that quote just made me think of that scene

journaling ideas/inspiration

So here’s a list of thing to inspire you, some are for drawings and other are for writing or both

1. angels/gods/feathers/wings

2. once when I was in a dream someone told me…

3. parallel universes (I’m right here why can’t you see/hear me)

4. cut out shapes from images (”there’s something missing”)

5. winter/summer sky at 5pm/5am/10am… (colors cut out from magazines or painted with watercolors/acrylics/whatever)

6. moments right before the storm, when everything is flying around, grey clouds, unrest

7.too tired to think ( random thoughts/pictures that go through my head right before I fall asleep)

8.illustrate a dream you had

9. what do you believe in ( about life/death, what comes after, meaning of it all…)

10. the butterfly effect

11.draw same thing in different mediums/ with left and right hand

12. favorite movie/series (favorite quote from it, scenes, how it made you feel)

13. what do you think about when you’re laying in dark,empty room

14. abandoned buildings/ playgrounds, empty train stations/parks, old houses

15. places where no one has been in a while and a nature got to it and grew all over the walls and floor, shattered glass, spider webs, sun rays shining through tree branches

these are just ideas and pictures in my mind I haven’t yet managed to put on paper and if anyone decides to use some of them and posts please tag me I’d like to see how you imagined it :)

if you like it let me know, I might make another one


Come into the light…


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Well well well. Here’s my piece for the Letsdrawsherlock challenge of this month, focused on the missing scenes. 

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Vincent Van Gogh said:  For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

And the fact that this troubled man created one of the world’s most famous paintings of all time: ‘Starry Night’ and the fact that it was made during one of the darkest times in his life just makes me think about Star Fall.

A time in Feyre’s life where she was starting to heal from one of the darkest times in her life and one of the times where she truly smiles.

And whether or not this was coincidental or whether it was on purpose, I just like to think that this quote would fit into the Star Fall scene so very well and I think that’s beautiful.

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throwback to this moment, because why not?

and see, this is one of the things that I love so much about them: the fact that they’re so in tune with each other. Holding hands is instinctive for them, something that comes to them naturally. I’m sure they do it all the time; I can just imagine them holding hands under the blankets as they snuggle up and watch k-dramas and anime together. This moment always amazes me because neither of them looked down at their hand. Somehow, in this one moment, they both just knew. 

and something about the fact that they intertwined fingers rather than just clasping their hands together just means so much? I feel like that one gesture just says so much about them. 

rather than me rambling on about them though, there’s this one quote that I just read that I think describes them perfectly and I’d like to share it: “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” - Emily Brontë


kdrama posters: tomorrow with you edition

 “i love you. as for that secret you can’t tell me… i’m not curious at all now. i just love you, no matter what. i love you, yoo so joon.

Okay, KH fandom, I’m here to talk about a thing.

A thing that’s bothered me for ten years, but that I mostly kept quiet about, but for some reason now feel the need to discuss:

People who say that Sora doesn’t care about Kairi in KHII, or that he cares about her less than Riku in that game, drive me insane.

I often wonder if we even played the same game.

The main argument is that Sora asks about Riku more, and I agree that that’s true.

But guys… it’s true because for the first half of the game, Sora knew that Kairi was safe on the islands and it was only Riku he needed to find. So of course he wasn’t looking for her in II exactly like how he was in the first game.

And even his looking for Riku is tied to Kairi. “Well, I’m gonna go look for Riku. Then he and I can go back to the islands together. Kairi’s there waiting for us.”

And there are so times that Sora thinks about Kairi even during the first half of the game, like when he’s blushing and thinking about hugging her when he sees Will and Elizabeth together.

Also, does no one remember his reaction to Kairi apparently being in Twilight Town?

“Oh! Sora! Do you know a girl named Kairi?”

“K… Kairi!? I sure do!”

This moment right here is the turning point. Once Sora learns that Kairi’s in danger, he doesn’t shut up about her or stop worrying/looking.

And sometimes he even puts her name before Riku’s when asking about her, or sometimes will talk about here without even mentioning Riku at all. 

Here are just a few examples of that:

Sora trying to comfort Hayner, Pence, and Olette’s guilt about the whole thing: “Hey, it’s not your fault. C’mon, cheer up! Like I can even say that… I gotta help Kairi!”

He even blames himself for her abduction:

Sora - “The King, Riku–and now I’ve lost Kairi again, too.”

Donald - “Don’t be sad!”

Goofy - “Donald’s right, you know! Why, you’re the key that connects everything!”

Sora - “So it’s all MY fault.”

