that scene with the clouds and the mountains

Morning greets Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with curling clouds and snow-dusted peaks. When photographer Eric Adams noticed the weather clearing through airport windows, he rebooked his flight, rented a car and drove along the park’s Jenny Lake Road to capture this stunning scene. Photo courtesy of Eric Adams.


April 1st, 2017

Day 13: 4WDing Through The Bolivian Wilderness

After a morning of bread with jam, ham, and cheese, we were on our way for the second day of our Bolivia tour. And it was a nice-weathered day for journeying through the country.

The first stop of the day was a site with dried up, petrified coral reefs from long, long ago. After spending a bit of time here, we moved on to the next location, an area with a great view of a far-off mountain and rocks around it. I know, a terrible description. Before long, we were back on the road to our lunch location, which was near a beautiful lake next to a volcano/mountain. And in this lake, there were tons of flamingos that were just chilling and eating. My first time (I think) seeing flamingos! The group spent time trying to take pictures of them but it was actually pretty difficult because they were so far away and my camera just could not zoom out that far. Eventually, everyone gave up and went to lunch, which included chicken, rice, and veggies. After lunch, we tried once again to capture flamingo pictures with some success. But the coolest part after lunch was the reflections in the lake! With the sun coming out from the clouds, the scene was perfect for taking the reflection photos that we weren’t able to get on the salt flats.

After shooting a ton of photos, we left and headed for the next flamingo lake. We spent a little bit of time here before going to yet another lake in the area. Oh, because I didn’t mention it earlier, I just wanted to mention how driving today was absolutely crazy. A true 4WD experience! Going up mountains, driving on rocks and gravel roads, driving through water, etc. And on our way to the next location, the Stone Tree, the roads were completely gravel and dirt and was essentially a free for all. Before reaching the Stone Tree, we made a stop at some rocks that sheltered chinchillas. We had a heck of time feeding them cookies, chips, and veggies. Chinchillas are so chubby and they look like a mix between a rodent and a big bunny. Very funny looking things. Once we were at the Stone Tree, we looked around at the different rocks that were shaped by the wind and quickly moved back to the car because of the intense winds around the area.

With the intense pace at which we were visiting sites, we next stopped at the Laguna Colorada, a big red lake that was a home and sanctuary for three different types of flamingos. Here, we learned about the flamingos and the lake and how it gets its color. Before long, the wind again pushed us back into the car and we headed towards the entry point for the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve.

Once we had our tickets in hand, we drove a long while through the park until we got to the geysers and hit the area with bubbling mud. At 4900+ meters high, the temperature was super cold here and the wind was rough. We walked around and looked at the odd landscape there before retreating back to the car to escape the harsh conditions. During this stop at the geysers and drive, I noticed just how surreal the landscape was around us. The geysers were steaming enough to give an eerie feel to the area. Some clouds were in the sky and the sun was peeking out through the steam and clouds. Pretty cool. We eventually got back on the road as it was nearing time for dinner. The landscape on the drive was all red and orange with rocks and stuff everywhere. The initial thought in my head was how Mars-like the landscape looked. The big hills and mountains were something I’d expect to see on the surface of Mars. And the rocks and boulders scattered all over the place looked strangely similar to pictures I had seen of Mars before. A pretty unique thing to see and one I definitely wasn’t expecting to see in a place like Bolivia.

When we finally arrived at our makeshift hotel for the night (a stone building with rooms with multiple beds that were sitting on bricks with floors and walls of cement with generator-powered electricity), most of the crew decided to brace the cold to go down to the hot springs nearby. But I decided that because I was cold and didn’t really feel like being down in the hot spring (and because I had recently gone in Iceland), I would stick around the hotel and just chill out with my friend Rosie who also decided to avoid the cold. So we ended up just hanging out at the shelter and chatting as I tried to do a time-lapse of the clear and beautiful night sky. Once everyone was back, we had a dinner of sausage, mashed potatoes, and veggies with soup. And before long, a little bit of hanging out happened and it was time to end the long but productive day of Bolivia adventures. Last day down in this part of the country tomorrow!

