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Anniversary (M) | RM

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*Request* Hi! I would like to request a namjoon smut about your first time with him?? It can be his first time too? It’s your anniversary with him! Thanks love!

Description: Getting through a year of a relationship is a gift of itself. Being in a relationship with BTS’ leader, RM, for this long is winning the world. Saving yourself wasn’t too hard since your time together was always limited. For your anniversary, he makes the time for you to give him his present.

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2k

I take deep breathes as I finish styling my hair. I haven’t been this nervous for a date night since my first date with my boyfriend, Namjoon, and that was a year ago today. Our anniversary seemed to come so quickly. I honestly didn’t think Namjoon and I would get to this day. When we started dating it was a little rocky with him being on schedule but somehow we ended up getting through the hard times and so far it’s been worth it. He’s worth it.

Tonight was a big deal for me. Not only was it our anniversary for being together for one year, I’ve decided to make it special. Although we’ve been together for that long we have yet to have sex. It’s not because I didn’t want to but with Namjoon’s schedule we kept prolonging it. There’s also the little issue with me being a virgin that help accept the excuses to not do it.

I take one last look at the purple lingerie that I’ve been saving for this day. It was simple but sexy. I cover it up with a maroon dress that reaches just above the knee with black heels. This is probably the most effort I put into an outfit for date night since our first date. After a while I found that Namjoon loved what I wore no matter what it was, either it being casual or dressy.

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be there; j.jk - chapter II

summary: min ara, 19 years old, torn away from her father by death, and suffering constantly from tuberculosis. jeon jungkook, 20 years old, no family left, and also suffering constantly from tuberculosis. what a coincidence, right?

word count: 888

genre: angst, fluff, more angst, mystery

author’s note: hello memers! i’m back at it again with another chapter of this ANGSTY ASS story, enjoy!


-ara’s pov-

the cold morning air that seemed to explore the room rose me from my deep sleep.

sighing as i slowly opened my eyelids, my hazel eyes seemed to be fixated to the plain white ceiling above me.

‘here we go again.’ i thought. 'another day of tests, scans and no love.’

turning to my left, my eyes slightly closed, i let my legs dangle from the hospital bed.

slowly lifting my head up, i found something i would never expect to see.

a boy, who looked around my age, was sleeping soundly on his bed, on the verge of falling off.

he looked, in some way, like an angel.

despite his sick-looking complexion, his messy strawberry-blonde hair and his lightly tanned skin gave out a peaceful vibe from him.

i was mesmerized by his beauty until i realized the cuts and band aids on his arms.

my heart dropped.

although i had no clue who he was, my gut seemed to be telling me that the cuts and band aids represented the tough times he’d gone through, like how my scar represented mine.

whilst my heart wrenching, i noticed that at any moment, he could fall off the bed.

i quickly propped my feet on the floor and slowly crept towards him.

i didn’t want to scare him, duh.

slowly pushing him to the right side of his bed, his eyes fluttered open.

scared, i let go of his shoulder and put my hands to my sides, smiling nervously, hoping that it would ease the awkwardness.

“h-hey.” i started nervously, cursing at myself for stuttering. “l-look, i’m so sorry if i scared you, i-i didn’t mean to. it was j-just that you were on the verge of, like, falling off your bed a-and-”

“thank you.” said the boy as simply as could be. but it was in such a, although slightly husky, kind and warm voice that seemed to make my heart melt.

“o-oh, you’re welcome.” i replied, slightly flustered, i will admit.

the boy suddenly turned around to fully face me.

he was now sitting in the edge of his bed, his eyes beaming with, what i would think, happiness.

“i-i’m jeongguk. jeon jeongguk.” he quickly said.

-jeongguk’s pov-

the girl, the beautiful one i saw laying sickly in her bed, was now standing in front of me.

she looked even more gorgeous awake.

i could tell she was nervous, from her playing with her fingers to her scratching her nape.

the feeling was definitely mutual.

my heart, unexpectedly, began to pump at a rapid pace.

gulping slowly so that the girl wouldn’t notice, i tried to muster up some smooth way to introduce myself.

that didn’t work out for me.