He also does the Japanese dogezu position towards Saïx as he literally begs him to let her see her–and puts himself on a silver platter that way–which is such a big deal, that I can’t even-

But back to what I was saying above, about him talking about Kairi a lot after what Axel did to here, here are just some of those examples:

After Maleficent pushes the crew into the Realm of Darkness… Sora - “Kairi! Riku!” (And yes, he actually puts her name first there.) As Sora opens the gate in that place, knowing that he’ll be forced to leave it soon - “Not yet! I gotta look for Kairi!”

Upon entering The Castle That Never Was for the first time - “Kairi… We’re almost there.” And a bit after that: “Kairi! Where are you?”

Also, backtracking a little bit, but there are moments where Sora thinks about Kairi during this part of his journey that don’t even have to deal with her current situation–like when he imagines himself dancing with her in Halloween Town.

But back to The World That Never Was stuff:

Sora barges in on Saïx and demands, “Where’s Kairi?”

Kairi then appears on that one balcony and shouts out to him, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Sora’s completely distracted and forgets what he should be doing, and just smiles widely at her and excitably says her name: “Kairi!”… before being dog piled by Heartless, for not having kept his head in the game.

After that, Sora sees Kairi fighting alongside “Ansem” and is clearly concerned by it as he watches them. “What’s going on!?”

Sora fights Xigbar, who goes out purposefully confusing Sora, and Donald reminds Sora about Kai. Donald - “Sora! It’s Kairi!” Sora - “Kairi, we’re on our way!”

Next up is their reunion. Kairi tells him, “You and Riku never came home, so I came looking for you.”

And Sora is so completely undone by this–because he feels guilty that he promised he’d return to her with Riku, and hasn’t even after a year; guilty, that she had to come looking for him; guilty, that she got freakin’ kidnapped because of him–that he can’t even look at her. He just turns away and mutters a broken, “I’m sorry.”

But Kairi doesn’t care. And she never blamed him even once, so she just shoots across the room and embraces him–eager to see him–and Sora hesitantly hugs her back, because he honestly doesn’t think he deserves her easy forgiveness. And he thinks she deserves more and better than this crummy reunion, in an enemy’s lair: an enemy’s lair that she’d been held hostage at.

Oh, and Sora freakin’ thanks “Ansem”–who he hates, and makes a point of saying that thinking about all the things he did makes him “really mad”–for saving Kairi. “I’ve got to be grateful for that. Thanks.”

We then get the Sora, Riku, and Kairi reunion. And in a lot of ways, this is a moment between all three of them. Because it takes Kairi to show Sora that it’s even Riku. 

And after Sora’s collected himself from all the emotions he’s just been forced to feel, after having the weight of the world on his shoulders, it’s all three of them talking to each other:

Kairi - “Does that mean… you can’t change back?”

Riku - “This battle isn’t over. And until it is, I still need the power of darkness.”

Sora - “Then… let’s finish it. You’re still Riku, no matter what!” (Everyone, including Kairi, then nods at this.) “So how ‘bout it? Think we can handle one last rumble together? The King’s waiting!”

Donald - “Yeah! Let’s get going!”

Anyway, after that scene Sora seems to have finally gotten over his regret about the whole Kairi thing, and we get some really cute moments between them, such as:

(After the Luxord fight.) Kairi - “You okay?”

Sora - “Yeah! No worries. Let’s keep moving.”

Sora catching Kairi when Ansem’s Kingdom Hearts encoder is blowing up…

…Kairi aiding Sora as he’s trying to convince Riku “you got friends,,, like us!”

Kairi’s voice being what pulls Sora out of the illusion Xemnas puts him in of Memory’s Skyscraper, etc.

Sora promises Kairi that they’ll “be together every day” Sora - “Uhh… yeah!” (And the only reason he reacts that way is because he’s still freaking out about the whole Roxas thing, but he honestly means this and is joyful about the idea.)

Next, Kairi, Sora, and Riku are all ready to go home together… which makes the fact that they get separated here even sadder.

Kairi - “Hey, let’s go home!”

Sora - “Riku… C’mon.”

Riku - “Yeah.”

(The portal closes before Sora and Riku can get through it.) Kairi - “Sora! Riku!”

(The two of them then gasp at this, and if it wasn’t fish face at the time I imagine both Sora and Riku would be looking really sad.)

Anywho, Sora and Riku defeat Xemnas for the final time (LOL to that, says DDD) and are stranded at the Dark Margin. Since it doesn’t look like they have any way out of there, they begin thinking that maybe their best option would be to just “fade into darkness”, and that maybe it wouldn’t even be so bad. But it’s only knowing that Kairi’s safe that Sora even considers this.

Sora - “Yeah. The other side… The realm of light is safe now. Kairi, the King, and the others are there.”

Kairi’s letter to Sora washes up on the shore–and he loves reading it so much, that the sweetest and most meaningful smile appears on his face; and it leads him to being able to open the Door to Light, and getting Riku and himself the heck out of there.

