that seems like enough to me

I am so fascinated by Armie’s relationship with Luca. He clearly ADORES him. I mean, he’s said he full on fell in love with Luca during making this movie, that he got angry because he thought Luca was letting him go and moving on, that his time in Italy changed him, that he and Luca would have conversations that he missed so much he had to go back to Italy to see him, that Luca took his frustrations out on him while filming a scene…

And then we see these adorable moments of Luca saying he loves Armie, of them cuddling and sharing and sitting close together like people who genuinely can’t get enough of each other

I just can’t get over their relationship. There’s clearly so much love there and I think it seems that Armie genuinely feels seen by Luca and that they are comfortable enough with each other that they can go to extremes

Watching them for a year doing all this press and hearing stories has fascinated me and I am kind of thrilled that Luca is so set on the sequel because it means they will work together again!

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Hi! My grandfather's mother was 3/4 Native American and his father was 1/4. Do I have enough Native American blood to claim the heritage and culture? I would very much love to embrace the culture, but don't want to offend anyone or act out of turn :)

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…

Please don’t send me asks like this, you guys.

Literally every 5 messages in my Tumblr Inbox are questions like this. Which is a large part of the reason I refuse to chat on here anymore with any of my followers, because everyone always seems to want something.

So I refuse to answer these questions. Besides, when I use to answer these questions, most of you didn’t like my answers. And on the rare occasions when I still do respond to questions like these that seem somewhat legit, people tend to find out it’s nothing more than passed down family “blood myths” which have been overly exaggerated through the generations. 

I don’t have time to guide each and everyone of you on your pretendian cultural identity crisis. 

Not trying to be mean. But it’s literally exhausting, and I don’t feel that I or any other actual Native people owe any of you anything. Research your ancestry. See where your supposed ancestors lived or were born. If you can trace them to tribal rolls/scrolls or being born on a rez, or treaty lands even, then I can provide you with some helpful information. But until you have that evidence, please don’t ask me these questions anymore, because 89.9% of the time, these “1/4th indian ancestors” you guys think you have, were really just white.. or on occasion they’re really ¼th African American.

Maybe it’s just me too, because of running this page for so many years, but I’ve become overly suspicious of anyone who wants to “claim” their “Native Identity or Heritage”… especially with no specific tribe or clan in mind… because I’m not sure exactly what they intend to do when they say “claim”. What does that even mean?

Especially when they just want to “claim the Native American culture”. You literally cannot do that. How could you “claim” over 500 different cultures??? Makes no sense.

It’s funny, isn’t it? The way

The sun seems close enough

To palm like a glowing basketball

Fire-tailed dragon devours the sky

The cirrus signals an end, water

Nymphs overpower, hooligans

Whose goal is victory, chewing

Through wounds with razor smiles

But I have only ever been gentle,

Trees in twilight, purple gloaming

A tender tidbit full of blood and pain

Vulnerability blooming in muted colors

I planted acres of roses, hoping that

You would find them beautiful but

You only saw the thorns so with

Heavy gloves you grabbed my spine

And ripped me out, there was no place

For the damage I was or the chaos

I would inevitably create, roots wounded

Petals wither and then blow away

The pick up line

by devilscut (AO3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 3.5k

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Summary: Stiles and his friends are back in Beacon Hills from College, most of them have finished their degrees and it’s time to reconnect and celebrate by going to a local bar. That old cliche about eyes meeting across a crowded room seems like it actually might be true for once if only Stiles or hot scowly guy are brave enough to step up and break the ice.

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Prompt: Carol is good friends with Merle, and Daryl really likes it when she comes over.

Of all Merle’s friends, she was by far Daryl’s favourite. 

He didn’t know how or why the hell she was friends with the likes of his brother but she was the only girl he’d ever seen stand her ground against him. She didn’t take any of his shit and as far as Daryl was aware Merle had never managed to get into her pants and Merle oddly enough seemed to accept that.

It’d been a while since he’d seen her last, so when he opened up the front door one Saturday afternoon and she was stood on his doorstep, he couldn’t help the smile that peeled across his face.

“Daryl,” Carol smiled radiantly, reaching up to peck him on the cheek, arms going around his neck for a moment before she flattened back down on her feet.

“Never greet me like that now d’ya?” Merle taunted with a grin, swaggering out of the kitchen with two beers in tow.

