that psd just made it look weird


I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see, I c-couldn’t breathe. I made my way into the bathroom… My heart was p-pounding. My chest cracked open. It was- It was like I was under water. I ran to the stall, I threw up, and I just waited until it was over.

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/post/122339159070/how-do-you-do-that-thing-where-you-change-the - the red one isn't include in the psd... the one that i want so badly... can you edit it? :c

i can make a new one :) but i see what was wrong, but i made a new one! it’s only the red one, and if you want it to work you need a blue background or something blue in the gif, if you have not it will not work.. and if your gif looks weird (the person in the gif looking red etc just play a little with the color balance in the base psd) i hope this one works for you ^.^

so this is the gif with only the base psd:

and here with the red coloring:

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