Next, Sora and Riku are finally back at Destiny Islands. And the moment that he sees Kairi and hears her calling his name, Sora is running to her as fast as his feet can carry him. Tripping, and not even caring. (And tbh, I honestly think he probably would’ve kissed her here, if Donald and Goofy hadn’t ended up tackling him.) 

But even after he’s fallen, this is just a really adorable moment–as the two of them smile at each other, and Kairi gives Sora her hand and he finally gives her her lucky charm back (whilst she corrects him that he’s not “back”, he’s “home”).

In the credits, we then see Sora stumble upon Kairi having drawn herself giving him a paopu fruit on the cave drawing. And he just puts his hand over it, smiles like no other, and looks up to the sky.

This game ends with Kairi giving Sora the letter from the King, and him looking it over in a confused manner. And as Blank Points from BbS continues this instance (after Sora, Riku, and Kairi) have had time to think it all over,) we see Sora being heartbroken and guilty again that he’ll have to leave Kairi again (he once again can’t even look at her, after having promised her they’d spend every day together and all). 

But Kairi is a selfless human being, who sees Sora off with her best grin and lets him go–thus easing Sora’s burden about the whole thing.

But clearly Sora doesn’t care about Kairi in Kingdom Hearts II at all, guys. <_<

…Tbh, this isn’t a SoKai post that I’m making here. 

And it’s definitely not a “Sora cares about Kairi more, whatever that means” thing.

If anything, I think he values the both of them equally.

The only reason I made this lengthy post is because SO MANY PEOPLE WHO PLAY KHII somehow get an “LOL, do Sora and Riku even care about Kairi at all? It doesn’t feel like it to me” feeling from it.

And I, personally, will never understand that. And above is all of the reasons as to why that is.

But to each their own, I guess:)

On a side note, I rewatched ALL of these scenes just now, to make sure that I remembered them correctly and was wording the quotes right… and now I’m exhausted from it.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a nap.

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Iris' hardened attitude reminds me a lot of E2 Iris. That Iris was tough as nails with everyone, but she was a sweet pea with Barry. Same thing with our Iris. The only difference was due to Iris losing someone she loves and E2 Iris being tough in general.

Funny you should bring this up I just got done watching "Welcome to Earth II” and “Escape from Earth II” well, the Barry and Iris scenes, lol. I’ve always wondered what brought those two together, how did they meet? At work? Were they high school sweet hearts as I once read in “Just thinking about MacBeth” a fanfic written by iriswestthings - I recommend!! I am so interested in the origins of their love story!

Watching their dynamic made me realize that Barry loves Iris for her strength and Iris loves him for his scientific knowledge, something she’s always praised him for and something he’s always lauded her for. Of course their love goes way deeper than that but on the surface these are one of many qualities that attracts them to one another, imo. 

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And as we know she loves her man and he’s crazy about her!

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From when they were little Barry seem to try and impress Iris with what he knew, look at his face as he discusses combustion with her, and of course I think she really appreciated him sharing fun science facts with her as she always encouraged him. Iris always cheered him on for his nerdiness and I think he that’s what made him continue to love her as they grew up. 

Iris’ strength whether it be physical or emotional was always something Barry would depend on - she comforted him when he first arrived to live with her and Joe and we’ve noted the countless amount of times she had to physically take matters into her own hands. The great thing about them though is that they can trade off these qualities and be supporting of each other accordingly.

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Also, I think we’ve come to know that Iris has always been tough, it stems from how Joe raised her so as we’ve seen on Earth II I’m sure Earth I Joe made sure his baby girl knew how to protect herself - just look how good she is with a gun. 

On the emotional side I do agree that Iris (Earth I) has toughen up but I think that comes with the losses she’s had in life. That would definitely put someone’s guard up big time. But I think with each other, Barry and Iris feel free to lower their guard whenever they are with each other. Thinking back to the premier when Iris was cussing just about everyone out, we saw her own dad being hesitant to go along with Cisco’s plan of getting Barry out of the Speedforce because, “Iris said…” she made sure not to let anyone see her breakdown.

In contrast, look how quickly her walls came tumbling down when Barry was by her side. She was able to easily communicate her feelings to him, she could have kept it all in to be strong but I think she knew she is safe whenever she’s with him so it’s easy for her to tell him how she feels. Even when his mind wasn’t all there.

I think a love like theirs is very rare to come by and when you have two people like them who are crazy for each other it just makes so much sense. Grant and Candice also play very well off of each other so that helps a lot. 

The are the cutest!

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Orphan Black 5x08

Long rambling ahead because I’ve been crying for hours and I’m a mess. Feel free to message me with your comments and opinions, or if you just want to cry. We need to be each others’ emotional support system during this difficult time. Also, spoilers.

