the wooden door to your bedroom shut, making it slam against the frame.

Your back was suddenly against the chilling wall, legs wrapped around his waist to that you could feel his member pulsating against your core, and he pressed his forehead to yours, gaze heated and determined. He pulled you flush against his chest, his body heat a bit higher than usual. Against your will, you gulped a little.

“Are you ready for revenge?”

Before you could nod your head yes, he had slammed his erect member within you, making you gasp out loud. You were electrified, from head to toe, from the inside out, and searched for something to hold on to, but was disappointed by the smooth satin finish of the bedroom walls. He pulled out, nearly completely, and slammed into you again, this time forcing both your heads back in sinful pleasure. You back slid against the wall with every movement, and you arched into his chest, increasing the sensation as he buried himself all the way to the base, meanwhile smashing your lips onto each other, muffling your groans and cries.

Then he collided into a spot within you that robbed your voice away, leaving you wide eyed and gasping as he hit that G-spot again and again. His name was repeated on your lips in a wispy sigh, and it was music to his ears as his own moans harmonized with yours. Pleasure and euphoria coursed through your veins, and you had to clamp down on your lips from being too noisy.  

“Moan for me.”

He didn’t have to tell you twice, as you were already disintegrated into a sweaty mess of lusty cries and clawing nails. He dove in for your neck, leaving small red love bites along your collarbones. The feeling of him driving into you, as well as his warm lips, made white spots erupt behind your eyelids.  

You guys continued like this for a deliciously long time, Jungkook pounding himself into you, filling you up until you screamed for more. Your fingers crawled the toned muscles of his back into his hair, intertwining them in his thick locks the way your moans blended with each other. Every time he slammed into you, you saw stars before your eyes, and his moans increased in both frequency and intensity.

“Oh god, please, Jungkook - fuck!”

Your walls clenched around his length, and you buried your face into his shoulders, but that in no way could mask the scream tearing from your throat. His name reverberated off the walls of the square bedroom, and you orgasmed with him still buried to hilt within you. He slowed from his previous frenzy tempo, and slid in and out gently to help you ride out your climax. But the sensation of your folds clamping around his own pulsing member was too much, and soon his rhythm grew erratic with his own high, releasing his warm seeds inside you.

He let you down from your position around his waist, and you slid carefully onto your shaky feet only to collapse to the carpet floors. He gripped your arm firmly before you could land on the ground, and let out a little chuckle.


You scowled tiredly at his amusement, “That’s all you got? Oops?”

He pulled you into a tight embrace before sliding his sweat slicked arms under your knees and placing you softly on amongst the sheets. He pulled the covers up to your heaving chest, and climbed in next to you. Exhaustion overwhelmed both your bodies and brains, and Jungkook whispered from besides your ear.

“Well, that might teach you before you start teasing me next time.”

You rolled your eyes from behind your heavy lids. “Fuck you.”

“Why don’t you?”

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:: monster in the bed ::

I’m on a freakin’ roll. As requested by my darling, my light, my life, my Johnny, here’s some slender!jim and shota!john

Summary: There are some monsters in this world that hurt little children. And there are others who punish those monsters for what they’ve done. John Watson is about to learn the difference.

!!Warning!!: NSFW shota, tentacles


John woke coughing, his face throbbing from his Father’s drunken fist. He looked around wildly, sensing…something odd. He shuddered a little, coughing again for reasons he wasn’t sure. of.

He scampered out of bed, catching the glimpse of something outside and ran toward it. Toddling in his worn dinosaur pajamas he pushed himself up to the windowsill.

It took him a moment before he saw it.

A man.

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youu are a PIRatE - 4


Cry sighed as he stared blankly at the bright blue skies. Wind brushed past him gently, bringing in the coolness from the lake just over the hill. He unconsciously pulled out the grass next to his legs as he stared.

It was oddly silent. It was almost discomforting.

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103 & 109 (you should some like sad riley cause that's the good shit with some cute farkle!!!)

