that retreating figure of his

Imagine Bruce Wayne having a crush on you . ..

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Bruce stood there, staring after your retreating figure, a slight smile on his face.

He didn’t even notice Alfred who had walked up silently behind him from where he had been watching a few feet away.  For a minute the butler looked from his young charge to where you were still just visible in the distance.

It was only when you were finally out of sight that he cleared his throat, subtlety reminding  bruce of his presence.

Yes, Alfred?” the boy asked

Fixing his waistcoat Alfred remarked “Well, it seems you’ve got a bit of a crush, master Bruce.”  

Startled, Bruce whirled on him “I don’t have a crush. What makes you think that?”

“Right.” Alfred said slightly sarcastically “well then, shall we go?”

“Yes. Lets.” Bruce agreed

As they walked over to the car Alfred suddenly commented “If you did happen to have a crush on the girl, I’d say that I approve.”

There was a moment of silence before Bruce asked “You do?” “Yes. But of course, we’ve dropped the subject.”

“Right.” Bruce agreed before getting into the car

Badass - Jonathan Byers Imagine

REQUESTED: Yes, requested by @where-the-fuck-is-my-tiara ! (Sorry it took so long :(( )

can i get a jonathan byers imagine about beeing bad ass bich and his friend and fallin in love with him and finding out he loves u too

WARNINGS: Swearing

SUMMARY: You’ve liked Jonathan Byers for a while, but never thought he’d like you back. You only find out he does, however, when you end up fighting the Demogorgon together.

NOTES: Second imagine for the night, hope you guys enjoy! <3

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Juniper got home late that evening, just in time to watch her brother creeping conspicuously out the door. She simply rolled her eyes, not bothering to ask where he was going. “Bye, Nightshade. Try not to wake mum and dad up when you come in - their yelling will definitely wake me up.” His retreating figure snickered a little before he quietly closed the door behind him.

Hey you angst addicts, here’s a thing

As he watched Chloe’s retreating figure, her fists clenched childishly at her sides, his memory flitted to a much smaller blonde from not so long ago. He saw one tiny hand swallowed by a father’s much larger one, the other defiantly white-knuckled in the effort to hold back tears that fell nonetheless. Images flashed in his mind’s eye that Adrien couldn’t have shared even if he’d had permission to… Read on Ao3

Chloe sadness, Adrien sadness, and Gabriel sadness… I should have called this “Sad Blondes” lol


They love each other so much. They are both so soft. 

What kills me is that Sherlock used drugs knowing that all his barriers would drop. But it was safe. It was okay, because he wasn’t going to see John again. He’d said goodbye, walked onto the plane, opened John’s blog and reread what John said about him when they first met.

But then, surprise! The mission gets called off, Sherlock retreats into his gay fever dream to try to figure out the Moriarty mystery, and the plane lands. And when Sherlock wakes, full of love and understanding that “there’s always two of us” and that he’s finally figured out the biggest mystery of all, that he can’t succeed without John by his side, he’s met with this look.

Sherlock wakes, is so soft and vulnerable, high and hurting, and glances to John. And this is the look he’s met with. Not anger. Not hurt. Love and understanding and a look that says no matter what, John is there.

There’s always two of us indeed.

Your lost boy - Suga Drabble

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Summary- You and Yoongi had gone through some hard times but you always faced them together.You have seen Yoongi happy,excited,jealous,angry,sad…. but never lost. 


“ Y/N,please don’t go”,his eyes crystallising at your retreating figure.

You ignore his pleads,concentrating on gathering your belongings and leaving towards the door,your body practically radiating with heat.You need to get out of the apartment. Reaching the door handle you quickly peer over your shoulder,expecting him to be stood up scowling at you.Instead you were met with something you had never seen before.Normally Yoongi was headstrong,occasionally cold and rarely showed any emotion,even towards you.That wasn’t to say he never broke his cold stature,you had several times.

The first time you met Yoongi he acted ‘cool’,paying hardly any attention to you but you caught him.His constant staring,lingering eyes,parted lips.When you first started dating it took one step at a time but eventually you knocked down his wall.He confessed to you his worries,cried to you about how life in his world wind of an industry effected him.That day you saw the real Yoongi,not the man you fell for but the man who caused you to fall even deeper.You loved moments like that,when he let you in,completely.

But your relationship did come with problems,instead of a wall a forcefield blocked you from him,any help rejected no matter how hard you tried.Today was one of those days and one you thought could possibly be your last with the man you love.

You turn as he slumps to the floor,his body slowly curling in on itself,this Yoongi you had never seen before.

He was broken.

Your heart tore at his state watching as his head bowes,you were taken aback by the quite sobbing leaving his lips,him not caring to wipe away any of his tears.
“Please”,he mumbles under his breath.
Looking at your shared apartment ,at the mess the both you had caused in your time of anger and hurt.The living room cluttered with pillows,with scatters of magazines and books crowding the floor.Your bookshelves now bare.You had an argument but to anyone else they would have though you had been robbed.
Fights never escalated this far-ever.

You edge closer to him,raising your hand to stroke his dark hair.He does not react ,his body still, apart from the heaving of his chest.You bend down to his height so that you are kneeling in front of him.Leaning your forehead against the top of his hair,your hand continuing to coax him as you hear his cries begin to weaken.

“Yoongi?”,you say “Please look at me”
He continues to ignore you,his eyes still trained to the ground.What was he thinking about in that beautiful mind of his.You tilt his chin up so that his red eyes are staring into yours.Poor baby.You put your fight to the back of your mind,forgetting the venomous curses and shouts of hate.You were uncertain of what the future may hold but one thing you knew,both knew,in order to carry on you need one another.
“Im not going anywhere,okay?”,you reassure him.Still no movement . “Please Yoongi,please listen to me…..I didn’t mean anything that I said,I won’t ever leave you,I promise.”