5 Things I Learned Today:

1. The unpaved roads down in this part of Bolivia were essentially created from the 4WDs of all the different tour companies. Taking away tourism, there usually isn’t much traffic or people in these areas. So really, this area is for tourism and tourism only.

2. No one really lives down here in southern Bolivia. It is barren and far away from many things.

3. The rainy season in Bolivia was delayed by around 20 days this year.

4. Flamingos take off like airplanes with the need for minimum speed for takeoff.

5. The Mars we have been told about and have actually been studying about all these years is really just Bolivia. I came to that conclusion while sitting in the car and looking outside the window at the weird Mars-like landscape surrounding us.

It’s still hard to believe the colors that appear during a sunset at White Sands.  The bright white sand reflects all the hues of the sky, making the entire landscape look surreal and otherworldly as the sun dips below the horizon.  Using the new panoramic camera I finally got an image that captured the entire event from the deep blues and purples of twilight on the left to the explosive yellows and reds of sunset on the right.  Even the silhouetted Organ mountains in the distance took on a unique color.

I was incredibly excited about this image as I watched the sunset happen.  Only one piece of film came out with all the elements that I wanted, as the colors started to fade from the clouds during a second exposure of this scene.  I’m glad it came out perfectly!

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico - March 2015

Shot Notes:
Velvia 50 6x17, 105mm lens
30 seconds at f32, polarizing filter


We’re not going to bury the lead here: Bob Ross’ hair was actually straight. Just ask his longtime business partner Annette Kowalski, who knew Ross better than anyone — he had just gotten out of the Air Force, and was unsuccessfully trying to make a living as a painter, she says.

“He got this bright idea that he could save money on haircuts. So he let his hair grow, he got a perm, and decided he would never need a haircut again,” Kowalski explains.

Before he could change it back, though, the perm became his company’s logo — Ross hated it. “He could never, ever, ever change his hair, and he was so mad about that,” Kowalski says. “He got tired of that curly hair.”

But viewers never got tired of Ross or his show The Joy of Painting. With his soft, hypnotic voice, he’d bring his viewers in close as he created 30-minute masterpieces — distant mountain ranges, seascapes, forest scenes, always with those happy little trees. He’d sling his palette around, blend the titanium white paint, whisper about his life in Alaska, then gently tap his fan brush to create a canvas full of fluffy clouds. With his partly unbuttoned chambray shirt, his halo of tight curls and his soothing demeanor, Ross was a fixture on PBS.

Re-watching the show decades later — it’s now streaming on Netflix — The Joy of Painting still feels like a personal art lesson. And yet the oil painter we spent so many hours with remains a mystery. Ross led a private life and did only a few interviews during his career.

The Real Bob Ross: Meet The Meticulous Artist Behind Those Happy Trees

Photos: Bob Ross Inc.

An Evening with the Ancients by Nolan Nitschke

photographers note:  Finally, after month of little clouds and a very unimpressive winter, the first round of monsoon moisture moved in over the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains. A massive thunderhead built up over White Peak and so for sunset I drove up to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and was lucky enough to have this scene unfold in front of my camera.


Teatro greco Taormina – le immagini non possono darti un’idea di quello che e il teatro Greco di Taormina. In un giorno qualsiasi devi percorrere la stretta stradina che porta da Corso Umberto al teatro, passare accanto al Timeo, il grande Albergo, salire le antiche scalinate e poi uscire nell’anfiteatro. A quel punto, quando di fronte avrai la scena con le colonne e vedrai il mare azzurro intenso il cielo pieno di nuvole fuggenti ed in fondo il grande vulcano, comprenderai che questo Teatro è una emozione.

