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Pepero Kiss [m]

smut // everyone knows the peppero game right? too bad your boyfriend acts as though he doesn’t know how to.

The aluminium wrapper crinkled in between your fingers as you took the stick of pepero out.

“You bite, then I bite. Got it?” You said. “But not all of it, we need to leave the smallest piece we can get. Then we compare.”

“I know how to play it, but why do you want us to do this?” His eyes blinked open as rose up from the bed and rested himself on his elbows. “I thought we were watching tv?”

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Champagne [Gladio x Reader] [NSFW]

Hi my name is Saph and my specialty is writing fic for people who are having a shitty time of it. This time around is for @cupnoodle-queen ;o; chin up, Mish!!!

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Hyperboles be damned: this whole week had been a crick in your neck.

And speaking of which—you thought you were starting to get one from all that desk work. Gods above, sorting through all that paperwork had been brutal; you don’t know what you would have done if not for those occasional supportive text messages from Gladio. Whether it was a picture of a thumbs-up gesture, or a simple You’ve got this, baby girl three-quarters of the way through your shift, the gentle buzz of your phone every so often was more than enough to put a flutter in your stomach, or make your face light up.

(You knew it did, every time. You didn’t even have to look in the mirror to know.)

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Sometimes the best way to appreciate a flow is standing still. In “Hawaii - The Pace of Formation” filmmakers explore how the Big Island is constantly changing, from fresh lava flows to towering waterfalls. Much of the footage presented is timelapse, which gives viewers a different perspective on familiar subjects; it highlights the similarities between clouds and the ocean, and it reminds us that a lava flow and the syrup flowing down a stack of pancakes have a lot in common. To me, this is one of the most beautiful parts of fluid dynamics: physics of flows on different length-scales and time-scales – even in different fluids – are still very much the same. (Video credit: A. Mendez et al.)

The Captain and the Syren

So I dont usually post non fandom-related things, but I had a request so I wrote a thing…


He didn’t believe in mermaids. Really he didn’t. The idea of a half woman half fish living in the sea and luring sailors to their deaths was laughable, ludicrous even.

So when the townspeople had warned him to stay away from the rocks, had told him of the monsters that roamed the shallows, of the mermaids who sang their deadly song… the Captain had rolled his eyes and finished his ale and set off anyway.

He didn’t believe in mermaids. Really he didn’t.

Which was fine, because mermaid didn’t seem the right word for the creature staring up at him.

She was both lovely and horrifying, and even though his eyes were first drawn to her bare breasts, he was instantly distracted by her hair draping wet across her shoulders and down her back. He could not look away from the curve of her waist, from the glistening skin that blended seamlessly into coal black scales. The graceful length of her arms and fingernails that were almost claws digging into the rock beneath her.

And oh her eyes. Bottomless yet sparking with fire all at the same time.

And the Captain– the Captain was lost.

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A Drabble
Genre(s): The Comfort part of Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader
Word Count: 928

Anon requested: “For the prompt game…“so…did you miss me?” With Kyungsoo?”

Credit: key-oung

The floorboards creak in the living room. You sit up in bed, weight resting on one elbow. You stop breathing. It’s dark and you need to listen.

It’s quiet, just your heart beating fast in your ears. You hold your breath, keep holding it while you wait for a second sound. Only it seems you’ve imagined it all again, that soft creak of the wood floor right near the kitchen. Another night spent missing him. You exhale a shaky sigh and that’s, of course, when you hear it.

The softest metallic click as the door to your bedroom opens.

It’s so dark that it’s impossible to see anything, but you swear that you can make out movement. You clutch onto the sheets to anchor you.

The bed dips. Just a little, like a hand’s pressing down on it. Right where you normally lay.

“You suck.”

