that pretty much sums up this picture

Passion’s Sanctuary 

“In you and I there’s a new land
Angels in flight
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
My sanctuary my sanctuary yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music will tie
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
What’s left of me”

Was painting with Spotify again and decided to just go to random desktop playlist and Utada Hikaru’s Sanctuary popped up and I felt inclined to do another environmental speedpaint.
I really wanted to bring some of the older black and white pieces together and color them in some sorts, so this is pretty much a sum of all of them in one picture.

I am LIVING for Lauren Shippen and other podcasts.

Ars Paradoxica?? Wow. What a sweetheart. Look at my gal. She wants to help the lil rats.
The Far Meridian?? Perfection. In love. Sweet to stranger at a bus stop.
Writing that one episode of Wooden Overcoats?? That was such a beautiful episode. I was blessed. That episode cleared my skin, it watered my crops,,,,
The Penumbra Podcast?? She sounds like such a sweetheart. A sweetheart who absolutely was probably driven insane by Mars but,,,,still,,,,,a sweetheart,,,,,,


This has probably been done a million times already but idgaf.

Alrighty so I was going through some screenshots from season 4 and I wanted a second opinion on one of Lance’s facial expressions from the group hug scene.

So I showed this picture to my friend, who has not watched Voltron. She’s only watched a few episodes of the first season but that’s it. It’s safe to say that her opinion is totally unbiased because she does not know the context of this image. This is the conversation we had:

Her answer really solidified the hunch I had about his expression, which is that he is feeling some kind of negative emotion, probably sadness. Now, throughout the series I’ve noticed that those little lines under his eyes are usually only shown when he is experiencing negative emotions. My evidence is these images:

This one is from season 3 when he couldn’t get Blue to open up to him. He was obviously sad and distressed and was trying desperately to get her to open up.

These two are from season 4, and both of Lance’s expressions are due to Keith being late or absent altogether. You can clearly see the distress on his face in both.

This one pretty much speaks for itself, but this is from season 3 when they went to the alternate reality and boarded the Altean ship and Lance finds a dead Altean.

I’m sure there are countless more screenshots of him with the lines under his eyes, but I don’t want to make this post too long. So to sum this up, I’m trying to say that Lance is upset that Keith left, more so than he shows in the season. At first I was upset with the lack of reaction from Lance at Keith leaving but then I took a step back and looked at the bigger picture. Heck, even the writers THEMSELVES said they like to leave little nods/hints to other things in the facial expressions. If this isn’t evidence for Klance, then it’s at LEAST proof that Lance actually cares pretty deeply for Keith, whether he outwardly shows it or not.

Sorry this post is all over the place and probably unoriginal but I had to make it. Godspeed, y'all.

chaotic-neutral-puppeteer  asked:

i know nearly nothing about World of Warcraft, enlighten me pls

Aye aye cap’n!

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG based off of its RTS trilogy Warcraft. It’s a high fantasy setting featuring two factions: the Horde and the Alliance.

The franchise centers around these two factions that have been at war for over twenty years. It started when the orcs of the Horde from a different planet called Draenor open up a portal to planet called Azeroth, where kingdoms of humans live. The orcs, under the influence of demonic energy, wage war against the humans and begin destroying their kingdoms, creating massive conflict between orcs and humans for years to come.

Eventually the orcs are liberated from their demonic influences, and one orc, a former slave and gladiator for human entertainment named Thrall, begins to lead the Horde to a different age, allying the displaced orcs with other struggling races on Azeroth such as the trolls and tauren, eventually picking up blood elves goblins, undead and pandaren along the way.

The Alliance understandably still holds a grudge over the Horde, and they are still clashing and warring to this day. They’ve expanded in numbers, and while the Alliance has mainly been humans, dwarves and gnomes, they now have night elves, draenei (aliens that were slaughtered by orcs during their bloodlust while on Draenor and have been hunted by demons for 25 thousand years), worgen (werewolves) and pandaren.

The universe is rooted heavily in magic. There are mages, druids, priests and paladins, shamans, death knights and warlocks all around. There are a few forces that are very integral to the universe:

Light and Void, Arcane and Fel (demonic magic/taint), Life and Death.

