that script though

last night i was trying to go to bed at 4am but i decided to playtest slarpg just a smidge on a whim and after doing one (1) battle the game crashed while trying to transition back to the map and i stayed up until literally 7am to get it fixed

it was the weirdest fucking bug, something about the game trying to update a ui window that didn’t exist? and it only happened in this one particular spot? i was scared to death that it was some catastrophic bug with the scripts i was using to customize the ui, which would’ve been a fucking nightmare because, even though said scripts were released as an official piece of rpg maker dlc, support has seemingly been dropped for the scripts and the official support forums for them are just fucking gone

in the end, after digging through my script database for two fucking hours and trying in vain to find people with the same problem, i noticed that the game was trying to display a map name in the corner of the screen when it crashed. the map in particular didn’t have a proper name that the player would see. it’s just a random room in a dungeon. this had never been a problem in the past, but i just tried giving the map a name, and suddenly, it just stopped crashing. i tested it some more and that’s definitely what fixed it

what the fuck

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I just listened to the King Falls AM Christmas Musical episode (which was amazing) and I was curious what you think a musical episode of The Bright Sessions would look like?

Ideally written by somebody else? 

I’m only partially kidding - I love musicals, I grew up on musicals, spent most of my youth thinking I would go into musical theatre, got a degree in music, etc. So one of the grandest ironies of my life is that I cannot, for the life of me, write music. 

Doing a musical episode would be a complete delight, but is currently more or less impossible given the narrative structure of the podcast - yes, we’ve stretched the plausibility of some of these episodes being actual recordings in the world (and boy, am I really stretching that with the rest of the season), but having everyone break into song would be pushing it a little too far. 

That being said, I have thought a lot about it and know exactly what narrative trick I would use and which characters would sing and about what, but it’s not a podcast episode. So, it is possible that we could see these characters singing at some point in the future, but it would be an extra-canon type of thing.


Chris: If I remember correctly, we didn’t tell Bryce [about the kiss].
Colin: No, that was a surprise. The idea was we’re just gonna have Chris Pratt surprise her in front of 200 people. And that’s the take that’s in the movie.

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Do any of the kids speak another language other than English? Is anyone bilingual? If so what language(s) do they speak?

Dallas I reckon he practiced Hebrew. I’m still debating whether or not he’s fluent; his dad is Sephardi. He can write in script though.
Dev and Poppy can speak Hindi fluently.
Malek is trilingual. He can speak Lebanese Arabic, French and English.
Phoebus can speak French as well.
Blake can speak Spanish. There’s just the smallest hint of an accent in his speech. If you listen to him hard enough you’ll hear it. If he’s comfortable with you its very prominent. Tyler loves it.
Ari can just barely speak Filipino. Although I guess they can decently understand chavacano and Bisaya.
Sara doesn’t speak it but she can understand Korean.


From the script for the undone musical “Sappho” episode titled “Last Dance,” written by the amazing Melissa Good.

The whole premise of the episode being that Xena and Gabrielle get commissioned by Aphrodite help a couple of couples find love again, including Sappho (played by Renee) and her partner Morai (played by Lucy). X and G go to the island of Lesbos posing as their lookalikes while Aphrodite has sent Sappho and Morai away on a romantic vacation.
Things get a little complicated when Sappho and Morai return and the classic Xena lookalike chaos ensues, now doubled with Gabby also having a twin of her own.
In the dramatic final act, our soulmates share a very beautiful moment in the form of a deep, sincere and passionate kiss.

Please tell me why this episode was never made?

And also, if the reboot doesn’t bring this script back somehow, maybe sans the lookalikes and have Renee and Lucy playing the older Sappho and Morai?

Here’s the other take on that script tease though: the one where Killian is giving David a pep talk. Because David is technically under a sleeping curse right now and his daughter is having visions of her own death and he hasn’t spoken to his wife in days with no end in sight, and now Emma is gone, and the Evil Queen is threatening everyone he loves again, and there’s no Snow to believe in him and no Emma to fight at his side.

But there’s Killian Jones. And when Killian realises that David is berating himself, doubting himself, blaming himself, he steps in. He reminds him about which one of them is the hero. Killian is the one who did bad things, not David. David is the man who saves the kingdom and defends the people and fights the dragons. He has nothing to blame himself for.

He is Prince bloody Charming. Killian is Captain Hook. Not the other way around. So if there’s blame to be passed around, Killian will take it, and David can go and be the hero and fight the Evil Queen.

(And David listens. And then he nods, and agrees, on one condition: they’ll both do the hero thing. Together.)

I’ve tried to stay reasonably positive - or at least even-handed - on DC’s current movies in my Superman writing, if only to avoid getting potentially dogpiled by DCEU stans.

But between Batman V Superman cutting out half an hour of what I understand was vital plot, Suicide Squad getting hacked to a bloody fucking paste in editing, Wonder Woman going through two directors, Flash still searching for a third director and abandoning a probably reasonably fun story plotted by the Lego Movie writers and scripted by the Lego Batman movie writer for a total rewrite by the mind behind the upcoming Gritty Street Fighter King Arthur reboot, and now Affleck jumping ship on directing The Batman, it’s more than fair to observe that something has gone horrifically and perhaps irreparably wrong behind the scenes with these movies, right? Like, this is objectively humiliating and indicative of serious and undeniable problems, right? Because I’m genuinely curious how anyone could possibly try and spin this positively.

Worth it if it somehow means Geoff Johns is no longer co-scripting though. Plus The Batman’s probably delayed into 2019, so hopefully Batman’ll take less attention from Superman’s own 80th anniversary/Action Comics #1000. Speaking of which, what’s with the Superman sequel? Amy Adams confirmed a script was being worked on around the same time as Affleck started talking Batman.

700+ Followers Celebration Script: If the OTPs switched bodies + Gowther & Hawk (Thanks to all the wonderful ppl who follow me, esp to the ones I got to know and talk to!!! This is for you~Hope you like it! ^o^/)
  • Ban(in Elaine's body): (Is flying around) KAHAAA~ I can fly! And it feels so breezy underneath my dress~!
  • Elaine (in Ban's body): *Covers masculinity* I-I feel so vulnerable without a top on... Ban! Give me back my body!
  • Meliodas (in Elizabeth's body): (Playing around with boobs) So this is how it feels like having big breasts.
  • Elizabeth (in Meliodas' body): (Is too embarrassed to speak) .........
  • King (in Diane's body-small form-): This... feels too strange... I'm not used to being this tall... (In his head) OH MY GOD! I'm-I'm in Diane's body!! I-I have no idea what to feel about this!!!
  • Diane (in King's body): Does that mean I can change into King's human form too...? (Tries to change form and does) AH! I actually can?!
  • Hawk (in Gowther's body): (Squeals) WHY AM I IN THIS BODY!? I WON'T BE ABLE TO SMELL LEFTOVERS ANYMORE!! But then again it beats being in that perverted swine's... BUT STILL!!
  • Gowther (in Hawk's body): This pig's sense of smell is indeed incredible... And I have no need to wear any spectacles! *Tries to do the peace sign* Although it is difficult to pose...
  • Escanor (in Merlin's body): Lady Merlin's body feels so elegant, slender, and divine! With this, I can write down great poetry of her beauty with in-depth details!
  • Merlin (in Escanor's body-nighttime form-): Hmmm... To have myself in this odd situation with everyone else, and within this body... is quite interesting. (Starts going on about writing notes)
On Credence, Dumbledore, and Grindelwald

I’ve been seeing a lot of people look at the Credence/Grindelgraves relationship and go: wow that’s exactly what must’ve happened with Dumbledore and Grindelwald and he totally manipulated him in the same way. I’m going to say that yes, while I think there are some parallels, the truth is a lot more complicated than that.

(I’d also like to preface this by saying that I don’t think either relationship is healthy, or what we should strive for in lgbtq representation, and nor am I judging anyone for their ship choices. just to get that out of the way.)

firstly, is the age differences and the power dynamics. when Dumbledore and Grindelwald meet, they’re close to the same age, with Dumbledore being around 17-18 and Grindelwald being 16. they’ve both recently left their respective schools, and neither of them has any social power over the other. meanwhile, with Credence and Grindelgraves, you have Credence being an “adult” according to the script, though clearly a very young one (and obviously emotionally stunted), and Grindelwald being around 43 at this point. Also, Graves has a clear position of power over Credence, with Credence seeing him as his one gateway to the magical world. Dumbledore, on the other hand, saw Grindelwald as the first person who was equal to him in every way.

there’s also the fact that Grindelwald clearly wanted Dumbledore to stick around for the long term as an equal partner and only decides he’s out when it’s clear that Dumbledore is no longer down for the whole taking over the world thing, after Grindelwald kinda… tortures Dumbledore’s brother for dropping obvious truth bombs (after yelling at him for getting in the way of the two of them), and an ensuing duel that kills his sister. Rowling has also said that Grindelwald would have done “anything” to keep Dumbledore by his side (and while the interview as a whole is littered with really unfortunate implications she does also mention that Grindelwald DID see Dumbledore as an equal). meanwhile, he just drops Credence the second he thinks he’s no longer useful.

