that pun was a bit of a stretch

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Imagine Stanley being all fucking nervous to tell Tom and Dick that he likes LeFou, and he hasn´t come out to them yet. So he nervously goes "Hey guys.... i like... guys..." And they stay silent, and then Tom reacts out of fucking nowhere: "Well I like dick too. But just one." and he looks at Dick who's just blushing as fuck and they all laugh and be happy and gay. (THis might be a bit of a stretch but I just wanted to make the "i like dick" comment for Tom lol)

That pun x’) This is priceless! THID NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN IN A FANFIC! *winks to fanfic writers*

I feel like a new pairing is going to emerge… Though it will be hard to find a ship name for TomXDick.

  • James, after a long day of deer puns: I'm tired but I DOE-nt want to go back to the dorm.
  • Remus: that's a bit of a stretch. Even for you.
  • Sirius: *applauds from another room*

Princess Vee of Eastern Kolyma

Thanks to Danny of Game Grumps I had to check out the new King’s Quest game.  Its a bit simpler then past point and click games but that seems common for point and click games but they seem more interested in providing an interesting story instead of doing overly complex puzzles and stretches in logic. Vee was my fave from the third chapter with her silly puns and I liked her voice actor, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t use her voice actor in the 4th chapter more. Any ways cool game, cool characters can’t wait to play the final chapter on Tuesday.


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Black velvet. Velvet made sure to have her puppy eyes on when she asked. (I wanted to make a gay pun butt fuck it)

Velvet made sure to have her puppy eyes on when she asked. “Stay with me tonight?” 

Blake sighed. “Well, it got a bit late…” She stretched and rolled herself onto her back. “If anyone asked, I slept on the couch, okay?” 

Velvet smiled and kissed her cheek. “Sure.”

Miraculous AU Week Day 3- Technology AU - Part 2!

This is part 2 of the Steampunk AU that I posted on Wednesday! Sorry for being a bit late, but I hope that you still enjoy the ride!

“Shall we, uh, order some food?” Marinette hid her face behind the menu so that Adrien wouldn’t be able to see more of her blush. She examined the menu, taking note of the plethora of cartoon-y black cats that dotted it. She deadpanned. Why are there so many cat puns? Meowcaroni and Cheese? Meat Lasagnya? Wait… Does that say Catser Salad? That one is a bit of a stretch…

Marinette poked over the menu, and saw a boyishly grinning Adrien staring at the menu, a childish twinkle lighting up his eyes. She couldn’t help but smile as well. Well, this restaurant isn’t too bad I guess.

“Hello-nya~! Mya I take your order-nya~?” A female waiter wearing a black with black cat ears walked up.

I’ll have to take that thought back. 

I have finally signed up for an actual story-sharing site, so you guys won’t have to look at the tragedy that is Google Docs. Thank you for your patience with me!

Post to part two is here!

Fic: Father’s Day (T)

Author’s note: Just a little one shot I cooked up for Father’s Day, since it’s that time of year. Plus there’s never enough daddy!Killian. Or Captain Cobra Swan fluff.

Summary: Killian takes Emma and Henry sailing and gets a very special surprise.

Father’s Day

When Emma asked him to take her and Henry sailing, Killian could honestly say this wasn’t exactly what he expected. Usually, he kept to the bay, showing Henry the ins and outs of becoming a first rate seaman. The lad was a natural, sometimes reminding him so much of Bae his chest hurt. But there were subtle differences. Henry had a determination and grit that could only have come from his mother.

He had Ingrid’s scroll tucked in the pocket of his jacket; Emma suggested they sail down the coast a bit, making some dreadful pun about stretching their sea legs. He was unable to resist her little attempts at pirate lingo; she was positively cute whenever she did it.

If only Liam could see the sap he’d become.

Killian manned the helm while Henry showed Emma how to trim the sails. Ever since they’d managed to bring her back from the darkness, they’d spent more time together, the three of them. Almost like a family. He didn’t dare let himself go down that road, not wishing to impose himself. He was more than content with things as they were.

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