These forces play huge roles in many of the conflicts here. The Light is pretty much the good and pure essence of the universe, worshipped by priests, paladins, and draenei. Beings of pure Light are called Naaru, and they want to eliminate the Void/Shadows. The Light sees one path as absolute truth, and rejects all other paths.

The Void is worshipped by cults mainly, and is a very destructive force that has claimed hundreds of other planets. In Azeroth, our main world, there are Old Gods imprisoned by something called the Titans. The Old Gods seek to use the Void and swallow up the world and forge the Black Empire, and their whispers of madness can be heard by some, and it drives people to chaos and destruction.

The Titans are pretty much the gods of this universe, and they helped shape Azeroth in its early days and imprison the Old Gods that ran rampant on the planet. They then made five dragons the sole protectors of Azeroth before leaving. These dragons all held a unique power given to them by the Titans: the Red dragon wards Life, Emerald dragon wards Dreams, Blue wards Arcane and Magic, Bronze wards Time, and Black wards the Earth. This eventually faltered, since the Black dragon, being so close to the earth where the Old Gods were imprisoned, eventually was driven to madness by their whispers, and shattered the world, turning against the other dragons and becoming a massive force of destruction known as Deathwing.

One of the Titans named Sargeras, also eventually fell to madness, since after fighting the Void off of other planets for so long, he eventually became incredibly freaked out, believing that there was no escape from the Void and the only thing he could do to stop them was by purging all worlds and start anew without the taint of the Void. In his madness, he freed a bunch of demons he had imprisoned and created a horrible force of destruction known as the Burning Legion, and they would become a force that would destroy countless worlds for thousands of years to come.

The Horde and Alliance constantly have to fight and work together to stop those mega forces and protect their world so that they can finally get back to killing each other again.

There are other big bad guys such as the Lich King, who is essentially a god of undeath and tried to wipe out all life on Azeroth, but the Old Gods and the Burning Legion have been major plot points that I feel are necessary to highlight. Aside from the Horde and Alliance fighting each other, the battles against the Legion and Old Gods have been long lasting and are still affecting the story today.

There is a WHOLE LOT MORE within the WoW universe that I of course can’t sum up easily without making this post much longer, but these are the very bare bones of the franchise. (I mean, the Warcraft universe is literally over 20 years old, so there’s a lot to cover). I went ahead and bolded the important figures/factions that play a role in moving the story forward, and they’re pretty much the most important when it comes to the big picture. There’s books, cinematics, art and comics out there for learning more about the story, and of course, there’s the games: Warcraft I, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft and all their expansion packs. I have a post here that has some links for where to learn more about the lore independently if you wanna check that out! This should fill you in on the gist of what WoW’s about, which is literally nothing but a World of War hehe.


Btw, here’s part2A:

WARNING: this textpost is super. super. long.

I WILL LITERALLY. MAKE. THIS TEXTPOST. EXTREMELY LONG. ON. WHY. I THINK. OUMA. ISNT. BAD. (in the end its still my opinion so dont attack me without thinking you dumbfucks)


For now let’s ignore the fact that his personality, talent, backstory, and whatever isn’t real (if you’ve finished the game you’ll know what I mean). In the meantime, let’s establish this:

He’s a liar. He’s the supreme leader of DICE, to put it bluntly, a prankster group consisting of 10 other “goons” who’re his most beloved. He’s intelligent. He’s manipulative.

He’s a kid.

It’s plain as day. We can all see it throughout the game that he’s childish, teasing, and loves to entertain. And that’s part of his personality. He loves to fool around and do stupid things like draw really kiddy “inventions” of out-of-this-world weapons that can never come true. He’s a curious boy and does anything to not stay bored. But that doesn’t sound anything like an Ultimate Supreme Leader, does it? So when something you do contradicts evidence, you gotta comply with the evidence and shut the fuck up. Or else people will question your credibility.


Kokichi Ouma is the most honest boy ever. Fabricating his emotions with lies so frequently that people actually mix up his lies and truth. They think his tears are the lies and his malice is the truth. They might be right about the tears part, seeing how he does shed some crocodile tears in early parts of the game, but they’re definitely wrong about the malice part! And I can prove that! (lol am i shuichi enough for you)

The evidence would be the DICE group itself. 11 people travelling around the world committing harmless “crimes” for entertainment. Of course, with Ouma being the leader. For who? Not clarified. However, they have a “no kill” policy. Now let’s have a little trivia here:

Why would they input a “no kill” policy when doing their ‘crimes’ around. the. world?