No luck,your heart practically burning as you will for him to answer you,too look at you,to nod at you,anything.
“I love you”,you whisper against his ear,so soft you were not sure if he heard it “I love you,I need you to know that….I will do anything-”,your mouth goes dry as you swallow down the words stuck in your throat. “Please-”,a tear escaping “I will do anyt-”
When suddenly he crashes his lips onto yours,his mouth hot and heavy.You didn’t respond at first;shocked by his sudden movements,until your body kicks into action.Your mouth just as needy.His hands circle your waist,he brings you against his chest as your hands find his hair,gripping onto the strands.You feel his hands on your thighs,wrapping them around his waist so that you are sitting on his lap,before pulling away.

“Don’t cry”,he breathes against your lips,moving to wipe away tears that had been falling from your watery eyes. “Im sorry”,tucking a loose stands of hair behind your ear as your hand smoothes down his face to his neck,repeating the action.Both of you now lost in one another.
“Im sorry too”,you kiss his forehead.His eyes search yours ,brushing your hair back softly,analysing your features that he fell in love with the first time he saw you.

“So beautiful”he whispers.
Placing his lips back over yours,smiling at the urgency of both of you wanting to cement your love with one simple action.A stark contrast to only moments before.You and Yoongi were not the ‘perfect couple’ and you never would be,but you understood one another and more importantly you could never imagine your lives without the other one in it.One thing you were certain about…

You are perfect for one another.



MLWeek Day 2: Family/Friends

What would happen if Alya remembered being Lady Wifi?

Alya sat in her bedroom, looking over the tape that had been sent in over and over again. “I can’t believe it…” she whispered to herself. “I…I became…I became an Akuma?” she whispered in horror. “I hurt Ladybug…and Cat Noir and…” Alya stared at the photo of herself and sighed, shaking her head. “No… this couldn’t be real, could it?” she whispered to herself.

Alya was out of it for the next few days. “Alya…are you okay?” Marinette asked, worried about her friend. “Ah… Y-Yes…I’m fine…sorry, I’ve gotta go…” Alya whispered, running off. “Nino, do you know what’s going on with her?” Marinette asked. Nino watched Alya’s retreating figure and shook his head sadly. “I’ll make sure to talk to her tomorrow…” he said.

“I’ll go too” Marinette said.

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The Spaces Between My Fingers Are Right Where Yours Fit Perfectly

tumblr prompt: “You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting very suspicious” []


The first time it happens is in the middle of a crowded airport, while they’re pushing through in the company of managers and security guards and screaming fans trying to snap as many photos as possible. 

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One-Shot(s) Man

4 Punch: Flick of the Wrist (or an HP!AU with Hufflepuff!Saitama and Durmstrang!Genos set during the Triwizard Tournament [and the Yule Ball])

“Will you accompany me to the Yule Ball?”

“Eh? Oh sure…” By the time the question registered in his mind, Saitama found himself spewing his drink all over King’s hand-knit Christmas sweater.

“You know, you should really think before you speak,” King muttered dryly, tone a complete contrast to his damp wardrobe. And while Saitama busied himself with attempting to clear his airways, King shot a glance at the retreating figure of the strange blond who had just (successfully?) courted his friend.

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Age Reversal AU

Sochi was a lot warmer than he thought it would be. When he thought about a Russian winter, Yuuri thought that he was going to be stuck in the middle of a frozen tundra, but the city was very mild even in the dead of winter. Yuuri packed a lot of winter accessories for nothing.

Now that the GPF was over, the five-time gold medal figure skater felt like caving into the urge to retreat to his hotel room for the rest of the night, but Celestino was quick to remind him that the banquet was tonight. Networking. Right. Sometimes they were a good place to line up modelling jobs, or offer others modelling jobs. By now, Yuuri was in correspondence with several agencies, so now that he was at the top, it was his duty to repay the favor others have given him when he first started out.

Yuuri was never good at making professional small talk, especially not at the banquets. It probably wasn’t a good thing that he needed the assistance of alcohol to mingle, but he desperately needed the boost tonight, so he helped himself to his third glass of champagne.

The Japanese skater was wearing a black Hugo Boss suit that he picked up on his last trip to New York, sported with a patterned black tie and a crisp white shirt underneath. His hair was slicked back stylishly and he even had his new Prada frames perched on his nose.

It was all about the appearances. If Yuuri knew anything about the media, it was the fact that they picked up on everything, from the brand of his glasses, to the lapels, right down to his cufflinks. Yuuri adapted to the discomfort of the prying world because he had to but he was getting progressively tired of it. Yuuri tried retiring after his first gold medal, but he loved the sport too much to live without it. At the age of twenty-seven, he didn’t have much else.

Fuck Me

Summary: sarcasm. Poor Dean. Week 9 hiatus challenge, “i was being sarcastic” for @one-shots-supernatural challenge. I apologize for it being shit.

“Fuck me sideways,“ you grumbled just loud enough for Dean to hear as you slammed your lore tome closed.

“All ya had to do was ask, Sweetheart.”

“First off, not happening,” you furrowed your brow in disgust, “secondly, I was being sarcastic.”

“Would it really be that bad,” Dean asked seriously.

“Does a bear shit in the woods?”

“Damn, YN you really know how to emasculate a man.” Dean huffed as he walked out of the war room towards his bedroom.

“I know how to make you a man’s man too,” you hollered after his retreating figure.

“Seriously?” Dean’s eyes grew wide in anticipation.

“Sarcasm,” you deadpanned.

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