“i-i’m jeongguk. jeon jeongguk.” i blurted out, screaming at myself in my head once i did so.

“i’m ara. min ara.” replied the girl in an angel-like voice that seemed to raise my already-fast paced heartbeat once again.

-ara’s pov-

“i’m ara. min ara.” i replied slowly, slightly excited since i, finally, had some human interaction with someone other than a doctor or nurse.

“ara! what a beautiful name!” exclaimed jeongguk loudly before clearing his throat.

this, in a way, seemed to notify me that he was getting quite excited.

i chuckled before returning the compliment by saying, “jeongguk, i’ve always loved that name.”

smiling at the ground once i said the sentence, i looked up to find something i wouldn’t expect from the boy.

he, i believe, was blushing.

-jeongguk’s pov-

'oh my god, i’m blushing so freaking hard right now! jeongguk, find your chill!’ i thought to myself.

slightly feeling embarrassed by my awkwardness, i looked down to my dangling toes before pulling my head up once again to find something i wouldn’t believe was true.

ara was blushing as well.

i giggled at her cuteness. her chuckles and blushes were all too much for me to handle.

'you’re falling hard for this girl, aren’t you?’ said a voice in my head.

i truly believed i was.

'and by the looks of it, the girl seems to be falling for you too.’ said another voice, making my heart race.

'that’s all i can hope for.’ i thought. 'because this girl is sending me on one crazy emotional coaster, that’s for sure.’

-author’s pov-

little did jeongguk know, ara, who’d never fell for anyone before, was feeling the exact same feelings as he did for her.

only knowing the boy for 2 hours, ara’s contentment would still continue to increase.

the boy made her heart quicken, her thoughts brighter, and her smile larger.

he seemed to understand her entirely. he, himself, had tuberculosis.

although ara was afraid to tell the boy about her past, she would say the tiniest fragments of her life, hiding the details, the pain and the anger that she experienced.

it seemed as if they lived the same life, for whenever she would mention something about her life, the boy would always nod and retaliate with a similar situation he experienced.

that’s what made him seem like the best human in the world to her.

she couldn’t think of anything wrong with him.

he was an angel to her. and so was she to him.

Drabble for  @twinklingmoonandstars ♡

  • Prompt: ‘taehyung - “I hate the long distance. i miss you”
  • Genre: Angst
  • Warning: animal death.
  • Words: 0.6k

a/n: Requested on my old blog, repost. 

She’s been crying for hours now, it has not been the best day, week, heck it hasn’t  been a good month. But she’s been making herself seem strong, she’s been pretending well enough so the others don’t notice. Especially her boyfriend.

Taehyung has been on tour for the past month, in the begging everything was ok, they could talk every once in a while, but with the tour doing well the interviews increased and that caused them to talk a lot less frequently. Which helped a lot on her covering up her feelings for the past 2 weeks, but today was a horrible day.

She hadn’t talked to him since yesterday, she couldn’t, because she knew that she would cry a river as soon as she hears his voice, but for her bad luck Taehyung called her twice and she didn’t pick up. Not until she felt like she could talk to him without letting him notice, how broken she was.

Taehyung called again, around midnight and she picked up, no longer having an excuse to not answer him.

“Hey, hi baby, how are you?”

“I’m good, how are you?”

“I’m good, just tired.”

“I’ve been calling you, are you ignoring me?” He laughed joking.

“No, of course not, I’m just tired, it’s been a long day you know?”

“Really? Tell me about it then, how was it?”

“Oh, I don’t want to make you bored, I’m sure it’s like 3 am there, right?” She said trying to run from the question.

