that really pissed me off

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:Okay but what do you think H2ODelirious looks like. He has to be like a small little person since his voice is high pitched I mean just look at Mini he turned out to be an adorable little British person and Evan turned out to be a fucKING TANK but then again Delirious could look like anyone at this point the possibilities are endless but most people hope he looks like a super cute guy with blue eyes and black hair but nobody knows and that really pisses me off but at the same time I respect J's privacy and I know one day we will all see a gorgeous face behind a gorgeous voice did I mention his laugh is the best? He could be the best looking out of all the guys and we don't even know yet but either way Delirious can take five fucking decades and I will still love that little clown and his lil' voice and shit I mean how adorable is that little fuck I mean seriously.

Goddamit, what the hell. I get into fenhawke tag to search for some inspirationing arts to write some oneshots with my Petra Hawke and Fenris, but all fanarts are with Garret. All gay and shit, it really pisses me off, like, is the hetero shipping something wrong that almost no one does it? I don’t get this shit and I know that most of you will throw a tantrum because of this post but I’m frustrated and I don’t really give a fuck.

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am i the only one that gets super annoyed when a customer puts one of the space bars on the belt even though the current customer is done and just paying? like do you think i'm that dumb?

That used to really
Piss me off too!

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I Love Blogging But Shit Like This REALLY Pisses Me Off!

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The fact that a bike, meant to transport physically fit people, is significantly easier to move and significantly cheaper to buy then a wheelchair, meant to transport people who have trouble moving around on their own is a major anger thing for me.

Like my wheelchair has almost the same parts as a bicycle. Same kind of metal frame and wheels, but is missing things like idk, brakes that can be used while moving? a propulsion system that doesn’t require you to move 90% the distance of the wheel itself to push it?

a bike is like 500$ and my chair was 5000$ and I can’t afford to replace parts on it because the individual parts are about as much as an entire bicycle.

Since I am disabled all over and not just my legs it would literally be less stressful on my body to use a bicycle then a wheelchair half the time and that really fucking pisses me off.

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Oh my god??? I'm black and that anon that said you weren't helping anything really pissed me off. So many black people complain that white people "aren't speaking up," but whenever a white person DOES speak up about race issues positively, they still complain about it anyway. It makes me sooo mad because what you are doing is actually great. Thank you.

I’m not tripping. Acknowledging that negativity means that it’s valid and if it isn’t valid then the burden of its negativity is not mine to carry. I’m open to acknowledging people who would like to educate me when they see flaws or errors in my intentions and practices but that seemed skin deep. Thank you for your support and encouragement

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Having customers comment on my appearance really pisses me off. There are things I don't mind; an occasional compliment on my nail polish/jewelry, or a question about how I do my hair, is fine. But I hate when customers tell me I'm pretty, I have a nice smile, or [the worst] that they "like my physique." It's not my job to be decorative, it's my job to be helpful, so comments about how I look (compounded by "sweethearts", "dears", etc.) make me feel like customers don't take me seriously.

They really shouldn’t comment on your personal appearance.

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It really pisses me off how many of your anons are such assholes Like god damn leave this precious human being alone she is going through so much and being so brave she has enough struggles to go through in recovery she doesn't need all of your shit

Haha thanks for your kindness, although hateful anons don’t get under my skin as much as they used to. Guess I’ve developed a tolerance for ignorant minds??

i feel like im a really kind and caring person but at the same time if you do something that really, really pisses me off i can be so fuckin vicious im honestly such a leo

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something is so weird with me, in my country as a bahamian locs are like.... look down upon, if you're bahamian it's wrong for yo to get locs because you're not jamacian, it's not of our culture "per se" so when i see others who ain't even BLACK with locs i'm like ??? really??. So that entire hobo hair thing kina pissed me off honestly, any idol with locs pisses me off rap mon and zico being the highest of pisser off-ers~ in my eyes

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There's this girl an she thinks we're friends but I don't like but I'm nice to her coz other people r mean to her an she's started copying me , I dyed my hair purple so did she I said u wanted a bar in my ear now she's apparently getting one every band I listen to she will research a find everything about them an post it everywhere an it's really really pissing me off but I don't want to be mean ,help??:( sorry for ranting at u I love ur blog btw <3

Hey. (: That could be her way of showing she likes or idolizes you. But if you don’t like it, maybe just tell her that it bothers you.

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My parents and I r watching jimmy Fallon and Tom cruise is on it and they keep dissing him off. And it's really pissing me off. 😡

turn it off and go watch Risky Business …when Tom was better

What the fuck America

I saw something on the news two nights ago that really pissed me off. Can we just talk for a second about the fact that there is currently a state in the United States where birth control implants, that will last for multiple years, are free to girls/young women (or extremely cheap), and paid for by taxes. Since this was started, there has been a DRAMATIC reduction in teen pregnancy and abortion. Close to 40% in each case if I’m not mistaken. (This was a few days ago, so the details are a little fuzzy). In my mind, this is an absolutely amazing thing! But this law or act (whichever it is) has people clamoring to have it repealed!
Why the fuck would you want to disband something that is obviously being so helpful in lowering what this country claims to be an “epidemic”?!
Well, the answer is that people don’t want this to be a part of their taxes, and lets face it, most people THAT worried about taxes are also preaching abstinence to any teen who will listen.
REALLY? FUCKING REALLY?! You are that fucking obsessed with abstinence only prevention and low taxes, America, that you want to disband an act that is actually helping lower teenage pregnancy and abortions (which this country hates so much as it is apparently) because it still allows young people to be safely involved in sexual activities and you may have to pay a few dollars more on your taxes.
Great, that’s fucking brilliant. People really need to get over themselves.
Just food for thought here, if you’re of the mindset that all of the above (contraceptives, teenage pregnancy, abortions) are “evil”, you need to take a good hard look at your life, and figure out what you’d rather have if you could only have one of those things existing in the world, because we all know that people are NOT going to stop fucking each other.

My rant is over, carry on wherever you wish if you managed to get this far down my jumbled mess of a text post.

people who feel the need to attack and be assholes to REAL people over liking something FICTIONAL, whether they think they should or should not like said thing need to chill out, reconsider their priorities and stop being terrible maybe


Just a heads up, this company is taking popular text posts off of twitter and tumblr and profiting off of them by printing the posts on box signs and pillows and stuff. I don’t know if this is like… Okay? I don’t know. I just thought I’d mention seeing this in case it’s not okay. Something doesn’t sit right about it