Wooo this took forever whaaaat I actually like how this turned out… lmk tho? <3

Send me a prompt!
103: “Are you strong enough?”
109: “You want me to kiss you again.”

On AO3
Words: 1374
Pairing: Riarkle

The Fundamentals of Keeping Her Safe

The bay window was closed, the curtains drawn, and the lights off. The room was shrouded by shadow, and raindrops twinkled against the dark sky on the windows. To the untrained eye, it might seem that the room belonged to a vacationer who was gone for the month, but he was no amateur. He knew that if you pushed inwards on the frame of the bay window, the lock would become just askew enough to push up and open, and the curtains would start to billow against the wind. He knew to climb in silently (but he always hit his head anyway) and to close the window after him; he knew to draw the curtains back to let the gray light in; he knew to take his shoes off before climbing into her bed and wrapping his arms around her. Most importantly, he knew to squeeze her just a bit tighter every time lightning struck, to let her pull the duvet up around her ears.

Those were the fundamentals of keeping her safe at night. The ‘Do’s’ to keep her from doing the ‘Dont’s.’ She was always a little worse during thunderstorms – it didn’t matter if it was noon or midnight – and she couldn’t get out of bed. She always said that she wanted to be alone around then, but Farkle knew better. He knew to be there by the second roll of thunder, he knew to bring licorice if he could, he knew to hum melodies to her that she hadn’t heard before. And Farkle knew not to leave Riley alone, despite how awkward it could potentially be.

As he listened to the rain and traced circles on her back, he thought about it. One of the worst nights of his life. It had been a hurricane, with torrential rains and rattling winds. He arrived to her room soaked through his clothes and panting, to find her curled up against the door, shivering and shaking. Her breath was shallow and her eyes wide, and she was muttering incoherently. He hadn’t known it at the time, but she had just arrived home from her and Lucas’s first real fight. All he knew back then was to close the window behind him.

He can still remember crouching down in front of her and pulling her into a tight hug. He remembers her breath hitching as he whispered assurances to her, calm and sweet nothings, only to get her to even blink out of her frozen state. He pulled back and looked into her glazed eyes.

“Are you strong enough to stand?” She didn’t say anything in return, and lightning crashed through the city. With the following roll of thunder overhead, the building shook and the lights flickered. Farkle looked around the room, with long shadows and belongings scattered, and he wiped his shaky hands on his pants. He wordlessly put his arms around her shoulders and under her knees, and didn’t stop whispering now-shaky comforts to her as he placed her gingerly on her bed.

“Just thunder, Riles,” he had mumbled, pulling his soggy boots off of his feet and sitting next to her. He pulled her against him and gave her quick kisses all over. “Just thunder.”

She shook less with every peck he gave. Fingers, knuckles, hands, shoulders, forehead, nose, cheeks. Cheeks, nose, forehead, shoulders, hands, knuckles, fingers. Imagining her lips. And then again. Every kiss was a ‘you’re safe.’ He felt like he should kiss her over one hundred times. He wished he could. He wished only he could kiss her one hundred times. And yet, she stopped him on thirteen.

“Farkle,” she had croaked as his lips left her left cheek. It was the first thing she had said all that night, and Farkle couldn’t help but let out a relieved sigh. The glaze over her eyes had melted and she no longer shook. The downpour had turned into a drizzle, and the moon’s light filtered through clouds.

“Lucas and I had a fight.” And her voice had cracked. And lightning briefly lit the room, but it was so far away that it hadn’t made a sound. “And we’re on a break. And for once I don’t know how this is going to end.”

Farkle was sat, frozen as he heard the news, and the past hour made even more sense. She didn’t feel safe. How could she, when she had never handled something like this? No matter what he did, no matter how many kisses Farkle gave, he couldn’t make her safe. Not like this. He felt his cheeks heat up at the thought of thirteen kisses, and suddenly he was humiliated again. He couldn’t make her safe, only Lucas could. He didn’t know why he tried.

And so he had put his shoes back on, and left with the window open. And he didn’t know quite why.