“That’s because you’re an asshole,” Carol smirked, shucking off her coat, Daryl taking it from her before she had a chance to protest. “And he,” she added pointing in Daryl’s direction as he hung up her jacket, “is an absolute sweetheart.”

Merle raised a brow at his brother, throwing him a light elbow to the ribs that had Daryl swatting him away. 

“Hear that lil brother? Yer a sweet one. Maybe y’all have a better chance’ve gettin’ inta her pants than I did.” Merle winked at Carol with a chuckle, grunting when she slapped him in the stomach, plucking one of the beers from his hand.

“Stop being an ass Merle. You watching the game with us, Daryl?” Her voice going from harsh to soft when she addressed Daryl.

“Sure, ain’t got nothin’ better ta do,” Daryl nodded, snorting when Carol grinned and snagged the second beer from Merle’s hand, offering it out to his brother.

“That weren’t fer him,” Merle grumbled. 

“I know that, but you can go grab yourself another one, and bring me and Daryl some snacks while you’re at it.” She shot him a sugar sweet smile, tilting her head back innocently as Merle shook his head at her in disbelief.

“If ya were anyone else, ya’d be out on your ass right now.” 

Carol smirked, Merle strolling off towards the kitchen, Daryl collapsing down on the two seater couch, grunting when he felt Carol plop down beside him.

“I don’t know how you live with him,” Carol chuckled, taking a small sip of her beer.

“Says the one who hangs out with him by choice,” Daryl snorted back, mirroring her action of drinking.

“Maybe I have my reasons,” she said suggestively, nudging him playfully with the foot she had rested on the sofa. 

“Ya ain’t gon’ sleep with him’re ya?” Daryl asked with a screwed up expression, not understanding what that comment was implying.

“Ew! No,” Carol protested. “As close as me and your brother are, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole in that way.”

“Well then what the hell d’ya mean?” Daryl asked as he brother walked back into the room.

Carol shook her head, guy didn’t even recognise when she was making a pass at him. “Damn Daryl, you really are the sweet one aren’t you?” she giggled.

“Stop,” he muttered with a smirk, avoiding his brother’s knowing gaze as he settled across from the awfully cosy looking pair.

  • Prompt 3: Enma spends time with his Omega new friend for a class project and no, Enma, keep your hands to yourself

Her apartment was just as scentless as she was. How the fuck is that possible?

Enma tried to smell the air for her delicious scent but found only disappointment and broken dreams. If anything, it smelled exactly like a college student’s apartment - pizza, dirty laundry (that was scentless, what the fuck), generic air freshner, and Sergei the cat.

On the other hand, Sergei was a fucking gold mine and smelled like the Omega. She looked at him shove his nose into the cat’s fur before sighing. “Well, you seem nice enough and you haven’t jumped me yet.” With that she reached towards her neck before stopping. “You won’t right?”

Knowing this was his chance, Enma shook his head vigorously before almost letting out a moan at the release of her Omega smell once the blockers were removed. It was a little subdued, probably from the soap and shampoo blockers but something was better than nothing.

“Scouts honor,” he chocked out as soon as he finished reveling in the smell. “Total gentleman.”

She smiled sardonically, “Good. Because Sergei is an attack cat and he won’t hesitate to fuck you up enough that if you tried something, you wouldn’t be able to in the future.”

The groceries were put away as Enma eagerly played with the cat and his toys. He was in a world of his own as they played and tumbled together, as if he wasn’t the head of a Italian crime syndicate and killed hundreds of men to build the Shimon name. All he cared in that moment was making sure this cat was happy and that if the cat was happy, the Omegan owner would be happy too.

A chime sounded through the apartment, catching Enma’s attention. His partner was balancing her laptop in one hand as she waited for it to boot up and a cat toy in the other. Sergei saw his mistress holding the toy and bounded towards her.

Having her sit down next to him on her living room couch so close was blissful. Enma did everything he could to reign in his inner Alpha, as “a real mafia boss would keep his promise to his women”. Or so he remembered Tsuna imitating Reborn’s words.

“So this is what I had found since class,” she explained as she opened up Google Chrome and browsed through her bookmarked tabs. “I found a couple of scholarly journal articles on the topic and figured we could work from there. I also made an appointment with a librarian to help out and I’ll be meeting her the morning before class.”