“Actually it’s only 9 pm here. And I’m already in my room so I can talk for a bit. Wanna turn on the camera? I miss you.” She could feel Taehyung’s smile through the phone, but she knew she couldn’t turn the camera on, he would see right through her puffy eyes that she’s been crying. “I even miss that little fur ball. I wanna see Luna.” At the sound of her name, she couldn’t hold it anymore.

Soft moans escaped from her mouth as she mourned her beautiful cat, for a moment she forgot Taehyung was on the line and began sobbing like she was alone in her room. Taehyung began panicking, asking her what was wrong, and by now she had left the phone on the bed on speaker mode barely being able to answer him. All she could do was sob as she hugged her pillow.

Taehyung tried to comfort her but without any use, after a few minutes he came to the realization that he hasn’t seen Luna in a few days whenever they video chatted, he tried to confirm, but she told him that Luna had died yesterday.

Taehyung was incapable of making her stop crying, but after a few minutes she calmed down, breathing a little more controlled and she was able to answer him.

“Ugh…” She sighed as she wiped her tears. “I hate the long distance, I miss you”

“I’m sorry I’m not there with you, I’m sorry I’m not a good boyfriend right now.” Taehyung said with the saddest voice she had heard.

“What? No, no, you’re doing fine. God, I wish I had a boyfriend like you since the begging. It would have saved me from all those shitty relationships.” She laughed, and both her and Taehyung laughed.

“… Love?” Taehyung called.


“I love you, so so much. And I’m sorry for what happened to Luna, I thought she would get better. I promise to be around you even if virtually as much as I can, and I promise to shower you with lots of love for not being there with you, ok?”

She softly laughed and replied: “It’s not like I don’t know that Taehyung, I know you’ll do your best. You always do. I love you a lot too baby.”

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So, when I was doing my thesis on whether or not fanfiction should be considered a legitimate genre of literature, my advising professor asked me for examples.  I gave him the generic ones, of course - “Pride & Prejudice and Zombies” is a horror fanfic of “Pride & Prejudice”, “50 Shades of Grey” is an erotica fic of “Twilight" - and that seemed to make him understand what fanfiction is, but not how it’s useful.  So I thought about it, and, after about a minute, I said, “Paradise Lost is basically a fanfiction of the Book of Genesis.  And The Divine Comedy is an epic self-insertion fic for Catholic doctrine.  So, basically, you were teaching us fanfiction last semester.”  I had never before seen a grown man’s eyes widen with such fear, incomprehension, disgust, awe, and understanding.

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How bout some movie night cuddles? Either Bakugou or Kirishima not like horror?? 😎😎

B) enjoy sweet anon B)

hc that Baku doesn’t do horror movies very well but is a die hard action buff like he’d be all over Michael bay films like if it has explosions in it he’s sold

Kiri on the other hand pretty much likes any genre and is quite flexible movie wise but enjoys horror because Baku gets extra cuddly B) Kiri u sly dog u Also! Still taking cute/angst requests so don’t be shy :D

7 Reasons to See Baby Driver

This is a little out of my lane for the Knitpool blog, but I am just so excited about this movie.

1.  Edgar Wright. He  seems to be able to take any genre of film and make me like it. (I’m not a fan of car chase movies, with the exception of the Blues Brothers.) Watching this movie is like drinking a locally brewed beer. It’s not filmed. It’s crafted with great care.

2. The music in the movie is not a soundtrack, it’s as integral as a character.

3. The cinematography is really clever. Watch the movie closely, and you will see little jewels along the way. 

4. Baby has a black foster parent without the movie being about race. It’s not even a sub theme in the movie. (It’s a great relationship, and I feel like there should be another whole movie about those two characters.)

5.  Baby uses ASL without the movie even highlighting this. Language is language, people.

6. There are characters with disabilities, but this is not a movie about disabilities. In other words, the movie is about people. All kinds of people, and that is a good thing.

