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Riverdale Imagine: The Game Part 2 (Reggie x Reader)

A/N: Had quite a few requests for Part 2. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to leave you guys hanging!!

Summary: After the reader discovers that Reggie only asked her out to win a bet, she is heartbroken and angry, promising herself that she would never talk to him again. However, she wasn’t expecting Reggie to try and explain himself the following day at school.

Approx. 1250 words

Part One Here

“Can I kill him now?”

I raised my eyes lazily as Archie stormed into my bedroom, a mixture of anger and concern showing on his face. He had always viewed me as his little sister rather than his twin, perhaps it had something to do with how much taller than me he was, and therefore in his eyes I needed protecting from everything. I smiled weakly, patting the space on the bed next to me to encourage him to join, and shook my head slowly. After he had climbed into bed beside me and put a reassuring arm around my shoulder, just as he had always done when I was upset, I leant into him and sighed.

“To be honest Arch, I think Ronnie has beaten you to it.” I joked.

“I sure do love that girl!” he laughed. Archie and Veronica had been together for a few months now and – although it was weird initially since she is my best friend – I now idolised them as a total power couple, Veronica held all the power of course. “You liked him though, right?” he asked sympathetically.

“Yes” I whispered. “I never thought I would, but I liked him very much. But, now he has shown me his true colours and it turns out that the person I liked never existed. The boy that I liked wasn’t real; he was just a player in a game, trying to win a bet with his friends.” I said bitterly. Archie nodded and rubbed my shoulder comfortingly.

“Well, I have something that might cheer you up…” he began. Just then there was a knock on the door and Veronica peeped into the room, holding a box of cupcakes.

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iwishiwasntabagofgrapes  asked:

Have you ever told us all the reasons why you hate lorelai gilmore sr.? I agree with you but I'd like to hear more

okay listen i spent like fifteen minutes crying about this exact subject in therapy last week, and i just got home from work and am now in the “eating potato chips and resting” portion of my day before the “cleaning and making dinner and more working” portion of my day, so you caught me at the right time, and i am going to go OFF about how absolutely terrible lorelai gilmore sr. is.

first, necessary disclaimers: at around the middle of season two, i physically could not stand to watch anything that didn’t involve paris, and so all i have fully seen of the show is the first one and a half seasons, plus the first spinoff episode. all of my judgment of lorelai is based on those episodes; if she matures at all as the show goes on, i wasn’t around to see it.

second disclaimer: i grew up with an abusive mom and this is naturally going to colour any interaction i have with a show that is fundamentally about a mom’s relationship with her daughter. i actually thought, before i began watching, that watching gilmore girls might be healing in some respects - like, just watching a mother and a daughter who love each other and are best friends. but it was quite the opposite, actually, and [deep breath] here’s why.

lorelai gave birth to rory when she was sixteen. she escaped from her own abusive, controlling parents, who would have forced her into a premature marriage with rory’s father. she clawed out a life for herself and her daughter from nothing, and now, at the outset of the show, we’re told that she’s done incredibly well as a parent and as a person with the support of a tight-knit community of friends and neighbours. rory herself is a testament to lorelai’s success in this area: she is well-behaved to a fault, an ivy league-bound genius, and lorelai’s bona fide best friend to boot.

we even meet a foil to lorelai in the very first episode - the incredibly racist caricature that is mrs. kim, lane’s mom, who speaks with an impenetrable accent, forbids lane from ever leaving the house or speaking to boys, and doesn’t appear to have any actual relationship with her daughter. she’s presented as the antithesis of lorelai, who is cool mom, who doesn’t place any restrictions on rory’s time or space, who essentially treats rory as a little adult.

that’s how the show frames it, anyway. in actuality, lorelai is bizarrely emotionally immature and fails to set any kinds of boundaries in her relationship with rory, frequently letting her own insecurities bubble over in ways that hurt rory. an early example is how she chooses to date rory’s english teacher soon after rory starts at chilton, and chooses to be openly physically intimate with him on school grounds - a totally inappropriate decision, and one that directly hurts and embarrasses rory. when rory confronts lorelai about this, we get this noxious stew of emotional immaturity as lorelai tries to shift the burden of her own shitty decisionmaking onto her fifteen-year-old daughter:

RORY: You know what, maybe it was a good idea that you hid your personal life from me when I was a kid but I’m not a kid anymore.

LORELAI: No, you’re right. You’re a 40 year old divorcee - my mistake.

RORY: Ugh! I can’t believe you’re blaming this on me!

LORELAI: I’m not blaming you!

RORY: You made up these stupid rules years ago about the way the Gilmore women would run their lives and now you’re sticking to them even though they’re crazy!