and yes, while Rowling said Grindelwald “used” Dumbledore’s feelings to his advantage, I think that had more to do with getting him to turn a blind eye to some of the less than savoury aspects of what Grindelwald wanted to do (Dumbledore even mentions that occasionally he noticed the GIANT RED FLAGS but just kept ignoring them because Gellert was hot). meanwhile, Grindelwald outright lied to Credence about literally everything.

if anything, I think the relationship being set up as a clear parallel to Dumbledore/Grindelwald is going to be Newt/Leta, even though we don’t know that much about it just yet. a “taker” that has a falling out with the hero but said hero still has residual feelings for them, despite their manipulations? not to mention the fact that they bonded over being different than most others around them? idk it sounds familiar.

i’m not saying that manipulation wasn’t involved, only that things were on a much more level playing field, and what Grindelwald wanted out of both relationships was completely different. with Dumbledore, he saw an equal partner. with Credence, he saw a tool.

…or I’m wrong and JKR once again takes the most homophobic route that she can with this, but I’d really like to have faith that she’s grown in the last 5-10 years.


Paul McGann auditioning for the Eighth Doctor.

Cutie! Around 50 seconds in, changing gears on a dime.

Melania Trump as a First Lady seems so forced; everthing she says is rehearsed and scripted as though it was provided for her to just recite. She also looks so unhappy and panicked most of the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if, eventually, we find out she was in an abusive relationship. Trump has a history of domestic violence and abuse, that is why I don’t want to or enjoy dragging her. She is definitely priveleged in terms of wealth, status and race but I feel like she is abused as a woman and as an immigrant woman at that.

I have had this feeling for a while but it was strengthed when I saw the way Trump was treating her at the Inauguration. I saw the Obamas tried to comfort her when she was left standing there, that says so many things.

Inspirits Only: 12 Days Christmas Challenge (Day 4): 
Four things I love about my bias

Well if ain’t obvious enough, my bias is Kim Sunggyu….

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Thank god for restricting us to write only four things I love about him if not you can expect to see an essay. 

1. He is talented
I love him the most when he sing…Like go ahead and reach that high note effortlessly

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(gyu jamming to one shot is everything tbh)

2. He is smart

Literally shoot me because as a Gyu stan, I underestimated his intelligence. When I first heard he was going to be in The Genius, I thought he would be leaving the show really quickly but he kicked ass and proved me otherwise.

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(the way he smile creepily-cunningly at Yohwan was hilarious)

3. He is unexpectedly adorable

When I first watched sesame player and I was shaken by how serious LeaderGyu was especially when he called Myungsoo out during their dance practice (ok I’m not sure if this is scripted though) but at that time, I have never thought Sunggyu could be cute. 

But he dropped this shit on me….being randomly cute at times, with his dongsaengs, I believe he need to be babied the most. LOL

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4. He is loving
Even though he may tease his members, but we all know he loves his dongsaengs so much…..

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Nevertheless, I’m still trash for OT7

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Michael Emerson + the finale of LOST


In fact, that’s my new rule: When you get home I want to get right down to talking about regular things.

Supernatural Pilot - Behind the scenes

Eric Kripke: “Supernatural is about two brothers, who travel the dusty backroads of America, with chainsaws and axes in their trunk. Battling all the things, that go bump in the night.”

David Nutter: “With ghosts and paranormal activities and different urban legends, that they deal with, these young men end up becoming warriors, they become warriors against evil.”

Eric Kripke: “The reason we cast Jared and Jensen is: these guys were so far the way the best. They just owned their parts.”

Jared Padalecki: “I think what works well about this script is, that though it takes place and also works with extraordinary circumstances and though it’s things, that people don’t normally deal with; ultimately revolves around these two brothers, who would just do anything for each other.”

Jensen Ackles: “There’s a lot of dynamics between the two brothers, there’s a lot of history between them, there’s a lot of banter between them. It’s got a lot of suspense, it’s something you don’t get to see every day, you know. They are two Ghost Hunters.”

David Nutter: “There hasn’t been really a show like the X-Files out there for a very long time, wich is a show I was involved with in the first three seasons. With the success of films like The Ring and the horror genres around there, we really wanted to step into that world.”

Peter Johnson: “It’s perfect timing from the Pop Culture standpoint. It’s a kinda popcorn mixture of scare and humour. There’s nothing like it.”

Eric Kripke: “Audiences are going to connect with the show because it’s gonna scare the living crap out of them. And on top of that, they’re gonna love it because underneath all the scares and all the comedy, this is a show about two brothers.”

David Nutter: “Out in the dark, there’s bad things going on and what’s out there is what we’re after.”