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Re: Videogamer Atem from this post:

@hiramiyugioh​ replied: XDD whatever game he plays, Kaiba manages to find and challenge him

Atem spent 3 days trying to master DOOM, going straight for Ultra Nightmare (he had to restart four times), before delving into the multiplayer. Around half an hour in, a person called BEWDown2Me starts hunting him in every match. Atem hasn’t worked out yet how Kaiba has so many different accounts. Or when he learnt to play DOOM. Or how he’s doing this if he’s in an investor meeting til 6.  

Pokemon they have to arrange to play. Seto counter-teams him and still loses. 

Skyrim isn’t multiplayer, so that required some thought. They end up achievement racing. Atem wins by not getting distracted with cheese wheels.

He has to explain in chat that this is a Build Server, not a PVP Server when a blocky character in a Kaibaland hoodie shows up while he’s playing Minecraft. Atem gets bored after making a simple house. Kaiba makes a replica Blue Eyes. Silently, Atem concedes that round.

@hiramiyugioh​ replied: (((I still want to see a picture/fic about them playing an MMORPG and Kaiba is forced to play the damn Healer/Priest *snort*)))

“Don’t see it as being a Priest- “
“-say ‘again’ and the console goes out the window.”
“See it as playing the only character who gets to wear robes with a dragon on.”

“Happy festival, suckers!”

Something to celebrate the release of Mockingjay Part 2! i’m so excited to watch it aaaa

also i’ve already made the signature with my new name l o o k

Seriously am i the only one who got a huge Hunger Games vibe from Look Who’s Purging Now? I’m surprised i haven’t seen a crossover of this yet. Also Arthricia needs more love. I mean seriously how can’t you love Arthricia she’s just a perfect Catniss

i’m the master of bad puns

oh also i’ve almost finished that gf drawing i’ve posted the wip of

anonymous asked:

i want to be a dm but have never played a d&d (or anything like) board game before. i really enjoy the aspect of world building and character creation but i have no idea what to do in terms of planning. some dm's plan a grand scheme and the players choices negate that and take the story in a whole new direction. how do you plan small yet lead the pc's on an epic adventure?

You don’t have to plan small, just differently and maybe make some adjustments to the format of your adventures. Usually when DMs experience trouble with players doing unexpected things it is because they are leaning a little too close to running the game on rails and their players jumped the track. Imho the sweet spot is somewhere between playing on rails and using the sandbox method, I’ll include a link to Matt Colville’s Sandbox vs Railroad video at the end of this post. So long as you are able to adapt, everything will be fine.

DM adaptability comes with experience and practice, when you are at ease running the game you are more able to think on your feet. Players will do the unexpected and it is a DM’s job to roll with it so the players can move forward. This happens to all DMs because no party ever does exactly what you expect them to all of the time.

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Penalty Game!

A/N: Omg I loooove Yachi rarepairs and I really couldn’t choose but in the end I am more drawn towards Kuroyachi because omfifui;g.iushig. Do I need to tell you why? Just look a them. So yes, here’s some Kuroyachi tickle fluff, I hope you like iiit!

Summary: Karasuno plays a game against Fukurodani, the deciding match in their tournament with Nekoma in which the winning team will decide the penalty for the losers. Yachi is dead nervous about this, and when he notices, Kuroo teases here with sweet tickles as they share a loving moment together. They have started dating a while back after all<3

Word Count: 1590

“Alright! Karasuno vs Fukurodani, 2nd set, go!” The whistle sounded through the gymnasium and Yachi just returned to her safe spot for the audience above the court, after providing the boys with drinks and towels during their short break. She clamped the railing and watching the game in excitement. The tension. The tension!

Karasuno had gotten together with their Tokyo Power School friends Nekoma and Fukurodani for a friendly tournament as a closure of this school year.

Before that, they had a three-day training camp leading up to this: the deciding tournament in which the winning team could subject the losing team to the so called Japanese Batsu Game, or also referred to as Penalty Game. This involved the managers too, so Yachi was dying from nervosity up here.

What if Karasuno would lose? They had already lost one set. She didn’t want to do anything embarrassing, and since it was Fukurodani and Nekoma, either one would probably come up with the most evil penalty game ever. An embarrassing dance? Maybe sing an embarrassing song? Nooo. Not that. Not in front of –

“Heh, nervous sweetie?” Yachi’s face immediately exploded upon hearing her boyfriend’s voice, and she looked up to see Kuroo joining her.

“Ah y-y-yes,” she squeaked, and her inner Yachi immediately scolded her for being this tense towards her boyfriend of three months. To her it was still unreal that she had started dating Nekoma’s captain, and with him living in Tokyo they couldn’t see each other that much.

Kuroo stood next to her and leaned over the railing, and Yachi blushed when she noticed he chose to stand with her rather than his teammates who were gathered down on the side of the court, still drinking and resting from their game while they glanced at Karasuno and Fukurodani’s match.

“Well, of course if we claim victory, we won’t go easy on you guys with the penalty game,” Kuroo sang, and he gulped when Yachi immediately looked as if she was dying.

“Just kidding just kidding! I mean -” Kuroo waved his hands in front of his flustered girlfriend, but she was already shaking because of the nerves.

“R-relax baby!” Kuroo placed both hands on her sides to stop her from her frantic shaking, but this caused her to jolt and squeak before she collapsed against him.

“Eh?” Kuroo blushed and squeezed her sides a little to help her keep her balance, but Yachi reacted even more and only when giggles poured from her mouth, Kuroo grinned. Ahhh…

“Oh! Ticklish? Hehe isn’t that fortunate?” he chuckled, and he squeezed her sides some more, making her squeal and struggle in his grip.

“N-no dooon’t!” Yachi kicked and struggled involuntarily. Tickling just did that to her body, but Kuroo didn’t seem to mind. She managed to turn in his hold and wrapped her arms around the railing, leaning over it as if she was ready to leap off in a desperate attempt to escape.

“What are you doing? You’ll fall!” Kuroo said, still in his playful teasy voice, and he grabbed her sides right where her shirt had moved up, and he pulled her back down again, wiggling his fingers ticklishly at the same time.

“KYAhaha! S-stop Kuroo-kun hehe!” Yachi squealed as her bare sides were being tickled now.

“Don’t move, it’ll be okay,” Kuroo told his thrashing girlfriend teasingly as if he wasn’t torturing her with tickles right now.

Down on the court, the Karasuno players looked up at their manager who was laughing her head off.

Not being able to see Kuroo’s hands that took control over her body by tickling her sides mercilessly, they cocked their heads in confusion. Asahi was just about to serve when he looked up as well.

“Yacchan, she’s laughing at us,” he mumbled.

“Probably despair,” Tsukishima commented dryly.

“I bet Kuroo’s telling her the horrible penalty they have planned for us,” Tanaka grunted, but Noya jumped up and yelled:

“As if we’re gonna lose!”

“That’s right! Don’t worry Yachi! We won’t lose!” Hinata yelled as well, and they continued the game and the noises of the game were back to exceeding Yachi’s pleas.

Yachi blushed like crazy and continued to laugh as she tried to jump away from her teasy boyfriend, but he gripped her sides and kept her in place. She gasped when his fingers wiggled towards her front, running across her tummy and slipping underneath her shirt.

“UWahah it t-ticklehehes! Stooohohop!” Yachi squeaked, but Kuroo only chuckled and continued his attack on her.

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