Devastated. Shattered. Heartbroken. Angry. I am falling apart over here you guys. This episode killed me. I knew that it was coming but I still held a sliver of hope in my heart. I realised my hope was void as soon as the episode began though. S’s calmness, the heartfelt scenes with her, Felix and Sarah, and the whole S/Rachel/Ferdifuck reveal all pointed in one direction. 

In all, the episode was very good. I loved how things are starting to come together, how freedom for our clones is so close. The whole thing with the evidence against the Neolutionists made my heart happy. Finally the assholes get what they deserve. I was happy to see an S-centric episode (though I would’ve gladly gone without it if it would’ve ended differently). I loved that the episode showed us some normalcy, showed us all the characters just being a family and supporting each other.

Felix’s art show was really well made and I’m happy that the writers didn’t just forget about his passion for art, but actually took it and turned it into something beautiful. I loved how all the clones got to be a part of it and the concept just further proved the artistic genius that Felix is. And don’t even get me started on his speech to S, Sarah and Adele. I was full on sobbing at this point. 

So to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture. brb having a breakdown. I need this quote on everything I own

The Cophine scenes made my heart so happy. There wasn’t a lot of them but the little that we got was so beautiful. The fact that Delphine bought the painting of Cosima, and the way they clicked ‘send’ together. Ugh, just beautiful. I love that they are slowly inching towards genuine happiness. I just want them to be safe, in love and happy. At least give me this, OB. pLEASE. 

Ooh and then we have Helena! I felt a little bit bad for Gracie but honestly she had it coming. And the Neolutionists are idiots if they think that they can take down Helena. She is unstoppable and has the skill and strength of a killing machine. And now she has her children to fight for sooo I’m sorry but y’all gonna die. You do not threaten babies, ‘kay??

*Takes deep breath* okay here we go. Siobhan Sadler. My favourite character, the one I’ve looked up to and loved since day one. She’s gone, but died a fucking hero. I knew that they were going to kill her off, but watching the episode and seeing them build up the love for Siobhan did not make it easier. She had a perfect plan figured out that would ensure freedom for her family, but she knew that she wasn’t going to make it. I thought the scene of her arranging the flowers for Felix was such a beautiful scene because it was sort of like foreshadowing for a future parallel where Felix and Sarah have to arrange flowers for her (why am i doing this to myself? ;___; ) I know a reading of the letter she wrote is coming and it’s going to break me. Just seeing S writing it was so heart wrenching ugghh. Maria is so bloody good, god damn. 

Siobhan working with Rachel and Ferdifuck (yes I will forever call him this, he isn’t even worth that) added another layer to her and made me love her even more. She does whatever it takes to keep her family safe, she would sacrifice herself for her family’s happiness and that is exactly what she did. When Rachel called to say that Ferdifuck had survived the meeting, S knew that he was coming for her and that the chance of her surviving was slim, but her family’s safety was on the line and she’ll be damned if she let Ferdifuck anywhere near them. Side note: I hate Rachel slightly less now. 

I screamed the moment Ferdifuck shot her and at this point I was crying rivers and having a full on breakdown. He thought he had her. But NOPE, he underestimated Siobhan mothereffin Sadler. Her asking for the photo of Felix and Sarah in order to be able to grab the gun was such a genius yet heartbreaking move. She shot him and I have never been this happy. I loved her final words

You know, as a woman, I’m 14% more likely to survive a gunshot wound than you are. Maybe not this one but, okay, it’s been a good run.” 

Such a Siobhan thing to say, but it killed me. Deep down she hoped she would survive, but she was content with dying. She had protected her family, her bond with her children was stronger than ever and she passed knowing that they had a bright future. The last thing she saw was Felix and Sarah smiling.

Chickens.” cue sherry ugly sobbing. realises kira is going to have to deal with this as well. remembers kira calling s “home.” cries even more. Who needs a heart anyway?

Do I think Siobhan Sadler deserved better? Hell yes. I think the writers got a little too kill happy this season and wanted one death that would shock us more than ever, one that really hurt. I mean, yeah…sure. But I think killing her off when there’s only two episodes left was unnecessary and didn’t do much plot-wise. Ferdifuck could’ve gone out a different way (even though I’m really glad that it was by S’s hand, especially after she had been shot herself. It only proved how fucking bad ass she was and that Ferdifuck was never better than her). There’s still so many things that need to be resolved and there is not enough time for us to properly see how S’s death affects everyone and how they bounce back from it. I might’ve been more okay with it if it had happened earlier on because then I feel like it would have served a point to the story: to have the characters grow even more and take what S taught them and try to heal. Now I feel like everything might be too rushed. 

