that shadow is shit though


Chris loves making flower crowns!! 🌸

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what about a shadow fresh out of the dark world whos just full of rage and bitterness at the links and ready to wreak some havoc on hyrule?

[[oh NICE i love angry nasty shadow


Hylians were so incredibly stupid it was funny. He’d seen his opening and taken it; somehow, inexplicably, a passage to Hyrule had been opened. So he’d gone through it, clawed himself out against the harsh kickback of the light, emerged from frothing darkness on the other side of the Mirror, under the new moon.

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I was playing Pokemon XD today and you guys don’t understand how much I love the Orre Region.

  • First off, they don’t have pokeballs there, so they have to import them from another region if they want to sell them in shops.

Do you know what that means? People walk around Orre with their pokemon partners without really ever having to put them away in little capsule balls. Their pokemon are a part of their everyday lives all the time.

  • Professor Krane found a loophole in the law to make stealing shadow pokemon from bad guys legal.

And nobody gives a shit about this, even though Krane’s Memos are showing how morally conflicted he is about making the Snag Machine to steal these shadow pokemon from their cruel trainers.

  • Sextuplets called the “Hexagon Brothers” exist and they all look like the Power Rangers.

And they can’t count themselves! First they go:

Red: Sound off!
Blue: 1
Green: 2
Yellow: 3
Purple: 4
Brown: 5
Red: Wait, we’re missing someone?!

Then they’re like:

Red: Sound Off!
Blue: 1
Green: 2
Yellow: 3
Purple: 4
Brown: 5
Red: 6
Blue: 7
Green: 8… wait a dog gone minute. Brothers, we have spies among us.

  • Miror B is my all time favourite of the admins/ex-admins in Team Cipher

He’s literally a disco stu with Ludicolo backup dancers.

  • And finally, the body builders have breasts bigger than, not only the women, but bigger than their own heads.

It’s a true fact. I’m not lying. Thugs and body builders were proportioned like Conkeldurr… but, like, 2x-3x bigger.

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What do you think of people who claim that Sonic wasn't good since Adventure 2 or '06 or whatever? Are you into Sonic anyway?

yes i am into sonic actually, used to be a major sonic fag on deviantart back in ‘11

anyone that says sonic hasnt been good since adventure 2 is fucking dumb lmao. they probably just take a quick glance at the game, go “wheres the chao garden?!?!?!?” and dismiss it as shit

it’s even worse when they act like sonic wasnt good since sonic 3. like nigga you even play the games? or did you look at the box art, see it has a gimmick and dismiss it as trash. maybe they even saw the first minute of gameplay and thought to themselves “wow another shit sonic game”

like granted, hes had more bad games then good, but each game tries to be something new, and when it works, it really fucking works. even if it is bogged down by something occasionally.

sonic adventure had excellent sonic, tails, knuckles, gamma and even amy levels, with sonic having like twice as many as anyone else of course because its his game, but making you play as big to get the super sonic ending was just ugh. i didn’t really mind reusing some levels for each character that much tho, since their gameplay is all every different.

i never played sonic shuffle, so i cant comment on it. but it seems like a shitty mario party wannabe, so im not exactly in a rush to play it

sonic adventure 2 made sonic and shadow control like a dream with some absolutely fantastic stages, but you only got to play as them for 1/3 of the game. tails was put in his mech so you dont get his fun race levels from sa1 and instead when you play as him or eggman, you get to hear nonstop beeping as you hold on to a button and then release as you use this clunky fucking mech to get through an obnoxious level, knuckles had his emerald radar gimped and his levels fucking massively extended so playing him and rouge feels like a mind-numbing chore, especially in that space level. 1/3 of the game is honestly unbearable. like sa2 is really really bad when you’re not playing as sonic or shadow. and even then, their levels are hit and miss. i’d say there are only like 3 or 4 really good levels in the game. fuck sa2

sonic heroes is an underrated gem of a game. it might be a bit hit or miss, but it’s still very good despite the flaws. the hero switching mechanic, while not perfectly executed, was a neat take on the sonic adventure formula. no more entire levels dedicated to tales and knuckles, now you can only play as sonic for most the game unless something needs tails or knuckles. it was also an interesting take tying difficulty to the team you pick. team sonic is normal, team rose is easy, team shadow is hard, and team chaotix is a special little extra mode where you have to do objectives in each level. it’s neat. but it would be better if it didnt make you do the same levels 4 times. you should be able to get to the final missions without doing all 4 teams if they’re just gonna be different difficulties. but the stages are mostly great, especially that second world. and they brought back bonus stages, and fuck they’re good in this game. honestly i find heroes hard to even dislike. it might not be perfect, but fuck it makes up for its flaws

things got a bit shit after heroes though, i will admit. shadow is trash, 06 is only good because its so bad, the riders series is zzzzz…., who gives a shit about sonic rivals, secret rings is one of the worst games i have ever played, the olympic games series is just dumb party games that use motion controls. better than the recent mario party games at least.. however, when it seemed like sonic went to shit, if you owned a nintendo handheld, you’d notice that actually good sonic games were still coming out during these years. most notably, the advance games. honestly, until sonic mania, sonic advance was the real sonic 4. pure 16-bit side-scrolling sonic platforming. 3 was a bit meh though because of a dumb teamwork gimmick. then theres sonic rush, which is just a huge step up from advance with boost gameplay before it was even in the 3d games. it was fucking good. even sonic battle was pretty alright despite being kind of all over the place

after the dark years though, sonic games were getting back on track. sonic unleashed came out, and we were treated to absolute kino daytime stages. and unfortunately sub-par werehog stages. they’re not good, but worth getting through to get to the real levels. even then, the werehog levels are nowhere close to being as bad as all the non-sonic/shadow levels in sa2

then black knight came out and it was… better than secret rings at least…

all-stars racing is really good. better than most mario kart games honestly. not much else to say about it.

