that scene killed me xd


Emily & Reid and the Star Puzzle

It’s called a ‘star puzzle’. It’s basically impossible to figure out. There was this young prince who wanted to win the heart of the fairest maiden in the land, so he climbed to the top of the tallest tower in the kingdom and he caught a falling star for her. Unfortunately, he was so excited that he dropped it and it smashed into all of these pieces. So he frantically put it back together again to prove his undying love to her and he succeeded and they lived happily ever after.

That doesn’t make any sense.

Kiyomitsu and Kogitsunemaru’s running commentary (with the addition of Iwatooshi, Hachisuka and Mikazuki just being themselves) kills me every time I watch this scene xD

[A rough translation xD]

Kogitsunemaru: This is again… Quite a contrast.

Kiyomitsu: Un. Iwatooshi completely gives of the feeling of, “Let get this field work done~!”, but Hachisuka…

Kogitsunemaru: Yes. His awareness of needing to do the job… Cannot be felt at all.

Then, there’s this.

Kiyomitsu: That person… Don’t you think he’s had a huge misunderstanding about something?
Kogitsunemaru: Yes.
Kogitsunemaru: *to Mikazuki* Mikazuki-dono, we’re not taking care of the horses today.
Mikazuki: It is troublesome to be loved by the horses.
Kogitsunemaru: Mikazuki Munechika-dono.
Mikazuki: *laughs* Yes, you’re right. Um… Yes, yes, look, there’s some delicious grass over there. Can you get there?
Kiyomitsu: That horse… Seems hard to handle.


Also, how cute is Ryuji in Kiyomitsu’s uchiban outfit! ♥

I LOLed so hard at this moment. That look on his face in the third pic when Kiyomitsu spots Mikazuki leading the horse out xDDD

lenadexil  asked:

Okay now that I saw the answer I can't help but imagine the gang running a coffee shop in the wing!au like yes! And I can see Gabe just GLARING DEATH at any customers who give Jack any shit over his wings! This au is gonna kill me!

I admit, that scene would be fucking adorable XD. Though, Jack definitely wouldn’t be letting his wings show during business hours, but he would be the sunniest cashier you’d ever see, working side-by-side with Ana. Gabe would be manning the kitchen obviously, and he is super territorial about it. Angela would be his sous chef, because even though that woman can’t cook worth a shit, she is damn organized and thus has Gabe’s approval. Lena, Jesse and Genji would wait on tables while Reinhardt and Torbjorn are the baristas. Sometimes if she doesn’t have school, Fareeha would come around, tailing her mama, aunties and uncles <3.

Jack would sometimes dart inside the kitchen to peck on Gabe’s cheek, and Gabe would grunt at him, but still slip Jack some of his famous apple pie fillings that have Jack grinning the whole day. Reinhardt and Torbjorn would have a little competition going on to see who would make the quickest, most correct complicated order for the day. Lena would often get chided by Ana because she chatters too much with the customers, Jesse flirts too much while Genji got hit on WAY too much. Angela would meticulously label every spice jar and every ingredient alphabetically, arranging the kitchen in a way that Gabriel only needs to twitch a finger in order to get what he needs. 

Sometimes, after closing hours, they would put two-three tables together and sit down with Torbjorn’s special SECRET hot chocolate (that he refuses to share the recipes with anyone btw) and Gabe’s feast of the day, and would just reminiscent about the past, stretching their wings out after a hard-working day. They would be cautious still, given their past, and you bet your ass there are guns hidden in many corners of the cafe, sadly. During their off days, maybe Lena would arrange a flight for everyone, somewhere out of the way and requires a lot of hiking to get to, but the view would be spectacular. Or Angela would arrange a communal grooming session. Jesse would drag them out to the fairs  or farmers markets every once and a while, and drone on and on about getting a farm on his own, which he eventually does and get the gang over to help out sometimes. Sometimes Gabe would take Jack out for dates, just for the two of them, and they would build their little nest finally, adopt a baby (like this little prompt I wrote), generally be HAPPY and CONTENT with their quiet life. 



tbh this is one of my all time fav scenes of Healer… it kills me, i literally die of laughter every time xD (never going to get old) … i mean that song though is ridiculously hilarious and then on top of that it’s Jung Hoo’s horrified look as he has that ‘what the hell is up with these lunatics’ face LMAO… plus this is one of those scenes that helps me calm down in the midst of my misery and depression (going through severe separation anxiety due to Healer officially being over)

peaceloveyoutube  asked:

I feel like in the club scene, Harley either starts off by sitting with joker and then he tells her to go start dancing while he talks business with commons character, or while joker is talking with commons character Harley takes a break from dancing to join them lol. either way at some point joker joins Harley "on stage" (or wherever she is) while she's dancing as we saw in the bohemian rhapsody trailer, which I'm excited to see!

Both options sound equally plausible to me, so who knows lol