Enma nodded as he followed along. He had work to do and his libido could wait. The inner Alpha grumbled, wanting to play with the Omega next to him but Enma forced it down as he pulled out his USB. “I think I have a couple of stuff I found to support some of your parts.”

She noticed him awkwardly holding up the USB. “Here,” she said as she placed the laptop in his lap. “I have a backup just in case this one breaks so let me go get it. Be right back.”

When she got back, the two went into full overdrive on their project. They spent the afternoon hashing out the details and putting together what they hopped their professor would mercifully find as acceptable. The Omega often got up to get drinks while Enma played with Sergei, spoiling the cat with his scratches and occasionally, when she wasn’t looking, sniffing his fur for her scent.

“Do you want to stay for dinner?”

They spent so much time working on and actually completing the project way ahead of time, that the afternoon became evening. The clock read quarter until eight and Enma was surprised to find himself extremely hungry. “If it’s not too much trouble?”

There was a snort of disbelief from the kitchen. “Nah, I wouldn’t be offering it if it was any trouble. Is chicken nuggets and ramen okay? It’ll be quick and easy since we lost track of time.”

“Yeah, whatever works for you.” Enma got off the couch when he didn’t receive any answer and walked towards the kitchen area. He was greeted by the sight of her standing in front of her freezer, a large bag of chicken nuggets in her hand. “Something wrong?”

That seemed to snap her out of it and she slammed the door close. “Oh, nothing. It’s just, you know, I figured…”

Enma pursed his lips. “Go on?”

She turned quickly towards him, her hair flying and briefly exposing her bare neck to him and her scent hitting him full force. He sucked in a deep breath as she continued. “Well, you’re kind of rich, Enma. Everyone knows it by the way you dress and talk sometimes. I figured chicken nuggets and ramen is kind of… beneath you?”

Was that her worry? Enma laughed as he placed his hands on her shoulders, rubbing them with his thumbs. “Chicken nuggets and ramen is fine. If anything, they’re comfort food. Besides, it’s not like I’m on a diet or anything.”

Smiling, the Omega shrugged his hands off her shoulders before tossing the nuggets on a foiled metal tray. “I’ll make fancy ramen with sausages and real carrots and egg, how about that?” She arranged the nuggets around to make enough space for maximum nuggets to fit.

The Alpha rested his chin on her head, trying not to be too obvious in his scenting and smelling of the woman. “You’re kind of short so you’re the perfect chin rest.”

“Fuck off you tall Alpha freak,” she laughed as she jokingly nodded her head to dislodge his balance. “Go get some veggie and eggs from the fridge for the ramen.” Satisfied with the nugget placement, she zipped the bag closed and preheated the oven.

Enma caught the bag of nuggets tossed at him and threw it into the freezer before grabbing the carrots, sausages, and egg carton from the refrigerator. He was surprised with the domesticity of the situation and wanted nothing to break this moment at all.

Seeing as how he didn’t knock on wood at that thought, Enma’s cell phone began to ring. The ringtone playing told him it was Aldeheid calling and sighed as he walked towards his phone on the coffee table. “I might have to rain check on the dinner.”

“Curfew,” she asked over the sounds of her chopping the sausages on a cutting board.

“Yeah. Hey, listen, I’ll keep working to see if I can add any more stuff on my end so let’s plan on meeting up again next week for lunch before class.”

She emerged from the kitchen, her knife still in hand. “Okay, I’ll do the same. Do you want me to walk you out?”

“Nah, I’m fine. Thanks.” Enma made his way towards the apartment door, giving Sergei one last scratch before turning the know.

The Omega waved goodbye with the knife in her hand. “See you later, Enma.”

“Bye,” Enma laughed as he closed the door behind him. He didn’t want to leave the apartment full of that mouth watering scent but he also didn’t want to die before sampling the origins of the scent.

Now, how to make her his?

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hey, sorry i'm not brave enough to say this off anon but i really want to tell you nonetheless. i've followed you for a while, and i just want you to know that you're a really, truly beautiful person. it seems like things have been rough for you this year so for, and i just want to let you know that there's somebody out there rooting for you and maybe just a little in love with you. i wish the best for you and i hope one day i can tell you all of this off anon💕

thank you

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Ok so I was reading your comprehensive March post about Xmas and I was looking at the cousins pic. Don't get me wrong, I hardcore ship CC and that really does look like the "god save the queer" shirt but you can see a bit of the hair through the scribbles and it just doesn't really look like D's to me :( idk it just seems too light and not curly enough but I hope I'm just seeing it wrong. (Also, regardless of the scribbles, it's such a cute pic of C and Hannah!!)