LORELAI: Oh hey, my crazy, stupid rules are the reason we’re doing so good in our lives. They’re the reason you grew up the way you did, the reason you’re even in this school and the reason you’re going to go to Harvard so don’t you dismiss my rules.

like! oh my god! i’m getting itchy just reading this shit! rory is expressing how much she’s been hurt by lorelai’s inappropriate behaviour, and lorelai is literally pulling the old “why would you ever say anything negative about me i’m the only reason you’ve ever accomplished anything in life” bullshit.

but what really gets me - what really, really drives me fucking nuts, and reminds me sharply of my own trauma - is how lorelai deals with the issue of rory’s emerging sexuality. it’s sick. it’s just sick.

so, again: lorelai was a sexually active teenager, and her parents attempted to force her into a teen marriage to make the whole situation respectable, and lorelai instead left home and gave birth to rory. she makes it clear that she doesn’t regret her decision and doesn’t want to be judged for it.

so then explain to me why this is how she reacts when rory - dependable, honest, absurdly well-behaved rory comes home late from a school dance

LOREAI: And then it’s about a whole different kind of terror when you find out that she spent the night with some guy.

RORY: I didn’t spend the night with him. We fell asleep.

LORELAI: You are going on the pill.

RORY: What?

LORELAI: You’re not getting pregnant.

RORY: I’m not sleeping with Dean.

LORELAI: Dammit!

in what world - in what world - does a woman who had a child at sixteen react to the mere suggestion of her own teenage daughter having sex with this level of aggression and vitriol? like, she lived through this! her own parents’ abusive, puritanical morality is likely what contributed to her becoming pregnant as a teenager in the first place! what does she think she’s gaining by screaming “YOU ARE GOING ON THE PILL! YOU’RE NOT GETTING PREGNANT!” at her daughter? 

like, the scene did not have to play out like this. lorelai could have taken five to calm down, then sat down with rory and said, “look, it was scary when i woke up this morning and you weren’t home, but you have always been trustworthy and i believe you when you say that you and dean fell asleep at miss patty’s. the most important thing to me is that you’re safe. and on that note, it might be a good idea for us to start talking about birth control. would you be interested in talking about that?” and scene. 

“oh, come on,” you say, “lorelai was clearly just really upset and anxious because rory had been missing; you can forgive her for yelling at rory, can’t you?” 

well, no lol, but here’s another, similar scenario, after a 100% calm and collected lorelai overhears paris talking about how she lost her virginity, and rory replying that she’s never had sex:

LORELAI: I’m taking you shopping tomorrow.

RORY: Why?

LORELAI: It just seems time… for new shoes.

RORY: Okay. [walks away]

LORELAI: I’ve got the good kid.

i’ve got the good kid. i’ve got the good kid. i’ve got the good kid.

a woman who gave birth at sixteen overhears her daughter discussing sex with a friend. hears the friend say that she had protected sex in a safe, trusting setting. hears her daughter say that she hasn’t had sex yet. gleefully declares to herself that her kid is “the good kid.” never mind that she knows paris to be a straight-A student with buckets of accomplishments and acceptances to ivy league schools all but assured; she had protected sex one single time with her boyfriend, so she is inherently less “good” than rory.

between this example (lorelai buying rory shoes as a reward for still being a virgin) and the prior one (lorelai threatening to force rory onto birth control based on paranoid mistrust), something really ugly is emerging. lorelai and rory are best friends, sure, but only when rory is being perfectly behaved and only when lorelai can be assured of complete and total control over rory’s behaviour. or, more accurately, control over rory not repeating her own mistakes. the fantasy that they’re best friends and equals falls apart the split second that rory steps even the slightest bit out of line, or (as in the mr. medina incident) when it’s more convenient to blame rory for her own indiscretions.

like. look. i can accept lorelai having flaws; i can accept there being conflict in her relationship with her daughter. what i can’t accept is how the show continually holds lorelai and rory up as a paragon of a healthy mother-daughter relationship while allowing lorelai to pull shit like this. encouraging it, even. i can’t accept lorelai being presented as a great, resilient, self-sacrificing Cool Mom and using her as a foil for mrs. kim, the hyper-controlling racist stereotype, especially when lorelai herself flies off the fucking handle and calls her daughter a slut for being a few hours late coming home from a school dance. spare me!

Spoilers - Part 2 (Leonard Snart)

Requested: yes

Warnings: none that i can think of, but there might be some language in there

Word Count: 2.943

A/N: you guys asked for it so here is part 2 i really hope it’s alright and also this was longer but i decided not to bore you with a 6000 word story so i cut it lmao  (bonus points for who spots my references in this imagine lmao)

Story Line: The Legends travel to the future and Snart shows up asking for your help. 

