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I’ve come back with this, so … Coincidences back? A story from two diferents points of view? one night, one moment, same place, two persons. 💕 🌹 

 (credits of the first two photos:/LaResistencia5h)

day 28: the best friend knows

this was just a smidge too long, so i’m putting it under a cut. follows almost immediately after jackady because boy, there needs to be a reckoning

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Hey y’all,

With the most recent tumblr update to mobile apparently completely decimating the tumblr careers of every artist and creator on this site, I figure this is as good a time as any to issue a reminder that reblogging the work of artists you admire on this website is arguably the best way you can support them.

“they” is shorter than “he or she”

“they” is more inclusive than “he or she”

“they” flows more naturally than “he or she”

I don’t want to see “he or she” ever again


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro