that pose could also indicate her being upset about something actually

The Video That Convinced me Eleanor Wasn't Real

Here is a quick Gif of the one that sent me over.  This is not my Gif.  I am always cautious of Gifs bc sometimes they can be taken out of context.  For that reason I always try to find the original video.  Watching the full video is much more compelling.  I had to actually watch it multiple times so that I could watch each person separately.  I will warn you it actually is very sad and got me super fired up.  But it also was like a lightbulb for me.  Like, oh.  Ohhhhhh.  OMG, nooo he’s so sad and I hate it.  He’s like a sparkly sunshiny ray of happiness usually so seeing him like this was really horrible. The worst.

Look for yourself. 

Let me break this short clip down. 


:01  Zayn seems to ask Harry if he is ok, or checks in with him

:03  Harry’s hands cover his eyes.  He looks upset.  I would say he is crying (and I do believe he is) but will fully admit to not knowing for sure.  What I do know for sure is that this motion he makes with his hands over his eyes is a very classic indication of someone being upset/angry/frustrated….NOT HAPPY.   

:08  Someone hands Harry sunglasses which he puts on straight away. To cover his eyes.  

After his eyes are covered, you can see Harry make his way over to greet the fans which actually breaks my heart a little more bc he is still friendly to fans while under stressful conditions.  He is just such a good person.  I will fight you on this.  Don’t fight me.  You can obviously tell from the video that this is being filmed by a fan as she’s calling to Harry for his attention.  It looks to be the back entrance to the building.  Furthermore it looks unexpected for the fans to even be there.  Anyone in any situation who was crying or upset would want to immediately cover their eyes to conceal this emotion.  If this was the only thing you could see in this short clip, it might not be enough for me.  So I went back….multiple times.  Let’s move on.


:01  As stated above, Zayn looks to be checking in with Harry to see if he is ok.

:10  Zayn makes a motion with his thumb to the guards?/modest? to suggest “get her the hell outta here”

I think Zayn’s hand motion in this video clip was the deal breaker for me tbh.

After that you can see him hanging back and carefully watching Harry (to see if he’s ok?)


:02: You can see Louis come to the door w/ Eleanor and they are stopped and positioned by (?looks like Marco from management to me but who knows) for a photo-op.  If these were paps, they would have simply taken shots.  Paps don’t pose you.  They were posed.

:10  Immediately after the pictures are taken, Eleanor walks away from Louis with another man (guard? who knows) without even so much as a backwards glance.  No goodbye hug or kiss.  No hand squeeze or love tap.  NOTHING. Neither of them said goodbye in any way to one another. What person in any relationship doesn’t say goodbye???.

Louis isn’t looking at her.  He doesn’t watch her leave.  He’s stressed and you can plainly see it.

:15  Louis is looking at Harry while running his hand through his hair, yet another indication of stress, upset, frustration.  I have noticed over time that Louis fusses w his hair when he’s anxious, stressed, a lot. Bottom line:  he’s not happy either.

At the end when the video cuts off you can actually see Louis turning to look at Harry again.


Niall is so interesting.  Everyone calls him the captain (and I agree) although if I’m honest it seems to me that Liam and Zayn are equally supportive of H/L.  I do notice Niall is also used as a diversion of sorts a lot. This is a perfect example.

:03  You can hear the fan saying “Hi Harry” and the others calling for them. You can see Niall beeline straight for the fans while Harry has his eyes covered with his hands and is facing away from them.

:06  He’s hugging the fans now while Harry gets sunglasses.  He’s distracting them from his distress.

Summary:  Harry is upset, and in my own opinion crying.  It seems obvious to me that he is upset about Eleanor. He can’t look at her or even Louis for that matter and I think you know why.  Zayn checking on him and then motioning for their people to get her out of there supports this.  Why would Zayn do this otherwise?  What is his reason for getting Eleanor out of there asap?  Louis is stressed.  He has been thrust into a photo-op while his BF is upset.  He is worried about him as you can tell he does not even spare a glance at Eleanor as she walks away with another man.  Rather he keeps looking at Harry (who is not looking back at him) and running his hand through his hair.  He turns away and at the end turns back to look at him again.  Whoever surrounds them know Harry is upset as well.  They get him glasses immediately and move to get Eleanor away very quickly.  Niall is a cheerful happy distraction to the few fans who likely weren’t supposed to be there in the first place.