Well if you’re smart, you’d realise by now why. Going around the world killing people as their form of entertainment would be rather dark and the entire world would be trying to bring their asses to jail with a death sentence. Plus, if you put such a rule, you’d be clearly against killing itself, right? So you’d have to be someone of high position to finalise that rule, right? Like a leader, right?

Putting two and two together, having Kokichi Ouma participate in the killing game would be the most cruel thing to do. But hey, he’s an Ultimate Supreme Leader, he can’t fuck his title up by appearing like a childish, scaredy cat. So what does he do to keep people from finding out about his actual personality?

I’ll let you think about that.

^1st case body discovery. Might I also question: Wouldn’t this be his first body discovery? Kokichi Ouma, who hates killing, witnessing a murder committed and a dead body laying before him. Pretty cruel.

^2nd case body discovery. Oooh, guess our lil’ supreme leader hasn’t warmed up to dead bodies yet.

^3rd case body discovery. I mean, can you blame him? Or anyone, for this matter?

^4th case execution. Ohh, what’s this?


^Look at this, right after the execution. Sure, he went all fucking psycho after that. But… is this the face someone who enjoys seeing people suffer would make? I’d say he’s the one suffering the most. Well, no matter why he was so attached to Gonta, the fact remains that he was. And just like all of us here, when we get so attached to a character, we fucking cry when they die or they’re the murderer just because.

^5th case body- oh wait he died.

Well, for his dying words, it’d be pretty “like him” to say something like “Oh, but that’s a lie. Or is it?” or some bullshit like that to throw people off guard if he was truly the lying bastard we all thought he was. See, final moment are critical. It always brings out the truth in people. It’s just a matter of whether people want to believe it or nah. Especially for Kokichi Ouma.

Quotes from Ouma, “I had to think this game was fun to survive… I had to lie to myself!”

Can I- Can’t I just end my opinion with his statemen- no? Okay, moving on.

Well, guess now it’s pretty obvious why I’m saying that Ouma isn’t a “naturally evil-born person”. and this pretty much sums up why he lies and what his real personality is actually like.

Oh, one more thing to show you guys he isn’t bad:

My lil’ boy spending his time drawing fantasy-like weapons and-

-His main fullbody picture. Hmph, looking all evil and mastermind-y, smirking and looking down on others, holding poison- BUT IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY


I’d say, if anything, Kokichi Ouma was a terrible liar. Well, indeed, he was good in covering up and confusing people, but he still slips out his lies. Luckily, no one believes what he says anymore so he gets away with that. But if someone like Shuichi knew and believed his motive video, his drawings, his kid-like self, and sincerity about Gonta, he’d probably be able to say that Ouma was a terrible liar too.


Last but not least, a picture summing up Law, Kid and Bonney’s friendship and the introduction of Christopher Knight, aka Killer. 

Chris is Kid’s next-door neighbor. He’s homeschooled, so he doesn’t know a lot of the other kids at school, but he knows Law and Bonney and a few of the other kids on their block. People tend to make a lot of assumptions about him because he’s always wearing a hockey mask, and a lot of the adults treat him like he’s got some sort of mental illness because of it. Little do they know, he pretty much just wears it to see what happens.

Kid gave Chris the nickname Killer because of the hockey mask, and thought it would be fun to start rumors around school that he’s friends with a serial killer. The nickname caught on, and Chris just became known as Killer around town. 

When asked about the mask, Chris’s response is always, “…What mask?”

People just learned to stop asking him about it.


Happy Monday

Happy Tuesday! Have you worked out today? Are you planning to? Here’s some motivation💪🏽💁🏽
Last week:
Calorie Burn: 5,557
Daily Calorie Avg: 769
Steps: 72,528
Miles: 35.50
Total Active Time: 11h 42min
Weight: 177lb (which I am happy with)
I haven’t posted my weekly numbers or my weight in a while. I worked out every day last week so I will be resting today! This picture (it’s a still from my workout video) pretty much sums up what I go to the gym for! You’ve gotta be committed to yourself and obsessed with progress! If you’re looking for a quick workout, creep my page 👀

sanvers-deserved-better  asked:

The shirt is NO BIG DEAL. It's not offensive, it isn't trashing any actors, it's literally just REAL NEWS headlines about how S2 had some problems, not all of them are about mon*l anyway! If anything, you're making a statement about how feminism was lost this season due to love interests and white bread. Honestly, this is an amazing idea. Go and make a statement!! I support you!!

