that reminds me

Before you get mad at your partner for not doing what you expect them to do, Stop and ask yourself “have I ever communicated to them that I have this expectation?” If you have not, it’s unfair to expect them to read your mind.

So many arguments are saved by just opening your mouth and saying “hey hun, in the future can you….” Whether its articulating how you like to be loved, supported, or communicated with, you have to open your mouth. Your soul mate (IMO) isn’t the person that just always knows what you need when you need it without you telling them. Your soul mate is the person who hears your needs and thinks “I have no problem doing that because I love this person with my whole heart”

So check your attitude and open your mouth. Closed mouths don’t get fed.

they bop!!!!!!



Little reminders

- small steps are also steps

- it’s okay not to be okay

- you can’t change your past but you can let go of it and start your future

- don’t blame yourself for your mistakes. We are human and we make mistakes

- time will heal you

- you will achieve what you want to achieve

- you are worth it