The episode was an emotional roller coaster and I am so broken. Siobhan Sadler is the role model everyone should have and no one would have been able to play her as well as Maria. She brought a depth and life to Siobhan that I don’t think anyone else could have accomplished. 

S became everything I needed in a female role model. My own mum passed away two years ago and S - as well as Maria and her music, but that’s a different story - helped me so much. I won’t go into that now though. 


Thank you, Siobhan, for everything. ♡

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Overall Rating: 10/10

Brief Summary: This story takes place in a world of magicians. Simon Snow (The Chosen One) is entering his final year at a school for magicians called Watford. Through his entire time at school, he’s been fighting this mysterious creature called The Insidious Humdrum. This creature has been leaving dead spots where magic cannot be used. Through the help of some friends (and frenemies) the mystery becomes unraveled to uncover the truth.

Writing Style: This book is written in first person present tense. Usually I’m not a fan of this, but I think it worked really well. It also switches between a plethora of points of view which allowed for the story to be told in a more complete way without revealing too much too soon.

My Opinion: At first, I wasn’t sure that I would like this book. I didn’t believe in the world, and the spells being common phrases and song lyrics seemed a little disjointed at first. However, by about 50 pages in, I was totally invested. I genuinely cared about every point of view, even characters that at first didn’t seem like they were that important to the story. I loved the way this story handled different personalities. It was incredibly consistent and it made me question preconceived notions about how I thought people should act. The love story in this is super cute and touching, but it never took the focus away from the objective, which made perfect sense (because who is thinking about dating when their entire world is at stake??). Overall, I think it challenged a lot of typical YA tropes (which I greatly appreciate) and is easily one of my favorite books of all time.

Notable Quotes:

“You were the sun, and I was crashing into you.”

“Just when you think you’re having a scene without Simon, he drops in to remind you that everyone else is a supporting character in his catastrophe.”

Alien Reflections : A David 8 Character Study PART TWO

A/N: In my last post…. “I left the movie theater like a lot of people with more questions than answers. I wanted to know more, I wanted to understand what it was that I had just watched. I needed to understand why this movie left me so affected.  Why did this film lead me into a mild obsession of sorts with the character David 8?AND speaking of Mr. David 8… I 1000%, whole heartedly believe he is in love with Elizabeth Shaw.”

And so we continue…

It’s a rather bold statement to make true; but I promise I will elaborate on the “how’s & why’s” I came to that revelation in a bit.  However, there are a couple of things I need to get out first.

In my search for any sort of answers concerning Prometheus, I came across an analysis video posted by a YouTube Movie Reviewer named Chris Stuckmann. His nearly 20 minute “Prometheus Explained” video, CHANGED MY LIFE. Immediately after I’d finished watching it I subscribed to his channel and have never looked back.

It’s a video that I highly recommend people watch. Here is the link to it. [Click Here For Video Link] One can really see the amount of thought, research and care that Chris Stuckmann put into it. All of his future digital essays have the same level of attention to detail and understanding of what makes for good storytelling.

That being said, while I pretty much think that Chris was spot on with his take of Prometheus and to a lesser extent his breakdown of David. Where our viewpoints differs occurs just under the [2:30] mark of his video when Chris states and I quote:

“We see David preforming his daily routines, which consists of learning new languages, watching the classics and spying on people’s dreams.”  

No, in my humble opinion that last part of Chris’s statement is incorrect. David’s not spying on the crew’s dreams, he’s spying on Elizabeth’s dreams. No one else’s just hers specifically.

It’s made abundantly clear upon watching the film that David is particularly fascinated with Shaw. When viewing the scene where he “tenderly” covers Elizabeth’s heaving form with a blanket, I remember thinking to myself “Oh yeah this guy is definitely interested in her.” 

Don’t believe me?  Go back over the movie again and really pay attention to his interactions with Shaw. He’s extremely attentive to Shaw and exceptionally aware of her. Never once does David treat any of the other crew members in the same way as he treats her. 

He even goes out of his way to save Shaw when she and the Not-Tom-Hardy gets caught in the silicon storm. Yet, make no mistake David’s main concern is saving SHAW not Impostor Tom-Hardy, he only does so because Not-Tom-Hardy is there too. I strongly believe that had it just been Not-Tom-Hardy who’d been caught outside, David wouldn’t have bothered. You can just practically feel the undeniable mutual underling animosity between the two ever since Not-Tom-Hardy woke up.

Not even Peter Weyland, his creator truly has David’s loyalty. Yes I said it, he doesn’t.  Okay sure he’s acting at the behest of Weyland, but David has no love loss for the man. It just so happens that Weyland’s endgame goals lines up with David’s inherent curiosity.  Personally I believe he hates Weyland, this is reflected in the conversation David has with Not-Tom-Hardy.