Eleanor is I’m sure a lovely girl but she is not now nor has she ever been Louis GF.  This video was the last straw for me.  I am a huge believer in body language and could go on forever on examples of these but that shall have to wait for another post on another day.  I saw everything else but still questioned this “relationship” w/ Eleanor.  I saw this and that question was answered.  It is beyond obvious to me that H/L are involved in a romantic relationship and have been since the beginning.  I actually feel bad for those who can’t see it or choose not to as they are missing out on something magical.

I leave you with a quote by Vernon Howard 

“Learn to see things as they really are, not as we imagine they are”

Tohru and Kobayashi Visit A Maid Cafe! (Tohru Almost Burns It Down)

I’m back with more prompts!! I got a lot of requests for 2, 13, and a combination of both of them so here we go with #2, “This was the best day ever,” and #13, “We can, you know, go together if that’s a think you would like.” This one’s for @itrogash, @franchium, @true0neutral, and an anon! Tohru and Kobayashi go to a maid cafe and, naturally, chaos ensues. 

As always, previous Dragon Maid fics and my other writing can be found here

“You’re going out?”

“Yes, just to do the shopping, I’ll be right back!  I think it’ll only be an hour.  I bet I can do it in less!” Tohru tells her, animated.  She’s done this since those awful, silent weeks, been excruciatingly careful to tell Kobayashi where she’s going, how long she’ll be gone.  Feverish reminders that she’s coming back.

“You don’t have to rush, that’s fine.”

“Um.  You could come with me, if that’s a thing you’d like, I know you have a day off.  You don’t have to, though, please don’t feel pressured-” she worries at the seam of her glove, nervous.  She’s always in this odd middle space between feeling compelled to express her affection and worried that Kobayashi is going to rebuff her.

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anonymous asked:

(1) This chapter opens with a shot of an agehamodoki/butterfly moth (this again, which also happens to represent Touka as well as ghouls, particularly because Touka again is like the ghoul represent in TG) on the floor, seemingly part of all the debris in the abandoned building they have converted to a makeshift love hotel. A butterfly moth is like a fake/imitation, while actual butterflies are associated with illusion/dreams. awkward virgin sex.

(2) The mole on Touka’s breast, actually quite a few characters in TG have conspicuous moles which reminded me that “mole reading” is a thing. According to some Chinese and Indian fortune-telling beliefs, where a person has a mole can indicate something about their life be it their personality or prospects with various things like luck, wealth, love, etc. I have no idea from a preliminary search what a mole on the right breast means as you get widely varying results that can’t be considered 

conclusive. Note that at some point sheets appear under the pair. It’s like magic, because sex on a dirty floor is not too sexy is it? At one point Kaneki references last chapter’s hookline with “ah am I really doing this with Touka-chan?”. The OEK can’t unhook a girl’s bra lol Personally I find this panel kind of off-putting and unnecessary, but before Kaneki uh, gets going, Touka is posed like an angel with the sheets spread out like her wings.

(4) This is to denote her innocence which is about to be lost. You could also see those as her butterflymoth wings, which gives a different connotation of Touka not being what she seems…Of course the most unsettling part of this chapter is at the end, at which Kaneki unconsciously starts to cry right during the thick of things, but this is not the worst part. 

(5) The last page is a spread of Kaneki curled up in fetal position head resting on Touka’s lap as she understandingly and gently strokes his head, and interestingly enough the sheets(that came from nowhere) are creased to resemble an outline of the butterfly moth. So, wtf does all this even mean?

(5) First off the fetal position represents child-like vulnerability. Having sex with Touka, a girl he claims is quite attractive to him meant to be his lover, somehow unconsciously triggers something within Kaneki that upsets him to the degree that it leaves him feeling vulnerable as a child again.But why would this be? A few weeks prior Ishida posted a poem on his tumblr accompanied by artwork of Kaneki curled up in fetal position, which to me seems to have been about childbirth or

(6) mother-child relationship. Touka also appeared in a recent colour cover in which a blood splatter appears over the area where her womb could be, implying some connection to motherhood. If you put two and two together, Kaneki’s breakdown this chapter is related to his mother issues which seem to have been overlapped with Touka. Not good.