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song length scale for prog
  • less than 4 minutes: WEAK!!! unless it's an interlude. You need to try harder or i guess you can be a grindcore band if you want to
  • 4-6 minutes: passable but still brings a tear of sorrow to my eye. you are not prog
  • 6-8 minutes: now we're getting somewhere. this is fairly average, but acceptable. if all your songs are like this, good job, that is respectable.
  • 8-10 minutes: very good. you are prog but you still have some work to do
  • 10-15 minutes: great! congratulations, you have written a proper, full length prog epic. I am proud
  • 15-25 minutes: wow. you have gone above and beyond. this is your album's centerpiece, unless you have multiple songs of this length. if so, fantastic.
  • 25-40 minutes: i am now crying tears of joy. that is all.
  • 40 minutes or more: well, you have a full-length album right here. i am happy for you n you're prog as fuck
Flower For The Lady (Knight!Dean Winchester x Reader)




These girls are idiots.

I sighed and looked up from my book to look at the large crowd swarming the knights: the Winchesters and co. Back from another war against King Crowley of the Southern lands. Every time they returned from a battle they were triumphant yet they always lost someone along the way. A few times the Winchester brothers had been lost, Dean even betraying the king to side with King Crowley before being brought back by his brother. So obviously the two boys were the centre of women’s attention.

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My Jazzmaster is finished!

Complete specs:

- Jazzmaster body
- Transparent red finish by Retro169
- Pickguardian tortoise pickguard
- Curtis Novak JM-Fat and JM-V pickups
- Staytrem bridge and tremolo arm
- Fender AVRI Tremolo
- Vintage Spec Wiring Harness from Blackstar Guitar Spares & Pickups
- Schaller Strap Locks

Neck by Musikraft:
- SCALE LENGTH: 25.5 Standard Fender
- NUT WIDTH: 1.650 (41.91mm)
- HEEL WIDTH: 2-3/16 (55.56mm) Standard Fender
- TUNER HOLE SIZE: 11/32 Vintage Kluson
- TRUSS ROD TYPE: Single Acting Adjust at the Heel
- FB RADIUS: 9-½
- 12TH DOT SPACING: Narrow (Post 1964)
- NUT SLOT STYLE: 1/8 Standard Fender Flat Bottom Style
- SHAFT WOOD: Rock Maple
- FB WOOD: Indian Rosewood Standard
- FB STYLE: Slab Standard Fender
- TOP DOTS: Real Aged Clay
- SIDE DOTS: Real Aged Clay 2mm
- SIDE DOT LOC: Centered on Finger Board Wood
- FRET WIRE SIZE: 6230 Stainless Steel
- FB EDGES: Semi Rolled Standard
- BACK PROFILE: Thin C 79 89
- BINDING: Cream Binding
- FINISH: LT Tint Satin Nitro
- Gotoh SD91 Kluson style tuners

Dive In

Pairing: Merman!Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader finds out why she’s always been so drawn to the ocean.

Warnings: None. (There’s a rarity)

Word Count: 1,403

A/N: Well here’s part two as promised. So I decided to go back and forth between the reader’s and Dean’s POV. This is the first time I’ve ever really written something from his POV. Also I hope it’s not to confusing with the whole back and forth thing. Anyways I hope you guys like it and feedback is always welcome. 

Catch up here: Part 1

Originally posted by enchantinworld

Fish swam along the bottom nibbling on corals and rocks, the seaweed gently swayed with the current and yet Dean noticed none of this as he swam by. His thoughts were drawn to the woman he had met on the beach. The moment he had spotted her from the water he had been drawn to her. This wasn’t anything new, humans often times attracted the attention of the merkind. But the fact he had let her see him in his true form showed how much she had compromised his judgment. Not only had he put his entire race at risk but he had broken his kinds key law. And yet all of this seemed insignificant to him. Without even realizing he had done it, he spoke to her in a way that only true mates could. But that shouldn’t be possible, she was obviously human therefore couldn’t possibly be his mate. As Dean sped along the ocean bottom these thoughts plagued his mind. He needed answers and he needed them now. 