sonic 4 ep 1, i havent played more than the first level of because i’ve heard some stories. bad stories. i dont want to experience that mess.



hell even sonic 4 episode 2 managed to be pretty alright. 

fucking sonic and all-stars racing transformed is one of the best racing games i have ever played and is a thousand times better than the first

sonic lost world, i havent played too much of, but i honestly really liked what i played. the parkour in it is great, even if sonic isnt super fast in this game. if only the worlds didnt feel so… bland and generic. and fuck the villains.

sonic boom i feel had potential. if you look into the development of it, you’ll see just how much ambition it had and how the devs had some interesting ideas. but a ton of things got in the way, and we ended up with sonic 06-2. i didnt even bother with fire and ice though.


like, sonic has had plenty of bad games during this time, but most of them are just dumb spin-offs. the main series has been consistently great with the exceptions of sa2, shadow and 06

seriously, anyone that still thinks sa2 is good and was the last great sonic game is severely blinded by nostalgia.

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  • roach: it's like reverse Bloody Mary
  • roach: you don't have to say vriska's name three times
  • roach: you just sort of have to glancingly mention she might not be all that great, once, months ago
  • roach: and people will pour out of the shadows ready to fuck your shit up

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jet, i have to ask, what's worse: that some people are undecided on this election, or that some people are decided and have decided FOR TRUMP. im honestly not sure which scares me more at this point.

Oh man. I mean I’m not saying the fact that WE ARE EVEN HERE isn’t a massive concern. It so is. But I think it’s a separate worry, and perhaps even worse, I can’t say it entirely surprises me. I think one of the worst things about Trump’s campaign is that he’s made it okay to spew every horrific racist misogynistic homophobic transphobic xenophobic thought and feeling. But those thoughts and feelings were already there. Trump’s giving it all a permissiveness it shouldn’t ever have, but he didn’t create this. And I dunno, maybe I’m being naive, but I think it’s easier to combat a problem that’s stepped out into the light, rather than skulking in shadows and whispers.

Those who are undecided though. That shit upsets me so much because it’s so fucking inexplicable and I get so pissed off. Those who try to claim there’s essentially no difference between the two are demonstrating such a basic lack of critical thinking, and I find that far more frightening. I don’t understand how it’s possible to look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and come away with “I can’t decide which is better.” OR EVEN WHICH IS WORSE. That’s not the ideal, but whatever, I’ll take it.

This is like ordering from a very limited menu where your options are an apple or a bowl of broken glass. Okay maybe what you really wanted was an orange, and that’s fair, BUT HOW ARE YOU STILL STANDING THERE WEIGHING UP THE PROS AND CONS ONE IS A NUTRITIOUS FOOD ITEM AND THE OTHER IS MEAL OF RAZOR SHARP SILICATE SHARDS THAT WILL SLICE YOU UP FROM THE INSIDE AND MURDER YOU.

Trump supporters, as much as I disagree with them (AND I DO ON EVERYTHING I’M SURE THEY PICKED THE WRONG SOCKS TO WEAR TOO), I do at least think THEY think they’re making the best choice. Undecideds can’t even figure out what “best” means to them, and I think that’s such a larger problem and failing on us as a society.

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also got any sh camping hcs?

Hmm camping headcanons, okay. This is set in the shadow world though (maybe once the whole Valentine shit is over).

  • Luke decides to take the squad on a camping trip. (He’s a werewolf, he loves the outdoors)
  • The squad don’t resist though, they’re actually fully up for the idea. (Even though Jace, Izzy and Alec don’t really know what mundane camping trips consist of)
  • Jace is a bit outraged when he finds out he has to share a tent with Simon because Luke is like “there’s not a chance in hell that you are sharing a tent with my daughter. Nope, not at all”
  • Luke decides to have the biggest tent *cue smug smirk*. He’s the “adult” after all. *cue Magnus and Alec’s offended faces*
  • Clary happily sets up her sleeping bag in the tent whereas Izzy bless her, has brought a blow up mattress and her duvet with her. She offers to share with Clary is Clary promises to make smores later. (Yes, Izzy googled what smores are and she can’t believe she’s been deprived of them)
  • Simon is forced to set up his and Jace’s tent because Jace wonders off to where the cool box is and quickly grabs one of Luke’s beers (which Luke quickly snatches off him).
  • No one wants to set up their tent next to Alec and Magnus’ cause the two of them won’t be able to keep their hands to themselves for a night and none of them want to hear that ;)
  •  Everyone also refuses to enter Malec’s tent.
  • Jokes on them because Magnus has enchanted their tent so it’s bigger on the inside. They have a proper bed, an actual toilet, a mini bar. (Magnus doesn’t go camping, he goes glamping)
  • Luke spends ages trying to set up a campfire the old fashioned way, rubbing sticks or stones together insisting he can do it.
  • Magnus feels bad for him so snaps his fingers on the sly to get the fire started. (After all, Luke is the one who set all this up)
  • Simon’s brought his guitar along and insists on singing songs around the fire. Jace and Alec are out of there in a blink of an eye
  • Clary has brought her sketchbook and is drawing them all sitting around the fire, the glow of the moonlight on their faces, the smiles resting on their faces.
  • Jace, Izzy and Alec begin to think that maybe not all mundane activities are stupid.
  • Luke is having the time of his life. He’s always wanted to have kids that he could do this sort of thing with. Now he basically has 5 kids and a very good warlock friend. Family.