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Paul and I had been together since he was fifteen and I was sixteen.
—  John Lennon, The Beatles: Anthology (317)
  • Ranpo: What's a metaphor?
  • Kunikida: My life is a trainwreck.
  • Ranpo: I know, but what's a metaphor?
Lenny’s Sister Location theory: A power struggle between two animatronics

Maybe its just my denial talking, but I present to you this narrative: Baby never betrayed us at all, Ennard was actively working against her.

Let’s first go to where this began, Ennards origins. In Night 4 we’re told that the suit we’re trapped inside came from Baby’s original pizzeria and that it was never used the way it was intended. That place was the place mentioned in the Gas Leak story.

Let me highlight a few key parts to this story

“In other news: The grand opening of Circus Baby’s Pizza World has apparently been cancelled due to reported gas leaks in the building. Sources close to the establishment question the report, saying that the strange activity around the area at night suggest something else is to blame.

One local is quoted as saying, "Everything just stopped. There was so much excitement built around this place opening and then they just stopped talking about it. There was only a handful of people that ever got a look at the inside, kids from here and there, making sure everything worked right, you know. I guess they weren’t quite as ready and they thought they were!”

A tenant from across the street claims to have witnessed a large group of cars surrounding the building during the night, and large pieces of equipment being taken out of the building under tarps. A few weeks later the building was for sale.”

That bolded passage in the middle is the key component here: The only people who got to look inside are children who were acting more or less like beta testers. Pizza World never officially opened, and yet Baby seems to remember fondly the one and only time she got to perform.. It was after the incident with Afton’s daughter (We pretty much know its his daughter at this point) that the gas leak story was made up and Baby and the crew were hauled off to the shipping center to only be used privately.

Ennard was probably a side character alongside Baby. Why was he never used? Perhaps Afton was testing out a new design of the Spring Lock suits since Freddy Fazbears shut down. Why Ennard was never used is unknown, but the point is The suit you’re stuck inside once belonged to Ennard

Ennard HAD to start somewhere, he had to have a base form before he could start assimilating the other robots. So whatever character he was in Pizza World is what he started out as. Now lets cut ahead to the time of the game which leads to another scenario in my head: The first three nights is a power struggle between Baby and Ennard

Isn’t it weird how the thing given to employees to aid them seems to actively want you dead? Telling you to electrocute the animatronics to make them angry? Giving you false advice on how to get past Ballora? Telling you to ignore Baby on Night 3? Baby states she recognizes this scenario, and even KNOWS that your guide is going to lie to you.

Your Hand Unit is Ennard’s voice: He’s done this before, killing off the technicians who come to work there, Baby’s watched it happen before, enough to know what lies he’s going to feed you. Then Ennard catches on that we’re being helped and some time between Night 4 and 5 deals with Baby off-screen. Notice how much more malicious sounding Baby is Night 4? whereas she was rather gentle to us in the previous nights? Baby even insults you in Night 4… At that point its no longer Baby, it’s Ennard messing with us. The Bidybabs even acknowledge the REAL Baby on Night 1, stating that they had to leave because she was watching them. Baby is still herself at that point.

Also we’re in the scooping room on Night 4. Baby wouldn’t be in there, but Ennard would be to go assimilate more animatronics. Which swings back to my theory that the suit we’re stuck in is what Ennard used to live inside because Ennard WOULD know how to open his own face plates. Ennards motives for not killing us right there is that he was more or less trying us on for size. The suit was barely big enough to fit a person inside, if we can fit into the suit perfectly, he can fit into us perfectly.

On Night 5, Ennard has more or less taken control completely, yet has us going through the trouble of going to see Baby’s body. Why wouldn’t he just lead us to the scooping room right at the start? He wanted us to find Baby for some reason. He wanted us to get rid of that card in her arm.

We take the card and then we send Baby on ahead to be scooped, presumably so Ennard can finish assimilating her. Why would he want that card gone though? Because perhaps Baby’s ‘good’ really is in that chip, and if he had assimilated that her personality would conflict against his, like having your conscious yelling at you loudly.

TL;DR: Ennard and Baby are two conflicting forces in your story, and unfortunately Ennard won.

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If you’re going to tell me that Gamzee Makara–the troll who carries around glittery special stardust to throw in their own face at periodic intervals–wouldn’t actively try to glue as many sparkly things to their face as possible, you’re wrong and I’ll fight you.

Steampunk Femzee debut, Katsucon XXI 2015

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