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Imagine Legolas and Bard competing for your love

For middleearth2asgard :)


There was a knock at the door of your new house in Dale. You sighed and got up from your place next to the fire to cross the floor. You expected it to be your best friend Bard stopping by for a chat, as he often did, but you got rather a surprise when you opened the door to see Legolas, the Prince of Mirkwood, there.

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For the uninitiated, a baritone is a guitar tuned a 5th below a normal guitar. So, a standard guitar is tuned E to e and a baritone has an extended scale (neck length) to tune down to B to b, which places it right between a guitar and a bass. It’s a nice way to extend your range and add something new to the arsenal.

The tune is “Never Going Back Again” by Fleetwood Mac. Years ago, I heard Buckingham perform the song in a slowed-down and tuned-down version with a new solo section. This was in the days of Napster so I burned it to CD and took it to my teacher at the time. He gave it a listen and showed me what was going on. It was tuned down to Bb and was deep, rumbly, and kinda buzzy. It was also a nice complement to the spiteful lyrics that were previously balanced by the up tempo feel of the original recording. Lesson? Sometimes you just need to change the tuning, the key, or the guitar for a new idea.

Fantasy Part II

This is for Zutara Smut Week, “Virginity.” Not so much because it kinda mentions it in the story, but more so because I just lost mine, in the literary sense. This is probably the most explicit thing I’ve ever written. It’s a little suggestive after the cutline, but the real deal is toward the end. If it’s no good, then just remember, it’s my first time! And that’s reality, folks!

There were no boys close to her age in her tribe growing up except for her brother, so Katara didn’t think about dating or marriage that much. It was hard to imagine the future with the war going on, but Katara knew that if she were to find a husband someday, he’d have to come from somewhere else. The Northern Water Tribe, most likely, since she’d probably have to go there anyway to learn waterbending. Gran Gran hinted that their sister tribe may not see fit to train her, though, while stating outright that they would most certainly find her a husband.

That wasn’t a bad thing… or was it?

Gran Gran seemed to think so. With limited knowledge and zero experience, Katara had no idea what to think. Sokka was annoying and stinky and sexist. She could never marry anyone like that. Shouldn’t she find another waterbender—to increase the likelihood of passing on the genes to their children? But Katara didn’t even know all the specifics on how babies were made, not really.

It was her friend, Nutha, who let her in on some fascinating, yet somewhat disturbing details. Katara wouldn’t realize until much later just exactly how Nutha knew so much.

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Does anyone have any refs or canon facts about Feyre’s beast/ouroboros form? or any ideas at all?

I’m trying to get a commission of her beast form and don’t have much to give the artist aside from the following

- large, shining blue-grey eyes

- big clawed paws with blend of black and gold 

- ridge of dark spines down back

- medium/long length scaled tail

anyone have any ideas/anything else that could help? like more feline or canine or anything?  

Intergalactic gas and ripples in the cosmic web

The most barren regions known are the far-flung corners of intergalactic space. In these vast expanses between the galaxies there is just one solitary atom per cubic meter – a diffuse haze of hydrogen gas left over from the Big Bang. On the largest scales, this material is arranged in a vast network of filamentary structures known as the “cosmic web,” its tangled strands spanning billions of light years and accounting for the majority of atoms in the universe.

Now, a team of astronomers, including UC Santa Barbara physicist Joseph Hennawi, have made the first measurements of small-scale ripples in this primeval hydrogen gas using rare double quasars. Although the regions of cosmic web they studied lie nearly 11 billion light years away, they were able to measure variations in its structure on scales 100,000 times smaller, comparable to the size of a single galaxy. The results appear in the journal Science.

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Underneath the moon and a million stars (Ocean/Space)

(Read on AO3!)

Lapis crept down the old creaky wooden stairs, probably getting a splinter in her foot during the process.