Of course, that was three months ago, and Lucas and Riley made up. But there were more fights, and more thunderstorms, and Farkle was still there each time. It was fine, he thought, as he layed there tracing circles on her back. It was the first time he had done it in a while, and so he waited, like always, for her to tell him that there was another fight, or they were on another break. No kisses, though.

And as always, as the rain started to let up into a drizzle, Riley took a deep breath and sat up against her headboard. She rested her head on his shoulder, and he took a deep breath, too.

“Lucas and I broke up,” she said sadly. “For good, this time.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Riles.”

“It happened a few weeks ago.”

A few weeks ago was the beginning of summer vacation, for most of which Lucas had been visiting Texas. So no-one heard what had happened, until now. All Farkle could say was, “oh.”

“We’re still friends, don’t worry,” said Riley. “I just wished it would’ve happened easier.”

“How so?” He traced her hand with his own.

“We figured out that we love each other, but not in the same ways that we love others. We’re just not meant for each other.”

“So you both had feelings for different people?”

“I guess that’s what I’m saying, yeah.”

Farkle gulped and bit the inside of his cheek. He was familiar with the concept. But all he could say was, “that’s a shame.”

“Not totally,” Riley shrugged. Her voice was growing stronger, and suddenly Farkle noticed rays of sunlight hitting the bay window. But his mind was still cloudy.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that we now get to be true to ourselves and our feelings,” a glimmer had returned in her eyes. “When Lucas gets back from Texas, he’s going to tell Maya how he feels.”

“He’s in love with Maya?” Farkle looked at Riley incredulously, but she had a peaceful look on her face.

“Yeah. I think he has been all along, really. He just needed to figure out his love for me, first. And so did I.”

“…And what did you figure out?”

“That I appreciated the wrong person. Now, I’m not saying that Lucas isn’t great – he’s protective, smart, kind, and he was always making sure Maya was okay when it stormed out.”

“Maya’s afraid of thunderstorms?”

“It’s more the lightning that worries her. But yeah. Lucas and I realised that we might be dating the wrong people because of that. He deserves to be appreciate – and be appreciated by – Maya. Me…”

“You?” Farkle’s voice had become hoarse, but a smile snuck onto Riley’s face.

“I realised that it’s you I should’ve been appreciating all along.”

“M… What?” A blush rose to Farkle’s cheeks, and suddenly Riley was giggling.

“Yeah, you. You’ve always been there for me, Farkle. I only just realised it when you left.” She intertwined his fingers with hers. “I’ve always felt safe with you.” She leaned in and kissed him right on the lips; a safe, snug kiss. And then she pulled back.

Farkle’s eyes widened and his jaw went slack, and all he could do was blink.

“You… want me to kiss you again.” She laughed, and the sun was shining.

“One hundred times.”

Is this okay?

(WARNING: NSFW ;^) SideBeatz

“E-eh, S-Shadow, I don’t..I don’t think this is..” Sidearms stuttered, pulling a hand over his face. His breathing hitched and he was left short of breath. “This isn’t okay….” He stammered more.

“Shut up, Side,” Shadow said in his spiteful tone of voice. His hands traveled up and down his body and he continued to plant kisses around Sidearms’ face and neck. Sidearms remained still and breathing little. What he didn’t understand is how they ended up in this situation. One thing led to the next and now Shadow was on top of him and Side was being submissive.

“S-stop…” Side blurted out. Shadow did and looked him in the eyes. “What’s going on…this is way too fast, man,” Sidearms said with a red and distressed face.

Shadow furrowed his brow and leaned in onto his face. Side’s face tingled as Shadows facial hair softly grazed against his mouth and soon felt butterflies at the soft, tender kiss planted on his lips. “W-why?” Side stammered again.

“Because you’re here,” Shadow said against his lips. “I don’t see why I can’t.” He continued to kiss Sidearms here and there. His lips would touch his skin softly and tenderly, shivers erupting from each one. Albi’s fingers tingled and his heart skipped many beats - he could feel every touch Shadow made, and felt every breath he took when laying thin lips against skin.

