that reminds me

and now we can commence screaming about the mlp trailer


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Okay so my crush iS SO INNOCENT?? LikE IM The total opposite of him I'm Tumblr, late night not normal at all, chubby and then he's just mostly innocent, athletic, nice, can actually talk in public with no sweat?? But all da girls like him and I just am so different from the girls that like him they've won beauty pageants I'm not even kidding, but yeah my crush is just a smol bean (but he's tall Oo) and I like him a LOT he's so cute :)



Yooooo :V

@trainersheels had a super nice idea yesterday: Because we both can’t get our asses up to draw our comics we should draw our OCs instead and write down all the important info about them :V

First I wanted to start with pitty but I wouldn’t have finished in 100 years if I did this because I just got so much to talk about pitty lD

So I decided to draw someone I haven’t really drawn before so here is CANY ♥

all the important stuff is written on the last picture :V Full view pls

her design has just changed a little bit compared to the first drawing: she got small boobs now lD

i mean my alarm goes off in half an hour

guess who got like zero sleep last night

me it was me 

went to bed late, tossed and turned, woke up when the boyfriend left for work and got no sleep after that

ahahaha work has been stressful as fuck lately (hence, y’know, the vent posts every night) and now I get to do it on like….next to no sleep. at all. 

anyway I have my appointment at the apple store this morning (or i’d have two more hours in which to attempt to sleep) fingers crossed they can fix my phone, and if not, that i can get a new one without too much hassle/expense


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How's the bird doing?

No one ever asks how the bird is doing, do they? They want to know what is the bird? Why is the bird? Where is it, if it’s not where we’ve been told to look?

The final question is always: how did it come to be? But never, ever: hey, big bird, how are you?

Well, the big bird is fine. It always has been. It does not need you to ask how it is doing. You can just assume it’s doing better than all of us.