Part 3 

“Welcome to 2020, everyone.” Hunter turned his chair around to face the rest of the team with a large grin on his face. “The year of numerous life-changing medical and technological discoveries.”

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I wanna say this was purely revenge but I’ve wanted to do this for a while. Opportunely just presented itself >__>


I want to see it in a store! I can give you the addresses. You know what I’m going to do when I see it in the store? Whaaat? You know that section towards the front? The staff recommendations? I’m gonna grab a copy of your book and put it in that section. And then I’m gonna write my own little recommendation on a card and attach it, so that people will see it and buy it.

101 Endings for Rory Gilmore that would have been better

1. She accepts a TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) position and travels the world teaching kids. 

2.Enlists in the foreign service and works their press division. 

3. Was discovered by Zooey Deschenel and becomes a blogger for Hello Giggles. 

4. Works for Buzzfeed. 

5.Runs a blog of her own, gains a HUGE online following, and gets a book deal because of it. 

6. Winds up discovering the truth about “Dean Forester” and becomes a hunter. 


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my thoughts on studyblr/studying “aesthetic”

(as requested)(as if anyone wants to read this)

we’ve all seen those posts, the ones with hardwood tables and macbooks, highlighters and lattes with the foam just so, with captions like “how to not procrastinate!” “best note-taking method ever!” “if you don’t want to study, do it anyway!” and i just…

i didn’t know what to say for a while, because i felt conflicted. on the one hand, it’s great to emphasize learning, prioritize education, not treat school as “ugh, gross” but for something that is actually a privilege, because we’re lucky for the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. but on the other hand, how much of this aesthetic is really about learning? it’s so curated, gilmore-girls, “let me take my $700 computer to starbucks and color-code all my notes” and somehow it comes across kind of privileged to me, as well? like, just because you don’t study The Studyblr Way doesn’t devalue that you’re doing work. but when only one of these (slightly classist) viewpoints is shared, it can make you feel like you’re doing something wrong.

i also reblogged a post about the overexertion rampant in our generation because we’re all supposed to be hard workers, high achievers, do as much as we can and still beg for more. and i feel like this romanticization of studying only feeds into that. i’ve seen posts with “no pain, no gain” mentalities about studying, and as much as i get that yes, we should study instead of procrastinate, do we really need to make such a big thing out of this? if you’re having a panic attack because of studying, guess what? you’re not weak for not choosing to study that night. studying is cool and all, but it’s not the necessary ingredient for doing well and it’s not a key to success, especially not the way that’s touted as successful on tumblr. i just think there should be more of an emphasis on the joy of learning, on discovering interesting and new things, than seeing minuscule ballpoint notes in some girl’s notebook about subjects i’m not going to take. to be honest, i look at those posts and think “damn, my hand would kill me after writing all that” and then i think that i’m just happy to not be a pre-med.

tl;dr – there’s nothing wrong with not buying into the studying aesthetic. for every rory gilmore, there’s twelve exhausted students staying up late, cramming last minute, quickly googling everything they can and hoping something sticks before they ultimately decide that sleep is more worth it, and crash into bed. studying isn’t everything. if you love it, good for you, but it’s not the only way you’ll do well in college, or in life.

The problem I keep running into with Christopher on Gilmore Girls is mostly structural, I think, and it’s this: Christopher is Rory’s dad, but that’s not his primary function in the show. His primary function is to be Lorelai’s love interest. And so almost all of Christopher’s most significant scenes with Rory are really about his relationship with Lorelai. 

When he tries to buy Rory the OED but his credit card is declined, the focus on the scene is not on how Rory feels about her father’s unreliability, but on the fact that Christopher is keeping it from Lorelai. When he escorts Rory to her cotillion, the focus of the episode is not on how Rory feels having her father present at this big public coming-of-age event when he was absent for most of her childhood, but on how Lorelai is thinking of maybe getting back together with him. When he runs to Rory’s hospital bed after her car accident with Jess, Rory isn’t even awake; the meat of the scene is Christopher’s conversation with Lorelai and how their bond is becoming more attractive to her after her fight with Luke.

Because the show doesn’t particularly care about Christopher as a father, and it does care a lot about Christopher as a love interest, as a viewer I end up with the creeping, slimy sensation that Christopher the character sees his fatherhood as secondary to his romantic relationships, that he views his relationship with Rory as valuable mostly because it gives him a path to Lorelai. After all, that’s how the show itself treats their relationship. And ironically, it makes him much less palatable to me as a love interest.