Sidearms slowly moved his hands, allowing Shadow to ravish him. He didn’t completely mind - he had liked him for a long time and decided this was the best his relationship with him would be. It’s toxic, he thought, but I still can’t help myself with him. It all started with the video games and playing in the Crew. The longer they knew each other, the more his love for Shadow grew. He said “I love you, man” whenever he could to him, and he sincerely meant it every time. Now, he was the one on him, the one who is taking their relationship to another level.

Sidearms took hold of the situation and he rolled them both so he was on top, responding to Shadows prompts, and allowing him to enter his mouth. He then moved from his mouth to his cheeks then his ears, sucking on the lobe and his earing. Shadows breath came in short whiffs, becoming self aware that he was grinding against Sides’ leg.

“Take it off,” Shadow said, suddenly sitting up and tugging at the hem of Sidearms’ shirt. “Now.” He heavily demanded. Sidearms face turned more red and he took it slowly off, teasing the other. He leaned in and started to suck on the nipple, biting softly and flicking his tongue over the tip.

“Fuck, Shadow,” Sidearms groaned.

“You want more?” Shadow asked, suddenly stopping but inching his fingers along the hem of Albi’s jeans. He could instantly feel a buldge but refrained from touching it at all. He looked into the others eyes and noticed the lust followed by a nod.

Shadow took his shirt off and undid his pants, hastily zipping down. Side did the same and bit his lips. He couldn’t believe he was starting to do this with his friend. He didn’t know what to do, since he was a virgin…when he thought of sex he thought of romance and love, petals on the bed, and the significant other would slowly, but surely, undress then ravish him. But he didn’t complain - he was with Shadow…his taunter, best friend…lover. At this point, he couldn’t see himself with any other person.

“Lemme just…” Shadow stretched towards his night stand and opened a drawer, pulling out a condom and a small tube of lube.

“U-uh…” Sidearms face burned up and he started to giggle nervously. Shadow looked at him from the corner of his eye.

“You okay, Side..?”

“N-no, I’m good,” He giggled nervously. “I-it’s just that…um…” He gestured at the condom. He’d never actually had to apply one before.

He chuckled. “It’s good, I sometimes have company…so…” He started to move Side off of him and pulled his pants off and threw them to the floor. “Just lay down and try to relax a bit..”

 Albi shuffled into place and slowly took off his jeans, unsure of what to expect. The sheet beneath him felt odd - he had no need to lie naked in bed before. Even masturbating, he would only pull down his pants to about his knees.

Is it okay to dirty the sheets? Should he just lie naked afterwards, too? So many things popped up into his mind as Shadow proceeded to roll the condom on.

“W-will it hurt?” Side asked nervously.

He shrugged and positioned himself over side, gently pressing against Sides’ penis. “Maybe, depends…” He answered vaguely, slowly moving his hips. His answer didn’t make Side feel any better - it was unspecified and made him uncertain about his actions. But with his erection, he couldn’t help but think of what pleasure it will give him.

“You ready?” Shadow asked, staring deeply into Albi’s eyes. He nodded slowly and Shadow applied the lube around his member and dabbed on Side’s entrance. He then moved his hips forward, trying to fit the tip in. Side moaned slowly, his breath being caught on the slight pain and irritation it caused. Shadow moved slowly in, worrying a little that he may not like it in the end. But Side grasped the bed sheets and moaned louder as the other finally fit himself in. They took a few seconds to wait for Albi to become accustomed to the feeling and moved slowly.

Albi’s breathing started to rise, as was Shadow’s, and moved along with him. The feeling made him feel full in some off way he couldn’t fathom. His penis felt tingly and his sight started to blur.

Shadow leaned down, still pumping, and kissed Side on the lips, tenderly, again. Shadow’s heart felt like it was going to burst - he was suddenly having sex with…well…his best friend he won’t care to admit. Seeing him act so submissive and moaning so sensually turned him on more and he picked up his pace. He imagined his music and the tempo he’d be moving at - what would suffice? A fast or slow pace? Moderato, maybe? Shadow smirked to himself and kissed a pattern along Sidearms’ neck.