First of all, thank you so much! I really appreciate the message and the fact that you got exactly what I was trying to do.

And I’m going to use this post to sum up my thoughts on the matter because your ask pretty much nailed everything I wanted to say. I’ve seen a lot of talk about this shirt, both here and on twitter, and I feel like I just need to say one thing…

It’s a t-shirt. It is a t-shirt that just has pictures of article headlines on it that have been written throughout season 2 and one tumblr post (used with permission) about mon*l’s behavior.

That’s it. There is only one use of profanity on it (the word douchebag). There is no nudity or graphic pictures on it. It does not contain offensive content (published criticism about the second season is not offensive). And, as if I would ever do this, there is no bashing of any of the actors on it. Some of the headlines are about mon*l and some are not but the actor is mentioned nowhere on the shirt because it has nothing to do with him and is only about the character.

It is literally just a shirt of season 2 headlines that I decided to make for myself to wear one of the days I’m at comic con. And why did I choose this type of shirt? Because I am really fucking pissed off, to put it mildly.

We lost so many things that I loved in season 1 during season 2. Not to say that there weren’t things I liked (Lena, M’gann, and Cadmus to name some) but overall, where the hell did our fun, hopeful and emotional show that really did try to be feminist disappear to? Where did the real Danvers sisters go? Where are the space family moments? Where did the multiple supportive relationships between women disappear to? Where did Kara’s Kryptonian heritage, rage, and grief go? What was James (the kind, healthy season 1 love interest) doing 90% of the time? Why was Kara Zor-El isolated from all the support systems she had in season 1? Why did season 2 feel like a different show that wasn’t really about Supergirl anymore?

The answers are in the articles that all the shirt headlines are from. So I made the shirt and put it up and if others also want the shirt because they, too, are frustrated and hurt by the path season 2 took, then sure.

It is literally just a way for me to deal with a disappointing season of Supergirl, a season that did its best to not be about Supergirl and instead focus on mon*l. A season that took all sorts of red flag behaviors and tried to make them romantic.

And I saw comments that said why don’t I try a positive approach and focus on what I liked? Why not some pro supercorp shirts? And if things were better and season 2 had gone a very different route, I probably would have done this. But at the same time, doing so would make it feel like all of this negativity about mon*l is purely because of a petty ship war and not because of the very real problems people have with his character. And I love supercorp, but this shirt has absolutely nothing to do with ship preferences. Or actors. It’s just about the very noticeable problems of season 2, many of which do center around a certain character.

That’s literally all it is. Just a shirt with headlines I wanted to wear one day. And side note, there is no way in hell a shirt like this would ever get someone kicked out of a con. Much less SDCC. Have you seen what people wear there? On a scale of 1-10 this is a .5. And to those worried about what the actors might think if they see a shirt that has some criticizing headlines on it, the chances of them seeing it, let alone actually focusing and taking the time to read it in such a chaotic atmosphere is pretty much zero. And if that somehow happens, it’s not even criticizing them.

So if you want to be upset over it, go ahead. But it is nowhere near as upset as I am that my absolute favorite show that got me through some very hard times is now a show where the titular female lead got sidelined in order to focus on a toxic male.

thoughts on episode 46 (again) [spoilers]

[i know, not another one. last post ever, promise] 

Shino is probably dead-dead. It’s highly unlikely that the writers are going to bring him back, especially after the many references to his sacrifice and montages of biscuit, aston and him dying during the episode. (still hoping)

I honestly think that the writers have dealt with this couple pretty goddamn beautifully (albeit tragically). From episode 45, it can be seen that Shino somewhat reciprocated Yamagi’s feelings. Before, he said to Akihiro “Go with her [lafter] alone”, because it’ll be more romantic. So when Shino said to Yamagi “Lets drink till’ morning, just the two of us” , there were obvious romantic inclinations. (see fabelyn’s post: ****) The revelation this episode that Shino was completely aware and accepting of Yamagi’s crush on him pretty much solidified it.

