that post still gives me cancer

Emergency Pet Portraits

These past few months have just been a parade of unfortunate events. My Rat Scout came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection and only a few weeks later while i was still trying to nurse him back to health i lost his cage mate Jem to cancer. Scouts URI is still hanging out and the vet bills have stacked to something that is no longer manageable, putting me behind in my bills by 200$ :( BUT i refuse to give up on my little man.

Any little bit helps, even if it’s just a reblog to spread the word!!!

If interested please email me at with your name and “pet portrait” in the subject

Bosnian superstitions

- Sleeping with wet hair after a shower will give you brain cancer

- Going outside with wet hair will give you pneumonia. The world could be falling apart and my mother will still yell at me for not drying my hair as soon as I step out of the shower

- Cutting your nails at night will summon Demons (not exaggerating, I believed this as a kid?? GRANDMA OMG)

- After your house is constructed, there is a sacrifice

- If you’re sick it is because you drank something cold, or because you sat on a cold floor/doorstep. The latter also might mean that you won’t have kids.

- Just weird creatures in general that people sometimes ‘see’

- Leave and enter buildings with your right foot

- Put on your clothes and shoes from the right side

- Don’t whistle!! The demons will come (again)

- Crumbs from food around or on your bed will make you go mad

- Don’t you dare throw bread away (to be fair, this one might have been a result of people struggling to feed themselves during wartime)

- If you hiccup someone’s thinking about you 

- If you walk over somebody they will stop growing (another thing I believed when I was very young, sigh) 

- Don’t cut your nails on Tuesday either

- Baba Yaga will come if you’re a child who doesn’t listen to their parents

- There’s also a bunch of “signs” that signify that guests will come over which I think is cute. Guests are such a huge part of Bosnian life.

- If a woman makes the coffee and it overflows on the stove this is a sign that her husband loves her a lot

Operation Letter: Power of Fandom

Awhile back a fan messaged me. She recently lost her mother to cancer and Arrow was a real saving grace for her. It gave her somewhere to escape to and take her mind off what continues to be a very difficult loss to bear. She wanted to thank Stephen on Facebook, but was sad because she didn’t think he saw the post. I asked for your help and so many of you tried to pitch in and give the post some likes, but we felt pretty sure Stephen still didn’t see it.

Thus, Operation Letter was born. The fan wrote Stephen a letter and @olicity-i-believe-in-you and @kalichica12 were able to deliver it to him this weekend at HVFF Atlanta. I just wanted to thank Nat and Em publicly because they were the key to this whole plan. I cannot thank them enough for taking the time out of their very busy weekend, waiting in line, delivering the letter to Stephen and getting an autograph from him. It meant the world to her. She continues to have really difficult days and you two gave her a bright one today. You both are so compassionate, kind and generous and one of the reasons I am blessed to call you friends. THANK YOU!!!!!!

I’m posting this primarily because… this is what I love about fandom. This little show brings people together and allows us to connect in all kinds of wonderful ways. For me, this will always be the strongest aspect of the Olicity fandom and one of the reasons I am so grateful for all of you.

can I just say something?

Please stop leaving stuff in my inbox saying: “Oh get back to drawing” or “where’s your art?”

I’m still a human being you know, I can’t just non-stop produce art ya know, it’s kinda hard to be honest.

Plus, I’m still grieveing over a close friend that passed away recently. 

Just atleast give me time?

I’m still battling Cancer and it’s making me extremely tired.

As of now this blog may not have art but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna post any. Just please be patient?

- Vicky

Ask yourself..
  • Aries: Am I sure this is what I want, or is this likely to change with time and my mood?
  • Taurus: Is what I'm saying truly what I mean, or has this moment gotten the best of me?
  • Gemini: Would I still say the things I am saying if that person was in the room looking me in the eye?
  • Cancer: Do I give myself enough credit? Am I fair to myself, even when other people aren't?
  • Leo: Am I letting my thoughts control me? What can I do to distract myself in a healthy and effective way?
  • Virgo: Is it my job to enforce the rules, and am I enforcing them the way I should be?
  • Libra: Am I just saying or thinking this, or is this something I actually plan on going through with?
  • Scorpio: Do I really want to spend some time with myself, or would it help me more to spend time with others?
  • Sagittarius: Have I prepared a backup plan for if this doesn't work, and will I be ready in case of an emergency?
  • Capricorn: Have I tried every method I could possibly try? Am I giving myself time to relax?
  • Aquarius: Will bottling this up help me, or will it make me feel worse? Who do I trust that I can talk to?
  • Pisces: When was I happy this week, and how exactly did I feel in that moment? What would I like to do that makes me happy?
A little announcement of sorts! I have some sad news!

A little announcement of sorts! I have some sad news!

After working at Lush for more than half a year, I am going to be leaving my job this Halloween! (I cannot give out my schedules/remaining days, but I will be gone before Halloween arrives.)

I won’t talk about leaving too much, but as people ask to see me everyday (and people are always asking when I’m in via social media) I feel I need to give a little notice to everyone too. I’ve seen several hundreds of you during my time there… I can’t imagine how many people will still turn up trying to see me!

There are a few reasons for leaving, one of which is that things are proving quite tough at home (Grandad has Cancer).

Not sure where life is headed next for any of us (truthfully it is all a little daunting), but fingers crossed all will go well.

Just a little post for now,

Thank you. x