that pretty mf


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

One of the things I love the most about Martin is his great love for his craft, films & cinema, or basically, story-telling in general. It is awe-inspiring. He’s passionate, he’s persistent and the way he brings a character to life is incredible.

He may appear to be rather prickly to some due to the “supposedly humming undercurrent of anger” of his, but I like to think that he’s harbouring a deep well of love for his career, life (his & others) etc.

I am glad that we’re privy to that. :)


Do you have any happy musings about Martin you don’t mind sharing? It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan, or if you like him all right but don’t consider yourself as a fan, or if you are not exactly a fan of his. Or even if the anecdote is just consist of three words, or if it is just an image or a character you like him as. Share them in his tag! x