that scene is perfect

They chose the perfect soundtrack for Naruto and Hinata's scene at the end! I was too emotional hearing the same song in the scene of Minato and Kushina's last message to baby Naruto before dying. My poor kokoro 😭♥️

SLEEPOVER. I was listening to this song on loop yesterday before I played ‘The Freshman’. I found the song really sweet and sexy, thinking of it as a song base for a fanfic I wanted to write – maybe Jake x MC, Sean x MC.

And then the Becca scene happened. Perfect.

So I searched for the lyrics. Boom. You know Becca and MC want more but it has to be only a “pit stop” right now. 

And THEN I watched Sleepover’s video. Sexy. Hayley and her best friend (an Abbie lookalike!) getting all cozy sexy. (Video link here)

Hayley has even talked about the video on her tumblr.

“I’ve never truly believed that sexuality defines who you are. I do believe, though, that sexuality helps shape and build who you become. How you act, what you pursue, who you surround yourself with. This music video for “Sleepover” is not a concept or an idea for me. It is my life. It defines a part of who I am today. I grew up a dreamer and found comfort through a safe haven in my head. It’s where I was able to find self-love and feel validated. This music video validates those feelings for me, even if in those moments the girl I fell for was unavailable. I made this video to help validate those fantasies. To create a space for the lovers, dreamers, and seekers. Falling in love can be a bittersweet feeling, especially if you know it’ll never be reciprocated. I think we can all relate to that.” (via)

Lyrics after the cut.

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So, in all the excitement about the POV scene, I nearly missed this perfect piece of fanart!! Look at him. Look at his stubbly face. The hair, the square jaw, the thin lips … the artist, Leila Rheaume did a PERFECT job, wow. I wish I knew if she had an instagram or a deviantart or a tumblr or sth so I could tell her how perfect her art is!! I love that it’s a tarot card??? The Magician, how perfect. Today is a good day you guys. Today is a really good day.

Okay, but what I love most about this scene is how Victor’s reaction has only one interpretation. It is unambiguous and agreed upon by 99.9% of the fandom.

Victor doesn’t say anything in the scene but just by his expression, his blush and his gasp we all understand what is happening within him.

Because the only thing that he can be experiencing at that moment is love. Whether it is infatuation or attraction or a crush or just an incredible awareness of Yuuri’s cuteness, there is love involved.

And literally nothing else makes sense here.

Some people can deny many things in this show but this one scene, this emotion that appears in Victor’s face is real and undeniable.

That’s what I love most about that scene. It shows something so profound and true in under five seconds and it is clear to the viewer without any additional explanations.

And that is not only beautiful. That shows mastery in the art of direction.


“Shit-packer porn.” That is…that is very interesting. ‘Cause this is where the relationship between subject and object reverses. The proverbial shoe shifting to the other foot. And what was seen… now reveals the seer. Because the eyes of the beholder find not just beauty where they want, but also shallowness, ugliness, confusion… prejudice. Which is to say the beholder will always see what they want to see. Suggesting that what you, Mr. Valles, want to see is in fact shit-packer porn.

  • Victor: about a hundred times I thought you were gonna give up, Yurio. What kept you going?
  • Yuri: hate.