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I was walking home from work yesterday with music blasting in my ears, these 2 boys flashed past me running… like running for their lives 🏃🏿💨so I took my headphones off and looked back… nothing! I got nervous then dashed for my life too 😭when I got to the high road I saw them, turns out they were running to catch the bus 😂😂😂

Feyre! My first digital painting in so long :,)

I used a designers gown for inspiration for her dress/cape- I’ll link it ASAP!

this book owns my life ok i can’t stop

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So in a modern au, do you think the lords' personalities should/would change?? Like I love Yukimura but it's almost hard to imagine him being so shy/naive over women in this era, but like.... he's know for being shy?? So??... what's your opinion on this? It's something that's been on my mind but I'm too shy to really say much on it ( >___< ")

I think they would change, just on the sheer fact that they’ll have grown up in a completely different environment. Say, perhaps, Ieyasu is still pretty sly and doesn’t exactly trust people so easily, but I doubt it’s anything as severe as the trauma he’s likely experienced as his Sengoku counterpart, and he’s not threatening to kill anyone on a daily basis. In a Modern AU, there’s no war to be had–no domains to rule over, not constant death running amok. Nobody’s a warrior anymore and nobody is fighting battles for unification or glory. So, while I think they should keep some of their core personality traits (say, Yukimura’s energetic and loud nature, or Nobunaga’s arrogant sort of facade), a lot of the extremities in their natures or the motivations and ambitions they have are very likely subdued since their lives are far more simple than they may have been in that past life.

In regards to Yukimura… I wouldn’t say he’s naive about women in a Modern AU so much as he’s likely just shy about it, still. In the feudal era, there’s a lot that has to go with women equating to marriage and he’d grown up almost entirely in an army, in reality–he’s so innocent when it comes to women in part because he has preconceived notions of taking responsibility for them and for the fact that he’s just never had any prominent female figures in his life (he didn’t even have his mother? rip), so he has nothing to look to for reference and turns out to be very clumsy about it. 

In a Modern AU, he’s likely grown up with both his mother and father and, knowing how easily people are drawn to him, has had a select few female friends in his lifetime. I’d sort of like to think he’s definitely the type to be oblivious to people having affections for him, so he’s always friendly, regardless of who you are. But if you catch him finding a love letter in his locker, or even someone confessing to him, he’ll probably choke up pretty fast. Since it’s a modern day, I like to think that Yukimura’s more clumsy about love than he really is about girls in general, if that makes sense? LOL. So his shyness still stays pretty in tact, but probably only when it comes to someone liking him, or even worse, when he’s got a crush on somebody, ya feel?


(Rose “I’ll watch the same movie 50 times in a row” Lavillant and Juleka “I speak with logic here, but don’t you dare to question my movies tho” Couffaine, everybody lol.

Juleka does like Mulan, but she’s more a The hunchback of Notre Dame kind of girl XD. That doesn’t mean she hadn’t watched Beauty and the beast a million times because that’s Rose’s favorite and they watch it together anytime Rose asks, anyway).

If you’re not watching Tunnel, you should be. It’s so good. I wish all dramas were written like this. Bromance, a slow burn romance (which are the best, imo), not an over-complicated plot with holes, no tropes from what I can see, cute comedic moments, GO WATCH IT. 

If I love Tunnel, would I like Signal/Voice/Defendant/Whisper? I NEED TO KNOW. 

They’re really favoring those one word titles. 

How to piss of/upset the signs 😏😈

Aries: Tell them they’re can’t do something or make them wait… FOR AGES 😊

Taurus: Touch their shit or take their food

Gemini: Be boring

Cancer: breathe… 😌

Leo: Ignore them… Naa, give ‘em a little bit of attention and praise, then ignore ‘em

Virgo: Tell them what to do or take over their project/work

Libra: Call them or their partner ugly, force them to make a decision/pick a side

Scorpio: Lie to/deceive them (wouldn’t recommend it tho, r.i.p mate… lol)

Sagittarius: Question them or call them a liar (or even just insinuate that they’re lying)… Do it, I dare you 😂

Aquarius: Tell them they’re ordinary, boring or that they’re “just like everyone else”. Tell ‘em they’re a follower or just insult their intelligence…

Pisces: Interrupt them while they’re listening to music or burst their delusional bubble

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there are a bunch of right-wingers trying hard to dispel the stereotype that right-wing humour isn't actually funny. every time they try they make it worse tho, lol.

The real question is, does being right-wing make you unfunny… or does being unfunny make you right wing???

my life in 20 questions tag

1. what’s your favorite color?

2. what’s your favorite number?

3. where did you grow up?

4. what is your dream career?

5. where do you see yourself living when you’re on your own?

6. where is your favorite place to travel?

7. what do you do in your free time?

8. favorite clothing store?

9. how many friends do you have?

10. describe your family in one word.

11. what is your dream car?

12. what two shows can’t you go without?

13. three things you need in your life?

14. if you were given 1,000,000 dollars all for yourself, what would you do with it?

15. things you can’t sleep without?

16. i have a celebrity crush on..

17. what’s your favorite treat?

18. favorite wild animal?

19. what is your favorite season?

20. favorite childhood memory?

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