At the time of the flashback, he probably didn’t have romantic feelings for Yamagi. I’d like to think that he was super straight (getting the womens), but he so accepting of Yamagi’s feelings that he didn’t care that a curious boy loved a guy like him. I think it makes it sweeter that he somehow grew to love Yamagi back by Episode 45. That he’s more than just a dense (not really as dense as we thought) boy who loved the womens. That he managed to grow to love Yamagi for him as a person, beyond the fact that he’s male and part of his family.
It gives Shino another layer to his otherwise happy-go-lucky-guy-that-loves-tits character trope so commonly seen in anime. The way that the writers have written Shino’s feelings for Yamagi was subtle. You really had to think back at what Shino said episodes ago to realise that he really did have romantic intentions with the “lets drink till morning, just the two of us,” line, coupled with him being fully aware of Yamagi’s feelings. I think if that he didn’t die and came back to tekkadan, he probably would have romantically pursued Yamagi (speculation).

Deep down, i’m kind of glad how this episode turned out. I know, Shino is still probably dead, but this is probably the best way it could have ended. Yamagi came to terms with Shino’s death after finding out that Shino knew of his feelings long ago.
 And i’m also kind of glad that Shino never actually explicitly said “I like Yamagi”. The writers weren’t explicit with Shino’s sexuality, because it shouldn’t matter to his character. Shino was someone who had the capacity to love anyone, his Tekkandan family and eventually love someone else romantically in Yamagi. They left it up to the audience to realise that Shino really did have romantic feelings for the kid and that it should not be a big deal that he loves a guy. To Shino, love was love. Love was something worth protecting into death.

I don’t think i’ve ever invested myself in a ship like this before. I usually ship just for fun, but i’m pretty grateful for Shinoyama. I said it before, but it’s really rare for a gay/lesbian couple to be treated so genuinely in an anime. Shino and Yamagi weren’t played up to be a huge thing, that was all about shits and giggles and marketing and fanservice. It was a beautiful tragic love that didn’t make a big deal about sexuality. It’s probably why I like the couple so much. 

To end it, here’s a picture from one of the animators, @koni_ko222 that pretty much sums up these two beautiful boys: 

[ もうそろそろ行くわ、わりぃ ]
“My bad, I guess it’s about time I go.” 

here’s the very long, extended rant about the upsetting thing about what lauren’s doing with ty, from the perspective of a bisexual girl dating another bi girl:

so first things first, i don’t care about camren, i don’t care if tyren is pr or not, i just like fifth harmony and i feel a particular connection to lauren as a 21 year old bi girl. now, i’ll be honest, i really did support and love laucy because lauren came out and laucy started to be confirmed around the exact time i started dating my girlfriend (the first time i’ve been with a girl and the first time i ever really had to acknowledge my bisexuality to others and accept it for myself). it’s also worth  noting that my girlfriend is latina and similarly to laucy, my girlfriend and i were best friends for many years before we started dating, we were friends long before either of us recognized our own bisexuality, let alone our feelings for each other. needless to say, we felt close to them. on top of that, OTHER THAN LAUREN AND LUCY, i can’t name a SINGLE celebrity/notable relationship with two bi girls, so both my girlfriend and i felt a strong affinity to them and obviously it was a happy feeling to have some representation. there are LOTS of bi celebrities, which is nice and great sure, but almost none of those girls who have come out as bi have ACTUALLY openly come out in a gay relationship. it’s nice to hear the words but it was inexplicably comforting to see it for real, especially with two girls who are a very similar demographic to my girlfriend and i.

of course, lauren doesn’t owe it to anybody to stay in a relationship for their comfort or representation. im not saying laucy was a good or healthy relationship, we only see what we see on social media. and if lauren is genuinely happier with ty then that’s an upgrade no matter what and im happy for her in that regard.

