that quote gives me chills every time


• SLEEP PLENTY: there is some scientific proof somewhere that you need sleep to retain information

• DRINK LOTS: water + you = happy human and happy mind (alcohol can be consumed after exams)

• STUDY HARD: and you will be rewarded, fail to do so and the consequences will be severe (yes I just quoted professor evil lady)

• KEEP GOING: get your countdown on because in less than a month exams are finished!!!! Freedom!!! Is!!! Nearly!!! Here!!!

• DON’T STRESS: there’s more scientific-y proof somewhere that you don’t take in information when you’re stressed. So chill, deep breaths, do yoga, and tell yourself 567 times a day that you can do this

• don’t ever let me give you guys advice again. good luck to every single one of you, you’re going to smash your exams!! And if you don’t, that’s okay - don’t beat yourself up over one exam :’)