NTH: You think we wasted our time coming here, don’t you?
D: You’re question depends on the understanding, what you hope to achieve by coming here?
NTH: What we hope to achieve? Well, it’s to meet our makers. To get answers. Why they…why they even made us in the first place.
D: Why do you think your people made me?
NTH: We made you cause we could.

D: Can you imagine how disappointing it would be for you to hear the same thing from your creator?

[NTH laughs]
NTH: I guess it’s a good thing you can’t be disappointed, huh?
D: Yes, it’s wonderful actually.

  • (on a side note I’d like to point out that I think David is lying about his ‘lack of disappointment’ if he genuinely feels no disappointment for the reason for his… ‘conception’, then why is David so obsessed with the idea of creating and creation? Just think on that for a while, I will return to it later.)  

It is also seen again in a later conversation with Shaw.

ES: What happens when Weyland’s not around to program you anymore?
D: I suppose I’d be free.
ES: You want that?
D: ‘Want’; not a concept I’m familiar with. That being said, doesn’t everyone want their parents dead?
ES: I didn’t. 

TBC in Part Three…

  • Rita: You're a loose cannon, Azazel.
  • Azazel: No, I'm not. I'm a cannon, maybe, but a loose cannon? Is that what you think of me?
  • Kaisar: I think you play by your own rules.
  • Favaro: No way, he thinks rules were made to be broken.
  • Rita: Those are all attributes of a loose cannon.
  • Azazel: No, I'm just a reckless renegade. Nina is a loose cannon.
  • Nina: [Turns into a dragon]

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Hey, you said in a post about Jared that Jensen made the exact joke a few months ago. Could you quote me what Jensen said and provide a link? I didn't know that Jensen had said the same chloroform joke before. That's weird. I never heard fandom talking about it.

Hi! I’m really glad you asked about this because yeah I didn’t hear the fandom talking about it either? 

So anyway a fan asked a question–which I couldn’t quite make out what the fan said. But I think she said to Jensen “There was this scene in the bunker where Dean said to Sam “Hey, just give me two minutes with some clippers” because of his hair. Do you ever think that Dean, the loving brother that he is, would ever take advantage of let’s say an -?- Sam?” 

And everyone started laughing and Jensen said, “Here try some of mine [his coffee]” and offered it to Jared. And right after that he said–also to Jared, “Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Link here

Ok guys! I finished chapters 1-7 of twist and shout, here are my thoughts:


. That quote though

. Wait, cas wears glasses?

. Why is cas taking a test???

. Same 😂

. Hhhmmmmm, I wonder who could possibly be getting arrested????

. Is this what an au is? Cause I still don’t know why everyone goes to school

. Beatles, twisting, damn this party’s old school!

. Of course it’s dean 😂

. I’m literally imagining dean on a bicycle. Like, little basket and everything

. Hey I came here for destiel feels, I can’t afford dean and Sammy feels!

. It took me way longer than I care to admit to realize this is set in the 60s 😑

. Wait, is hester supposed to be Hanna?

. Aw, trench coat child has a crush

. Same cas, same 😂

. Plot twist: cas is dr. Sexy

. I’m sure there’s fan art of this somewhere (destiel motorcycle)

. Well That escalated quickly

. Daaaamn… that was smooth af



. Oh my god that was so direct 😂 low key me

. Wow… did they just… that reference

. “Surprise motherf-cker, we’re dating.”

. Dean, do you even know how to date?

. KInky

. Why do I have the feeling that chuck made like, ten trees fall on the road so No cars could show up?

. How the hell do you end up making out on a surprise first date??

. Ok, ok, you win. That was adorable.

. Oh hey, it’s that thing everyone quotes

. Why do l have the feeling Thursday is important?

. Hot damn


. Domestic af

. This whole scene makes me think of “Norwegian Wood” by the Beatles

. Damnit, I love this song

. Ok but for real, this is adorable

. Oh god no…

. Where’s Sammy? I wanna see moose baby

. Imma slap this Hester b*tch

. This is why we have blinds kids

. Part of me really wants dean to beat the shit out of the landlord 😂

. Being gay is my hobby

. BOBBY!!!

. Damnit, someone get cas’s sister over here!

. Oh my god seriously 😂

. Yup. This is happening.

. I literally can’t stop laughing

. It’s at times like this when I think of the comedic possibilities of Sam living with dean

. Well that would be one hell of a wedding

. Someone ship these adorable mothertruckers to 2017 so they can marry and do cute shit in public

. I swear to god if he gets drafted…

. Ack, I hate that word

. Wait when the hell did that happen??!


