that scene is my favorite to do things with

So I know we just got S2 but how long do you think it will be before we get S3?

I need answers! I have too many questions! I know we just got Season 2 of Voltron but man that ending was a killer! I mean come on that fight scene! And then Shiro! And all of the Shiro/Keith moments! And Pidge being adorable and smart and Awww! Plus Hunk being Hunk, I wish there had been more Hunk. And Lance being all of us at some point in our lives when he feels like he doesn’t have a thing. And I just! AHHHHHH So much stuff to process. And to rewatch! The mall episode was my favorite! The Blade of Marmora was so cool! I need season 3. When do you think it will get here?

One of my favorite things about Simon’s pov in Carry On is that he’s so vague about everything. He’s like….I guess this is how I feel?? I don’t really know….pretty confused constantly….not really sure….about anything. And It’s like boy do I relate

One of my favorite things about Empire of Storms is when Elide and Lorcan are running for their lives and Elide is too slow and Lorcan keeps glancing at her but doesn’t know how to tell her because he’s low key afraid of her and she just sighs and says “do it” because of course she knows what he’s thinking and without another word he just throws her over his shoulder and takes off. That scene was hilarious and I love my grumpy teddybear son and my genius slytherin queen so much

One of my favorite things about the crying scene was that Victor did technically help in the end. Yuuri says he feels better after crying, and honestly it’s hard to overstate my appreciation for stories that embrace crying as a healthy outlet for emotional distress. It’s just that Victor, bless him, was being a dumbass and did it by accident.

It’s basically like when you’re doing a math problem and you screw up twice but your screw-ups cancel each other out and you end up tripping and faceplanting into the right answer anyway.


Summary: When Dean and Y/N find themselves stranded in a motel during a blizzard they entertain themselves with movies. When Y/N picks the horror film Crimson Peak, Dean of course has his doubts. What the two of them weren’t expecting was a reenactment of the sex scene from the film.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Strong sexual content, NSFW, language, oral sex (female receiving), pure smut

Word Count: 3,233

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night Challenge. Jesus I have struggled with this one for months. I literally have to thank @percywinchester27 for giving me some form of inspiration. I love Crimson Peak it’s one of my favorite horror movies. So I uh hope y’all enjoy! (forgive me I’m sleep deprived and getting really sick.)

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You expected a lot of things from this ghoul hunt, like searching through graveyards. Doing that meant that you had to investigate coffins and crawl through family mausoleums. You knew that when you and Dean found the ghouls it was going to be a bloody kill, a head shot was the only way to take them out. So by the time you had found and ganked the sons of bitches you were soaked in ghoul blood. But that’s what came with the job title, you could always anticipate it was going to be dangerous and bloody.

What you didn’t anticipate was for a blizzard to hit on your way back to the motel.

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Many moons ago; like before having my first kid, I wanted to do an animation of one of my favorite scenes from Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.

I still haven’t given up on wanting to do that. It just got put on hold. I’m going back and reworking some things. Finally fleshed out the design for Vin, want to kind of go back and rework.. and *cough* finish *cough* the animatic but I’m feeling like I’m never going to start animation at this rate. It’s a long fight.. ahh well. I’ll keep updating as I progress.

Should be very, very interesting as I haven’t animated in several YEARS. We’ll see what happens. I don’t own these characters. Call it fanart/fan-animation planning?

things that just made my night:

  • genuine emotion from dennis???
  • also from dennis: the fucking jedi mind trick shit. glenn shut the fuck up
  • a $mall $cammer. she will do well and i am proud of her
  • dee with the funniest shit literally the whole time she and mac were in the slide
  • “charlie sucked on ‘em”
  • thhe scene where dennis Realizes. sunny is my favorite crime drama
  • the SINGLE WATER BOTTLE i hate charlie kelly

I think my favorite thing about the oa is the friendship between 5 very different people. Some of my favorite scenes were the ones where they were all eating lunch together, bba hanging around doing her lunch monitor duty. I love how their group are the only people that call her OA (and the therapist but thats for a different reason) i just love seeing the development of these characters, helping eachother out, hanging out. I just love seeing an example like this of how circumstance can bring the most unlikely people together. How families can be made from pieces that shouldn’t seem like they fit together, but they do. I like seeing how the friendship affects the individuals. Idk I’m rambling but i just really love this show

A quick animation thing. Did this between working on comic pages for a project. If you can recognize it, this animation was heavily inspired by FLCL ep.2 I got some great advice about studying my favorite action scenes. FLCL has a lot I like. Going to study other shows as well when I get the chance.

Ain’t the best, but hey, there’s only so much I can do before I run off to work again.


Come into the light…

I adore Melissa as much as Daryl adores Carol. It’s great every time we get to do stuff together. I think it’s pretty certain that they’ll run into each other again, hopefully. But they’re on different paths right now. Carol’s doing her own thing. She’s running away from the violence and the killing and doesn’t want to be a part of it, and Daryl wants to rip Negan’s and Dwight’s faces off, so they’re running in two different directions. It’s great when Melissa and I have scenes together. I just like hanging out with her. I think she’s great, and doing anything with her is fun.

