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From May 16 through 24, 2016, we took an epic road trip in the American Southwest, visiting some of the USA’s most treasured National Parks;

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San Francisco to Seattle

I love road trips for a number of reasons. My family took at least one a year when we were younger and the sound of the road passing beneath and the sight of trees whipping by makes me feel at home. Reading makes me sick in the car and my phone bores me after a few minutes so I often find my self sitting silently and *gasp* actually thinking deeply. I’ll even have the time to sit for a few hours and listen to the music that I’d forgotten existed but at one time made me feel alive. But what I love about them most is the people sitting in the car with me.

There is something about being stuck in a car with someone for 7 days that makes you love them more then you did in the first place. Sure, the term “I want to punch you in the face right now”, may fly around a few times but you always come back around to laughing about it. It’s like a greenhouse for relationships. 

I once went on a month long road trip with eight very different human beings. We drove each other insane. But we also laughed, forgave and learned to love each other in spite of all of our differences. It may sound a bit profound but in that month I honestly felt like I got a glimpse of what it looks like to love one another unconditionally. 

But that’s getting a little too lofty for what this blog post is really about. My husband and I got to drive from San Francisco to Seattle with our two very best married friends a few weeks back and had an insanely good time. If your married then you know how hard it is to find a “couple friend” that both you and your spouse can stand (like seriously almost impossible) but Hunter and I lucked out big time with our friends Tyler and Jill. 

We started out in San Francisco and took three days to camp along the California and Oregon coast. We then spent four days split between Portland and Seattle. There was so much to love about every place we went and such a variety of experiences but there was one place that I wanted to put up a tent and stay forever. The Seattle Public Library. Weird, I know. But if you’ve been in there then you probably know what I am talking about. The light, the books, the shadows, the quiet, it was my happy place. 

This being a blog about food I can’t really not talk about where we ate. Which is good because we ate, like, a lot. A lot, a lot.

So to finish off here was our top ten favorite eateries in no particular order: 

  1. Quinn’s (Seattle) 
  2. Olympic Provisions (Portland)
  3. Blue Star Doughnuts (Portland)
  4. Blue Bottle (Seattle )
  5. Lola (Seattle)
  6. Salt & Straw (Portland)
  7. Bi-Rite Creamery(San Francisco) 
  8. Lola (Seattle) 
  9. Tasty N Alder (Portland) 
  10. Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Portland) 


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please talk abt superstition

soooo one of the things im really excited to write soon is this secondary storyline within the main story which is this series of journal entries from jack’s like great great grandfather or whatever. his name’s samuel st james & he fought in the northern army during the civil war & then goes on to study like cartography & natural sciences & travel on a bunch of exploratory expeditions into what will be montana / colorad0 / utah / arizona. you meet him & learn abt him through his journal entries so stylistically it’s really fun to write. he’s a very introverted-outside but cranky-inside kinda guy. rugged. probably has hilarious sideburns.

this sounds convoluted but its AWESOME & also ive been reading shitloads abt like john wesley powell’s trip down the colorado & the expansion of the transcontinental railroad & so on & the weird history of how the west was explored is so interested & wild to me.

so in 1870, sam gets hired to work on an expedition funded by a college that’s heading into a pretty uncharted area of the southwest. both its destination & its reasoning are pretty unclear beyond the fact that theyre supposed to be charting this land, looking for gold & water. & one of the men funding / going along on this trip is this kind of famous essayist / spiritualist named oliver colton bishop who knows a lot more about what they hope to find on this journey than he lets on and believes all kinds of out there shit… like the fact that there may be a lost city containing a well that’s the source of all knowledge somewhere in the desert

the gist of this is that jack finds a journal of her relative’s tales of how he bicker-flirts his way across the uncharted arizona landscape with this ill-suited handsome intellectual who seems to believe in everything & anything at all

This is the last image of my Lake Powell trip for a bit, until I get my film back anyway. Here are my impressions. First, if you’re planning a trip to this area of Utah/Arizona, there are many hundreds of places you could visit and photograph, and visiting Lake Powell is TOTALLY worth it, but you’ll need access to a boat. You can get to some of these places over land, but you’ll need to be very prepared with lots of water, food, and fuel, emergency supplies, high clearance 4WD, etc. Secondly, I read Beyond the Hundredth Meridian recently, and one of the key ideas in Stegner’s representation of John Wesley Powell, for whom the lake is named, is water conservation. He posits that settling and using this land would require much thought, planning, and caution with the land and resources. Powell’s and Stegner’s ideas are more prescient than ever. I’m not yet sure how to navigate the conservation, preservation, and reclamation ideas, but I will say that this region is a still a place no words, and no single photograph can describe. Like Walt Whitman once wrote, it contains multitudes. Lastly, if you choose to come here to make photographs, you’ll see light and color you can’t imagine are real. I did very little editing and color toning to my images.


Day 7 - Portland

Catching up so quick update.  

Caela took the day off so we got to spend the day together - yay!!!  :D

Breakfast at Nectar Cafe - delicious waffles, and falafel waffle, bagel sandwich - nom nom nom.

Went to the vegan strip mall and had a blast looking through all the vegan merchandise - it was really cool to be surrounded by happy vegan places.  :D

Took a trip to Powell’s Books - holy wow!!!!  :D

Lunch at Bombay Chaat, and met a new friend, Darshan - yaaay! 

Hit up Rachel’s Ginger Beer and got cocktails - yummy.

Dinner at Virtuous Pie - some of the best vegan pizza ever!!!!!

Went over to Carolyn’s house for dinner - had amazing conversation, sampled a bunch of ciders, and listened to some fun music - it was a great evening.



We launched an Endless Roads complete movie edit. A 50 min film that gathers the original series’ fours chapters portraying our adventure roadtrippin’ around Spain in a van, skating and enjoying every spot we found. A film by Juan Rayos. Can you believe it was 2.5 years ago?! 

Lanzamos la versión completa de Endless Roads. Una película de 50 minutos que reúne los cuatro capítulos de la serie relatando nuestra aventura recorriendo España en una furgoneta, patinando y disfrutándolo todo. Una película de Juan Rayos. Podéis creer que fue hace 2 años y medio?!