. Damnit, now I have “rivers and roads” stuck in my head


‪This scene from #memyselfandi immediately made me think of Eddie, in #itmovie telling Richie ;”Do not fucking touch me!”😂 Get it? “Don’t touch this”-“Don’t touch me”?Well, guess ya had to be there. So, what’d I do…🤷🏻‍♀️,I ruined the song.🤣 ‬I just kept adding random Eddie quotes in. Meh, whatever. The song doesn’t make sense anymore, but hopefully one of ya will find it amusing nonetheless. #it #itcast #itmovie2017 #itthemovie #itthemovie2017 #it2017 #eddiekaspbrak #jackgrazer #jackdylangrazer #jackdgrazer #stephenkingsit

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imlikepadfoot  asked:

I'd say 15 - 11 - 6 and 4 if you please :))

Which is your favourite film and why?

Probably the first in all honesty because I liked seeing how exactly Warner Bros (I think that’s who did the films but don’t quote me) was going to create such a magical place. Also a lot of it, even though it had much darker aspects to the book, and thus movie, still had a lot of childhood innocence laced through, which I enjoyed. 

Which scene was added into the films that was a great addition?

I have two, not knowing if this meant a scene that wasn’t necessarily in the books or just a good scene that made it to the movies. I think that the scene with Harry taking Cedric’s body back was absolutely brilliant and the line “scared, Potter?” having just an added word really made it what it was, to be honest. 

 Who is your favourite non-human character?

Does Hagrid count? Because I absolutely adore the half giant! If we are talking full on non-human then I guess I’d have to go with Peeves! 

Which character do you feel you have the most in common with?

Wow, this is a really tough one, to be honest. Probably Ronald when I truly, truly think about it. Kind, slightly dorky, weird, having the emotional range of a teaspoon, not being able to really express myself that well, constantly being compared to my family, loves food, is a die hard loyal friend, is jealous no matter how much I hate it; honestly, I am a lot like Ron. 

harry potter asks!

So I just watched "I'm Not Ashamed"

Sorry if you’re extremely hypersensitive over spoilers but I’m going to lay this shit down on you anyway.

Firstly, Rachel’s story, for the most part, was told moderately accurate. They had her outfits to a tee and even had her real car which was pretty lit (it was still intact after all these years and was shown in an overly cheesy, sentimental scene at the end of the film). They had her faith down (obvs as it was the whole point of this film even being made) as well as her portrayal of character. However, as a result of this “holy af” reputation, they COMPLETELY stripped Rachel of her typical teenage antics by showcasing her as NOT being a smoker at a point in her life (hinting as if she was anti-smoking) and by also being anti-liquor. They also got the whole prom scene wrong as they made her attend it with an Asian guy and not Nick Baumgart. Furthermore, in this scene, they made Dylan look at her bitter sweetly as he was dancing with Robyn, giving a sense of him “wishing it was her” rather than Robyn, who they also made to appear as disinterested and not wanting to be there with him (which was totally false as we all know- Robyn was the one that urged HIM to go).

Secondly, there were a shitload of inaccuracies with Eric and Dylan (shock). Eric was a steroid abusing, middle-aged, hairy motherfucker in high school apparently who recited all the lines from his journal as he walked through the halls. Eric and Dylan apparently also wore their natural selection/wrath shirts to school every day without fail (probably for symbolism though). However, they weren’t in it as much as I would’ve liked tbh haha, like they legit only had a few lines. Anyways, at the beginning of the film (ish) Eric, Dylan and “Sean” (who really was Brooks Brown) walk through the halls and bag out a disabled kid called “Austin” who Rachel was VERY fond of. Then, a wild herd of jocks decide to rain on their parade as they reach for a bottle of baby oil, grab Eric Harris randomly and throw him through the halls whilst cackling loudly saying “now that’s what I call dork bowling he he he” or some shit. Then, Eric gets up and says “ I’ll kill you!” And the main jock is like “oooOooOooooO so scared” which leaves Dylan to mutter to “Sean” (Brooks) I’m going to make them pay (he has his boy’s back) with “Sean” (Brooks) replying with “ well that’s Columbine”. Then, Eric and Rachel have an interaction as she’s looking at him with pity to which Eric proceeds to shout at her “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT???!!!!?!!!l” to further exemplify his built up, all consuming, homicide inducing RAGE. Also, at the end of the film they try to attempt to “redeem” the jocks of their unscrupulous behaviour by having the jocks accept the disabled kid “Austin”.

To go on further about Eric and Dylan’s inconsistencies (because that’s why you’re on a Columbine blog ma dudes), they pretty much just make Eric this Hitler fanboying Neo-Nazi as he pays attention to Hitler’s ideologies in class and later on in another scene he’s depicted reading a book -wait for it- covered in swastikas. Also, there’s a cafeteria scene which most of y'all have probably already seen. Dylan is apparently obsessed with Rachel: he can’t take his eyes off the glorious, Christian temptress and they share a moment amidst Eric spewing his journal shit whilst wearing his natural selection shirt yet again. This scene also just pretty much makes Eric to be the “ring leader” and Dylan the “follower” who just fuels Eric’s ego by agreeing with him.