the sour spot for me, which has truly been a deflating feeling as a bi girl, is to see her complete 180 in terms of posting/appearances/ acknowledging/flaunting her relationship with ty compared to how private and secretive she was with lucy. she let lucy and herself be like pretty much HARASSED for literal months, without defending lucy or debunking rumours. SHE LITERALLY POSTED THOSE PICTURES WITH LUCY AND THEN TOLD REPORTERS TO NOT ASK ABOUT HER SEXUALITY AND REPORT HER BRAIN!!!! NOW OKAY CHILL OUT I KNOW THERE’S LOTS TO THIS: A). why should we care or feel like we have any say in what she does, it’s her life right? B). maybe she HAD to be private about lucy because she wasn’t out yet to her family, maybe she wasn’t comfortable enough yet in her sexuality. i know better than anyone that it takes time to be comfortable enough with YOURSELF let alone your family and i can’t even imagine what it would be like with millions of fans watching and speculating. C). maybe she’s genuinely more in love with ty! maybe she feels more desire to post about him because she’s having more fun, she’s in a healthier relationship, and she finally wants to show off her happiness, yas bitch!!

here’s where i stand on all those points. ONE: obviously lauren’s life is her life. she can be public when she wants and she can be private when she wants. however, she is a fucking celebrity and curiosity and speculation comes with the profession. what’s MORE IMPORTANT THOUGH is that she is an OUTSPOKEN ADVOCATE against the trump administration, for all kinds of marginalized individuals, and she has become maybe the most relevant bisexual representation/advocate for our generation right now. she accepts that!! she did strangers with halsey which was amazing. she did the coming out photoshoot with laucy. she wrote letters and she’s spoke out about it and so no matter what you say about her personal life being her OWN - in my opinion, as someone  who literally owes a LOT of my own security in my identity to lauren, look up to her as a bi role model and to acknowledge that part of herself and see her as someone who makes me feel accepted and normal. SECOND: male or female, lauren has always been private with her relationships, the guys she was with before lucy, like we don’t even KNOW timelines because that’s how private she was!! she never was this outward about her previous relationships with men and even AFTER she came out, she was rarely open about lucy. we got some really cute birthday messages but never at the constancy and legitimacy as we are seeing with ty, which is odd considering lucy and lauren seemed to be a very long friendship/relationship.

THIRD: this is the big one for me. because all of this can come down to MAYBE THERE’S A CHANCE that lauren is LITERALLY in a whole new world with ty, whatever happened with lucy to end their relationship so abruptly, whatever we have NO IDEA about, but MAYBE let’s just say regardless of lucy, lauren has never been more in love and happy with life and with her relationship!!! sure. that’s a possibility. but the hurt on my end lies in the fact that she has almost completely disregarded her relationship with lucy. WE ALL KNOW ABOUT IT OF COURSE, but the general population has never had it confirmed. majority of people outside of the 5h fandom, who know of lauren jauregi but don’t know much else about her, all they see was that she said she was bisexual and now she’s dating ty dolla sign. this whole situation isn’t about me or us or people who KNOW lauren, it’s about the general population who don’t know and those who, for the most part, DON’T ACCEPT OR UNDERSTAND HOW BISEXUALITY IS LEGITIMATE AND VALID. im hurt because i thought lauren would recognize the responsibility she has to the bisexual community to show that YEAH my relationship with a girl existed and was real and is just as serious as my relationship with a man. by acting how she’s acting with ty ,so open and lovey and NORMAL!!! KEY WORD NORMAL!!!, she’s a living breathing proof to all those people who stigmatize bisexuality – “oh bisexuality is just experimenting” “bisexuality is either a stepping stone to coming out fully or it’s just girls who want to have some fun with another girl, but ultimately return to a man.” perhaps the biggest instance of this is the fact that she did not even release her own statement on the laucy photoshoot pictures. that would’ve been a PERFECT opportunity to be like we dated and we wanted to come out and it’s more pressure in the latin community but we wanted to show that girls can be tender and loving towards each other just as they can be sexual and friendly and whatever else, we wanted to show the truth of our relationship as women even though we’re no longer together. BAM there’s a great little statement to sum it up and acknowledge it and end all speculation. not only did she like pretty much ignore the pictures, she was ANNOYED by them to the extent that she tweeted that she didn’t want to be asked about her sexuality!!!!! that’s literally like? so fucked up to me im sorry. ASKING ABOUT ONE’S SEXUALITY IS NOT THE SAME AS ASKING A DUMBASS QUESTION ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. it’s progressive and gives a voice to MILLIONS OF BISEXUAL PEOPLE!! instead she literally became hostile towards her fans and reporters and pretty much displayed her own resentment to the relationship, but instead it came off as resentment to her bisexuality.

