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Live Life Golden Part 2

Jungkook x reader

How to read: (y/n) is your name.

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2324

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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when you unintentionally insult your date (EEAP)

Erbluhen Emotion (to Apostasia): You have the one thing those humans don’t have. Long, glorious hair, that even Miss Queen and Half-Demon can get jealous of. Now just lie down, and listen.

Apostasia: I’m not going to lie down in a restaurant.

Erbluhen Emotion: [starts singing]

♪ You’re a hairy beauty ♪

♪ Hair from your head to your toes ♪

♪ You’re a hairy beauty ♪

♪ You’re Loreal goals personified ♪

♪ I see you talking with those other girls ♪

♪ I hear you speaking, but I hear no noise ♪

♪ Too busy loving all that hair I see ♪

♪ Your ahoge’s longer than a wooden sword, you’re a stick to me ♪

♪ Long hair, you best believe I’m a connoisseur ♪

♪ I’d look away if I didn’t see that matted hair ♪

♪ Hugging you is like a hug from a bunch of flowers ♪

♪ Did I happen to mention… [talking again] I’m really into long hair, yeah. ♪

[Eid spotlights go towards Arme]

Arme Thaumaturgy: No.

Erbluhen Emotion: You promised.

Arme Thaumaturgy: *sighs* [begins rapping]

♫ It’s plain to see you give your barber every night off ♫

♫ Every brush in your house is a total write-off ♫

♫ Boy, you looking like a voided hair miracle ♫

♫ And that grey color gets me swooning ♫

Erbluhen Emotion: [takes mic away from Arme, goes back to singing]

♪ Cause your beautiful hair makes the guys and girls go crazy ♪

♪ Don’t cut or shave any time soo- ♪

Apostasia: [punches Erbluhen in the stomach]

Erbluhen Emotion: [screams]

Apostasia: [begins to use hyperactive]

Erbluhen Emotion: [screeches]

“Is he really like that?” - Part 3

Jimin looked at Yoongi as he was leaving and could feel something in his chest. Something new, a different feeling. You and your crying face were immediately on his mind and he could feel his heart skipping a beat. He wanted to be the one finding you, the one helping you, the one comforting you. That moment he knew. It was jealousy what he was feeling towards Yoongi and he knew it wasn’t actually right. Yoongi was his friend and even though what he had done was wrong, he deserved a second chance. Jimin knew that and he shook his head, trying to banish away his strange thoughts. He had no idea why he was feeling like this. He had only known you for a day, but I guess you had a gift for drawing people closer to you when they saw you in pain, having them want to protect you and make all the bad things go away.

“Do you think he’ll find her?” Namjoon said and sighed lying back on the floor.

“I hope so. It would be such a pity to lose someone like her.” Jin replied looking at the lunch boxes again. He remembered the red color of your eyes the moment they met his and the pain he felt deep inside. He wanted to wipe those tears away, to hold you close and tell you everything’s gonna be alright, but he knew he couldn’t. He liked the fact that you were so caring and for once he found someone who would actually help him looking after the boys.

“Yeah, it would.” Jimin said while looking the door again, trying to control his instinct.

Namjoon looked up at both of them, noticing their worried faces and the thing that seemed to bother them. He was intelligent and he knew his mates. “This is gonna be so interesting to watch.” His voice echoed all over the room as the others five members were staring at him in wonder. “We’ll live and see how things will end up like.” And he stood up again, ready to continue practicing.

“Hyung, there is something I have to tell you and I also need help.” Jimin told Namjoon, drawing everyone’s attention towards him.

“I’m listening”  

“When I went after Kat noona I saw something that I guess I shouldn’t. Her and Natalie were fighting and I have to tell you that Natalie’s words were not really nice to hear.” Jimin said while rubbing the back of his neck.

“She told her to disappear, right?” Namjoon rolled his eyes, not being too amazed by the situation. Jimin nodded. “She’s so predictable. I really can’t understand what Yoongi hyung saw in her and why he still loves her after everything she’s done and said.”

“We don’t choose the people we fall in love with.” Taehyung entered the conversation. “Yes, I’m emotional again.”

They laughed for a moment and Jimin spoke again.

“Should I tell Yoongi hyung about this?”

“No, not yet. We all know his temper. He’ll just go to Natalie to confront her and he’ll only make everything worse.” Namjoon said and Jimin nodded again.