7. Finally, Jon Bernthal plays a tatted up jackass, and I can never get enough of that. 

Okay so I’ve been a fan of Taylor’s for quite a while now, and i fell in love with her music during the Fearless era because I love that genre of music. Although 1989 is pop, and Reputation seems to be following in it’s footsteps I can appreciate the guts and diversity in Taylor’s songwriting abilities. Yes, ‘Ready for it?’ is complete 360 compared to Taylor’s old music, and yes It is not my preferred genre but this girl is damn good at writing music that’s out of her ‘norm’. Let’s not forget this is the same girl that wrote the hit country song ‘Better Man’ recently and also ‘TIWYCF’….. I can appreciate her ambition to want to change things up because that is a risky move in the music industry. Especially since your fans fell in love with her country music. She was risking losing fans because of that. I think the guts she has is applaudable. Her ability to be so diverse with her genres is amazing, that’s what a real artist is.

Yuri on Ice inspired asks

Send a character! 

Yuri Katsuki: What’s a goal you’re working towards/ What do you want to accomplish someday? 

Victor Nikiforov: List 5 things you love (or) 5 things about your life.

Makkachin: Do you have any pets?

Yuri Plisetsky: Are you having/Did you have a rebellious teenage phase?

Axel, Lutz, & Loop: Do you have any siblings? 

Phichit Chulanont: Selfie? (or) What’s your favorite movie of all time? 

Christophe Giacometti: What is your definition of “sex appeal”?

Guang Hong Ji:  List a few things you find adorable.

Leo de la Iglesia: Do you have a favorite genre of music?

JJ Leroy: Is there something you really love about yourself?

Otabek Altin: What’s a misconception others tend to have about you.

Mila Babicheva: Do you feel like you have a strong personality? 

Georgi Popovich: Is there something you can’t seem to let go of?

Seung-gil Lee: What’s the silliest thing you ever worn?

Sara Crispino: Are you a carefree type of person?

Minami Kenjirou: Is there someone you look up? 

Pride (M)

Deadly Sin: Excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. 

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut, non-idol au!

Warnings: mirror sex, doggy style, fingering dom! Hoseok, slapping, praising, dirty talk

Notes: For my halloween collaboration with bulletproofwhalien ! Gif isn’t mine! 2k Words

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As a companion to my list of college-set movies written by women, I now bring a list of high school oriented movies written by women, for those who have just begun, returned to, or are nostalgic for high school. 

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a rant on the writing community.

Since it was fanfiction writers’ appreciation day very recently, I feel like contributing to this in a different way, and aim my appreciation to a very particular group of writers. Now, keep in mind that I am in no way belittling anyone and that I support every single writer who works hard on this website. These are just thoughts I’ve had for a long time, and even though it has been talked about plenty of times before, I still feel the need to express my feelings when it comes to this topic in particular, which is heavily related to the writers’ community of tumblr in the kpop fandom. Not gonna lie, this is something I feel kinda salty about and it might get a bit long, so please bear with me :D

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Carousel | 03

Playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09

➤ Character: Min Yoongi x reader

➤ Genre/words: Angst, Future Smut/Mature scenes, Arranged Marriage! AU / 10,648 words

➤ Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

➤ a/n: for my curious babies, @ssconce, @the95liner :’)

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Blue Blooded (M)

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: You’ve been happily married to Crown Prince Seokjin for months now. Or so it would appear to the public. What only you and the palace staff know your shameful secret: you never consummated your marriage.

Member: Jin

Word Count: 8.6k+

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

A/N: Requested by @forever-young-got7! Because Jin really is royalty, isn’t he?

Ever since that night you’ve keep asking yourself. What did you do wrong? Was it the way you looked? Something you said, something you didn’t say? Did he just… hate you?

If anyone had asked you prior to your marriage to Prince Seokjin, you would have never even entertained the notion of him hating anyone. The man just seemed too perfect, not only in looks, but in disposition as well, never one to lack poise, always composed. The few times you and your family had visited him prior to the wedding, he had been nothing but a gentleman.

