that potter boy

March 27th

it was a Sunday. his first birthday spent with friends. they played quidditch on the pitch with school brooms. Remus fell off the broom, and they spent the weekend in the infirmary with him.

it was a Monday. Remus was out sick, and Sirius was inspired to make a potion that would let them skip school too. they went swimming in the lake, harmless pox spots decorating their faces. Remus came back the next day, more ill than they had been by a mile.

it was a Tuesday. they tried to see how many peppermints they could fit in their mouths without any falling out, the reward being the first slice of cake. James lost by a wide margin, but they let him eat his cake first anyway.

it was a Wednesday. Sirius was in detention with him, but they found a way to make it a terrific birthday anyway. after all, what could be more fun than charming turtles to run faster than a cheetah, and then setting them free? besides, it let them out of a transfiguration activity the next day.

it was a Thursday. the first time James was able to change into a deer. Sirius had been shifting into a dog for weeks, and Peter would stay human for another month. James ran as fast as he could, across the grounds, around the castle, anywhere he could go. he felt free.

it was a Saturday. the newspaper that morning read news of battles and deaths. Sirius came back to the Gryffindor common room that night with four bottles of firewhiskey, and the girls got food from the elves. in the morning, a group of second years found them passed out in armchairs around the fire. 

it was a Sunday. he held Lily’s hand, and they didn’t care about a thing in the world, event the unopened wedding invitation in her room.

it was a Monday. no one could visit them, but Sirius called in through the floo fire. Lily baked him a cake, and ate half the batter in the process. he felt Harry kick for the first time.

it was a Tuesday. Harry grabbed the cat’s tail every time it ran by, and Lily took photos with her new camera. they all fell asleep on the couch together. Peter stopped by, with presents from everyone else.

it was a Thursday. the grave was silent. no one came by.

some james potter things because i’m Weak and it’s his birthday !!

  • listen lily got him a muggle radio for christmas one year and he Loves It
    • he listens to weird dad music all night and they have dance parties in their dorm at night. it gets weirdly competitive
  • gets this cute little blushy look whenever he sees lily . my son is so In Love it’s brilliant
  • so much flannel. his dad buys him other stuff but he is Not Having It™️
    • they have a dance and he wears a flannel shirt. remus is not okay. the next time remus wears a flannel james refuses to allow him to take it off. it becomes a running gag. nobody understands these kids
  • on hallowe’en one year he tries to carve a pumpkin and ends up completely covered in pumkin seeds (that stuff is Not Nice, trust me)
  • the marauders perform a self-written musical about his life for him one birthday filled with shitty puns (u kno it’s true) and if u don’t think he quotes it in every situation ever…..
  • he stays behind after transfiguration to chat with mcgonagall and eat all her biscuits
  • before a game he practices every night really late
  • he uses taming potion on his hair and it Does Not Work. he tries once, and then never again
  • the first time he arrives at the evans’ house, he’s so cute and kind and quiet and lily’s parents are in awe
  • before sirius moves in w/ him, sometimes they’ll shout at each other while james is at his bedroom window and sirius is in the garden. half the neighbourhood think they’re dating. the other half are certain that as soon as james comes down from his room they’re going to fight To The Death
    • after james asks sirius to be his best man by getting down on one knee as a joke, at least 10 people congratulate them on their engagement in the next week. they think they’re Hilarious
  • referring to the fact that remus is a werewolf as his ‘Furry Little Problem’. when he realises people have misunderstood he mentions it at every opportunity
  • being such a wonderful friend and boyfriend and father…….. my son :’))

M’boy James Potter.

This precious child did not start off the sun-soaked, dandelion that we all have come to know and love. I mean, yes, he was always precious, but just precious in a different way. It wasn’t exactly his fault, though that’s not an excuse. His parents were older and he grew up completely spoiled, he got whatever he wanted when he wanted it. There wasn’t a lack of love either, so this boy wasn’t want for anything. His mum taught him kindness and his father taught him bravery, but he was a young kid and so he picked the points he liked, the points that he thought made him brave and kind and strong and likable to other kids, and since he was a spoiled, rich, boy, he wasn’t correct all the time. He could be a bit over the top when it came to performing spells in front of the class, thinking that if he showed everyone how much better he was than they were, he would earn their respect, and so humility was not something he learned until later.