“Most important, tomorrow we’ll have to make Kat laugh and enjoy her time with us.” Jin said and looked at all of them.

“I’m in charge for that, captain. Making people laugh is my job and purpose in life.” Hoseok said with the tips of his fingertips touching his forehead.

“Taehyung, please don’t get emotional around her. We don’t want any of your quotes to make her cry.” Jin said and pointed towards the boy.

“Fine, but I can’t promise anything.” Taehyung replied with a grin on his face.

“What should I do?” Jungkook asked confused.

“You’re the golden, adorable maknae. That’s enough.” Jin smiled

“Sounds good to me.” Jungkook laughed proud with himself.

“We’re trying to comfort a girl, not going to war. God, these people.” Namjoon sighed shaking his head.

Meanwhile, Yoongi went to the bus station and took the same bus as you  did. He was so scared that something could have happened to you because of him. His mind went to Natalie again, replaying today events, regret and guilt ripping his heart again. He knew he should’ve just pulled her away and told her to leave him alone once and for all, but he didn’t. There was something inside him that didn’t let him do so, a strange feeling he thought he got rid of months ago when they broke up. They didn’t actually have a proper break up. It was their anniversary and he went to see her at the cafeteria she was working at, but he caught her kissing some other guy. He was broken, he could feel his heart breaking into million pf pieces as tears touched his soft and pale face. He went straight to them and punched that guy in the face making him yell in annoyance while he was wiping the blood away from his mouth. Then after he looked her in the eyes, trying to see something, but there was nothing there. Her eyes were full of darkness and he couldn’t help himself but cry at the sight of that. He truly loved her, more than he himself could have ever imagined. He loved the way she was becoming so sassy sometimes, the way she laughed every time he said something serious, the way he could become so weak every time she said something loving or cute. She was his first love and the pain she caused him could never be completely healed. She tried to tell him she was sorry, but he knew she was lying. She had been lying to him all this time. She never really loved him. She loved the idea of someone loving her and being able to do everything she would ask for. She loved him as her puppy, as her toy, never the same way he loved her and that’s what hurt him the most. He felt used, dirty and bad for all the time he had wasted with her, making plans, trying to make her proud of him and she didn’t care at all. That’s how everything ended between them months ago. That was before meeting you. He couldn’t handle the pain and drowned himself in it. He started smoking again, stopped eating, practiced all day all night, everything to keep her off his mind. The park where you two met was his special place. It was away from the others, from his house, from her house, away from everything.

Things were going the same way every day. He woke up, practiced, went to that park, smoked until he could not breath anymore, went back home at 2 or 3 am, slept for a couple of hours and then everything all over again; until one night when a strange girl sat next to him crying. He felt his heart moving again, beating so fast that he thought it was some kind of drums and all he wanted to do was to beat the f out of whoever made her cry. He wanted to comfort her, to hold her tight inhaling her beautiful scent, but he didn’t. He was a total stranger after all and he didn’t want to look like a pervert or stalker in front of her. He knew she was special by the way her beautiful blue eyes looked at the stars, easily becoming red from all those tears that didn’t seem to leave anytime soon. He just stared at her, trying to control his heart, instincts and emotions by smoking his never ending cigarette. The moment she asked for one was the first time he wanted to stop, to quit smoking, to throw all of them away. Even though his heart told him to stop, to refuse giving her any, he did and regretted it immediately after, wanting to take that piece of sin from her hands and destroy it. He felt at ease when she threw it away herself. She was too good for this kind of things and probably she was too good for him, but he didn’t care, he just wanted her by his side. He had no idea what this weird feeling was, but he knew it was something right and for the first time in so many weeks full of pain, tears and mistakes, he felt right. When she got up and wanted to leave, he felt a little piece of his heart hurting, making him get up too. He looked at her with sparkly eyes and knew what he had to do: protect her. He knew he had to protect her and keep her away from any harm, so he walked her home, making sure of her safety. He came again every night to check on her, feeling relieved at the sight of her bedroom’s light. When he finally got to know her, her name, her story, her little things, he started to feel better, he quit smoking, he didn’t go to that park anymore, or at least not for bad reasons or without her, he focused on his work and… her. He kept going to her place every night only to see her beautiful smile for five minutes and get his energy back from her light, because that’s what she started to become for him: his light.

