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(Really digging this show, I don’t know, I just got a feeling it’s gonna be really good. Have a doodle as my signet of appoval. ) 

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The storyline of isak coming out to his parents was so well done though. When isak sent the text to his mom, i could FEEL the tension, the knot in his chest, the anxiety that isak was feeling just by looking at the expressions on his face. Then when his mom finally replied saying that she loved him no matter what, the huge relief that he felt, like he could finally breathe again. It was just so real. I don’t think i’ve ever felt this emotionally connected to a fictional character before

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can you recommend some of your favourite books on astronomy, science, space, physics, and sci-fi? thank you

Astronomy by Ian Ridpath
I really recommend this one if you’re new to astronomy, because it has a little bit of EVERYTHING, and it’s very engaging. There are illustrations on every page and very useful charts. It’s kind of an encyclopedia and I’m always rereading some chapters bc it gives you quick answers

50 Physics Ideas You Really Need to Know by Joanne Baker 
I have only skimmed through this one, I still gotta read it with attention!! But it seems pretty good and presents a very easy language

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
This one is intense if you’re interested in quantum physics, I admittedly had to read this book twice to understand a few concepts lol but I love it because he gives you detailed yet understandable explanations. I enjoy the way Stephen Hawking writes!! 

Contact by Carl Sagan
I’m never tired of talking about it because I love it so much, it’s my favorite in the world. It’s a science fiction novel about Ellie Arroway - an astronomer who finds radio signals coming from E.T intelligence. To me really is a book about hope and wonder. And I love it because it’s one of the few mainstream science fiction books where the main character is a woman and she’s really well written… I think it’s a way for people to know who Carl Sagan is, because it’s clear that this story is a reflection of his philosophies

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Matt, Jamie and Nick based on Kyt’s amazing AM AU Dulce Et Decorum Est that I fell in love at first sight and that I really hope she continues and doesn’t kill us all.

Also thanks to @florakinesis for the adorable drawings that inspired this story (and that you can find Here and Here) and @mitochondiva that requested these drawings to him and it all resulted in this beautiful and endless snowball of inspiration.

Honestly i need to rant on here. But have you ever been so close to someone, loved and adored them so much, that you begin to associate them with certain things? and you get really excited and proud when you encounter something and it reminds you of them? But then that never stops? Even after you’ve deleted the pictures of each other off your phone and they’ve done the same? So even when you two don’t talk and you’re doing everything you can to forget and try to move on from them, those same things still make their name or face flash through your mind. But now those things are poisoned for you, and something that used to make you smile makes your stomach twist instead. When you two loved the same thing but now it reminds you so much about them that you just give it up. I wonder if I can ever actually see something the same way again.