But she didn’t mind, it was still better than wearing shoes. And, quick enough, her feet landed on the soft sand. The sand was cooler now than it was in the daytime, since the sun had long gone down hours before. Lapis smiled to herself and quickened her pace.

After making a quick stop to retrieve her board from beneath the front porch, Lapis finally turned her sights to the ocean.

The ocean was a dark, endless pool of dark water. But Lapis only felt excitement. She hurried quicker.

With practiced ease, she slipped into the water, paddling out into the still water on her board. It should have come as no surprise considering how many times she had done this, but it still seemed strange to her, of just how quiet the ocean was at night. There was something serene about the entire thing.

She finally made it to the deeper waters, where the waves finally stopped their rhythmic patterns, and the waters were still.

Lapis hauled herself upright, letting her legs hang over the side into the deep water. She prepared herself to wait for a little while. After all, although it was rare, she was sometimes late. Lapis didn’t mind.

She turned her eyes to the sky, craning her head back. The inky sky shone with millions of stars, all sparkling brightly.

Her grandmother would say that they were singing.

“You must be careful to listen Lapis. Listen to what the stars are singing, and you’ll never be lost,” She would say.

A smile tugged at Lapis’s lips.

Suddenly the waters moved beneath her. There was a moment of stillness, and then a girl’s head popped out of the water, smiling brightly. Lapis grinned.


Pearl’s smile shone through the dark. “I’m so sorry I’m late. My lessons ran way over.” Lapis shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you’re here.” she murmured.

Pearl’s blue eyes shimmered. She shifted in the water, moving so that she could rest her arms on Lapis’s brown thighs. Her thin fingers, cold from the waters, traced against Lapis’s skin.

“I missed you.” she said softly, resting her cheek against Lapis’s leg. Lapis smiled gently at her. “I missed you too.” she said, truly meaning it.

“Hey. Come up here.” Lapis patted the spot beside her on the board. Pearl’s eyes dart to her eyes, away, and then back again. Slowly she moved to where Lapis had gestured, hauling herself up onto the board with a slight grunt.

Lapis helped her up, and Pearl exhaled, now fully seated on Lapis’s board. Her upper torso was now fully out of the water, such a rare thing for her to do, and Lapis couldn’t help but to stare.

Pearl’s pale, almost white, skin shone in the moonlight, top half entirely bare. Her short pink hair curled prettily around her pale cheeks, and strings of pearls gleamed from where they were pinned in her hair.

But none of that was as amazing and strange as the rows of light-colored scales that began at her waist and continued far past where her thighs would be. Lapis’s eyes stared down to where the length of scales vanished into the dark water.

Pearl’s eyes followed her own. “What is it?” she asked softly, making Lapis blink. Her cheeks darkened.

“N-Nothing. It’s just-you’re beautiful.” she said shyly. Pearl’s cheeks flushed a pretty shade of pink. “Thank you.”

Her pale fingers twisted together. “You-you’re very pretty too.” Lapis laughed.

“Thank you.”

Their shoulders were pressed together. Ever so carefully, both filled with hesitance, they leaned towards one another. A ghost of a smile pulled at Pearl’s lips. Lapis felt herself smile as well. Slowly their lips met in a chaste kiss.

Careful to keep her touch light, Lapis cupped Pearl’s cheek. Pearl made a little happy noise, and pulled her closer. Pearl’s lips were cold to the touch, and she tasted of salt water.  But Lapis had stopped carrying about that the third time that she had kissed her. And that had been long ago.

She let her fingers thread through Pearl’s short hair, still slightly damp from the water. Pearl kissed her a little bit harder. Her hand, cold and clammy, rested on Lapis’s thigh. Lapis tried not to shiver. But Pearl noticed.

Quickly she pulled away, gazing at Lapis worriedly. “Lapis, are you all right? Are you too cold?”

Lapis laughed softly. “Nah. It’s summer. It’s still warm out here. You just have cold hands.”

That made Pearl laugh softly.