All the things she did for him made his heart pound, jumping from joy and happiness, her voice lulling him to sleep every night, and he easily found himself becoming addicted to it. He loved the way she made him feel so much, that he didn’t care they were not together. All he wanted was her by his side and he was about to lose her because of a stupid mistake.

Natalie herself was a mistake and he knew it, but you can’t control your heart. Deep inside he knew he had feelings left towards her, but he chose to ignore them, thinking it’s the right way, but it wasn’t. He should have erased everything about her. Every memory, every kiss, every picture of her painted in his mind, he should’ve gotten rid of them all, but he didn’t. Maybe in a little corner of his broken heart he hoped that she would come back, that she would change, even though it was wrong. Everything about her was wrong and he knew it.

The moment she entered the room, his heart started to beat faster in fear, the fear of being hurt again, but he still accepted that kiss. Right then he felt out of this world, in a place full of confusion and wrong things, but when he looked at you he came back to earth, realizing his mistakes and wanting to take everything back. He felt hurt again and this time there were two reasons for that: knowing what it might have caused you and having to remember all the painful things he had to go through because of that girl and he felt even more guilty because he let her control him again and he sworn to God that day at the cafeteria that he would not let that happen again, and still, he did.

He started playing with his hands nervously again thinking of you. He got cut off his thoughts the moment the bus stopped at that place.

He hoped he was right about where you could be. He started to run, trying to get there as fast as possible, afraid of being too late.

He was right, you were there, in that park, on that same bench, in the same position as the night he met you. You were looking at the stars again, your eyes red and puffy, your face full of dried up tears.

He felt miserable seeing you looking the same way that guy made you look like and probably feeling the same way too. He had sworn to protect you and make you smile and look what he had done.

Even though he was not sure of your feelings towards him, he knew he hurt you, in the first place because he lied to you, he didn’t tell you of that girl when you told him everything even if it pained you so much and because he let you feel this way, not fixing everything sooner.

He had to admit that there was a part of him that knew you liked him and that knew he liked you back, but he had no idea why none of you made a step in that direction. He guessed you were feeling the same way as him, wanting to let everything the way it was, knowing it might be better for both of you, until both of your hearts were fully healed and ready to start again.

You both had suffered enough and went through the same pain, so you could understand each other, but he was too stupid to tell you and let you comfort him. He wanted that, but he had no clue of why he didn’t. I guess sometimes you can’t figure out your own feelings and decisions.

He tried to get closer to you, staring at your weak body and the way the wind was touching your messed up but still beautiful hair. He wanted to wipe those tears away from your face, but as soon as you felt his presence, you did it yourself, trying to hide your face from him. It was in vain, because he saw and studied every inch of you face and skin.

You tried to make your hair lie on your face, so it could hide your expressions and the new tears that started to show up at the sight of him.

His eyes were as red and puffy as yours, but they were soon hovered by his beautiful and weak little smile. He had a smile on his face every time he saw you, but this time you could tell it was not the same. It looked so broken and a mix of different feelings could be felt in it.

You blinked the tears away and looked at him with the same weak but fake smile. You felt both good and bad for seeing him. Good because that’s his effect on you and no matter what he does, you still enjoy his presence more than anything, but you still felt bad because he did what he did. You had to admit that you felt a bit relieved to see him coming for you and you still had no idea how he managed to find you.

He sat down next to you and tried to look you in the eyes, but he couldn’t.

“You okay?” God damn Min Yoongi, you already know the answer to that. He thought to himself as he let out a deep sigh. You ignored his question and kept on looking away from him.

There was an awkward silence between you two for a couple of time, but the weather started to become colder and as he saw you rubbing your hands he gave you his jacket and hugged you.

“I’m sorry, Kat. I’m really sorry for everything. I hope you can forgive me, even though I know I don’t deserve it.” He whispered  in your ear, holding you tighter.

“You don’t and you know how much I hate when someone lies to me or hides things from me.” You say with your voice shaking as you let one tear slip. “Why did you lie to me, Yoongi?” you said pulling away from his hug and giving his jacket back. He’s not gonna get away with this so easily.

“I didn’t mean to lie to you or hide anything from you. It was… it was just too painful to let it out. I tried to forget her and everything she’s done, so that’s why I decided to keep my mouth shut and never mention her again. She’s just a black and bad part of my life.” He sighed looking at the ground, not wanting to let you see the tears that formed within his eyes.