Anon. Hard honestly to tell the hair color.

But ask yourself. Could they intentionally change it a little? No reason to scribble W. just like there’s no reason to remove his head. I honestly don’t doubt its D.

I never seem to hear much complaining about the Swedish Royals like I do the British.  I never hear that Maddie doesn’t work enough or that she just wants to waste her time being a mother.  I always hear that about Kate.  That leads me to believe the trouble isn’t so much with the royals themselves but with the people that follow them.  The royals all work together for the betterment of the monarchy.  They are not pitting themselves against one another in an effort to tear each one down.  I wonder then why certain followers of those royals spend so much of their value time and effort doing that very thing, tearing each one down. It’s more of a reflection upon the fan than the royal.  

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Um like hi again but uh like,,, have you heard,,,, of a portal 2 fanfiction caled,, Blue Sky? If not you should read it its really good like,, REALLY REALLY GOOD but im pretty sure you know abt it already sooo hope you have!! A good night!! Bye!!

I HAVE since it seems to kinda be the fandom staple and i always try to read those. It was cute enough but im not a fan of most of the tropes in there or even the ship so it didnt rly hook me

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Hi, I'm not sure if this has been brought to your attention, but I think I saw some of your art work (specifically, the YOI charms) being sold on a different account through tictail. It seems to be an account selling a bunch of various artist's art. Tumblr won't let me send a link, but it's tictail /lilacsweet , I only knew your art through this account, andI don't know if you've approved this or not, but I wanted to let you know!

Hi @vigilantegalleries ! thank you for letting me know!! and nope, i don’t authorize people to sell my stuff for me or anything, so if it’s not on my actual tictail, or not something i posted on any of my socials, then it’s not legit x’D But for this person it seems like they’re reselling what they got from various artists O__o at a much higher price… well…as long as everyone is smart enough, they know they’ll be able to get it at the correct price from the artists themselves x’D Thanks again for letting me know! 

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hey don't feel anxious about your writing I know people who are more successful and seem to have everything sorted out can seem intimidating and u may feel like u will NEVER compare but guess what!!! you're that gal that wrote a good enough book at 17 to get a publishing deal!! and then wrote another amazing book!! the gal that got 1mil on her webcomic on tapas!!! that has fans all over the globe!! that's u!!!!!

aaahhhh you’re so kind ;_; yesss i’m so grateful for where i am and so grateful to all of you for all your support and encouragement! i feel so inferior to most other authors but it’s honestly you guys who keep me believing in myself a lot of the time <3



Oliver: What do you mean he’s been released?!

Det. Lopez: There is not enough evidence of foul play, we couldn’t hold Mr. Archibald. Your daughter was 18, legally an adult. It’s likely she ran away, multiple people close to her have said she wanted to leave town, her web search history also supports that. 

Officer Haney: Her phone, wallet and ID’s seem to be gone as well, implying she left with them.

Oliver: But there haven’t been any credit card purchases! No cardactivity at all! Where would she be getting money from?! I mean, I know from the last bank statement that she withdrew a little cash-

Det. Lopez: Mr. Atwood, it was hardly a little, your daughter withdrew virtually all the money in the account.We are aware that there were some troubles in her home life… These things happen.

Corinne: That’s it? You’re just giving up?! I still don’t know why you even thought it was a murder ithout a body, you should have been out on the streets looking for her!

Officer Haney: We’ve been in touch with every neighbouring town and city, as well as the media, and there haven’t been any signs of her. We’ve done everything we’ve can at the point. Surely if new evidence arises, the department will re-open the case.

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So i have a question! Apath has a very grim past, a very grim future. Is it hard for you to get in their story at times? There's such a level of angst in their entire life that it seems like a very heavy thing to roleplay as them. are there times when even RPing as Apath is too much for you?

It isn’t difficult, no, but it can be exhausting. I’ve noticed I don’t quite have enough energy to carry out OOC conversations (and I apologize to those waiting on IMs back from me). But I think it’s incredibly important to have a muse like Apath flitting around the RPC, and that isn’t my ego talking.

