that quote makes sense but it's literally nothing

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Is it bad that I find way to much hilarity in the incorrect Hamilton quotes tag? Because I'm literally so self absorbed i will go thrOUGH MY OWN TAG AND READ THEM ALL WHILE LAUGHING LIKE IT'S THE FIRST TIME. So yeah... also hi i love you and you're the sweetest fluffiest cloud and you make my day

I just laughed so hard at a post informing us that Chuck E. Cheese’s full name is “Charles Entertainment Cheese” that I had actual tears in my eyes, so if nothing else, you can take comfort in knowing that your sense of humor is more sophisticated than mine.

(Also you are human sunshine, and I love and miss you!)

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it's cool but would you mind helping me find some of his Freudian slips? It's ok if you can't I'm just doing a project on those and wanted to put my sonion in there

TG: and then we crack up laughing cause we both know theyre fresher than your moms change of drawers and tighter than when shes wearin them
TT: Listening to you conjure imagery of my mother in her underpants is definitely keeping us buoyed high above this swirling Freudian hellhole.
TT: Well done.
TG: please its not like shes my mom i can visualize her choice ass all i want without it gettin much more than moderately uncomfortable for everyone involved

ROSE: (Don’t see how you can make remarks with such frequency that are so obliviously and so generically loaded from a Freudian perspective.)
ROSE: (It’s flabbergasting, really. You never miss a chance.)
ROSE: (Cigars? Describing a scenario where you are both given birth to by your teen mother, as well as playing the role of the proud father in the waiting room?)
DAVE: (oh god no stop)
ROSE: (What should I make of the fact that the phallic imagery you’ve selected is not only inexpensive, but is administered freely and mirthfully to other expecting fathers?)
ROSE: (Or that the object standing in for the phallic symbol is something you’re proposing to throw at our mother’s head!)
DAVE: (just shut the fuck up!)

DAVE: i dont think it matters now dude the pooch is already screwed
JADE: >:o
DAVE: wow wait that was a terrible figure of speech in this context but you know what i mean

DAVE: hey johns hot mom did you see what happened
DAVE: shit i mean
DAVE: johns evil mom
DAVE: did you happen to…
DAVE: damn
DAVE: ok that was a really embarrassing and inappropriate freudian slip there
DAVE: dont think im gonna rebound from that one
DAVE: im uh
DAVE: im gonna stop talking now

ROXY: do i get to do a lightning round at you next??
DAVE: i guess so yeah
DAVE: depends on if you want to keep sitting in this goddamn pan
ROXY: hmm i dunno
ROXY: maybe our asses are gettin too hot
DAVE: maybe you should speak for yourself
ROXY: lol
DAVE: no mom look
DAVE: roxy i mean
DAVE: its like i was just saying
DAVE: i just say things it is just like this force of nature no one can control or even try to, least of all me
DAVE: we just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best
DAVE: and that my one man verbal slapstick routine isnt too freudian in nature or at least not that often
DAVE: anyway lets pretend i didnt just insinuate you have a hot ass and move on
ROXY: ;)


ROXY: do u think we can play games together some time?
ROXY: wanna see ur majestic skatebros in their element
DAVE: oh my dick yes
ROSE: Dave.
DAVE: what


DAVE: so what you wanna know mom
DAVE: ..rox

(also on this page and not a slip up but i fucking LOVE this quote)

DAVE: that makes sense
DAVE: thats mostly the relationship i have now with garbage romcoms
DAVE: largely because karkat likes watchin em
DAVE: so these godforsaken flicks have helped keep me grounded in our dead civilization in a weird way
DAVE: but re: games…

DAVE: awesome thanks mom
DAVE: roxy i mean
ROSE: Dave, even I’m having less trouble referring to Roxy by her name consistently, and I was the one who grew up knowing her as my literal mother.
ROSE: What is going on with you?
DAVE: nothing
DAVE: its just like semi accidentally replacing a word with another word in a majority of instances
DAVE: why do you need to read things into everything
ROSE: You’re right. How could anyone possibly read anything into that sort of repeated slip-up.
DAVE: exactly
ROSE: What if you’re making her uncomfortable?
ROXY: its fine really!
ROXY: i think it is sorta endearing
DAVE: see rose yall worrying about nothing as usual
DAVE: moms fine with it
DAVE: moxy
ROXY: snort
DAVE: i mean
DAVE: romy
DAVE: mommy
DAVE: wait fuck
DAVE: ok that one was fucked up
DAVE: lets make sure i never ever fucking say that again
ROXY: im dyin here
ROXY: dave…stoppit
ROXY: im a sphyxiate
DAVE: i cant
DAVE: its like i was saying before
DAVE: this is a force of nature we all gotta just deal with
DAVE: striders blurtscapades
DAVE: daves flying boner circus
DAVE: this shit is immutable
DAVE: i had to face this fact a long time ago
DAVE: i could either try to change that part of myself which is an unwinnable war
DAVE: or i could try focusing on being like a vaguely half decent person so at least the shit i inevitably blurt out from deep down isnt all that bad
DAVE: because the bad stuff has been and is still being purged through an arduous long term process of complete and utter humiliation
ROXY: man
ROXY: arduous long term processes of complete and utter humiliation are basically my aesthetic
ROXY: anyways you are a silly dude and its ok if u keep callin me mom on “accident” :)

omg im sure theres like 2038492083940328 more JUST in the conversation with roxy but for rn ill just leave u with those and one of my absolute FAVORITES