that pretty mf

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If, Creator forbid, there were such a thing as Horsemen-sized vehicles somewhere, what would be the one each prefers?

Fury: A pretty mf, Audi R8

Death: This edgy beast. 

War: TOPKICK!!!!

Strife: You KNOW he’s singing the theme right now


You turned on the TV and were immediately greeted by the immensely handsome Steve Rogers.

“The bombings today were created by (Y/N). Innocent people have died at her hands. I can assure you she wont go unpunished.” His face was stern and unforgiving.

If only he knew how good it felt to be bad.


I want to watch new series, but I have no clue which ones.
Series I love:
teen wolf,
how i met your mother,
the fosters,
orange is the new black,
gossip girl,
modern family

Do you have any recommendations please?

Because It’s Been Happening A Lot

How people assume I’m treated:

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How it really is:

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How I want it to be:

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(I’m like the kid in the cafeteria trying to sit with people and try to make friends and everyone pretends I don’t exist man–

I don’t know how you people find me but I swear to my cat Doodle that I’m just sitting here in the mountains doodling things and then I’m jumped with the ‘You’re so popular!’ thing and I’m like “….Where? How??? Thank you but wHAT–”

However, despite this, I am extremely thankful for every single person that finds inspiration in my work and feels like someone understands them because of it.)

there’s this weird phenomenon that takes place in the comment section on every single video of All Time Low playing live. there is always at least 1 comment that reads “why are there so many guitarists” and is usually accompanied by some idiotic low-key misogynistic comment like “the fan girls are so blinded by the pretty boys that they don’t realize that they’re talent-less”

to address this; yes, during their earlier years (example: World Triptacular) there were a lot of people on stage. You had Alex who sings and plays rhythm guitar, then you have Jack who plays lead guitar and jumps around and is constantly knocking his guitar out of tune. 

Then you have Zack, who in earlier years didn’t sing back up (he didn’t sing back up vocals until 2013) aside from times when Jack also sang back up. This was because he wanted to have more of a mobile stage presence and didn’t want to be confined to the mic. Next you have Rian who plays the drums and had no part in vocals unless there was a story to be told.

The extra guitarist until 2013 was Matt Colussy, he plays lead guitar when Jack is off interacting with the crowd or handing his guitar off to a fan or just being Jack in general and not really paying full attention regardless of the fact that he is wholeheartedly committed to the band and to music. He also plays auxiliary guitar meaning he plays things that are on the original track but can’t be played by the two guitarists already on stage (Alex and Jack). When Colussy left in 2013, Bryan Donahue replaced him and has since taken over backing vocals from Zack.

The other person on stage was Matt Flyzik who served as backing vocalist and the band’s tour manager until 2013 when he left. Zack does backing vocals when Bryan isn’t.

So yeah, there are a lot of people on stage but when it comes down to it, this is solely to give the fans a better experience when they see the band live so that when they are jumping around and going in to the crowd, the music would still sound like it was supposed to.

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Niall tweeting about being in London probs means he's leaving but he doesn't want people to know, he's done this before cos he's a sneaky mf Pretty sure he's tweeted before about being somewhere only to show up somewhere else hours later hahahaha

lmao yeah he has. but that’s the thing is…,you never know with him lol