“Will you tell me now so I can understand everything better?” you grabbed his chin, making him look you in the eyes. God his eyes were so dark as pain could be seen in them.  You didn’t want to hurt him or let him feel any pain, but you needed to know the truth.

He sighed again and started to tell you the whole story; how he met her, how he fell in love, how she broke his heart and made him turn into a total mess as you could see him months ago.

“And I didn’t mean to kiss her or anything. It just…happened and I wish I could take everything back. I regret that kiss with every single part of me, but not as much as I regret letting her step into my life again.” He said wiping the last tear that touched his cheek.

“Do you still have feelings for her?” you asked and you saw him closing his eyes, taking a moment to answer.

“I don’t know. I mean, I hate her, I really do, but I’m afraid that underneath all this hate there is a tiny piece of love I have left for her and I can’t stand myself because of that. I know it’s wrong and I want to get rid of it, but I just don’t know what to do to make things right.” He cried and you hugged him, not being able to see him in this state.

Even though it really pained you, even though your feelings towards him were growing even bigger, Yoongi was your friend and he needed you.

All you could think about was how much you wanted to kill Natalie and make that stupid fake smile disappear from her face.

You pulled back from that hug and wiped the tears from his fluffy cheeks, giving him a weak smile again.

“It’s ok, I know how much it hurts.”

“Does that mean you forgive me?” he looked at you with pleading eyes, but you knew your heart was not ready to forgive him. Your feelings were too strong for that, even though he was not technically yours.

“I’ll think about it. You know I’m not easy to convince.” You punched his arm and laughed. “Don’t EVER lie to me again, Min Yoongi.”

“I promise and I also promise to do everything so you could forgive me.” He looked at you, his eyes promising you the same thing.

You both got up and he took you home once again.

He still felt guilty, but he decided to call you as he usually did, hoping that you would answer and you did. He knew all those smiles and laughter you gave him earlier were fake and you were actually in a lot of pain, but he had no idea about what he could you. He had feelings towards you and he knew it, but as Namjoon said, he had to make sure he had no others left for Natalie and that might take a while now that his wound was opened again.

This was the first night you didn’t cook for him and also the beginning of many others.

As soon as you got into your room, you jumped in your bed, drowning yourself in its sheets. You were so confused right now and had no idea what to do. You were hurt, you liked him and seeing him kiss another girl right before your eyes was extremely painful. But he was hurt too and you could understand his pain better than anyone will ever do. You always knew he was hiding something from you, but you didn’t expect that. He went through the same things as you did and that made the situation even worse, because you were falling for him even harder.

“Should I get mad or should I help him? Should I just go marry someone in Vegas or just kill that girl?” you spoke to yourself, grabbing your pillow and screaming with your face glued to it.

You were caught between his pain and your own and you had no idea how to manage that.

You let out a deep sigh full of frustrations and after a while you heard your phone ring. Of course it was him. You looked at the screen for a couple of seconds, wondering if you should answer it or not, but before it ended, you did. You answered him and with that you knew you probably made a mistake.

This night talk was not as the others. You were more silent, he felt more awkward, so you both just stayed on the phone falling asleep while listening to each others’ breathing.

When you woke up you felt a big headache that was probably because of all this thinking and crying at the same time. You rolled out of bed seeing it was only 10 am. You suddenly remembered that you promised the boys you would cook lunch for them. You couldn’t break your promise to them, especially because they were so adorable and they welcomed you with so much warmness.

You made your morning routine and then got into the kitchen to prepare the meals for them. You tried to keep your thoughts away using food. Aish, using something you love to forget the other thing you love, so mean.

As soon as they were ready, you went back into your room and changed your clothes. As usual, you put on some jeans, a white T-shirt, a jacket and your high converse.

You grabbed your purse and phone after you put some make-up on, the lunch boxes and then left for the company. Thanks God you had more boxes at home, because you forgot the others there. You made a mental note to get them back today.

As you walked down the hall and into the practice room, you were amazed to see Natalie standing on the floor as the boys were practicing, visibly affected by her presence. They probably hated her as much as you did.

She got up and went straight to you.

“What are you doing here?” She looked at you with killer eyes, wanting to rip every single part of your body away.

At that moment Yoongi walked in, just as surprised as you to see her there.


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