Everything I’ve done with Apath has been very much intentional and planned out. They would not be considered attractive by societal standards, but I’ve always made sure to describe them as beautiful. They’re overweight, and they embrace it and love themselves regardless. They will take any and all gender roles and tear them to shreds. They’re indigenous and very open about their culture and what they have to deal with everyday as an indigenous person. I try to make sure that Apath is a source of comfort for others like they have been for me.

People aren’t perfect. And it’s okay to embrace your imperfections and know that they make up your whole self. We focus entirely too much on trying to fit in with other people, trying to make ourselves ‘acceptable’ for people who likely couldn’t give a damn one way or the other. Apath represents the freedom that comes with realizing it doesn’t matter what other people think, and you should love yourself regardless of what anyone has to say about the matter. Self reliance and self love are beautiful things and I’m afraid things like that have been warped and twisted around in most forms of entertainment media.

Codependent relationships are romanticized. Mentally ill people magically get all better when they get into relationships. So on and so forth.

Representation, no matter where it takes place, is crucial.

Apath has suffered, yes, and they will suffer again. They do struggle with mental illness as a result of trauma. But far too often I’ve seen people belittle what that fight is like. They try to make it something cutesy or use it as angst fuel. It’s perfectly acceptable to have jaded, angry muses due to those sorts of things. People are allowed to be angry and bitter, too.

But I don’t think enough people take the time to tackle these sorts of things from the viewpoint of recovery. I want Apath to do that. I want to be able to show that your scars do not define you, and while your trauma / mental illness definitely impacts your every day life, there IS light at the end of the tunnel and there IS hope for you. And you CAN rely on yourself and come to trust yourself. That you can have a support system but still know that as long as YOU make the decision to keep putting one foot forward, you will learn to cope with your struggles in more healthy ways, and you will be able to come to terms with everything that’s happened without blaming yourself for it.

I want Apath to be strong despite everything. And they are. I want to show through Apath that even at the bleakest moments, after the hardest shit, it’s still possible to say to yourself “I will be okay, this will not stop me”. It’s okay to relapse and have to fight to get through the day all over again, it happens, it’s natural. But I want to show, through them, that recovery is always a choice. You can always decide to start working on yourself and bettering yourself, no matter how slow that process is, no matter how hard it is, that you can do it.

It’s gonna sound hipster-ish and super egotistical, but I want Apath to share some hope. I want to help other people feel like they can do anything, too. I want people to know that no matter their background, life has so much more in store for them, and you just gotta take the good with the bad.

Just because things have been awful, and awful things might happen again, it doesn’t mean life isn’t worth living. It doesn’t mean life isn’t worth fighting for.

I’m still mad at myself for giving up on Apath when I did. Because writing them gave me hope. Writing them fighting for themselves and fighting tooth and nail to get to a better place because they were tired of suffering helped me do the same.

Even if it’s just all fun fictional writing, it can have a very real impact on people.

I want Apath to show all the ugliness in life, and I want to show them continuing on anyways. I want them to be a character that knows giving up isn’t an option. I want them to be a character that will always, always fight, and someone that will always be a champion for their friends when they need them.

I just want people to know it’s okay. Life is shitty, everything sucks, but it’s okay. And you’ll be okay, too. You always just have to go one step at a time. One foot after the other with your chin held high, knowing and trusting yourself to get through any dark times that come. 

wow this got long sorry oops but yh anyways i really love apath and even though writing them can be painful at times i dont want to ever give up on them again because what they represent is so much bigger than i am and i still remember people telling me how much apath meant to them for those exact reasons and god damn it all i will keep writing them as the gloriously strong, gorgeous person they are because we all need a little light in our life sometimes

/rolls away/

A Bit About Audience Appreciation

I received a comment on one of my comics today from a reader who seemed surprised that I’d replied to one of their comments. I get a few comments like this every month, not a ton but enough that it makes me wonder… when did it become the norm for artists to not engage with their audience? At least to a point where a reader or follower might genuinely seem touched that I bothered to reply? This seems a bit backwards to me. I am eternally grateful to anyone who enjoys my artwork especially those who take the time to actually talk to me once in a while. I don’t think I’d continue making and sharing my comics and stories if not for the positive feedback I get from you all on occasion. Thank you so much.

mademoisellegush  asked:

5,6, 11, 12?