Though he did know how to be truly kind when it mattered most. He was kind to Remus when he was ill every month, he was kind to Sirius when the boy would come out of the bathroom with crumpled up parchment in his hand and red eyes, he was kind to Peter when he fell behind in his studies and needed someone to help him out. But they were his dorm mates, they were his friends, and no one but them saw him in any state of vulnerability.

He was a jock, and too smart for his own good, and he let that go to his head. Remus ignored it hoping it would go away and Sirius encouraged it, finding it entertaining, but it wasn’t until Lily called him out in front of the entire school and he had to deal with the repercussions of that that he realized that maybe the image he’d so carefully crafted for himself wasn’t exactly who he wasn’t to be seen as.

And so he took a step back and he stopped goading people into dueling him, and he stopped looking for fights where there needn’t be one. He let more people see his kindness, and he learned that being truly brave meant doing the right thing even when it was hard, even when it meant that a friend might be lost and an enemy saved. He noticed that being helpful in class got more smiles that being a showboat. He grew up and he learned the long and hard way that being a man wasn’t anything like he’d thought it was when he was a kid. You didn’t have to prove that you could over power others, or be the loudest voice in the room, or shout your affections at a girl as though they meant nothing.

He started speaking only when he had something to say, not just when he wanted to be heard. He started putting more effort into his school work, not because he didn’t already have the grades but because he actually wanted to learn. He started treating Lily like she was a person, and not an object to win over. He became the man who would stand between Voldemort and his family, wandless and sacrifice himself. It was a process, and it wasn’t easy, and he had his shortcomings, but once he saw them, he never stopped trying to better himself, to be the man that his father had been, to be the man that he wanted to be.

my favorite bit in harry potter is when a gangly freckled ginger child with an old pet rat and patched jeans and dirt on his nose awkwardly sits down across from a scrawny underfed lil kid with baggy clothes and broken glasses and lightning carved onto his face and they both think ‘i must protect this boy’

You aren't sorted by what traits you have but by what traits you value the most.

Else Fred and George would’ve been a Slytherin, Hermione a Ravenclaw, Luna a Hufflepuff and Cedric a Gryffindor. You can fight me on this.

  • A Ravenclaw pumped up on six cups of highly sugared coffee, a five hour energy, and three packs of skittles: listen man I can tell you 43 different types of birds and every feasible fact about the book I'm reading but if I have to name one more goddamn constellation I'm shoving this star chart up Galileo's ass

You know what makes me want to cry? Draco Malfoy in sixth year. Remember you had to sit by yourself at school for a minute, or listen to your parents argue while you sat upstairs hugging you knees? Now imagine your weren’t sat for a minute, but a whole year, and you knew it wasn’t going to change. Imagine your parents arguing, not over who did the dishes our why they’re late home, but over a sociopathic murderer who you’re sharing your house with. Imagine having to kill your teacher. I can’t even try to imagine that but what I can imagine is how lonely he was and and I’m crying again.

The Marauders graduated in 1978 and J+L died in 1981. That means that while the Marauders were in 7th year, students in years 1, 2, 3 & 4 would be in years 4, 5, 6 & 7 in 1981, if that makes any sense???

So, I’d imagine Hogwarts would hear the news the next morning from the Daily Prophet, or maybe Dumbledore announced it at the Halloween Feast or something… but either way, the younger students would be cheering and celebrating at finding out that You-Know-Who had been defeated. 

On the other hand, the older students, who had been in school at the same time as the Marauders, would be truly devastated.

James and Lily Potter dead? The former Head Boy & Girl of Gryffindor House? Gryffindor quidditch team captain, James? Tutor for students of all houses, Lily? Legendary troublemaker/prankster, James? Muggleborn rights activist, Lily?

Although Peter faked his death, nobody knew it was fakeAnd say all you want about Peter, but he had to have been a cool guy if he was a part of the Marauders. So of course, people were heartbroken about him too.

Peter Pettigrew dead? The boy who kindly shared food stolen from the kitchens with students who skipped meals to study, Peter? Legendary Marauder, Peter?

It hurts me to even imagine what went through people’s minds when they found out Sirius allegedly led James and Lily to their deaths

Sirius Black, the cause of his best friend’s murder? Prankster extraordinaire, Sirius? Loyal to all of his close friends, Sirius? Protective over students who were bullied and/or had broken homes, Sirius?

The students were probably just as shocked as the professors were. Even though it was a day for celebration, students and professors, who truly knew the Marauders, felt deceived and lied to because after everything each Marauder had been through, none of them had deserved this fate.