that rin thinks haru doesn't care

A sketch that went on for too long, lol oops! (I’ve been trying to work on a project that involves harurinpics, but I haven’t gotten very far on it yet.)

So… I think starting a family before going to the Olympics is kinda farfetched, BUT it’s my fanart and I can do what I want. :D

Of course Haru and Rin are going to be extremely busy during the events, so Auntie Gou and/or Uncle Makoto will be taking care of baby Sakura most of the time. But when it’s time for breaks and interviews, his daddies get to show him off. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This is after winning of course ;)

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Omg so I don't know if you've seen, but there's a lot of Rin and RH fans hating on Haru at the moment because he hurt precious Rin's feelings. I'm even seeing fanart already of Haru saying that he swims for his friends and Rin being all "what about me boohoo you don't care about me I'm not important". Like??? did these people miss the entire episode or what??? To me, Rin seemed upset because he didn't realise how upset Haru was, not because he thinks Haru doesn't care about him

Yeeeaaaah, that is way off the mark.  What, so Haru should go pro with Rin just to soothe Rin’s feelings, never mind about all the obvious anxiety and fear it would put him through?  That is a huge disservice to Haru, and to Rin as well because he may be kind of dumb about feelings and tends to project his own wants onto others (and this episode was a PERFECT example of that, he was clearly assuming that Haru must want to go pro swimming if he’s so into competing, which clearly isn’t true) but Rin is still a good guy and tries his best to be a good friend.

He may be a little frustrated with Haru “wasting” his talent, yes, but I don’t think Rin would ever want to force Haru into a future that makes him so clearly uncomfortable.  Rin has his moments of dickery, but he is not a complete dick.  This season was kind of set on proving that with all the gratuitous Perfect Rin, wasn’t it?  So yes, he might be disappointed that Haru isn’t going pro with him, and well a little sad too since he enjoys swimming with Haru and Rin is a human guy with human faults, but to turn it entirely into a Rin pity party is completely off the mark.

Really, I think Rin’s aggressive pushing of going pro wasn’t even all about him projecting, either - he’s clearly worried about the future of his friends after high school.  He even asks Makoto about going pro, too - he wants to know what they’re doing.  Graduation is approaching fast, and it’s time to start living their lives as adults, and Rin naturally wants, in his take-charge big-brother way, to make sure that his friends will be okay and on the right path.  He’s pushy about pro swimming because at least that way he can keep an eye on them and he doesn’t have to worry about them meandering without future plans in mind - Rin is a planner and the thought of just handling the future as it comes like Haru does is anathema to him, so he tried to fix that by making sure Haru was at least considering his future, as well as Makoto, so they wouldn’t be lost.

However, it wasn’t the best thing for Haru, as this episode proved, and I think Rin is a bit shocked that calm-as-stillwater, dispassionate Haru exploded so spectacularly.  Any anger he’s going to have over it is going to be worried!anger - Haru is clearly having trouble, and Rin coats his worries in anger, as last season so lovingly showed.  Basically I think Rin is going to be hit by a lot of things in the next few episodes - Sousuke’s injury, Haru’s breakdown, Makoto’s avoidance…Rin is clearly the only third-year with a set plan in mind and the means to accomplish it, and the thought that he will have to leave his friends to pursue his dreams when they’re so lost isn’t going to be pleasant for him.

I don’t really know what I’m babbling anymore…basically, thinking that Rin would be upset because “Haru won’t swim with me boohoo” is way off the mark - he’s not upset about his personal feelings being hurt, here, he’s worried about Haru having no future, in my opinion.

Rin can be a bit selfishly blind sometimes, but he’s not a complete asshat so as to make this about himself, in the end.

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I think Utsumi was actually rather insulting to Haru in that article. We all know by now he's not just the swimming freak that's all water water water. It makes me think she doesn't know Haru at all. And I'm not a fan of her blatant Rin favouritism.

Same. She could have gone equally enthusiastic about all the characters and not show her Rin obsession tho

You can really feel her lack of interest after Rin’s part tho,  and it’s true that Haru isn’t all water-freakish (it’s just a character thing really). She could have said something about Haru that even though he doesn’t talk much, he always makes sure the people around him are okay, he’s really caring deep down, etc etc

It’s like Haru was just thrown as a joke there or something?????

Utsumi pls tone down your favoritism thank u uwu

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omg you were such a good rinharu shipper i'm sorry you switched and became so bitter, maybe on the end you never really cared about haru since his struggles aren't as important as sousuke's for the single fact they were MENTAL and not physical you know. sorry he doesn't have a broken shoulder i guess. also it's sweet how your perfect beautiful broken angel sousuke also has been selfishly self projecting on haru but no one talks about it mmh? haru HAS to swim with rin just because he can't right

“you never really cared about haru since his struggles aren’t as important as sousuke’s for the single fact they were MENTAL and not physical”

I think you need reminding that Sousuke’s suffering is both mental and physical, he had to give up his dreams and he may never be able to swim again.

I can sympathise with Haru’s struggles, feeling lost, alone, and pressured even by those who want what’s best for his future. Emotions like that are far too easy for anyone to relate to after all but it doesn’t excuse his behaviour. The majority of his fans all seem to completely justify how he behaved but gave Rin so much hate his display of emotion in season one, it’s so hypocritical!

And from what I can gather, most of you fans are now arguing over whether Haruka should go pro or not, that pretty much sums up how well his development was executed in the latest episodes!

sousuke also has been selfishly self projecting on haru but no one talks about it”

Sadly, I think you’ll find there’s been plenty of people trying to accuse both Sousuke and Rin of emotionally manipulating Haruka. That interpretation is far from the truth, Sousuke’s entire purpose in the series was to show Haruka how someone who had dreams can no longer attain that future. Haruka even questioned Sousuke about his personal injury in episode 9 so I think he has just as much right to speak to your precious Haruka about his situation.

Haruka has refused to do things he doesn’t want to do time and time again, stop treating him like some frail little boy just to make characters like Rin and Sousuke look manipulative!

“haru HAS to swim with rin just because he can’t right”

There’s no way that entire conversation between Sousuke and Haruka wasn’t a difficult experience on Sousuke’s part. Even though he wants to be the one beside Rin and continue swimming he had the courage to tell Haruka to step forward and take control of his future.

Sousuke has no hope of achieving his dream but it didn’t stop him from trying to ensure that Rin would still succeed, he cares about that boy so deeply. What he did at that time is far from manipulative or selfish.

Sousuke’s development in this season has been outstanding, his story is heartbreaking and I’m not even ashamed to admit I much prefer him to Haruka, I even feared this was going to happen when the second season began because he’s more than I could have ever hoped for.

He’s hardworking, kind, gorgeous, and cares about Rin more than anyone else! Rin deserves someone who adores him the way that the Iwatobi boys look at Haruka. The way that Sousuke feels about Rin and their interactions throughout ES are refreshing. There’s no way I wouldn’t love him to be honest.

“i’m sorry you switched and became so bitter”

I’m the one who should apologise to you, anon. I’m sorry you’re so bitter about the most realistic, beautiful, and heartwrenching relationship in Eternal Summer.