Norman Reedus, (06/Nov/2016)

I do want to talk to you a little bit about Daryl and Carol, two of my very favorite characters on the show – especially together, largely because you and Melissa McBride have such good chemistry. Obviously they have been sent on very separate storylines and changed a lot since they were last together. So assuming Daryl gets out of the Savior’s compound, what are you most looking forward to in a reunion between those two characters? Do you think, if they do see each other again, they’ll be as good a support system for one another considering how much they have changed?


Gene Kelly and Vera-Ellen in On The Town (1949)

There was nothing the censors could put their fingers on. The red color, the girl in black and the sailor in white were very sensuous. The moves were sensuous. Yet I never laid a glove on her. There was nothing the censors could say. If they did, I could have said, “What? Do you have a dirty mind?" - Gene Kelly, Conversations with the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood’s Golden Age at the American Film Institute

vex and percy being canonly head over heels in love with each other is my favorite for a lot of reasons but ESPECIALLY because of the ridiculous amount of embarrassing things they’ve seen each other do over the years and how they both apparently went “wow thats embarrassing i think im in love with that nerd”

see: the buttflap of percy’s soul being down, vex straight up vomiting onto percy because he got airsick on a trip on the broom (setting off the vomit comet which, imo, is the most Iconic perc’ahlia scene), etc

least favorite things about iron man 3 (in no particular order)

post-credit scene that shows us that bruce fell asleep at the beginning of tony’s recount of the situations that happened to him after the first avengers movie - it’s piss poor humor and i hate everything thing about it

maya hansen dying - was that necessary? that are hardly any female characters in mcu to begin with

tony ordering his bots to attack anyone with extremis in them (including pepper, in which case he forgot) - that seems like a very uncharacteristic thing for tony to do???

deleting the scene where tony???? literally takes out his??? arc reactor??? to save a kid???? - why the fuc was this deleted???

edit: and tony having his reactor removed??? like why??? - idk about yall, but this actually annoys me???

Apron strings

Part of my job at a shelter for women includes doing laundry which includes bedding and kitchen towels and kitchen aprons. I don’t mind this at all, it’s actually my favorite way to serve others -  behind the scenes serving. 

One night I took the aprons out of the dryer and brought them to the table to fold. The thing is with these aprons is that they get all sorts of tangled up while they do their time in the dryer. And, for a woman of little patience like myself, this can cause quite the headache. As I began to try to untangle them, I let the frustration start to get the best of me.

“Jesus, pleeeeease untangle these for me!”

I prayed this mighty lofty prayer and continued to tug at the apron strings. I realized that if I just focused on one string at a time, it all went so much more smoothly. Instead of rushing and grabbing at the giant knot, if I just focused on unraveling the one string, it would fall out of the knot ever so gently. 
I realized that the God of the universe was speaking to me at 3:41am and using apron strings to do so.

”Just work on one issue at a time. Don’t worry about the knot, don’t worry about everything else going on, just pick one string and focus on that”

Isn’t it amazing how God can use literally a n y t h i n g to speak to us? Isn’t it amazing how He can teach us through e v e r y t h i n g we do? The key here, is to simply listen.

- 31Women (Emma)


Professor Moshimo and Miumiu are probably the only adults **aside from Tommy’s mother and Grandma T** who genuinely, truly CARES about kids in this show.

Just look at them protecting Tommy, Lola, and Gus from a nasty Kamikazi clone. They were ready and willing to risk their lives to defend them until Superactivated Robotboy arrived.

And just look at Tommy hiding behind a collected Moshimo, who doesn’t even mind, when Ludwig started throwing things during his and Affenkugel’s visit. Moshimo has shown concern about Tommy and his friends in peril or risking their lives more than once! QwQ He and Miumiu are a blessing to these kids!

backtothestart02  asked:

Two overlooked details in the opening scene of the new promo that I think should be noted - 1) the look of awe & happiness on Barry's face when HR is making his speech (he doesn't even look at Iris at first!) He's just so humbled by the fact that it's HR doing it. :') And then 2) the proud daddy look on Joe's face when WA clink glasses. Like, his lifelong dream is FINALLY coming true. The pieces are coming into place after years of being on opposite sides of the board & he couldn't be happier.

My favorite thing is Iris looking up at Barry. I think she was expecting him to look down at her too and share one of their “best friend knowing smiles” but Barry is so touched by HR’s sentiment that he’s still beaming at him. You can tell it means a lot to Barry to hear HR, who barely knows him, believe that he and Iris are the most perfect match for each other out of everyone he’s ever encountered in his life. I can almost see HR even authoring a romance novel with characters based on them! And don’t even get me started on proud Joe in the background. All a father wants is to see his children happier than himself, and he knows Barry and Iris make each other happy and therefore make him happy. Plus we know how ecstatic he is to be Papa Joe lol. It’s a lovely scene all-around.

Honestly what’s still one of my favorite things about Cardcaptor Sakura is that she doesn’t have a transformation scene but she still wears a magical girl outfit so like… She goes out of her way to dress up like that before doing her cardcaptor business