“S-Shadow..” Albi moaned softly, closing his eyes.

“Again…” Shadow groaned, “Say it..again…” His breath along his neck made him shiver.

“Shadow..!” He wrapped his arms around him and felt a deep pressure to his lower half. Moans filled the room, as well as bed squeeking, and the lewd sounds of juices mixing. “Shadow!” Albi screamed again as he sprayed onto himself, and in turn squeezing onto Shadow’s dick. He moaned and finished inside, hiding his face in the crook of Albi’s neck.

“Fu~ck,” Shadow squeeled, breathing heavily. He stayed put for a minute, catching his breath and slowly pulling out. When he did, Sidearms put his legs down and sprawled out on the bed. “Was that amazing or what?” Shadow chuckled.
Side nodded, still awestruck with lust. He moved his hand so that it could entwine with Shadows and they lied down together, falling asleep.

Half-awake, Shadow looked down. “Are…are you going to clean up?”

A sleepy Sidearms shook his head softly and murmured, “Nah, I’ll…I’ll leave it..” And he was asleep.

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Hi hello tell me everything about your hooker AU and also the indie band AU because I just want spock in skinny jeans

okay so the Hooker AU was ABO and angsty:


When Castiel turns 14, he runs away from home.

He buys a bus ticket that will get his as far away as possible, and ends up in some random shitty little town he’d never even heard of. He wanders around for a few hours and ends up getting mugged. He’s skinny and the guy’s not an alpha, but he’s big all the same and he knocks Castiel over without even trying. Cas fights though, because he’s angry and stupid. The only reason he doesn’t end up getting beaten to within an inch of his life is that a boy turns up and runs the guy off with a gun that looks too big in his hand. A boy around the same age as Cas.

His name he says, is Dean. He then calls Cas an idiot and asks what the hell he’s doing, tells him to go home. Cas says he doesn’t have one. Dean softens a bit. Tells him there’s a shelter nearby that might take him in, but it fills up quick and they don’t let people in after dark.

Cas says he’ll be fine. Dean doesn’t look convinced, but he leaves anyway.

He sees Dean a while later, smiling at a man. The guy gives him something and they vanish into the shadows of an alley. Guy emerges a while later, adjusts his pants. Cas thinks he must be imagining things. Dean hadn’t even presented yet, Cas had been close enough to scent him when he helped up to his feet in the alley and he’d just smelled like boy. Salt and sweat and not a lot else.

So Dean can’t have been… except the guy walks past where Cas is sitting and he smells of sex.

Dean is a whore.

For the first time Castiel wants to go home.

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Farkle runs into the school and into Lucas and Zay in a panic, begging them to hide him. They’re confused what he’s talking about. He’s yelling “the girls are going to ambush me any second, it’s so embarrassing, they do this every single year you need to help me hide-” but before he can finish his breathless pant, the girls appear from the shadows and strike. Maya is pining him to the lockers and tickling him as Riley tries to tie balloons onto every inch of his body as they screech an off-key rendition of “Happy Birthday”. Everyone in the school hallway stops and watches in amusement because he can’t fight them off and the louder he laughs/yells at them to stop, the louder the girls sing. Maya won’t stop tickling him even after she stops singing and Riley launches into her own made-up song about him as she shoves a ‘birthday girl’ tiara on his head. Maya starts yelling out ridiculous pet names for him. They eventually have to head to class, but they do this to him for the rest of the day as they follow him to all his classes. Riley and Maya have a bag of birthday supplies they keep using on him at different periods and a batch of brownies they baked for him for lunch. Riley will glare at him if he unties any of the balloons. Farkle is blushing and embarrassed for the rest of the day and pretends to be annoyed, but everyone can tell he’s actually more touched and amused than anything else. Lucas and Zay are lost because they hadn’t even realized it was his birthday wtf. The ot3 is strong and beautiful okay bye