And certainly it didn’t seem like he disliked you, in fact it seemed to be the opposite, even if there seemed to be some distance between the two of you but you attributed this to the fact that you had not known each other for very long, and had expected things to gradually change once you two had actually wed.

The warm expression on his face as you walked down the aisle gave you a hopeful outlook on what the rest of your marriage would be like. However, it all came crashing down later that night.

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Hair, Sex, and Make-up

Being the youngest hair and makeup artist for the idol boy group BTS was your dream. Since you finally got to achieve it things were great and although it was hard being the youngest on the crew you knew that they loved you. You became close to the boys, but more so to Jungkook since you were the same age. However it seemed like things were going to change.

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 6k

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

“Yah, ___. Can you grab my makeup bag for me?”

“Yes, unnie.” You frowned in concentration and looked at Yoongi apologetically before running across the room and grabbing the forgotten make-up bag. Being the youngest hair and makeup stylist for the idol group BTS had it’s ups and downs. The boys loved you and you were close to many of them but the older girls bossed you around a lot.

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sockknitteranon  asked:

I have a question that makes me question my own intelligence, I'm so sorry for not being able to figure this out. In the fantasy genre, "race" refers to "are you human, elvish, dwarvish, or what?" What would you call "human, but a Black one, as opposed to white"? Using 'race' for both meanings seems confusing to me?

Race vs. Species Use in Fiction

Honestly I’d use “species” to denote the difference between dwarves/ elves/ humans/ etc and race to denote skin tone.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that fantasy coding came from racist stereotypes. You can see it everywhere with anti-semitism, anti-blackness, anti-Native racism (from warlike predators to noble savage), etc. So a lot of the “classics”, so to speak, are really just the racial ideas of the time.

~Mod Lesya

You’re right, it’s confusing – race being used to denote species in a fantasy setting is a language flaw that probably needs correcting. I love Tolkien but this is probably in large part his fault. Just because he – or someone else, not sure – said it that way doesn’t mean it needs to be perpetuated. After all, in his universe, traits that are in the real world cultural – shared value systems, which personality traits a society encourages, the way outsiders are treated – he treats almost as biologically inherent. If hobbits and elves and dwarves were real, there would be clumsy elves, dwarves who are super interested in getting to know strangers, and hobbits who were indifferent to food as long as they got enough to stay healthy–because each group would have balance

Species might seem weird because they’re all sentient or inaccurate if they can reproduce outside their own group, but it’s better than tripping over what’s being implied if “race” means “dwarf” or “orc.”


BTS Fic Recommendations

 There seems to be a weird divide in this fandom between reader x member and member x member stories, but I’m just here in the middle like “all Bangtan smut is good smut!” A good story is a good story and good writing is good writing. Some of these have no smut at all and some are so filthy that I can’t believe I’m recommending them, but, you know, BTS ruined my life and I have no shame anymore. 

I’ve probably read hundreds of BTS stories by now and these are the ones that I go back to over and over. I tried to pick only one per author, but all of these authors are amazing and you should go check out their whole masterlists. These are the authors that I personally fangirl over and stand in awe of. None of these are particularly similar to mine (eg. they are way better) and none of them are particular similar to each other. These are the fics that, for whatever reason, I couldn’t forget about after I read them.

Warning: Some of these are very explicit, so use caution. Anything marked with an M is definitely NSFW. 

Hope you enjoy!

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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.8

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1601
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood, sexual content.
A/N: This wraps up a very Heathens filled weekend, thank you lovely people for sticking with me! Not sure when I’ll be posting it but just a heads up that pt.9 is going to be the final installment for this series! The song Gold by Eurielle was definitely being played during the writing process for this part so thanks @gondorgirl01 for recommending it to me months ago! And of course, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots because always. (gif credit)

Click HERE for more character information

** The links in this part don’t seem to be working even after I’ve tried fixing them. Sorry loves! **

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

[ previously ]

He was distracted from his thoughts when you shifted positions. The thin strap of your nightgown slid from your shoulder and exposed the curves of your breasts pushing against the silky material. Subconsciously, he ran his tongue over his fangs as he imagined biting into the soft mounds. A wicked thought crossed his mind and his eyes turned to coal as he slowly stepped forward. The only light in the room came from the moon shining through the windows and now the ominous glow emitting from his dark limb as he waved it as his side. He smirked when you started to react. I’ll start making it up to you, doll. You’re in for a long night.

