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It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

anonymous asked:

Hello, in my story a prince who is addicted to his feeling of power, sexually assaults my leading lady. I'm struggling finding a way to approach writing the scene. Directly before it happens, he kicks her puppy in the head hard enough it knocks him out (and causes him to go deaf). I've rewritten this scene multiple times with her reaction changing every time... But I don't want this for shock value. This scene is what gives her the strength to finally tear herself away from the abusive prince.

Stories with graphic depictions of violence can easily turn into shock value. Having such a double whammy (coupled with the fact that most readers place violence towards animals above violence towards humans in villainy) can lead to a lot of people becoming upset. I have known people who have stopped reading books or watching movies the second the scene seems to be headed that way. Myself included.

If getting assaulted is what ‘gives her strength’ it may just be best to show the aftermath. Her picking herself up, forming the idea in her mind. Too many writers believe that showing their women beaten gives them a reason to fight back.


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Belle, Beauty and the Beast (need more than this provincial life asap)

Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect (esp. ME2, when it comes to frustration and anger and bitterness and depression and need for justice and grey, but also loyalty.)

(not pictured, but probably should have been: Hermione Granger. My husband, quite accurately, said I’m also a weird blend of Anna Karenina and Kitty from Anna Karenina.)


…seriously, though.



Basically a playlist I scrambled together about Cas’ mental state in the last season(s) 

Bad Blood - Sleeping At Last
Forest Fires - Lauren Aquilina
Breathe Me - Sia
What If - Coldplay
Down - Jason Walker
Broken Toy - Keane 
Trouble - Coldplay
Irrelevant - Lauren Aquilina
Sorrow - Sleeping At Last
‘O Sister - City and Colour