5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

i’ve talked about this before but i will be salty about it until the day i die so - the proliferation of abusive revenge sex/adultery fics have basically destroyed any charm that f!sw/theron shan and f!sw/lt pierce might once have had. oddly enough, it only seems to happen to het ships - i’ve never seen anyone do the ‘abusive adultery’ thing with lana (no, fandom, this is not a challenge). what this says about fandom at large is left as an exercise for the audience

6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?

there’s been a few i’ve been lukewarm on that fandom has brought me around to (the trooper romances [dodges rotten vegetables], vette/jaesa). but none that i’ve outright hated.

11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

felix (sweet, caring, supportive guy with a sith library in his head). koth (idealistic, dedicated to doing the right thing, puts his money where is mouth is in that regard, one of the very few if not the only character in this game to actually stand up to a DS pc). saresh (tough-as-nails politician who, until her character got savaged in kotfetet, was incredibly intelligent and absolutely devoted to the republic).

12. Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

the consular story.

imp makeb. for a bunch of reasons, not least because it’s endlessly less shitty than pub makeb. but… the empire is actually the underdog, and you’re fighting against time to secure a vital resource in hostile territory, with multiple factions gunning for you and the empire’s last best hope. it’s corny but it’s fun. i don’t know why imp fandom doesn’t salivate over it more, tbh. it’s not a power fantasy, no, but it plays right into the persecuted-and-desperate empire feel they (supposedly?) love so much.

the dread seeds questline. something about the scavenger hunts just scratched a very particular itch. it’s a great ‘chillout’ questline. just… go digging for a bit. listen to music. putter. it’s just annoying that you have to group for the last stage.

same for the shroud/macrobinoculars questline. tbh that one would have been a great one to have incorporated into the main game, especially for the IA, with the areas being organically visited as you level, for the most part, rather than having to retread almost your entire journey. fortunately most of the areas tally up with the dread seeds questline, but still.

short & sweet ♡

Things I appreciate about Joan:

  • Their beanie has a name
  • The beanies name is Marco
  • They’re very clever and rational
  • They help co write the Sanders Sides
  • And it’s so good as we all know
  • Also they help direct it
  • They’re really freaking funny
  • Big brown eyes
  • How dramatic they were when they played Roman
  • Has a doggo
  • Into theater
  • And for the record I generally dislike puns but Joan’s are funny not lazy
  • How overdramatic they can be while acting and how much it contrasts the rest of their personality
  • Super smart
  • Writes heartfelt songs
  • Just a super cool bean with a beanie

Things I appreciate about Talyn:

  • Okay I cannot get over their hair how do they keep it that vibrant how did the hair even get that vibrant to begin with
  • The pink to blue eyebrows like they’re so good with makeup
  • artistic
  • Expresses amazingly with fashion and style
  • Loves loves loves their cats (I think there’s more than one cat at least)
  • “…aspects”
  • Very reserved
  • But undeniably adorable
  • So shy but would probably talk for hours if you got them onto their favorite subject
  • Smiles shyly
  • Easily startled
  • Also when they played Roman and said “I AM FRAIL… AND BREAKABLE”
  • smol
  • Filmmaker
  • Knows how to lucid dream
  • Helps edit sanders sides and again as we know it’s so good
  • Occasionally wears Marco

Things I appreciate about Dahlia:

  • Super insightful
  • like basically a dream wizard?
  • Funny
  • appreciates puns
  • I don’t know a lot about her but I appreciate her a lot

Things I appreciate about Valerie:

  • bubbly and sweet
  • all of the bloopers from the Valentine’s Day video
  • just all of them
  • funny
  • I don’t know a whole lot about her but
  • YES.

Things I appreciate about Terrence:

  • Oh my god first of all Terrence as Patton I laugh so hard every time
  • him singing Birds on the soundtrack to Ultimate Story Time might be the prettiest thing ever
  • I hope someday that show tours again and I get to see it because I’ll bring tissues just for how that song makes me feel
  • when he played Roman and sang a Disney song
  • funny
  • I don’t know a lot about him either but he seems like a cool dude

Things I appreciate about Marco:

  • is a beanie

All this to say that I appreciate Thomas a lot, but I don’t feel his friends get enough appreciation, so.