[ Night of the full moon ]

It was almost midnight and the last glimmer of hope for seeing Bucky was flickering out. You wanted to scream into your pillow. Hell, you wanted to scream at Bucky for taunting you and leaving you alone all day. He had a taste of you but just the same, you had a taste of him. The feeling of having his teeth sunken into the flesh of your neck was intoxicating. He was gentle and feverish at the same time. Slow but hungry and aching for more yet still maintaining control. You wanted to feel it again. Craving the sensation just as much as he craved the blood.

You didn’t realize you had drifted to sleep, too exhausted from your frustrations and hoping to put this whole mess behind you. You woke when you felt it again; your skin was tingling and warming up until you couldn’t take it anymore and yanked the sheets away. Images started flashing through your mind as you tossed and turned. You could see yourself interacting with Clint, then Sam and Tony and the rest of your friends but the scenes were different somehow. Soon you realized that you were watching from someone else’s point of view. You could feel their internal struggle, their own frustrations and tensions building every time you came into view. Any doubts were laid to rest when the visions started showing a conversation with Steve. These were Bucky’s memories. You listened as he talked about his sensitivity towards you being somehow amplified all day. You could actually feel it and it was so much more intense than you could ever have imagined. Finally, you listened as Steve explained his foolish ‘plan’.

“I’m gonna kick his ass when I find him,” you muttered through gritted teeth at the thought of your innocent Steve lying to you.

Now you were awake and struggling to find any relief against the heat. Images from that night out on the balcony starting running through your mind, amping up the intensity. Your hands started to roam up and down the length of your body, pawing at the silk material that barely covered your figure. Cupping your breasts, you could feel your nipples hardening beneath your palms. The pleasure kept building as your hands traveled lower, reaching under the lace fabric that was now soaked through. A moan tore through you as your fingers started rubbing the aching bundle of nerves. Your breath was coming out in heavy shallow pants as you were getting closer and closer. Taking your last bit of composure before completely letting go, you called out for him desperately. “Bucky, haven’t you teased me enough! Where are you?”

An eerie glow appeared at the end of your bed, floating closer to you until you shivered with a familiar chill. Bucky was smiling wickedly as he continued to wave his left hand at his side. Your own fingers started rubbing more feverishly, in sync with his. His voice was so low that you almost couldn’t hear it over the sound of your heaving breaths but you felt it all around you. “I’m right here, doll. Let go.” You looked into his coal-black eyes as you felt your climax finally hit you.

Shaking and steadily floating back down to Earth again, you managed to prop yourself up on your elbows to get a better look at the vampire at the end of edge of your bed. “Oh, you’re a bad man.” You smirked, still trying to catch your breath.

His mouth hung open, fangs exposed as he inhaled the scent of your sweat and arousal. “You could have just talked to me, Bucky. You didn’t have to be all cryptic and dramatic all day.” You lifted yourself off of the mattress and crawled to the foot of the bed, closer to him.

A few seconds passed in silence before Bucky was able to reply, allowing the darkness time to dissipate and his eyes to turn back into that pale shade of blue. “I know. I’m sorry, doll. I’ve never really felt like this so I didn’t know what to do,” he admitted. “I took Steve’s advice and played it safe.” He looked sincere as he sat down in the spot beside you.

You scoffed at his answer but smiled anyways. “Bucky, when was the last time Steve got laid?”

He thought for a moment. Steve wasn’t exactly a lady’s man despite his charm and good looks. Half the time he was painfully shy, the other half he was awkward and fidgety and would shapeshift midway through the conversation because of his nerves.

