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“I have a feeling that you are going to change my life.”

Bucky was stuck doing grocery shopping. He detested going to the grocery store. There were often too many people and he always had the worse luck at the carts. He always managed to get one that made incessant noises.

He grabbed the shopping list out of his back pocket that he was given by Sam an hour ago.

“Oatmeal, apples, bananas, yogurt….” he mumbled the list out loud. Bucky didn’t know how he got stuck doing the shopping. Everyone else sort of pointed their fingers at him and told him it was his turn.

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“So I heard that Y/N is really violent toward you, Jared.” The young fan stated. “Is that true? That’s what she told us in her panel.” Jensen and Rob couldn’t help but laugh, knowing it was absolutely true. Jared couldn’t help himself when you filmed together, doing everything he could to piss you off. 

“She is!” Jared’s eyes went wide and he nodded. “She does this thing where…she needs help to punch me in the face cuz she’s too damn short to reach.” 

Jensen nodded, looking down toward the ground and laughing. “And now that she’s dating Jensen he’s always on her side! So he helps her!”

“In her defense…you’re a giant pain in the ass.” Jensen shrugged.

“I wanna show them what she does!” Jared yelled. “You be you! I’ll be Y/N and Rob…you be me!” 

“Oh God.” Jensen groaned and turned toward Rob who stood there, waiting for his cue. 

“This I’ve gotta see.” Your voice echoed through the room as you walked out on stage. Jared spun around and stared at you for a second, smirking at you. “Go ahead, don’t let me stop you, Padalecki.” 

“Ok, so she does this thing where she says she’s gonna punch me in the face, right?” Jared laughed and jumped on Jensen’s back. “Then she has to do this because she’s too damn short!” It was true. Every time Jared pissed you off, you would jump on Jensen’s back for the extra height and throw punches at Jared. It was the only way you could punch him in the face without a ladder. 

Jensen braced himself and held Jared up while Jared started swinging at Rob, who screamed like a little girl and held his hands up, running away in fear.

“I don’t do that!” Jared yelled.

“Yeah, you do.” Rob, Jensen, and you all said, in perfect sync with one another.

“Do not!” Jared argued. You took a threatening step forward, raising your first. Jared jumped back, hiding behind Rob. 

“See.” You chuckled. “You so do.” Jensen walked to you, wrapping his arm around your waist. 

“Can I just say, ever since she signed on to do the show, the scenes have gotten done in like half the time it used to take?” Jensen laughed. “Jared is so scared of her he won’t fuck with her as much if she’s in a scene. He knows she’ll kill him and I fucking love her for it.” 

“Aww. I love you too.” You stood on your tiptoes, kissing Jensen quickly much to the crowd’s enjoyment. 

“Screw you both!” Jared muttered.

“Love you too, Jare.” You winked back at him, laughing as he rolled his eyes. 

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(Y/n) glanced at him from across the room, absentmindedly placing with her food whilst she was lost in her daydreams. She didn’t know what it was about him, but the two seemed like opposite ends of a magnet, always pulled together by some invisible force. Maybe it was fate or destiny. Or the girl’s hopeless romantic brain was creating nonsense.

“Would you stop making it so obvious?” Tris rolled her eyes “You’re putting me off my dinner”

“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about” the girl stuttered quickly, staring down at her hands. The noise of the cafeteria was really putting her on edge. But when she looked at him - or more when he glanced her way - she could block everything out. He kept her anchored.

“Don’t try and deny it. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you that’s he’s bad news, but do you listen?-”

“No she doesn’t” Four sat down next to her, nuding his sisters arms gently “And it annoys me as well”

“Can the two of you stop being so negative?” (Y/n) sighed “I’m happy, can’t you see that?”

“But you could be so much happier…”

She tuned out her brother, staring blankly at the food on her plate. Her mind wandered to the first time she had ever spoken to Peter.

It has been one of their first few sparing sessions, where she had spoken “out of turn” to Eric. He had shoved her into the center of the ring and forced her to fight him, even though he was at least three times as big as her and knew exactly where to hit and punch to have her on the ground within seconds. After he was done yelling abuse at her crumpled body, Peter was the first by her side, helping her upright.

Since then he had always looked out for her, making sure she was comfrotable and safe. He always stepped in when she needed him, and since that day an unspoken bond had formed between the two. It was fate. She was sure of it.

“Are you even listening to me?”

Her head shot up and she stared at her brother’s angry brown eyes.

“Sorry, I’m not feeling great” she mumbled getting up from the table “I’m gonna try and get some sleep before this trial”

And with that she was gone, ignoring the calls from Tris for her to come back and listen.

She could barely breathe. The air entered her lungs in short gasps. The tes was much worse than she thought it would be.

She knew she would be facing her fears. But that, that was just too much. It was too real. Her fathers voice was still ringing in her ears as she ran out of the room and staright into a hard chest.

“(Y/n)?” Peter asked, staring at the girl who as a reflex and curled into his chest.

“I-It was…I can’t, it was t-too awful…I can’t-”

“Breathe?” He asked, helping her down to sit on the ground and rubbing at her back “just take a minute, okay? You’re gonna be okay”

“It was awful” she croaked “He was there. My father was there right in front of me”

“Everything’s alright now” Peter gave her hand a squeeze “I felt exactly the same after I first got out”

“It was all so real”

“It’s all over now, you’re okay”

“How do you know that?” she shook her head “How do you know that they just won’t come true? Maybe next time I go in that room it won’t be a stimulation. He’ll be standing right there, he’ll hurt me”

“I wont let them” he replied “And it won’t come true. I won’t let any of it come true”

“Do you promise?”

“(Y/n)…One of my fears was losing you” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head “And like hell I’m letting that happen”