Ti siederai nelle scalinate ed avrai la sensazione che ti avvolga, ti abbracci, ti faccia sua parte e resterai stupita dal sentirti il suo centro in ogni luogo ti andrai a sedere. Di notte l’emozione continua: la luna, il mare, le luci di Naxos, la Montagna che vive e domina, rendono l’essere in quel luogo un privilegio irripetibile.

Ogni parola detta qui, tra cielo e mare, ha un peso diverso. Immagina qui 2000 e più anni fa i versi degli immortali poeti greci recitati nel crepuscolo, osserva qui intorno la natura ancora selvaggia, aspra e ribelle come 2000 anni fa e comprendi da allora in questo luogo nulla è cambiato: qui ancora la parola, il senso di supremo e di eterno che accompagna ogni verso, ogni canto e recita é ancora l’unico sole che gli uomini hanno creato nel buio dell’universo. Comprendi cosi che quel teatro non è solo una semplice emozione ma le somme di tutte quelle che noi umani, nella nostra divina imperfezione, potremo mai avere.

greek theater in Taormina - pictures can not give you an idea of what is the Greek theater in Taormina. On any day you have to walk the narrow road leading from Corso Umberto to the theater, go next door to Timaeus, the largest hotel, climb the ancient steps and then go out in the amphitheater. At that point, when you will have in front of the scene with columns and you will see the deep blue sea the sky full of fleeting clouds, and in the bottom the volcano, you will understand that this theater is an emotion.

You sit in the stairs and you will have the feeling that it envelop you, it hold you and you’ll be amazed by the feel to be in its center in every place you go to sit. The excitement continues at night: the moon, the sea, the lights of Naxos, the mountain that dominates land make being in that place a unique privilege.

Every word said here, between sky and sea, has a different weight. Imagine here in 2000 and more years ago the verses of the immortal Greek poets recited in the twilight, looking around here the wild nature, wild and rebellious like 2000 years ago and understand since then nothing has changed in this place: here again the word, the meaning supreme and eternal accompanying each verse, each singing and recitation is still the only sun that men have created in the dark universe. So that you understand that theater is not only a simple emotion but the amounts of all those that we humans, in our divine imperfection, we can have.

Rare Galle French Cameo Art Glass Table Lamp
around 1900
A double signed Galle art glass in multicolor, shade with acid cutback signature, base has original paper label and acid cutback signature. The base lights up and is a sunset mountain scene at with pine trees in background and lake or river in foreground. The rare domed shade has two birds in flight, resembling a condor and an eagle; with yellow, white and lavender swirling clouds and a moon at the top.

Same Sky, Different Day (Night)
I obviously had to return to the same pond on a clear night. Like the first time, I didn’t plan on shooting here. I originally set out to shoot star photos at Thor’s Well but was greeted with stormy weather. After a couple failed attempts on shooting photos, I was still determined to shoot the night sky. On the drive back, I stopped at the pond to be greeted with perfect conditions! The milky way was just rising over the horizon and I could see it with my naked eyes! I edited this shot a little more than usual, but only because I enjoyed the colorful effects. Photography is often assumed to be as real as possible, but it is still a form of art. Like any other form of art, it is the artists interpretation of the scene that will determine what the final product looks like. 
Camera Info
•Canon 5D Mk3
•Canon 16-35mm F2.8
•F2.8 Aperture
•30" Exposure
•3200 ISO
•4300 WB
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My Moon

There are a lot of negative vibes and depressing things going on in some of my friends’ life recently, and in the fandom, too. So I decided to write something sweet for all of you, especially for @prinxietys@prinxietyhell, @analogicality-sanders and @iloveshippingkitty. I hope this fanfic will light up at least a little bit of your day! 

Strongly suggest listening to “Youth” by Troy Sivan while reading this. 

All of the lyrics from the song “Youth” belongs to Troy Sivan.

Pairing: Analogical

Warnings: None. All cute and fluff. 

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