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Theory: Barry is the only one able to become a Lich due to being the only one with Necromancy Knowledge (being the one who made the Animus Bell probably). As a result, Lup didn't die and possess the Umbra Staff as a Lich normally, knowing she was going to die in the cave, she used one of the few spells Barry taught her to place her soul in the Umbrella, thus removing the need for her to die tragically and instead just allow her to wait for her friends to come find her as she knew they would.

idk what part of this isnt still tragic but w/e

Lol Internets not working rn so this is a phone picture. I took a quick break to doodle the kiddos pre academy times, ish, so neji is a sad/bitter kid, and Lee is still forming his brazen determination. Tenten is cute and cheery though, full of big dreams!!

Hello friends!! I’m still alive and sorry for not being more active lately - I’ve partly been busy working on a piece for the Star Wars fanzine coming out soon (a really exciting project, keep an eye out for the launch! :D)

It was also a chance to update my avatar for the first time since… 2010…. (I’ve become much more Star Wars since then, but couldn’t let go of the Slytherin scarf! HOUSE PRIDE \o/)

So apparently I’m a cult leader now!

Cult guidelines:

  • blood red robes (though if you don’t have red robes i can be convinced that other colours are ok)
  • feel free to personalize robes!!!!!!!
  • love to chant (tho if you can’t for some reason that’s ok!)
  • cats allowed


The red butcher and the demon priest

Hidan is a member of a cult who worships a deity called Jashin. The Jashinists believe that it was Jashin who caused the end of the world because of all the sinners. Now they  wander the world and makes human sacrifices to get rid of the last of them and please their god. In return, Jashin has granted them immortality until their work is done.

Kakuzu suffers from an unknown illness that causes his internal organs to rot. To stay alive he slaughters anyone he comes across and steals their organs. His reputation is spreading and people tell stories at night about the red butcher or the red surgeon; a demon who roams the land.

When Kakuzu ran into Hidan and found out that he couldn’t kill him he was impressed. Hidan in turn was impressed when he realized that Kakuzu was the guy he’d heard rumors about and that the rumors were true. Thus a partnership was formed!

Hidan eventually manages to convince Kakuzu that if he joins the Jashinists he won’t have to steal organs anymore to stay alive, Jashin would give him immortality and in exchange Kakuzu just needs to keep up the good work, so to speak. Soon after that, the rumors began to spread that the red surgeon had found a partner, an immortal demon priest who is just as deadly as him.

The sad thing is I can only think “fuck practicality armor is hella cool” when I’m this fucking tired and don’t care lmao.

Things have to flow in a logical and layered manner for me. Or rather I prefer that they do. Also seriously, I for some reason really do like the feeling of putting on more layers to cover weak spots, until you get a hardy outer shell that’s the metal chest piece and no vitals are exposed.

Even in world building and with magic especially – there’s always a thread of logic and verticality to the way I make magic work. Things have to connect somehow, make logical linear sense at LEAST vaguely.

I get extreme satisfaction out of imposing feelings of safety and seeing “gears” turning in a grander structure to make it do something, apparently.