(7) The sex was actually “too good to be true”. Instead of Kaneki feeling whole and loved he broke down after being reminded of his troubled relationship with his mother. This spells trouble for the two as lovers, as it seems to indicate that Kaneki won’t be able to love and be loved until he can get over the issues of abandonment by his mother which has left him deeply scarred. That even when Touka was willing to both emotionally and physically give herself to Kaneki,

(8) it wasn’t enough to heal his heart like she had hoped. This I would guess is the “dream” part of the whole thing. Ishida’s way of dangling a carrot only to bring down the stick. (entire chapter of happy sex, you wish). It’s actually kind of a downer for TouKen shippers even though Ishida played it straight. For me, I didn’t care about the sex or the ship so I was able to dedicate my attentions to locating the origins of the mysterious sheets lol

Uhm, really can’t say I agree with this interpretation. The moth represents metamorphosis. Several moths have also appeared throughout the series during key events of change, like when Eto reveals to the world that she’s a Ghoul, for example. Its focus is to suggest a huge change in Kaneki’s emotional state, and as the Tarot of the Sun indicates, it’s a positive one which leads to greater wholeness in Kaneki. And before you might argue that the Tarot is reversed, a reversed Sun indicates “unrecognised hope” which fits Touka to a tee - in avoiding Touka, Kaneki didn’t realise she was his hope. Even if you don’t agree with that interpretation, it’s definite that the Sun is never a negative card, even when reversed.

Touka has had wing imagery for ages, long before she had anything to do with moths. She’s an ukaku and carries the image of a caged bird: “Your wing can’t fly anywhere”, “This world is like a twisted birdcage”, and also feeling explicitly sorry for an actual bird in an actual cage. Even if imagery here is meant to represent moth wings, which I contest, that wouldn’t be a bad thing either because the moth represents change and as the Tarot indicates, change here is positive.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar and a mole is just a mole. Likely just for the sake of showing a realistic but still beautiful body.

Blankets are symbolic of warmth. Even if they’re actually doing it on a hard, dirty floor, the moment is so wonderful to them it feels no different than being on silk blankets. They give each other warmth in the cold, they give each other happiness in a world of pain.

Touka’s angelic appearance has nothing to do with the outdated concept of ‘losing innocence’ (she’s killed people for crying out loud). The image is reminiscent of our old friend the Sun Tarot - Touka practically glows with light above our naked child Kaneki. 

See how the darkness at the bottom of the page is dispelled by the light that Touka is bathed in? The positioning of her hands and the blanket behind her evokes angel symbolism to reinforce her imagery as a celestial being that brings light to Kaneki. It’s only “off-putting” and “unnecessary” if it doesn’t lend itself to your theory - for Sun Theory, it’s a giant boost.

Kaneki cried tears of happiness upon seeing Touka again in :re, and his tears here are meant to reflect that occasion, even to the extent that he has to be told that he is crying, and then asked why. He doesn’t provide an explanation in either case, but in both, it’s clear it’s because he holds strong romantic feelings for Touka. Haise’s inner monologue in :re confirmed this then, and Kaneki moving in for the kiss immediately afterwards confirmed it now. He’s crying because he’s finally found what he’s been searching for.

Your analysis in the next section relies on incorrect information. The caption for that image was “Don’t hit me, father”. It never mentioned a mother. Additionally, Kaneki (if it is him) isn’t in the same position in that image as he is in this chapter - in the image, his hands are wrapped around his legs, an image indicating curling up from abuse rather than a foetal position. 

Also, if this was a mother-related breakdown, why would Ishida be so randomly obtuse? His mother isn’t mentioned at all this chapter and unlike every other time Kaneki’s realised something about her, she doesn’t appear in his mind’s eye. If that’s what Ishida intended, wouldn’t the obvious thing to do would be for after Kaneki starts crying to have a small panel with the words “…Mother?” or the outline of her face? As it is, I’m afraid you’re drawing something from nothing here. 

Kaneki is in a foetal position for three reasons: 1) To hearken back to the image of him in a solitary foetal position vs him now with Touka to indicate the end of his loneliness. 2) To indicate that he is being reborn once more, imagery that we’ve also seen when he battled his suicidal urges vs Arima. 3) To appear childlike and naked as Touka smiles on above to match the Sun Tarot Card.

You argue that Kaneki won’t be able to love or be loved after he started crying, but you ignore that extremely passionate image of love-making that immediately followed it. And you say she couldn’t heal his heart, despite looking utterly peaceful with the Sun Tarot right next to him. This supposed stick seems totally illusory. Is it so hard to believe that we’d be given a carrot after facing the stick for so long?

This is why I can’t agree with your theory, anon - that, and because it flies in the face of the entire feeling and emotional impact of the chapter, aspects which certainly should not be ignored. You might not be interested in the ship, but Ishida has always seemed quite invested.

anonymous asked:

hi luka! are you reading Grayson? if yes, what do you think about it?