it is, in a way, a display of her own internalized homophobia that she had such a hard time to even acknowledge her relationship with lucy but is so willing to post about ty. and I. GET. THAT. it’s obviously EASIER emotionally and socially to be in a heterosexual relationship!!!!! i can RELATE and sympathize with that. and i also recognize that maybe lucy and lauren ended on bad terms and now it’s put her in an awkward position where obviously she can’t keep talking about an ex that way. but the sad truth is i really don’t know if lauren would have ever taken the leap from “i’m bisexual” to “i’m bisexual in a relationship with a girlfriend who i love” and by completely erasing over her relationship with lucy with her new relationship with ty, it’s left me at least, and probably a lot of other bisexuals who looked up to her, out here hanging, feeling like maybe they’re not as represented and understood as they thought they were. and it genuinely has hurt my feelings and not because of any of this stupid bullshit about camren or ty being a misogynist like fuck all that. she technically doesn’t owe us anything, i know that. i kinda just like feel almost like i was given a taste of being represented and  then it got, not just taken away, but was almost replaced with a sense of hopelessness of like “of course bi girls end up with boys.” idk, im sorry lauren that this burden has been placed on you and your personal life but that’s just what is kinda shitty about this whole thing

Love at first Vidcon | Part 3

Hello! This is part 3 of a short fanfic about Dan Howell. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! Part 2

In all honesty, you should have seen it coming. You’d been a casual fan of Dan and Phil for a while but you’d seen the fandom and how intense they could get. You just hadn’t expected to ever be caught in the middle of it. It all started with his denim jacket. That stupid jacket, which felt like a warm hug every time you put it on and still smelled like his cologne. You’d had it in your possession for probably less than three hours when you suddenly found someone taking a picture of you in it. You thought nothing of it at first, assuming the girl had been taking a picture of the scenery behind you, but soon enough it was trending on twitter. You had to double take multiple times when you saw the picture pop up on your feed. It was amazing what people could make up in such short amounts of time. Before you knew it you were Dan’s secret fiance and you were trying to break up Dan and Phil. Dan had posted the picture of him wearing the jacket on his instagram just a day ago and so there was no way you could have made a similar jacket already. That was the thing they were right about: the jacket you were wearing belonged to Dan. But the rest, the rest made you freak out and want to hide as soon as possible. You’d shoved the jacket into your bag while racing back to your hotelroom, desperately hoping no one would find out who you were. Your face was on youtube and if someone recognized you, you knew your first Vidcon would turn into a nightmare.

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OC’s BEST OF 2017

Post your fave OC’s screenshots from 2017 and tag your friends!

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First set of six is of my canon Quizzy, Verana-Kathryn Trevelyan. Couldn’t resist throwing in one of her with Cullen, too. :P That picture pretty much sums up their whole romance. XD

I also put in my favorite screenie of her brother, Donovan.

And the last three are of my Red Lion protag, Revassan Lavellan, who turned out to be surprisingly photogenic. :P

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hi! i'm about a year late, but i was wondering if you could do an analysis of she is? i've heard people (including key) address that the lyrics (thick eyebrows, small eyes, pouty lips) seem to describe key but I wanted to hear your thoughts?

Hello! A year late is never too late within this fandom! I don’t think I’ve ever analyzed a song, so we’ll see where this takes me. 

I’ll start with the second verse, although Jonghyun uses ‘she’ in the majority of his songs, I’ve always thought that he does this because it’s what is socially acceptable in Korea. With that said, let’s ease our way into the second verse. “She Is” happens to be one of Jonghyun’s more “as it is” songs; it’s simple and cute and refreshing, depicting the beginnings of a relationship or having a crush.

Oh sweet love

Quietly sitting in front of a softly lit candle (we all know Jonghyun enjoy’s his candles)

Oh sweet love

Quietly locking eyes with you, just looking at you drives me crazy

And we all know how he likes to stare at Kibum 1000% of the time. 

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Oh She is, I like your small eyes, the way you look at me
Oh She is, I like your thick eyebrows
Oh She is, I like your slightly pouting lips
Oh She is, I like it like that

Now this is the verse you were talking about and the verse Jongkey teased each other with

Although Kibum brings it up as a joke, Jonghyun doesn’’t just brush it off, instead he laughs and even pushes Kibum to do more. Maybe it was in the script, but the way he touched the back of Kibum’s neck and giggled/laughed was genuine. 