“Now that you mention it, he probably wasn’t the best person to go to.” You both laughed and Bucky took your hands in his. He placed soft kisses on your knuckles. “Will you let me make it up to you?”

You rose to your knees and slowly started taking his ridiculous suit jacket off, flinging it off to the side. Your fingers played with the buttons of his shirt. “You’re off to a pretty good start but you’re still a little too dressed so can you do something about that?” You pulled away from him and started moving back up the bed, beckoning him to follow only after he finished what you started.

Before you could lie back against the pillows, Bucky was already crawling up after you; bare chested with only a dark pair of briefs keeping him covered. He intertwined his fingers with yours as his lean body hovered above you and started pressing faint kisses along your chest and neck. “You stopped calling me James,” he stated in between kisses.

“I like calling you Bucky,” you whispered. You could feel his lips smiling against your skin. He liked it too.

Nimble fingers made quick work of removing the last remaining articles of clothing until you were bare against each other. The difference in temperature between your bodies made shivers crawl up your spine. You twirled your fingers through his short chestnut hair and guided his lips to your neck, silently urging him on since he was taking his time.

Carefully, he dragged the sharp edges of his fangs along your neck and you whimpered in response. When his lips reached your ear, he whispered something familiar. “Do I have your consent?”

Trying to keep your voice even as you answered, “Bite me, Bucky.”

“As you wish,” he replied with a grin.

For the second time, Bucky sank his fangs into your neck, letting out a guttural growl as soon as he tasted your blood on his tongue again. You moaned and gripped onto his shoulders as he drank from you once more, listening to him hum as your blood coated his lips and rushed down his throat. Delirious from the sensation, you hiked your thighs over his hips and pulled him to you, grinding against him until he tore himself away from your neck with a feral look in his eyes. Your lips met in a hungry collision of need and desire, tasting your blood in his kiss. With one precise thrust, your bodies were connected and you screamed as the pleasure began to overwhelm you. You were on fire but his cold skin licked the flames calm. You were night and day. Silver and gold.

Your heart was racing and his hips matched the rhythm. Pumping into you like the blood pumping through your veins until you couldn’t see straight. Your mouth lay open in a silent scream as Bucky surged into you harder and faster, chasing down your orgasms like a hunter would its prey.

When the whimpers and moans fell silent, Bucky licked the puncture marks away and you laid in each other’s arms, bodies still pulsing from the ecstasy.

“That was incredible.” Bucky shifted beside you, letting his eyes rest as he held you close to him. His cold chest felt incredibly soothing against your flushed cheeks.

“Worth the wait?”

“Definitely.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead as you traced lazy circles over his pecs.

You smiled and buried your face into the crook of his neck, content and satiated. Only after your heartbeat had calmed did you realize how much time had passed. “I can’t believe the sun’s coming up already,” you mumbled.

“Sunrise is still another hour away, doll. You may be taking that post-sex glow a little too far,” he joked, pinching your side playfully until you giggled.

“Well, what’s that bright light then? I can barely keep my eyes open,” you complained as you sat upright.

“What are you talking about?” Bucky opened his eyes and looked over to the windows across the room but there was no light coming from them. However, through his peripheral vision, he could see that something really was starting to shine. When he turned to see, his eyes widened in shock. “Y/N…it’s you.”

The look of alarm on Bucky’s face sent a wave of fear through you but before you could say anything, the entire room started to shake violently. Your skin was glowing brighter, heating up to near-boiling temperatures and you started to scream. A high pitched whistling started echoing throughout not just the bedroom but the entire grounds of the manor. There was banging at the door followed by Steve’s worried cries as he tried to bust through from outside. Bucky tried to reach out to you as a blinding light engulfed your body and pulled you away. All he could do was cover his eyes and scream your name.

And now they’re outside ready to bust
It looks like you might be one of us

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**Lyrics at the end from the song Heathens by twenty one pilots**


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