that really pissed me off

there are literally two things i will never forgive y’all (tumblr as a collective) for. that being:

  1. trying to tell me, a black woman, why mattie, a black woman, deserved to die.
  2. trying to tell me, a black lesbian, why poussey, a black lesbian, needed to die to teach our oppressors a lesson.

This is gonna really piss me off cus I can’t find it but there was a miraculous ladybug fan comic on this website where adrien accidentally pisses off marionette and for like two comics everybody is hella concerned about her cus she might get akumatized. And chat noir tries to comfort her make her feel better but marionette is still Unbelievably pissed. Who made that comic what blog was it??? Can somebody send me those comic posts pleaseeeeee??

anonymous asked:

The absolute worst stereotype to me is that everyone in the community can reclaim EVERY word, even if it wasn't directed at their sexuality. Like, a gay/bi/pan man casually using the word "dyke" (when that was used solely to hurt lesbians) and saying they're "reclaiming" it is not okay! And same with lesbians/by girls/pan girls using "twink" or "fairy" under the guise of reclaiming the word. I might be alone in this, but it just really pisses me off :(

That’s true I never really thought of that before. I’ve heard both gay men and women use the f slur to joke around with each other, what do you think about that? Send me another message or someone reply cause I’m curious. Is it a slur used only against gay men or do you think it’s towards the whole lgbt community? I wouldn’t personally use the word I feel like it has way too much negative stigma attached

keep up!


y'all know what really pisses me off? when these girls and boys who have a fucking chance to date their idol fuck it up for the both of them when the idols ask if they can keep it private , like ????? wtf is wrong with you . stg let me get the chance to date my idol, boooyyyy, id keep that shit so lowkey, he/she would forget we’re dating.

So my moms friend contacted her asking if I could do the art for some flyer for the play my fair lady. She’s sending me references on ideas she wants but it’s still hard for me to come up with an idea because I don’t know much about the play (I saw it once but it was a year ago) and I told my mom this so what does she say???

“Well you know this is what people expect from you”

Sorry, no, I don’t HAVE to take a commission if I don’t want to. I don’t care what people “expect” from me, I’m not just here to pump out art!!!


im so mad right now about this Cas, Joey and Hannah situation.

first and foremost, Hannah was talkin the MOST amount of shit about Alicia taking her “man” (Ozzy) when they were a CONFIRMED no-match.

Hannah was callin her all kinds of names and what not … 

AND THEN THIS GIRL HAD THE AUDACITY to go sneak off and make out with Cas’s boo, Joey.. when they could be a potential match and yall are supposed to friends..

you a damn HYPOCRITE G’


i’m not meaning to start drama… but has everyone conveniently forgotten that emma watson was named in the panama papers??
this isn’t just a celebrity being “problematic” this is behaviour which perpetuates the problem of the unequal distribution of wealth in societies. by saying this is okay is then justifying and allowing tax avoidance to be carried out by thousands of others across the world, which directly causes under funding for some of the most vulnerable and neediest people in our societies. people who, as an ambassador for the UN, emma watson is supposedly championing and fighting for. when she speaks of gender equality in heforshe campaigns does she not think that by the rich not paying taxes, things like education will be affected and vulnerable women who already might not have access to education will be negatively impacted.
this is also a racism and white privilege issue because let’s face it - if it was an actress of colour who was named in the panama papers there’s no way she would be set to star in one of 2017’s most highly anticipated films

I’m gonna get backlash, but I think MiniCat is getting out of hand right now. It’s mostly on Instagram, not so much here on tumblr, just to clarify.

Above, I put this on my co-owned acc on insta yesterday night.

Today, April 15th, Craig posted a Snapchat video with kino annoying him in bed. In said video, you see an arm and hear a voice. People are saying it’s Tyler. That is Anthony/Panda. How do I know? 1) It sounds like Anthony, 2) Anthony is not with his gf whilst at Tyler and Kelly’s house and Craig is single, 3) FFS TYLER IS DATING KELLY THUS WILL BE SLEEP WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND PEOPLE.

MiniCat will not be canon nor will it ever be. Please stop saying it will.

Sometimes I really loathe comic book fandoms and discussion.

Gotham is a global city and is a major player in the global economy in the DC universe. They are going to have a diverse population and an influx of immigrants. Catwoman and Batman can absolutely be different races and skin tones. And sometimes they are.

There are interpretations of Catwoman in which she is part Cuban. We had a movie version in which she was portrayed by a half black and half white actress.

It really pisses me off when I see comments like this.

Olive skinned girls with black hair and brown eyes like me get to see ourselves represented in Wonder Woman. And I gotta tell you, it’s really fucking cool to see a Wonder Woman that shares physical similarities with me.

Why can’t we give Latinx or Black kids the same representation when it comes to Catwoman?

Catwoman is a strong woman who can sometimes play damsel when it comes to Batman. She is playful and smart. She is sexy and she is in control of her sexuality. She doesn’t take shit from any man.

What is so wrong with POC children having that type of representation that is usually reserved for white people?

When Artemis finally appears in Trials of Apollo
  • Artemis: This year, I lost my dear twin brother Apollo.
  • Apollo (as Lester): *In the distance* Quit telling everyone I’m dead!
  • Artemis: Sometimes, I can still hear his voice.

it really pisses me off that people expect artists to justify themselves for asking for commissions. until recently, i always thought i needed a damn good reason to post a commission list. but you don’t ask servers for their life story before giving them tips, because they’re providing you a service. that’s what artists are doing. we provide a service for you. 

artists have bills to pay. we have mouths to feed. we are working just as hard as everyone else. stop making artists feel bad about advertising themselves. 

look,,,,,,i’m not happy about dean hooking up with that server for many totally justified reasons,,,,,but also,,,,,the dean/me ship really needs a gif of dean all disheveled saying “i’ll talk to you later” for my own personal spank bank