Furthermore, the film also aims to depict the deterioration of Eric and “Sean’s” (Brooks) relationship, mainly by picking up a recounted argument that Brooks wrote about in “No Easy Answers” (they also plugged his book at the end of the film I swear but maybe it was just coincidence. Rachel says it while talking to “David” (Richard Castaldo) in conjunction to how there’s no easy way to say that a divorce between parents doesn’t get better). “Sean” (Brooks) was oversleeping and Eric calls him FUMING, demanding him to hurry up and take him to school. They get in a fight and to sum it up, Eric says to “Sean” (Brooks) “I’LL KILL YOU” (edgy) and then hangs up the phone (fuck the natural selection shirt, Reb should just be seen wearing Regina George’s “a little bit dramatic” one).

Another inconsistency with Eric and Dylan (surprise) is where they’re playing video games in Eric’s basement. Dylan pretty much is depicted as kissing Eric’s ass as he says “oh man!!!! Imagine if this were Columbine???!!!” And Eric says really REALLY seriously “why shouldn’t it be?” To this Dylan replies, “oh no way man that’s sick.” This just further propagates that Eric came up with the idea and shared it with Dylan (totally false) and further reinforces that Eric is the “leader”.

The next big inconsistency was Rachel’s speech on causing a chain reaction with kindness. First off, Eric and Dylan weren’t even in that class and secondly, they never even heard that recital but they were depicted to have. Rachel goes on and on about how much of a Christian she is and the camera pans showing Eric and Dylan looking affected. Then, the teacher proceeds to play the iconic “Hitmen for Hire” short film (which tbh had better editing skills than Eric and Dyl’s original one did but it was the 90s when they did it so we can cut them some slack). As she introduces it, the bitch is like, “and NEXT we have Eric and Dylan’s PIECE on how they would change the WORLD”. She legit only goes through it for like a second and Rachel is all squeamish like “oh do we really have to watch this?” To which the teacher states “no we DO NOT HNNNNGGGGH”. Then Dylan pretty much shouts with his “boisterous” personality “and that right there is the BESTTTT WAY TO CHANGE THE WORLD HAHAHAHA PEW PEW PEW” *makes gun motions with fingers*.

Now the funniest thing ever is the scene that follows the “pew pew pew” one and its this fictitious, add-on scene. Pretty much, Eric and Dyl are having this super secret meet up (ooooOoooO perfect for those chicks that ship them. The directors really provided for ALL of their target audiences) on this stairwell. Then, Rachel proceeds to walk up this stairwell and encounters them. Eric gets all mad and gangs up on her “so what’s with this Jesus crap?” to which Dylan intervenes, “yeah think you’re better than us???¿¿?” And Rachel’s all like, “no I don’t think I’m better than anybody. I have to get to class.” Then Eric full on staunches and shouts out “yeah compassion????!!! That’ll work!!!” (Major foreshadowing here kids).

Lastly, we have the scene you’ve all been waiting for: The Massacre Sce- oh wait it’s just total and unequivocal blackness after Rachel gets shot. Realllllly riveting and reallllllly climactic. It literally made me go all Reb after watching it because that’s what I was waiting for! That’s what it was building up to!!!! But it totally and utterly disappointed. In this scene, we have the infamous propaganda painted all over it that has been circling the Columbine archives for far too long now and that is the most overused, shouldn’t-be-recognised-as-fact quote… The question that was “supposedly” always stated by the boys: “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD????” I didn’t think they would have it in those specific words (tried to have hope) because of what was depicted in the trailer but they fucking were. The scene starts off with Rachel and “David” (Richard Castaldo) talking about “David’s” parents getting a divorce. He confides in Rachel because she’s gone through it but she has “no easy answers”. Then, “David” sees Eric and Dylan approaching and says, “woah what is this, like a prank?” to which he is replied with by gunshots. Rachel is slain and is gasping in pain and Eric states mockingly, “where’s your God now?” At this point, he grabs her by the hair and says “ do you believe in God, Rachel?” She then says simply “yes” and at this stage of their supposed interaction, Eric puts his gun to her temple and says maliciously, “well, go be with your God now.” After this, the screen goes blank and shows real footage of the massacre’s events and this is then followed by a dramatisation of the flowers being put on her car by friends, family (grieving Craig Scott) and foe alike and also a simulated funeral.

Well, this was longer than I thought it would be but I surely fucking hope it gave someone an insight of what the movie is like without spending a dime; someone who didn’t want to see the film for obvious, understandable reasons. I love you fellow Columbine-infatuated kids. Stay murderous 😉😘❤️