Heyo, anon! o/ I’d been meaning to but I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t enjoy it, so I’d been putting it off until now. Better late than never, eh?

Disclaimers: I don’t like spy stories, Dick Grayson being shirtless does absolutely nothing for me (ladies), and I’d heard from multiple friends (see: affiliates) that it’s OOC, objectifying, and poorly written. 

Series review (issues #1-12 and annuals #1-2) under the cut. 

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anonymous asked:

I am doing a paper about characters on TV who may have been sexually abused despite it not being stated. Alison to me, sadly fits many of the symptoms. The statistics for it among girls is something like 1 in 4, and I think the writers have been hinting at it heavily throughout the series. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on Alison, do you think she was abused in that way, and if so who do you speculate could have done it?

I think she was, even when she may not have realized it at the time, if that makes sense. I think she had been sexually used and abused by more than just one person. I don’t think she always realized it because of her age and naivety. (it’s a funny thing to call Alison DiLaurentis naive, but you’ll understand what I mean as you read on)

This flashback and this flashback are the only two scenes that make it very apparent. The first not really needing much explanation, but the one with Cece is a little more subtle in a way. Cece said Alison was being “really sketchy” about her relationship with a mystery boy. It could have been what Cece assumed, it could have been that the boy was much older. The fact that Ali didn’t tell Cece when she told her all sorts of things she didn’t tell anyone else leads me to believe it could have been that the boy wasn’t someone Cece would have approved of if she knew who it was.

This also correlates to what Alison said when Cece asked if she told the boy that she might be pregnant. “I can’t. Look, if he finds out he’s going to kill me.” It doesn’t sound like he’s that great of a guy or even cares for Ali. It obviously wasn’t a sweet or happy relationship.

The biggest indicator to me is Alison’s attraction to adult men when she was fifteen years old. Psychology is strange. When people are abused, especially children, they tend find a way to warp it in their mind to cope if no one helps them. They begin to believe that it’s either their own fault and they deserve it, or that’s what’s right and how it’s supposed to be.

She wanted to be wanted by men because she thought she was supposed to. Ian, Ezra, Cece thought and may have been Wilden, we still don’t know who Beach Hottie is, the mystery guy in the pregnancy scare, and countless college boys she’d mess with at parties. She didn’t know what it was like to be with someone who honestly knew her and cared for her. Lying was second nature to her and she sexualized herself because she thought that was what they wanted from her and she was supposed to give it.

She was very fond of the novel Lolita and even took on the name of one of the characters (which is an anagram of the author’s name) as an alias. (The fact that Alison takes Vivian’s name may also reference Alison’s gift at story telling as Vivian Darkbloom was a playwright) The novel is actually quite sad and very controversial as is more or less romanticizes pedophilia. The gist is a middle aged man falls in love with a twelve year old girl who reminds him of a girl he loved in his youth. His love could be better described as obsession.

That’s essentially what Alison wanted from people. You may have posed this question to me because of this post, so I won’t go into detail about my belief that Alison’s mother was verbally abusive and may have become violent on a few occasions. It’s clear to me though, that Alison didn’t understand love. Emily even says, “I don’t think she knew how [to love]. She just collected love from other people.”

This flashback even shows Alison confusing love with shallow adoration. The discussion about all the things she makes up emphasized my belief that she simply hid the fact that she was sad, lonely and hurting. She made up beautiful lies to glamour everyone. Like with her belief that sexualizing herself was the only way to get men to like her, she thought she had to make herself sound more interesting to make friends.

She put herself out there because she wanted attention. She wanted to feel wanted by someone. How she acted when she left the party going on at her house showed that she didn’t like how someone wanted her then. I assume someone there may have been more aggressive in their desire for her and that’s not what she wanted. It upset her. The fact that she cried about it leaves me feeling very uneasy. She was clearly not okay with whatever happened to her. (I get a sinking feeling that her brother may have known and either not cared or was part of it)

The fact that she comes in angry and criticizing Jason and the guys next door shows that she’s a bit “hardened” I guess I could say. What happened didn’t exactly shock her as if it was the first time. She seemed more frustrated, as if this was something that’s happened enough times that she could fight down the tears until she was left with the silence. That’s when she began to cry. Then she brushed it off when Spencer and Emily noticed she was honestly upset. That’s what you do once something has happened to you so many times that you simply accept it.

I hope this was helpful. It’s hard to elaborate on this any farther seeing how most of my belief in this comes from how Alison acts in general since there’s only been a few concrete hints.