I don’t care how we might seem to others

THIS. That verse speaks so much about them and it implies a lot as well. Although throughout the beginning of their career they might’ve done fanservice because their company asked, but as the years progressed their actions become more real and natural. So this line speaks a lot to Jongkey and their view towards the public.

(Cool) I like how you act coy
(Relationship) I like it like that

I’m just going to add this line because to me it exemplifies a portion of Kibum’s character when it comes to Jonghyun; teasing him, joking with him, etc. And I think this picture from this era pretty much sums up this song. (and the enterity of their relationship tbh) Jonghyun’s discarded photocard, the intimate hug I MEAN, what more do I have to say?

Don’t be flustered (Woo woo woo)
This is natural 

Once again this applies to my previous thoughts on the current status of their relationship.

And with that being said I’ll end my analysis here, because this song is very simple and as it appears on the surface, and I think that’s what Jonghyun was going for, so each person reading them can come away with their own opinion. Thanks for the ask and I’ll get around to answering the others I have ^^

How Does A Moment Last Forever? [Drabble]

My (late) contribution to FFXV week ^^’ Tried writing in first-person for the first time, so hope it goes over well! ( @ffxvweek )

Inspired by the song from “Beauty and the Beast”.

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Prompt: Frozen in Time

Rating: PG for sad times

Summary: Pictures are worth a thousand words that last for lifetimes.

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ok theres a couple more but u get the picture. lol. 


How I feel about this character

griffin said “are you naming your wizard TACO?” and justin said “yes,” and i fell in love instantly.

no but okay. he was my first fave, tbh, and then for a while he was no longer my fave, but then a bunch of stuff and stolen century and etc and the endgame happened and i was like “oh no you’re still my favorite boy.” He’s…complicated. And there’s the layers of who taako is with and without lup, and who he cares about, and what he feels about people and what hes not saying and what he’s blatantly lying about and what he’s being completely fucking truthful about. basically he’s really interesting to explore in fic, and also i love him, the darling disaster boy. justin plays him in such an interesting way. i find him too relatable. its a problem.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

taakitz - A Good Fuckin Ship. i love both of em and i love both of em together. confession: i wasnt 100% onboard until the finale, just cause we hadn’t seen them together enough, but during story and song i was like mm HELL yeah im here for this. i think they’re just like, really good together. im gonna get into this more later cause yall are lovely and sent me asks desiring my gushing about taakitz.

taagnus - also! a good ship. like i think this is the ultimate bromance turned romance, you know? i wrote about this in mango’s section so im not gonna get into it here, but idk, very much into the idea of them loving and supporting one another. top tier.

semi-seriously magic brian/taako - listen. the accents. THE ACCENTS.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

i mean the obvious easy answer is lup and taako but thats too easy, so imma go with:

barold bluejeans n taako: @terezis pretty much summed up my feelings about this in her answer, tbh. but i really like taako and barry just as like…bros! good bros! taako being encouraging of lup and barry was real cute, and so was the swimming lessons, and idk, from the beach scene and the scene with “taako…kill me” but right before all the drama it really painted a picture of two guys who are just real good friends and like, its a good friendship. idk i like it a lot. ive written a lot about it cause i like it.

(runners up: ren and taako, angus and taako)

actually fuckit i’ll talk about lup and taako. you know whats weird? i have no siblings but i end up talking about lup and taako a lot and im always super hesitant about that relationship when im writing or characterizing it. but like, idk, i really like the idea of them as the most important people in each others lives for a long time, and the only person they really consider family until the starblaster. i think it probably verges on codependent at times, especially pre-starblaster, but then they end up caring about a bunch of other people too and its good.

My unpopular opinion about this character

i think the fandom kinda sans undertale’d him. but also? hes a good boy. i get the obsession with taako adventurezone.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

i want to see the aftermath of him and lucretia. i think that’s really interesting — there’s been a lotta good fic about that which hurts 2 much to read (i believe @maegnus and @epersonae wrote some of it? i might be mixing that up, andim definitely forgetting someone, sorry sorry im in class and not factchecking, if u wanna reblog with links that’s chill af)