“Apologies. I suppose the waters where I live are so deep that they make my skin feel cold.” Lapis smirked. “I really don’t care.”

A bright smile pulled at Pearl’s cheeks, and Lapis knew she had said the right thing. “You know, your skin and body temperature is a bit odd to me too. You humans, you’re such a strange mixture of cold and hot. Always so…clammy.”

She made a face, and Lapis laughed. “I guess we’re both still sort of strange to one another.”

Pearl shook her head. “Oh no. I don’t mind.”

Her fingers traced over Lapis’s thigh, fingernails pressing into her skin. Her shoulder pressed into Lapis’s own. “You always say that I’m beautiful, that my differences from you are the things that you like most about me. But you don’t know…those are the things that I love about you. I love how clammy your skin is. And how your face and shoulders are sprinkled with those golden little spots-what did you say they were called?”

Lapis swallowed, blushing thickly. “Um…freckles?”

Pearl nodded, another happy smile curling over her face. “Yes. That’s it. I love your freckles. Mermaids don’t have freckles, you know. Since we live underwater, and never get to go into the sun as much.”

She laughed softly to herself, and all Lapis could do was stare.

Everything about her, from the boney curve of her thin shoulders, to her gleaming blue eyes, to the way that her short, half damp hair fluttered around her cheeks, was absolutely beautiful. The way she laughed, like tinkling little bells.

The way she blushed when Lapis kissed her, covering her mouth with the palm of her hand, trying her hardest to hide the beam that Lapis knew was there.

A smile tugged hard at Lapis’s lips, and she didn’t fight it. Pearl made her so, so happy. Like she was being flooded with endorphins from just being around her. Pearl paused, as if she realized Lapis was staring at her stupidly.

She blinked.


Lapis swallowed. “Nothing. I just- I’m glad I-we met. You…” she trailed off, her cheeks burning. Pearl’s eyes turned curious. “I what?”

Lapis stared down at the waters, suddenly unable to meet the mermaid’s eyes. There was a hand suddenly upon her shoulder. It felt like ice. Lapis sighed, brushing her bangs from her eyes.

“Lapis, you know you may tell me anything.” Pearl said softly. Slowly Lapis turned back to her. She exhaled.

“I just…wanted to tell you. You-you’re probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know that we’re…really different. But-“ she stopped, cheeks surely turning red. Pearl’s eyes were impossibly wide.

“Yes. Lapis?”

Lapis could feel her breath as it ghosted over her cheek. The wind faded away, and it was as if, for a single moment, the entire world was still.

“I love you.”

Pearl was frozen, and Lapis knew that she had said the entirely wrong thing. But then Pearl’s hands were cupping her cheeks, they were trembling, and she was kissing Lapis with a burning passion. Hands clutched at one another, kissing skin, running through hair, tugging at clothes.

Then, all of a sudden they tumbled off of Lapis’s board, into the waters.

Lapis clutched at Pearl, wrapping her arms around her neck. Pearl’s arms, now so strong within her own element, wrapped securely around Lapis, holding her tight. Lapis felt the water move beneath them, Pearl’s tail swirling powerfully through the water to keep them both afloat.

Pearl smiled at her, and her eyes were filled with intense emotion. “I love you too.”

There was a rush of emotion through Lapis’s stomach, and she couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped her lips. It was infectious, and soon they were both giggling so hard they couldn’t stop. Pearl’s arms still held her tight, so Lapis didn’t even have to bother thinking about swimming.

Finally they managed to stop laughing, but Lapis was breathless from it. She ran a hand through her hair, now entirely soaked and stringy.

Pearl’s eyes met her own, making them both blush. But neither of them looked away. There was a moment, where they were still gasping for breath and and everything was still. And then the moment ended, and they were kissing once more. Pearl pulled her tight against her, dark waters swirling around them, with the moon full overhead.

And Lapis knew that, despite everything being wrong, everything was right.