that pout is really breaking my heart though

“Compliment Shirayuki”  

“Huh!” Obi doesn’t mean to be this loud, but the last the thing he figured he would lose in a card is some money maybe his favorite scarf or knife, but not…. not this! He should have known, these are Suzu and Yuzuri after all.

“You heard me. Right now, go and give Shirayuki an honest compliment, not one of your vague ones” Suzu says, reordering the cards into their small wooden chest as Yuzuri clapped her hands together and nearly jumped from excitement.

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anonymous asked:

Iwa spoiling daichi by always making him good food, cause daichi gets so happy eating good stuff and since college started he had only been eating crap, but iwa wanted that to change. So daichi starts to gain some weight and he's insecure about it so he doesn't want to eat all the meals iwa makes anymore and they get into a little argument and daichi ends up blurting out something about how iwa made him fat and it breaks iwa's heart cause that was never his intention, he just wants dai happy


iwa makes an angry pout before turning his back to daichi as he tells the other fine i won’t cook anymore. daichi stops throwing a fit and really looks at iwa then. even though he can only see his back he knows iwa is sulking. daichi sighs, regretting his words. he walks up to iwa’s back and leans his forehead gently between shoulder blades then whispers an apology and starts explaining to iwa that he does want to eat iwa’s food, that in fact he loves iwa’s cooking and it makes him want to eat it all the time. he has absolutely no self-control when it comes to his meals and that’s the problem. iwa turns around to face him. daichi cups his pouty face and tells him to don’t stop cooking for him. iwa wraps his arms around daichi’s waist to pull him in for a short kiss. and they’re all smiley now like it wasn’t just seconds ago they were both frowning. iwa promises he’ll be mindful of proportions and cook less greasy food. and daichi tells iwa how lucky he feels to have him ;v;